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On The Changing Times Podcast, Karen Wunderlin takes her wildly popular Changing Times blog and updates it into an audio format. The Wunderlin Company founder and CEO takes the most exciting and intriguing topics she and her team have recently uncovered, and dive deeper; talking to subject matter experts, and using executive coaching and facilitating tools and techniques to explore each topic.
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Ben and Theresa Reno-Weber sit down with the Changing Times Ladies to talk to us about the jobs that took them all around the world, and the life change that will take them on a second trip around! From Coast Guard postings, to smoke breaks in Bosnia, to their extrovert tent in Louisville;  Ben and Theresa take us through their exciting careers and their enlightening approach to change.Check out Changing Times the blog, or contact The Wunderlin Company to help you out with your big change.
Paul Robinson translated his 20+ years of experience as a Papa Johns franchisee into being the award-winning President and CEO of Louisville-based non-profit, Home of the Innocents. Paul beautifully demonstrates the power of living a purposeful, clarity, and vision-driven life as an individual and as a leader.  We talk about his transition from a private business owner to a non-profit leader, how to build a strong work culture, and what makes the special garlic butter sauce from Papa Johns taste so delicious.Learn more about Home of the Innocents.Connect with The Wunderlin Company for your next strategic planning project.
What can you learn from the Muppets? According to our guest Adam: patience, attention to detail, collaboration, and leadership. He started his career producing The Muppet Babies and went on to work at start-ups, big companies, small companies, and as an entrepreneur. He's currently the CMO of the staffing agencies ASGN and Creative Circle, and generously gave us his time to discuss change, challenges, and what he's learned from his 25 years working in marketing and branding.Check out Changing Times the Blog here.Get in touch with The Wunderlin Company here.
Coach, speaker, and author Dave Mochel visits The Changing Times Podcast to discuss his book Good Life Practice. We talk about being the main character in your story, the benefits of cold showers (or cold water in general), human connection, and Dave's journey into coaching and writing the book. We had a blast talking with Dave, and we think you'll love our conversation with him too!Dave's coaching practice: Applied AttentionDave's TED Talk: What Are You Practicing Right Now?
We were elated to welcome fellow coach and organizational behavior expert Tatia Granger to the podcast. We talk about the power of modeling in her career (both for others and those who have modeled for her), the influence of the Georgetown Institute for Leadership in her coaching practice, and the letter she wrote that changed her career.Learn more about The Wunderlin Company and contact us here.Resources in this episode:Learn more about Tatia or contact her via the Granger Leadership Practice.Jack and Jill OrganizationGeorgetown University Institute for Leadership
We were thrilled when our friend colleague Luckett Davidson agreed to come on the podcast to discuss her journey to coaching and her approach to change. We talk about art, food, transitions, and boxes of rocks. Luckett is a true renaissance woman, a master storyteller, and an absolute joy; we hope you enjoy our conversation with her! You can buy Luckett's Stand STRONG books here, and learn more about her coaching practice here.Learn more about The Wunderlin Company and let us know if we can help you with any big changes you're tackling.More resources:Transitions by Willliam BridgesPresence-Based CoachingBody=Brain by Amanda Blake
We're Back!

We're Back!


We're back! Season 2 of The Changing Times Podcast is here. This season, we're tackling change, talking with our favorite leaders and coaches, and launching the Changing Times Book Club! The first book we're tackling is Good Life Practices by Dave Mochel. Buy the book here, and check out The Wunderlin Company on our site.
We continue our conversation on leadership with fellow coach Mary Jo Asmus. We talk about the impact of Presence Based Coaching, which hobbies enrich everyone's coaching practice and the virtues of taking 30 minutes to eat a raisin.Read more on our blog, and check out more of Mary Jo's photography.
Leading From the Inside Out

Leading From the Inside Out


We kick off our ongoing conversations on leadership style, by sitting down and chatting with our longtime friend. colleague. and client Elaine Gravatte. Elaine has spent her career in the manufacturing industry, making the transition from HR to executive leader. Currently, she's president and COO of DDW. We pick her brain on balancing motherhood with a high-stakes career, the impact of a long-term coaching relationship, and the power of emotional agility in her leadership style.If you enjoy our conversation with Elaine, please leave us a review on iTunes, and share our podcast with a friend!
On the final installment of our Career Crossroads series, we welcome our friend and fellow career coach Shaunda Lambert to tackle networking during a pandemic. Who is the most important person you should be networking with? Why is it a lower risk to network during the pandemic? And how can you show up as your best self, time and time again?Read more on the Changing Times blog and visit our website to learn more about working with a Wunderlin Company Coach.
Welcome to part 2 of our Career Crossroads series! Once you've done the homework around your career transition, it's time to assemble your tools. Karen, Merrell, and Julie walk you through the essential things to have in your virtual toolkit to help you network during the pandemic. Do you still need physical business cards? Where do you keep track of everything? And how essential is a LinkedIn profile? Listen to find out everything to have in your virtual toolkit today!
Many find themselves at a career crossroads in this pandemic: their role has changed, they've lost their job, or their life circumstances have shifted dramatically. On the first installation of the Career Crossroads series, Karen and Merrell discuss the most important, but often skipped first step of networking and looking for a new job. What are the most crucial questions to ask yourself? What should you be paying attention to and making note of? And what jobs do Merrell and Karen have in common going all the way back to high school?Visit our blog and learn more about working with one of The Wunderlin Company Coaches.
What's Your Type?

What's Your Type?


Welcome to our very first episode! We're digging into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; we go over each preference, what they mean, and how you can use that information for your work today. How is your team similar? Where do they experience differences? How can you pump up those strengths, and support those areas where you may have stress fractures? We also try and guess a few celebrities Myers-Briggs types, and compare ourselves to Brene Brown.The Changing Times Podcast is a production of the Wunderlin Company. For more notes and resources on this episode, visit our blog. You can also learn more about working with The Wunderlin Company and read past issues of Changing Times.
Welcome to The Changing Times Podcast. Hosted by Karen Wunderlin, President and founder of The Wunderlin Company, and Merrell Grant, Former GE Executive and executive coach. With the help of their producer Julie, Karen and Merrell take the wildly popular Changing Times Newsletter and bring it into 2020. They take their combined 60+ years of experience as coaches, facilitators, organizational change leaders, and executives to explore the topics and ideas that they find most exciting and inspiring. Using their unique coaching lenses, they'll break down topics around how to work better, be a better leader, and how to work with your best friend. Subscribe today to learn and laugh, wherever you listen to podcasts!Learn more about The Wunderlin Company and Changing Times at
As we wrap up Season 2 of The Changing Times Podcast, we couldn't think of anybody better to do it with than our dear friend George Anderson. A self-proclaimed Podcast King, George beautifully takes us through his time at GE and Synchrony Financial, to sum up the power of investing in your relationships with colleagues, self-awareness, and continuous learning.Plus: Karen and Merrell go outside, Julie loses her voice, and all 3 eat their own cooking from the past season.A HUGE thank you to all our guests this season: Luckett Davidson, Tatia Granger, Dave Mochel, Adam Bleibtreu, Paul Robinson, Ben and Theresa Reno-Weber, and George Anderson. If you're interested in being a guest on the podcast or have been reading Good Life Practices,  drop us a line here; we'd love to hear from you!
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