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Author: Chris Fitzgerald Walsh

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School 180 celebrates the ideas, strategies, and most importantly, the people helping kids thrive during this very unique school year... and beyond. Join us.
14 Episodes
Ep 13: Jump for It

Ep 13: Jump for It


Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Brandie Wright about being a first year teacher during the pandemic, teaching AI to middle schoolers, real time professional development and more. Brandie’s mentor Dr. Felicia Barnett stops by to chat about SEL, equity, and cheer on Brandie.
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Carol Anne McGuire and Macy Cardona about the simple ways they make learning engaging and meaningful for students, and our friend Mike Lawrence drops by to spread holiday cheer through laughter and song.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshCarol Anne McGuire: @rockourworld |  |  rockyourstrengths.comMacy Cardona: @macyannecardonaMike Lawrence: @techmaverick
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Kurt Schwengel, a life-long kindergarten teacher who uses thematic teaching to craft magical learning experiences. Kurt’s mentor, Anne Brown, drops by to remind us how to bring wonder and joy to our youngest learners.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshKurt Schwengel: Occupy Kindergarten TEDx Talk
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with math teacher Lesley Schooler, who runs one of the most innovative math programs in the country at Carondelet High School. Maths education guru Jo Boaler also stops by to share her thoughts on math mindsets, data science, and how to accelerate the maths revolution.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshLesley Schooler: @LesleySchooler |  Carondelet HSJo Boaler: @JoBoaler  |  |  What's Math Got to Do with It  |  Limitless Mind
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Mike McCormick, the innovative superintendent of Val Verde Unified School District. They cover everything from the practical ways his district is tackling remote learning to overhauling state assessments. Being a public school district superintendent can be rough, so there's a little surprise mid-way through to thank Mike for everything he does.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshMike McCormick:  @ValVerdeSuptVal Verde Unified:
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with his 12 year old son, Quinn, about life as a 7th grader during 2020. They talk about school, free time, and life with friends. And Quinn even offers up a few tips on how teachers could make online learning more engaging.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalsh
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Seewan Eng about how to bring mindfulness into our homes and our classrooms. Celebrated choreographer Alonzo King also stops by to spread some love and give a masterclass on being human.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshMindful Schools: www.mindfulschools.orgAlonzo King LINES Ballet:
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Laura Flaxman about parenting, school leadership, and feeling connected during crazy times. Ron Berger stops by to talk about about craftsmanship in teaching and learning.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshLaura Flaxman on Twitter: @FlaxmanLauraRon Berger on Twitter: @RonBergerELMore from Ron Berger: A Culture of Quality, We Are Crew, Leaders of Their Own Learning
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Ramsey Musallam about how to make inquiry-driven instruction effective, even online. Award-winning science teacher Frank Noschese stops by to share how he's adapting his classroom for a hybrid environment.  And in spite of having two mad scientist teachers on the show, nothing explodes.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshRamsey Musallam: cyclesoflearning.comFrank Noschese:
Ep 4: Menschy Moments

Ep 4: Menschy Moments


Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Lisa Kay Solomon about Vote by Design - a non-partisan learning experience to ignite the next generation of voters. World renowned futurist Eammon Kelly also drops in to put a smile on Lisa's face and share insights on the forces shaping education, the economy, and society.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshLisa Kay Solomon: www.lisakaysolomon.comVote By Design: www.votebydesign.orgEamonn Kelly: Powerful Times
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with high school math teacher, tech integration coach, and author, Stacey Roshan, about the practical ways technology can personalize learning and calm students' fears about feeling inadequate. Plus, Alan November drops-by to celebrate Stacey with his characteristic wit and wisdom.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshStacey Roshan: techiemusings.comAlan November:
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with Chris Lehmann —the founder of Science Leadership Academy, an inquiry driven, project-based, public high school in Philadelphia. And half-way through, Deborah Meier also pops-in to celebrate Chris' achievements and share her thoughts on the state of education. ¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshChris Lehmann's Blog: practicaltheory.orgScience Leadership Academy: sla.philasd.orgDeborah Meier:
Chris Fitzgerald Walsh chats with 4th grade teacher, Jenn Ower, on how to get the school year off to a great start—even in the middle of a pandemic. And author, illustrator, and inspirational leader, Peter H. Reynolds, drops in to spread some love and inspiration.  ¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalshPeter Reynolds:
Ep 0: Hey There

Ep 0: Hey There


Welcome to School 180, a new podcast that celebrates the ideas, strategies, and most importantly, the people that are helping kids thrive during this very unique school year... and beyond. Hosted by Chris Fitzgerald Walsh.¯\------------------ ◠‿◠ ------------------ /¯ Fitzgerald Walsh: @fitzwalsh
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