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In this episode, Sherial McKinney, retired early childhood educator and current Resource Specialist with STAR NET Regions I and III, shares her knowledge about ways to make math learning fun and meaningful in the early childhood years. Listening to this episode will prompt educators and families to get creative in using natural opportunities and available resources to support math learning. Session Notes:Meaningful Math Activities in Pre-K, Part 1 (APPLES Video): Meaningful Math Activities in Pre-k, Part 2 (APPLES Video): DREME, Development and Research in Early Math Education: Early Math Collaborative Idea Library: Register for Day Camp, June 10, 2022: 
Young children experience grief and loss in a variety of ways. In this episode of the STAR NET Regions I and III podcast, Emily Reilly chats with Elizabeth Frisbie, an early childhood mental health consultant in Illinois, about grief and loss from a developmental perspective and how adults, both professionals and family members, can talk to children and support them through the grief process. Session Notes (Resources):Illinois Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Someone Your Child Loves Dies (Fred Rogers Centers): Grief Resource List compiled by Elizabeth Frisbie 
In this episode of the DAP series, Emily Reilly talks with Dr. Sallee Beneke about how to support math content learning with preschool children in developmentally appropriate ways. Dr. Benekee also explains from a developmental perspective why the use of calendar time is not an engaging strategy for teaching math concepts in the preschool years. Episode Resources:Article, co-authored by Sallee Beneke: Calendar Time for Young Children: Good Intentions Gone Awry, Video, Rearview Mirror, Dr. Sallee Beneke reflects on learning with the use of project approach: Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories: Early Math Birth to 3rd grade: Erikson Institute Early Collaborative: 
In this podcast, join us as we explore some of the different stimuli in our environments that can have an impact on how young children experience our world.For more information about sensory considerations, register for our TED-Ed lesson on Understanding Sensory Processing.  Click this link to register:
Description: In this episode of the DAP series, Emily Reilly interviews Angelica Taylor, Doctoral Student at University of Illinois, about her perspectives and experience with using DAP in her work. Episode notes: DAP Position Statement: 
A Discussion on Play

A Discussion on Play


In this episode, we talk with Beth Ladd from the Urbana Early Childhood School on her experiences with play in early childhood.  
In this episode of the DAP series, Emily Reilly interviews Becky Handler, Early Childhood Resource Specialist and SLP, for her perspective on how DAP can support the work of related service providers. 
In this episode of the Developmentally Appropriate Practice series, Emily Reilly interviews Dr. Antoinette Taylor. 
This is the final episode of the Adult Anti-Bias Education discussion with Evelyn Green, Emily Ropars, and Anni Reinking. Further Resource:
In this 4th episode in the ABE Adult Learning Principles series, listen to Anni, Evelyn, and Emily discuss the third ABE Adult Learning Principles. 
In this 3rd episode in the ABE Adult Learning Princples series, listen to Anni, Evelyn, and Emily discuss the third ABE Adult Learning Principles. Resource: Adultification ( 
In this episode Anni, Evelyn, and Emily continue the conversation on ABE Adult Learning Goals, specifically #2. Trigger warning. 
In this episode listen to Emily Reilly interview Jim Gill ( 
In this first episode, listen to Evelyn Green, Emily Ropars, and Anni Reinking talk through the Adult ABE learning principles. This one focuses on the first one: to increase your awareness and understanding of your own social identity in its many facets and your own cultural context, both childhood and current. Before listening to this series, and possibly discussing with your co-workers, make sure to watch our Apples video with Nadia Jaboneta: Social Identity Wheel for reflection:
Developmentally Appropriate Practice 101 (Q&A) Appropriate Practice (Tool Kit) Appropriate Practice for Educators (Resource List) Podcast:
"DAP Series, Episode 2, Interview with Laurel Copleland, Early Childhood Educator"Make sure to checkout our website at 
Talin Tokat and Emily Ropars with Early CHOICES share their favorite inclusion resources and to plug services Early CHOICES provides.  Their next session on High Quality Inclusion on January 7, 2022. Early CHOICES website:'s Kit: Inclusion Modules: 
NAEYC DAP home page: Early Learning Project DAP page: Professional Development Training Calendar:
In this podcast, we talk with Lynette Strode from the Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP).  Lynette shares the different programs that IATP offers including pre-k through 12th grade evaluations of assistive technology, and senior evaluations of assistive technology in order to help get the right assistive technology into the hands of those who need it.  Lynette walks us through the demonstration center and all of the different areas that are set up. 
This is continuing our series on Active Parenting. Enjoy.
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thank you for sharing! I have been in trainings that Melissa has taught. Love her!

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