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Hosted by education technology advocate, David Cicero, the Edmentum Podcast discusses trending topics in the education industry such as social emotional learning, career and technical education, project based learning, and more, with educational leaders and industry experts.
12 Episodes
Dr. Troy Podell is an expert in adolescent education and online education leadership, and is currently serving Downingtown Area School District as the Coordinator of Career Readiness. During this episode, we analyze the role of the teacher, how it is changing, and identify key skills that will be invaluable over the next 10 years.
Dr. Elizabeth Davis is an education veteran. For nearly 20 years she has helped schools develop strategies for connecting school and home to provide effective learning experiences and today she is an online learning instructional leader for Edmentum. During this episode we dig into the difference between quality e-learning and "emergency" learning and how educators and families can both contribute to effective in-home instruction.
Joining us on this episode of the Edmentum Podcast is Melisa Sandoval, a licensed professional counselor and school administrator. Melisa has experience as a psychotherapist, a mental health interventionist, an assistant principal, and today she works as the Director of Social Emotional Learning and Student Agency at Westminster Public Schools in Colorado. She shares with us the WPS comprehensive SEL framework and their COVID-19 SEL recovery plan to guide schools on where to focus their attention in the fall in order to promote healthy living and academic performance.
Dr. Rolf Straubhaar is an education policy scholar trained in anthropology, and has led research on education trends in Rio de Janeiro and projects funded by the Gates Foundation. He taught and held leadership positions in adult education programs in Brazil and Mozambique for several years, before becoming a K-12 teacher in the United States. Today he is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Texas State University. He joins us on The Edmentum Podcast to help us understand Paulo Freire's perspective of inequity in education and we view it as a platform for needed changes in schooling.
In this episode, author, activist, social justice advocate, and Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at UNC Charlotte, Dr. Tracey Benson, explains why structural racism exists, what it is, and how schools can make lasting changes towards racial equity. We also briefly discuss his new book, Unconscious Bias in Schools: A Developmental Approach to Exploring Race and Racism.
On this episode, Dr. Michael Hynes, public school superintendent for the Port Washington School district in New York, TEDx speaker, and author of "Staying Grounded: 12 Principles to Transform School Leader Effectiveness," talks with us about the first steps towards innovation in schooling, and shares insights from his time in Finland. 
In this episode of the The Edmentum Podcast, host David Cicero talks with Dr. Robin Kay, the Interim Dean of the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech University, about what educational technology research says about what’s important when evaluating educational technology tools.
In our 5th episode of the Edmentum Podcast, David sits down with Andrew Baxter, the lead for the Alberta mental health literacy project. He's worked in school based and community mental health for over 18 years, he currently serves as the lead for the Alberta mental health literacy project, which is rolling out in school boards across the province and is also the lead project coordinator for, an organization devoted to providing mental health literacy education throughout Canada and across the globe.
In our 4th episode of the Edmentum Podcast, David sits down with Dee Maynard, an education veteran with over 20 years of experience teaching both in and out of the traditional classroom. Today, she is the education program manager at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and integral part of the astronaut training experience or ATX as it’s called.[Edmentum Podcast] Episode 4: Immersive Learning and Partnerships with Dee MaynardOriginally posted February 2020
Michael Linsin joins us for episode 3 of the Edmentum Podcast. He is the author of Happy Teacher Habits, 11 Habits of the Happiest Most Effective Teachers on Earth. Drawing from 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher and educational counselor, he explains the secret to inspiring students to pay attention and work hard is through “active learning” activities. Though as I discovered, it may not be the sort of active learning you are used to.[Edmentum Podcast] Episode 3: Happier Teachers Cause Emotionally Active LearningOriginally published January 2020
On this month’s podcast, I sit down with Liz Gallo, the founder of WhyMaker. WhyMaker helps schools implement design thinking, a method that helps groups discover and develop potential solutions for complex problems. During our interview, Liz explained that she feels the greatest thing lacking in how we educate students is how often we give them opportunities to empathize. And, she may be right.[Edmentum Podcast] Episode 2: Using Empathy to Increase Academic EngagementOriginally posted February 2020
In this first episode of the Edmentum Podcast, David Cicero sits down with David Adams, director of social-emotional learning at The Urban Assembly and member of the CASEL board of directors, to discuss how to identify and promote SEL in core instruction.[Edmentum Podcast] Episode 1: Identifying and Promoting SEL in Core InstructionOriginally published November 2019
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