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A podcast about reframing the present for a reimagined future by
19 Episodes
Have you ever wondered what it truly means to work as an Ethics consultant? How do you start? We talked to Dorothea Baur Ph.D. from Baur Consulting, about asking the right questions and bringing change to organizations.
Who do you think is more affected by the lack of privacy in today’s applications? kicks off the second season of Volume in a special episode with Katharine Jarmul from Cape Privacy. We talked about her work, and how one goes from studying mathematics to building products that use machine learning for privacy applications. By
How do you see your work and the world in 10 years? This is part 2 with Joanna Bryson, Virginia Eubanks, Hessie Jones, Morgan Klaus, Osamu Saito, Rupal Srivastava, Gabriela de Queiroz e Buse Çetin.
How our guests replied to the question of "How do you see your work and the world in 10 years?" Here is a small compilation and, there are some interesting predictions that already became fact. This is part 1.
Systems used by the government to automate social services may create injustice. Virginia talked to Kunumi about the impact of these systems on people's lives. She also focuses her work on trauma: social, physical, and mental.
At first, the use of data in marketing was, at least, exciting. But it became clear that the strategies could be abusive and invasive. So, how can we use data to build useful, fair and, respectful services?
Joanna Bryson invites us to think about how biology, animal, and machine intelligence may interconnect. She also questions the impact of technology on our lives, culture, and society.
How do computers see gender identity? This and other great questions with Microsoft Research Fellow and Ph.D. student Morgan Klaus Scheuerman from the University of Colorado Boulder.
Osamu is an expert in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem, he has been working on the interlinkages between ecological, human, and social systems through sustainability science approaches.
Smart materials such as Memory Shape Alloys will be key to building our future. Would it be more sustainable? What are the present and future applications of this technology? By /
Communities are fundamental to promote empowerment in tech, especially for underrepresented groups. What moves someone to create a movement like R-ladies, present today in over 200 cities worldwide?
As a young researcher, Buse Çetin connects her personal life experiences with questions about society and A. I development. She speaks from a place that many students may be right now.
Why today's conversational assistant's voices and genders are mostly female? What can we learn from old science fiction movies and books on the subject? By
We know we can develop this or that software, but should we? A very simple question, guided by ethics, with huge implications. Maria Axente works for PwC and focuses her work on asking this and many other important questions ////// By
How technology, creativity, and stories can affect the lives of many ///// By
Electoral Systems are like fingerprints, every nation has its own. How do they compare in relation to woman's rights and participation?
The perils of developing a user-centric design with Futurist and Designer Cennydd Bowles.
Frequency, vibration, and its uses in wellbeing and as a medium for communication.
Far-right political engagement on the internet and how algorithms play a role.
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