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Transportation Exchange presented by Rush Truck Centres of Canada
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Transportation Exchange presented by Rush Truck Centres of Canada

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If you’re in the transportation industry, the Transportation Exchange podcast is for you. Listen in for insightful conversations with industry leaders covering what keeps us moving, from equipment and maintenance for fleets to new and upcoming regulations and opinions on the industry as it stands today and the road ahead.

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Join us for a deep dive into the latest developments in the transportation industry with Mike Millian, President of the Private Motor Truck Council. He provides a thorough update on key issues shaping the industry that he intends to share at the CCMTA conference to enact a higher level of safety and compliance amongst fleets in Canada. Additionally, Mike offers valuable insights into upcoming PMTC events, as well as the transformative Driven to Lead and Driver Training programs designed to em...
Join Adam Bajric, Account Manager at Rush Truck Centres of Canada, as he unveils the intricacies of spec'ing heavy haul tractors, dump trucks, and roll-offs for your operations. From engines to transmissions, suspensions to frames, and interior trim choices, Adam shares his wealth of expertise and essential tips to ensure optimal performance. Tune in to discover the recommended options to keep in mind that can elevate your fleet's efficiency and productivity.
Isuzu Trucks 101

Isuzu Trucks 101


Discover why Isuzu Trucks is the #1 cabover in North America with Bryan Gerber, National Account Manager at Rush Truck Centres of Canada. We dive into the features and benefits of the N-Series and F-Series truck models including their turning radius, safety, payload capabilities, and the Priority Service Maintenance Program that will help simplify your operations. Listen now.
Feeling the strain of unexpected truck repair costs can feel like a heavy load to carry, but what if there was a way to lift that burden? Jeff Horler, President of Global Leasing and Finance Group, sheds light on the financial challenges that truck drivers and fleet managers face, especially when caught off guard by repair expenses. This episode provides the inside scoop on how quick and flexible financing options through an EZ Repair Loan can cover everything from major engine overhauls...
In this episode, Lou Haddad, Sr. Business Development - Customer Solutions at Navistar shares what you need to know about warranty and extended service contracts to protect the heart of your operations. From engines and transmissions to cabs and drivetrains we review how this coverage can benefit you as a fleet manager and things to consider when deciding between a customized or standard package for your new or used International Truck to avoid large repair bills when experiencing a breakdown...
Join us for an insightful annual recap as James Menzies, Editorial Director at Today's Trucking and Truck News, highlights the key moments that defined 2023 – from impactful equipment costs to navigating supply chain challenges and the rise of electric vehicle technology. Menzies shares his expertise, unveiling trends that will shape the future and offering an exclusive sneak peek into what lies ahead for the transportation industry in 2024. Don't miss this episode!
In this episode, we welcome Dave Bullen, Product Owner of In-Vehicle Functionality with Navistar. We explore Navistar's connected technology, OnCommand Connection and International 360. OnCommand Connection offers remote diagnostics and telematics for real-time vehicle health monitoring, while International 360 complements this by facilitating communication between customers, dealers, and service teams during vehicle repairs. Tune into this episode to learn more about how these technolo...
Explore the history and current product lineup of ZF Group, with Abhinav Dhingra, Field Sales Manager, featuring Air Disc Brakes and Collision Mitigation systems. Hold on to your steering wheels as we share a sneak peek into the future with upcoming innovations, including Medium-Duty Transmissions, Electric-Assist Steering, and E-Axles.
Mike Millian, President of the Private Motor Truck Council (PMTC), joins us to explore the evolving landscape of the transportation industry in this episode, where we discuss the impact of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), recent changes in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the value of North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) training courses, and key takeaways from the 2023 Annual Conference and Western Canada Educational Seminar. Tune in now.
In this episode, we're joined by New York Times bestselling author Douglas Brunt, who shares what made him go into the depths of history to write his latest book, "The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius, Power, and Deception on the Eve of World War 1". If you are a diesel enthusiast, join us as we delve deep into this century-old mystery, exploring the tumultuous backdrop of war, electricity, and oil that set the stage for Diesel's disappearance. Brunt unveils a new theory that promises...
Michael Burton from Allison Transmission and John Kay from Wajax join us to discuss the features and benefits of FuelSense 2.0 including Dynactive shifting, neutral at stop and acceleration rate management, partnered with Allison’s connected service help to maximize fleet uptime and decrease fuel costs. We also chat about the new 3414 RHS Transmission in the 3000 series lineup for regional fleets. Michael and John share the benefits these offerings provide to fleets as well as how you can upg...
Suzannah Sarran, CEO and Founder of Viridis Key joins us to provide insights into a sustainable future and greener transportation solutions. We explore the significance of ESG in the journey to fleet electrification, uncover the three levels of Scope for emissions management and how both are a critical component for businesses to understand as it influences decision-making, strategies, and overall sustainability. Shifting focus, we tackle the scaling of infrastructure for EVs, examining lead ...
Terry Maw, Business Development Manager, joins us again to discuss fleet electrification. In this episode you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the electric market as it stands today, the current state of public charging, and the electric truck offerings available today as well as exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Whether you're a fleet manager, an industry insider, or simply curious about the future of transportation, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you...
Ray Veeneman, Vice President – Vehicle Remarketing, joins us to chat about the dynamic world of the used truck market, exploring the latest trends, shifting specifications, trade terms, and the outlook on the market as it relates to capacity constraints with new equipment. Tune in now!
We are pleased to welcome back James Menzies, Editor, Today’s Trucking and to provide an in-depth analysis of the first half of 2023. Together, we delve into the triumphs and challenges experienced thus far, exploring key topics such as Trailer Sales, Medium-Duty Trucks, and the exciting advancements in EV technology. Additionally, we gain valuable insights into what lies ahead for the remaining half of the year.
We are pleased to welcome back Dave Embury, Territory Manager at Eaton, to share what you need to know about the current automated and manual transmission offerings as well as the features and ideal applications for the 2023 Endurant and UltraShift Plus models.
Preeti and Matt from Thermo King Americas join us to discuss the electrification of refrigerated trucks. They share with us an overview of electric product lines for trucks and trailers, the current regulations for refrigerated units vs. truck engines, as well as, how Canada is making electrification affordable through rebates and incentives. Tune in to gain insights on selecting the right partner for your electrification journey and much more.
In this episode, Paul Kurrat, Learning Facilitator at Conestoga College, provides us with an overview of the CITT and CCLP designation. Canada's Logistics Association (CITT) is committed to promoting excellence in supply chain logistics through learning, training, and networking opportunities for individuals, businesses, and partners. We discuss the career benefits of having a CCLP designation, the process and requirements, as well as the program of courses and overall involvement. Tune in to...
Tune in to hear from our very own, Adam Bajric, Vocational Account Manager, as he shares the various benefits of the International HX Series redesign, such as enhanced driver comfort, the new S13 Integrated Powertrain, and how his customers are adding more chrome to stand out. Additionally, we'll dive into the advantages of specialized trailers that can be customized to meet specific operational needs to support your business from the gravel pit to on-highway heavy-haul trucking.Follow ...
On this episode, Al Smith, Regional Manager at Thermo King Eastern Canada, joins us to discuss the history and market conditions that led to the development, manufacturing, and acceptance of APUs in the North American trucking industry. We also talk about the role of owner-operators, the advent of electronic engines, and the emergence of electric battery-powered APUs. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the trucking industry's history and technology.