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If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you've likely either tried chiropractic care or you've had it recommended to you at some point. When people first interact with our practice they are curious about how physical therapy differs from chiropractic care as far as the treatment process and results are concerned.  While chiropractic care can be helpful in many situations it does have a different goal from physical therapy. Dr. Taves explains the differences between these two treatment approaches to help listeners make the best choices for their individual healthcare needs. Novera: Headache Center
Did you know that the average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping? Given that - shouldn't we be optimizing our sleep to be as comfortable and neck friendly as possible? Today's episode brings it back to the basics with a practical talk on how our sleep impacts head and facial pain, and how we can create healthy sleeping habits to feel our best throughout the day. Novera: Headache Center
The Headache Doctor Podcast welcomes Kelli Yates, a registered dietitian nutritionist who has dedicated her career to helping others who struggle with migraine through online programs designed to lower their threshold and regain freedom from pain cycles. This episode highlights the threshold theory of migraine, how to look at food triggers, and the role that food plays in your migraine experience.  Kelli Yates NutritionThe Migraine DietitianNovera: Headache Center
The Headache Doctor Podcast is thrilled to welcome Dr. Peter Staats, founder of the Division of Pain Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Chief Medical Officer of ElectroCore. Dr. Staats has focused his career on the pioneering concept of using vagus nerve stimulation to improve patient outcomes in a variety of conditions, including headaches and migraines. The vagus nerve has been at the forefront of many exciting new discoveries in the world of holistic health and treatment of chronic illness and we're excited to share this information with our listeners and patients in-clinic. Novera: Headache Center
Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain


Pain can be a complex and confusing topic - particularly when it comes to the world of headaches and migraines. Here at Novera, we believe that having a foundational understanding of our pain and where it comes from is a major part of breaking free from it. Dr. Taves explains the different reasons we experience pain, and the pathways and processes that are happening behind the scenes when pain occurs. Novera: Headache Center
Today's episode is all about functional nutrition, inflammation, and how what we put in and on our bodies can affect headaches, migraines, and our overall health. Hope focuses her career on helping women take control of their health and lifestyle in order to meet their fitness goals and flourish in everything they do. We're always excited to interview other providers on a mission to push back against traditional approaches to pain and inflammation!Hopeful & Wholesome Novera: Headache Center
Dr. Taves is joined by Sam Kelokates PT, DPT of Kelos Physical Therapy. Sam is a fellow physical therapist on a similar mission to Novera's - finding conservative, natural approaches to treating headaches and migraines. Dr. Taves and Dr. Kelokates discuss the musculoskeletal and neurological benefits of exercise and why physical therapy is often (unfortunately) considered last, or not at all, when it comes to treating head and facial pain.Kelos Physical TherapyNovera: Headache Center
Dr. Taves breaks down five reasons why self-management is such a vital and approachable part of preventing  headaches and migraines.  As our clinic has grown and we've had the opportunity to reach hundreds of headache and migraine sufferers from around the world, we've come to develop a practical 3-step process that can be implemented to take back control over headaches. Dr. Taves also talks about his upcoming webinar, which will give our listeners the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Novera's proven 3-step process for relieving headaches and migraines, plus give insight into the steps they can take action on to begin their journey to freedom from fear, pain, and dependence on medication. Register For The Headache and Migraine 3 Step Plan WebinarNovera: Headache Center
Dr. Taves is joined by Dr. Lauren Rivera of Revive Your Life PT for a discussion on temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ) dysfunction and the benefits of manual physical therapy and myofunctional therapy. There is a strong connection between TMJ disorders, headaches, and migraines! Dr. Rivera explains how these conditions are connected and offers practical tips for anyone who might be experiencing symptoms of TMJ pain and dysfunction, such as jaw clicking, difficulty swallowing, or cheek biting.  Revive Your Life PT@reviveyourlifeptNovera: Headache Center
Exertion Headaches

Exertion Headaches


If you are prone to getting a headache or a migraine after a workout, a run, or even after sneezing, you may be experiencing what's known as an exertion headache. Exertion headaches are more commonly seen in men but can affect anyone and are a source of fear in frustration in those who experience them. Today's episode breaks down the mechanisms behind exertion headaches and explains how they relate to our tension thresholds and our neck health.Novera: Headache Center
Headaches and COVID-19

Headaches and COVID-19


Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, with about 70% of people who have contracted the virus reporting ongoing tension and headaches as side effect. Headaches are even more prevalent in long COVID, which involves a variety of new, returning or ongoing symptoms that people experience more than four weeks after their initial COVID-19 infection. Dr. Taves explores the connection between the COVID-19 virus and headaches and dives into how the neck can be involved in your symptoms. Novera: Headache Center
One of the reasons why The Headache Doctor Podcast believes so strongly in offering education to sufferers of headaches and migraines is because we believe that knowing and understanding pain is a key part in the path to relief. We often hear from patients that the fear and the unknown of what's causing their pain often brings them into a cycle of dread - exacerbating their symptoms and leaving them feeling lost. Dr. Taves explains why people are often left searching for answers and offers hope for getting to the root cause. Novera: Headache Center
Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches


Tension headaches are the most common headache presentation across the board and can be a major distraction when they start creeping in halfway through your day at work or school. Thankfully, there are simple adjustments that can be made to help mitigate tension and prevent these headaches from popping up. Dr. Taves reviews common triggers for tension headaches and things you can do at home to self-treat. Novera: Headache Center
Health Coaching

Health Coaching


Today's podcast features a conversation with Bria Paisley, who has worked with Novera since September of 2021 and is excited to be stepping into a new role as a virtual health coach for the clinic. Health coaching is a proven method for sustaining realistic, long-term change and is a vital part of the success we see with the people we work with both in-person and virtually.  Our health coaching program includes access to Novera's Headache & Migraine Masterclass as well as additional videos, resources, and movement programs to help you conquer your headaches and migraines for good. Click here to schedule a discovery call with Bria and learn more!Novera: Headache Center
One of the keys to maintaining lasting success in any type of treatment is managing expectations and setting clear, realistic goals. Oftentimes people get so caught up in achieving a perfect end result, they lose sight of the progress that they're making in the day-to-day. By focusing on the aspects of our health that are within our control and being mindful of how our bodies feel as we move through our days, we can make feeling well a priority as opposed to feeling 'perfect'. Novera: Headache Center
Today's episode features a discussion with Jess Suchan - board certified holistic health coach and owner of Body Bliss By Jess. Not only is Jess an advocate for helping people overcome chronic health issues in her own practice, but she has also gone through our treatment process here at Novera as part of her personal health journey. Jess shares her story of becoming curious about her health and the steps she took to become an expert in her own body. Hormone Imbalance QuizInstagram @bodyblissbyjess and @yourhormonebalance Novera: Headache Center



As we get into the swing of the holiday season, we have been seeing and hearing more requests for travel tips and other ways to make this time of the year a little more comfortable. Travel is often inevitable around the holidays but that doesn't mean it has to be stressful and pain-inducing! Today's episode features 10 things that you can take control of when travelling in order to minimize your risk of triggering a headache or a migraine.  Novera: Headache Center
Dr. Taves interviews Dr. Jessika Martin of Thrive Growth and Development in Colorado. Dr. Martin has dedicated her career to addressing an often overlooked issue that can impact the body's development in many surprising ways. She explains how tongue ties can lead to poor sleep, struggles with learning and communication, and even foot pain! Novera: Headache Center
5 Things to Self Treat

5 Things to Self Treat


Today's episode is a practical summary of 5 small steps that our listeners can take at home in order to improve their overall wellness and healthy mindfulness. Dr. Taves explains that oftentimes dysfunction comes from the elements in our routines that are missing, rather than the things that we are doing day-to-day. Novera: Headache Center
Lori Lee's Story

Lori Lee's Story


This episode of The Headache Doctor Podcast features a story that we here at the clinic hold near and dear to our hearts. Lori Lee first came to Novera: Headache Center in October of 2021 after struggling with debilitating migraines for over 15 years. She describes the path that brought her to our clinic and the long, exhausting journey she took to finding relief. Lori Lee never gave up hope, and we hope that her story will inspire hope in others like her as well. Novera: Headache Center
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