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Unpacking Travel: Hospitality Talks with Amadeus
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Unpacking Travel: Hospitality Talks with Amadeus

Author: Amadeus Hospitality | Building the Future of Travel | Hospitality Technology Innovation

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A fresh perspective on the trends, issues, and technology shaping the future of hospitality. We bring you conversations with hospitality executives, hoteliers, travel agents (and everyone in between!) to unpack the forces behind the changing traveler's journey. From business and leisure travel trends to hotel management strategies, we blend industry data with expert perspective to guide the hospitality industry in this ever-evolving time.
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In our first episode of 2022, we sit down with Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach to demystify the current state of business and group travel. While projections keep changing the outlook, causing confusion among hospitality professionals, it's more important than ever look at reliable, on-the-books data in real time and be flexible in adjusting.  Listen in to get a clearer picture on business and group travel, and what you need to be asking as you develop your budgets and strategies.For more information, visit
In this episode, we wrap up 2021 by taking a look back with Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach. We cover what lessons we've learned over the past year, and why 2022 is going to be a year of continued change - and increased opportunity - for hoteliers, convention & visitors bureaus, and destination marketers.For more information, visit
This special episode is the first in our new miniseries with acclaimed author, speaker, consultant, and leadership expert Taylor Scott: Leading with Hospitality. We explore how the current pandemic has driven an industry-wide re-focus on the human element of hospitality. We also examine ways you can better connect with yourself in a workplace with fewer resources, and how to engage and connect with others on your teams using emotionally intelligent practices. Stay tuned for the next episode in the miniseries. We will dive into how to improve your one-on-one meetings with your teams. If you enjoyed this episode, check out Taylor's new book: Lead with Hospitality.
In this episode, Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach provide exclusive insight into the latest in corporate travel, the current GDS booking trends, and why both corporate and leisure travelers are still booking within seven days or less. We also dive into what the rest of the Fall and Winter seasons will look like for hoteliers as international travel continues to open up.
In this episode, we sit down with Jon Davis, Chief Technology Officer at Village Hotels, to learn how his teams were able to diversify their offerings and launch a fully-evolved loyalty program to better suit their most profitable business segments. We also take a closer look at how technology and data allowed Village Hotels to reopen while still giving guests the same level of service they have come to expect, and how hoteliers can adapt these concepts regardless of size or budget.For more information, visit
In this episode, we talk with acclaimed author, speaker, and hospitality industry veteran Taylor Scott about why this pandemic has refueled a focus on emotional intelligence in the hotel industry. We then dive into the first steps to take to improve your emotional intelligence as a leader during recovery by leading with hospitality. To find out more about how you can lead with hospitality, check out Taylor’s new book. For more information, visit
In this episode, we are joined by world-renowned speaker, author, and television personality Shane Green. We discuss the importance of understanding the moments that matter in a guest's journey and incorporating the human element as the foundation of a hospitality business.  We also talk about how to build a culture of creativity, problem-solving, and excellence at your property to navigate through the pandemic and beyond.For more information, visit
In this episode, we sit down with Ford Blakely, the founder of Zingle, to discuss the current state, emerging trends, and areas of opportunity for contactless technology. We learn how text messages and digital communication channels are enabling better, faster, and safer experiences by creating physical distance between hotel staff and guests; a key element that has evolved from a “nice to have” to a “must-have” over the course of the pandemic.For more information, visit
In this episode, Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach discuss two uncertainties around the industry's recovery. First, we discuss the challenges with using 2020 data as a comparison to 2021 performance. Then we dive into the current booking trends and what we are currently seeing as we move through spring and summer.For more information, visit
In this episode, Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach share the top travel trends emerging as Spring arrives and how they will impact hoteliers' recovery strategies. These industry trends based on market data include:The growing leisure segment and their behaviors from looking to bookingAppealing to a different type of traveler who has unique expectationsThe importance of transparency, credibility, and building trust along the traveler journeyExperience-driven loyaltyFor more information, visit
In this episode, we learn from Kristi White, Vice President of Product at Knowland, about their insightful meeting planner survey during recovery and best practices to shift share.  We discuss the various trends as we move through 2021 about how small events and group business are out there to be had. We also outline best practices for what hoteliers can do right now to start capturing group event bookings while many businesses and travel groups are already searching for where to plan their small events.For more information, visit
This episode of Unpacking Travel features Rand Fishkin, founder and CEO of SparkToro, a market research and audience intelligence tool. We discuss the guest journey from search to post-stay, and how hoteliers can maximize both their marketing efforts and their budgets. For more information, visit If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your marketing and engagement efforts, check out our Digital Media and Guest Management solutions.
In this episode, Amadeus Vice President of Data Partnerships Katie Moro and Senior Industry Analyst John Hach highlight the industry trends and market data you need to know as we kick off 2021. Editor's note: this episode was recorded at the end of December 2020.For more information, visit
How has Covid-19 impacted hospitality sales teams? What can hoteliers start doing today to bring revenue back in the door? Holly Zoba, HSMAI board member and owner of Scout Simply, answers these questions and more as we dive into the shifting world of hospitality sales and discuss tactical advice to help hoteliers and their teams evolve with the changing landscape. For more information, visit
In this episode we speak with Tammy Pahel, Chief Wellness Officer at Alchemy Resorts about the growing impact of wellness on travel, how to use wellness to personalize experiences in the ways travelers want, and how leaders can use wellness strategies to improve the staff experience. We also dive into the various initiatives going on at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and the success gained from an all-in focus on wellness. To learn more about Carillon and other Alchemy Wellness resorts, check out their website here.
In this episode, explore in great detail with David Axelrod what it takes to personalize a modern guest experience, the things you need to listen to, and how to approach your guests where they are. David is an all-around expert on personalization, dedicating his career to writing best-selling books, designing bespoke luxury experiences, and consulting with various companies to improve personalization. We highly recommend checking out his book on how to create and inspire amazing travel experiences.
In this episode, we talk with Scott Lamont, CEO of EDSA, an organization that specializes in urban design, landscape architecture, and design planning for the hotel and other global industries. We explore why hotels aren’t maximizing their use of physical space in this post-pandemic world, and then break down why it’s so important to re-think the use of places such as staff offices and public areas in order to improve staff and guest wellbeing. Scott provides some expert advice as to what hotels can do right now to maximize their physical spaces and improve the wellbeing of staff and guests.
In this episode, we have a chat with Cheryl Durst, CEO of the International Interior Design Association. First, we discuss a few practical ways in which hoteliers can use design strategies to improve staff and guest experiences. We then learn about the power of having purpose when making design choices for team spaces and guest rooms; investment strategies a hotel might use when considering a design update; and the impacts – some surprising – that a design choice may have on a hotel, including in staff operations. We finish off our conversation on the topic of how hoteliers can benefit from using a "design mindset" when seeking to improve hotel operations and elevate the overall staff and guest experience.  If you like what Cheryl has to say, she also hosts her own Skill Set podcast you should check out for more personal and business tips and tricks!
In part two of a new miniseries with Atrium Hospitality we explore how to improve guest satisfaction by putting your core values into action. If you haven't heard our first episode with Atrium, click here and take a listen. So what does it take to actually work smarter and not harder?  What advice can be given to hoteliers that also want to work smarter and not harder?  Take a listen to hear Atrium's answers along with what it takes to truly live out your company's core values.
In part one of a new miniseries with Atrium Hospitality we explore how to improve guest satisfaction. So how has Atrium Hospitality become #1 in customer satisfaction from J.D. Power among third party hotel management companies? That question is quite easy to answer.  Atrium treats their company's core values as much more than a HR poster on their office walls. So how did they put their core values into action? It takes a lot more than you may think.  Take a listen to see what it takes to truly live out your company's core values, and learn how Atrium has come to master theirs.
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