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Author: Seth Anderson & J.P. Gaston

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Seth Anderson and JP Gaston connect listeners to the stories and experiences of leaders from all walks of life. This podcasting and learning space plays host to masters of their art, including TV personalities, professional athletes, corporate leaders, and up-and-coming business owners.This relaxed, interview-style program provides real insights and conversation with some of the most successful leaders in our community and abroad. It's a place for sharing stories, and for listeners to build their strengths while leveraging knowledge passed on from those who have walked before them. Throw in some conversation about sports, world events, pop culture and a little bit of fun, and you've got The Biz Dojo.
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This week in the Dojo, we're joined by Val Sweet - Scotties champion and member of Team Canada. We talk about her journey as a skip, the transition to becoming a Third for a team of leaders, and the importance of teambuilding in sport. As a 2-time Scotties silver medalist and now champion, Val also shares her insights into sports psychology and the impact of training your mind to better yourself as a leader both on and off the ice. Then, on the The Podium, Linden joins Seth and JP as we shift to some virtual sports and dive into our top 3 video games. 
Adam Huxley skates his way onto the Pod this week as we talk about his career as a semi-pro hockey player, and his transition to coaching. We go beyond the bench to explore his company, Huxley Hockey Conditioning, and what it takes to compete at a highest levels. Hux also talks about his time on the ice, and the work he's up to helping to train elite athletes from junior right up to the NHL. We'll also discuss how focused systems and coaching can provide that leg up in the game, in the draft, and in business. Seth and JP take some time to explore how coaching in sport and business align, and we're joined by a special long-time-listener,  first-time-caller Derek Pfisterer on the Podium as we talk hometown sports heroes. So fire up those earbuds, strap on some skates, and don't forget to hit subscribe. 
This week, we connect with Gord Aker - professional coach from, and Chairman of the Military Museums Foundation. Gord's experiences as a leader lead him to a life as an entrepreneur, coach and community builder. He shares his thoughts on transforming organizations, management process, sustainability and more. In honour of Rememberance Day, Seth and JP share stories from their families as well, and offer up a special moment on this week's segment of The Podium. We'd also like to thank the Government of Canada Department of National Defence and the  Canadian Armed Forces for providing access to recordings for this episode (The Last Post). 
In this week's episode, Carolin Vandenberg steps into the dojo to provide her experience and insights into coaching. As a Master Coach, Carolin's lessons help leaders find their internal coach, and seeks to break down the barriers that prevent us all from being better in the workplace, at home and everywhere in between. It's November 3rd - and that also means it's a very (VERY) important day - World Sandwich Day! So, fire up your toasters, get the mayo ready and stick around to the end as we rank each of our top 3 go-to sandwiches! 
This week in the Dojo, Nate Harper joins us from Strange Giant Pictures Inc. We explore his progressive career path, focusing on the moment, and the challenges (and luck) to staying ahead of the curve in a difficult industry. With credits spanning multiple roles within the industry, genres of filmmaking, and award-winning works that have been featured around the world, Nate has a unique perspective on the industry. Not only that - but he's eaten some pretty interesting meals in those travels. We'll find out his top 3 on The Podium. 
This week, we chat with Daniel Delgado from Trade Space. Our conversation dives into starting up a new business, supporting others, and the importance of having the right attitude. Daniel also tells us about his experiences with past failures and what he's learned, and let's us in on where Trade Space is headed in the years ahead. Then on The Podium (now with a more appropriate introduction!), your two favourite hosts talk about their top 3 inventions before their time. Napster even gets an honourable (somewhat) mention. Beep boop chhrsssshhhh! (That's the sound of your internet downloading this episode). Check it out today on our website at, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Don't forget to check out our Insta: @bizdojopodcast and on Facebook (  
Empowerment w/Lauren Rose

Empowerment w/Lauren Rose


In this week's episode, Lauren Rose from Divine Coaching with Tarot joins us to talk about her journey to entrepreneurship. We'll spend some time discussing self-discovery, empowering women, leadership, boundary setting, and more. We even spend a little time talking about softball. We also have a VERY special guest join us for the first installment of a new segment called "The Podium" - you won't want to miss this one! Check it out today on Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, our website ( or wherever you get your podcasts! 
In this episode, we're joined by Master Electrician and owner of Black Tie Electric, Vern Scott. Vern discusses his path to entrepreneurship, explains what he learned along the way, and how Guns 'n Roses and a rooftop patio played a part in starting his company. Seth and JP also share some of their learning experiences, and provide insight into their top 'scenic routes' that they've been on. 
In this episode, Seth and JP provide a bit of insight into the intent of the show, and slowly work their way towards talking about tv shows, sports, and even Lil' Wayne... tune in, and hear a lot about your hosts, and a little about what's coming up as the show launches Tuesday, October 6th. Don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date as new episodes are released! 
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