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A podcast dedicated to Tea Culture, Tea enthusiasts, and Tea lovers at all levels, whether they be beginners or connoisseurs. The show will highlight people that have a passion for Tea, interviews with Tea business owners, and the wider tea community. I will also be exploring the medicinal benefits of specific herbal teas.
31 Episodes
My Guest for episode 30 is Katherine Boucher one-half of the founders of The Jersey Tea Company, who are growers and producers of handcrafted organic single estate tea in Jersey.The Jersey Tea Company began in 2016 and is owned and run by two couples, Katherine and Terry Boucher and Michelle and Cardin Pasturel. As well as working on the tea farm they also have other careers as health professionals (Psychologists and Chiropractor) and in the finance industry. The Jersey Tea Company was founded because the couples wanted to be involved in working with the land (in particular thinking about regenerative farming and biodiversity) and doing something different in their “day jobs”.  They started experimenting with tea plants in the garden and progressed to having two fields and a nursery of tea plants. Check out the Jersey Tea Company Website here: the Jersey Tea Company over on Instagram here: the show
Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler is a tea educator & consultant with over 10 years of experience working as a product specialist, educator and industry consultant with various projects at the forefront of what is sometimes referred to as the renaissance of loose-leaf tea in the Western world.Thomas was a founding partner and chief teaist for Paper & Tea based in Berlin, and from there went on to work as a Tea Specialist at Temial.A copywriter and public relations specialist by original profession, Thomas turned his passion for tea into a fulltime career after training with one of Berlin's most renowned stores for loose-leaf tea. There he learned how to open wooden tea crates and package the tea for sale, how to taste and judge tea samples, and how to handcraft house-blends, flavour tea with natural essential oils and create innovative recipes for delicious herbal infusions and flowery tisanes. An avid Gamer and self-professed gaming tea nerd, Thomas now hosts a weekly live strem on Twitch. Get in touch with Thomas via his many social media outlet links listed below, to check out his other tea related projects.Thomas's Linktree: Thomas for a personal tea session here: Thomas on Instagram here:'s Youtube Channel: out Thomas's Podcast (in German) here: Website: the show
Annabel Kalmar is the founder of the Tea Rebellion which was started in 2017 to change the way tea is traded and to connect tea drinkers with tea farmers. Annabel developed a passion for improving farmers’ market access and incomes while studying agriculture and working in the fields of El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, harvesting coffee and interviewing farmers.Annabel believes in transforming things that don’t work. She noted that coffee and chocolate seemed to have gotten all the love from consumers and that drinkers cared deeply about the origin of their coffee. Why then did most tea drinkers know so little, buy the same product and drink low-quality blended teas? Annabel decided it was the perfect time to shake things up in this traditional industry and create a social enterprise to change how tea is traded, marketed, and consumed.Annabel grew up with artisanal production of olive oil, white wine, and herbal tea.  Annabel spends her time between Toronto, Canada and London, England.Check out the Tea Rebellion website here: Annabelle on Instagram here: Rebellion Linktree here: the show
Anna Ye is a tea educator & speaker for private, corporate tea experiences and community tea events based in New York.Anna comes with years of hospitality and fine dining experience, having previously worked at Chikalicious and Restaurant Daniel. In 2017, her growing passion for tea lead her to join the team at In Pursuit of Tea– a high-end purveyor that sources loose leaf teas from around the world– where Anna came across  the opportunity to curate and lead educational workshops for home drinkers and hospitality industry professionals. Anna realized her tea journey became one of self discovery and deep exploration. For her tea is more than simply a beverage on a menu– it is an extension of her Chinese heritage, and more importantly, a plant deeply rooted into our global cultural fabric. Through her work,  Anna hopes to introduce world class teas to a broader audience and draw awareness to the craftsmanship and restorative elements of the tea leaf. Check out Anna's website here: Anna on Instagram here: the Cup Interview series info here: the show
On today's show, I have Diana Zheng one-half of the founders of Three Gems Tea based in Los Angles. Ayumi and Diana started Three Gems Tea to make tea breaks easy and wanted to create something but keep it good, simple, and fun by sourcing delicious loose leaf teas from family farms and designing teaware with a pop to brighten your table.Their teas are grown in China and Taiwan, on family farms that use holistic growing practices and forgo pesticides. The teaware that they provide is handcrafted by a small studio of artisans in Jingdezhen, the history-steeped ceramics capital of China. Whenever the ladies returned to China, they loved the unfussy way that families drank tea together — low-key gatherings that inspired them both to share the magic of a casual tea break with the rest of the world, and with great design too.At present Three Gems tea is launching a series of botanical herbal teas, a project collaboration with Windrose farm based in California. The new packaging has been designed to be fully eco-friendly and biodegradable. Check out Three Gems Tea Website: the Kickstarter campaign: Three Gems Tea on Instagram here: out their fantastic Brewing guide here: out Diana's website: out Ayumi's beautiful Illustrations on her website: Cookbook website: the show
This weeks show's  guests are Vivian and Lorenzo the founders of Eastern Tea Leaves. The couple fell in love with an ancient tea forest ensconced in the dreaming mountains of southwest Yunnan.Eastern Leaves owns thirty hectares of wild tea plantation land in the mountains, which flourishes naturally in the undergrowth of centuries-old Yunnan high mountain forest.Their teas are fully organic, and they interfere as little as possible with the growth of their trees. This is the reason they call themselves wild forest keepers rather than farmers.Alongside their Project in Yunan, they run a tea room/ tea studio in Milan. It is a place they long dreamed of, made of wood, beautifly designed with unique hand-made ceramics from Yixing and Jingdezhen and Suyuan furniture, a bespoke furniture brand based in Beijing.Eastern Leaves serve tasting menus with fine and rare teas, brewed in Chinese style gongfucha. Check out Eastern Tea leave's website here: Eastern Tea Leaves on Instagram here: and here: Furniture website: the show
Today's guest is Sergei Pegushin the founder of Chánnagasse Tea House,  located in Vienna Austria.  His tea house offers a variety of Chinese teas. Based on the traditional Chinese tea ceremony Gong fu Cha (工夫茶, Gōng fu chá). The premise of the teahouse is to offer guests a special tea experience, where they can sit and brew top-grade quality tea, inside the tea house.I came across Chánnagasse via Instagram and was immediately impressed with their humorous and out-of-the-box stories and posts, totally unique and a pleasure to watch.Check out Chanagasse's website here: up to date and follow Channagasse on Instagram: the show
Today's episode is with Alessandra Rovetta a Tearista/ Tea Expert who works at Fortnum and Mason.  Fortnum and Mason is a famous upscale department store in central London well known as an “essential destination for anyone in search of extraordinary food, exceptional service, and joy-giving things”. I'm a big fan of Fortnum and Mason and really enjoyed having afternoon tea there. Fortnum & Mason have recently launched a Bespoke Tea Blending Service which allows customers to create their own unique personalized tea blend.  During our discussion, Alessandra talks about the new tea blending service, the new Fortnum & Mason “Time for Tea“ book written by Tom Parker Bowles, and some alternative London tea shop recommendations.Check out Fortnum & Masons website here (tea section): tea blending link: & Masons Tea blending service (Instagram video):'s Instagram: the show
In this one off coffee episode (It'll be back to tea next episode, I promise) I have the founders of Mikah Blue Coffee company,  a family owned business lead by Investment Banker and Second generation Coffee Trader, Michael and his wife Shenika,  both Jamaicans who now reside in the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica.The history of Mikah Blue Coffee company dates back thirty (30) years since 1990 when Michael's Uncle and Mentor Donald acquired lands in the Blue Mountains of St. Andrew and Portland and commenced cultivating coffee berries for sale to local Middlemen. The berries were then processed, and sold to Importers, primarily to Japan and the USA.Coffee beans harvested from their farms consistently receive a cupping score of 85 and over and they primarily sell beans that have been certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) as Grade 1.Mikah Blue are certified by JACRA and is also a member of the Jamaica Coffee Grower's Association. Mikah Blue website: them on Instagram: the show
Today's guest is Regina Rivero the founder of OHA tea based in Mexico. Regina spontaneously started her tea business and has been running the business for 6 years, using a mix of local Mexican herbs and teas from around the world.  Regina infuses live events with poetry, arts, and tea tasting sessions. Follow OHA on Instagram: out Regina's website here: Website: the show
Journal du Thé is based on an idea by French artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck and design by Tillmann Wendelstein.  Both gather content and edit each and every chapter themselves occasionally with the help of guest contributors. The magazine is a collaborative project to express authentically creative expression, based around tea and to share the many unique stories behind it. Journal du Thé website: https://www.journalduthe.netJournal du Thé on Instagram: @Journal du Thé Journal du Thé is published by Poetic Pastel Press, London.Johanna is a French Artist painter and interdisciplinary artist. Her practice composed of painting,  drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography, and writing often conceals ecological messages, rendered in soft and delicate methods. In several of the artistʼs projects interaction with the environment and others plays a central role. Johanna's Website: Instagram: @johannatagada Tilmann Steffen Wendelstein is a designer and art director whose life and work oscillate between Berlin and Tokyo.   Check out 75w.Studios website: the show
Artéfact was founded in 2014 by Kaleigh Johnson and Fadel Imendjerioune. Artéfact consists of a boutique/tea shop, book shop, and exhibition space located in the heart of the Marais in Paris.Artéfact source their teas directly from the most talented producers around the world (Malawi, Nepal, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Georgia, Laos, Japan, Colombia, Rwanda & India), buying the finest batches of teas produced ethically and with the greatest respect for nature.They combine art and tea to create a bridge between tradition and modernity through performances, exhibitions, book signings, and concerts. Artéfact also provides tea to some of the top hotels and fine restaurants in France. Artéfact produces loose tea and muslin bags and also custom blends, their tea bags are hand-sewn in France and made from 100% natural French organic cotton. Follow Artéfact on Instagram: out Artéfact's  website: https://artefact-marais.comSupport the show
Sarah Kiani is the creator and founder of Kiani Tea, a tea brand that is stylish, and a fusion of the modern and the traditional. Sara worked in the fashion industry for a few years but she knew that one day she would like to slow down from the fast paced world of fashion and set up her own tea company, so when the pandemic started Sara jumped at the opportunity to move forward with her tea business dream, and hasn't looked back since. Sara recommends some teas for listeners to try and we discuss colored Matcha powders.Follow Kiani Tea on Instagram: Tea Website: the show
Eduardo Molina works as a Tea Specialist for the popular Paper & Tea company based in Berlin. During his years studying economics, he became discontent and wanted to change his career direction to his new growing passion for tea. Eduardo pursued his love for tea and has been very successful ever since, he even manifested his dream (tea) job while traveling in Taiwan, and was offered the opportunity to move to Berlin and join the P&T family.  Eduardo also recommends some top tea picks from Paper & Tea.Follow Paper & Tea on Instagram: Eduardo on Instagram: & Tea Website: & Events at P&T: the show
Rui is the CEO & founder of Grass People Tree,  a natural tea company specialising in the finest teas from her hometown of Guizhou, China.   Rui worked in the busy world of international fashion for over 10 years and was at the point of burnout in her career, where she decided to embark on a journey back to her roots in the province of Guizhou to showcase and spread awareness on the ancient form of wild agriculture that lives in balance with nature.Alongside the fantastic tea Guizhou produces, Rui is also passionate about sharing the stories of the local people and the traditional philosophies of tea making.Grass People Tree website:'s Masters Tea House: Grass People Tree on Instagram:'s Instagram: the show
Wenzhuo Liu  is an Artist, Writer, Teabiologist and Guqin lover, who along with her husband, who is a Daoist priest, are  the founders of Liu-Tea-Art, alongside Wudang-Daoist-Tea.  The couple lived in Wudang Shan for many years and managed their own tea plantation since 2014. They have relocated to Germany and are in the process of establishing a Daoist temple with a tea garden, where they will share knowledge on Daoisim, Tea Culture and Art.Wenzhuo has translated the works of Zhu Quan's Daoist tea book 'Cha pu'. Her Translated copy is called 'Tea Notes' and is available now. I would highly recommend a copy.Check out their website here: Temple Germany: Tea Notes book here: tea books we discussed:The Classic of Tea by Lu YuTreatise on Tea Book by Emperor Huizong of SongSupport the show
Satemwa Tea is a 3rd generation family-owned Tea and Coffee Estate located in the ShireHighlands of Malawi which was established in 1923. For nearly 100 years Satemwa has been crafting superior teas and coffees which are exported around the world. They offer a range of unique artisanal green, white, oolong, black and dark teas.I interview Alexander Kay & Woulter Verelst who talk me through what Satemwa has been up to past and present. Check out Satemwa's website here: Satemwa on Instagram: the show
Will Ritson has been in the tea business for a few years. During breaks from his musical career, he got into tea and took on a job at the famous Mei Leaf tea shop in Camden Town in London. While working at Mei Leaf Will got to develop and learn more about the depths of tea. Will was later offered a job at Jing tea and currently works there as a tea consultant. Jing provides tea drinkers and tea enthusiasts 'Virtual Tea Flights' and 1 on 1 tea consultations. Jing also does online tea tasting workshops and a tea subscription service. Will still works on music projects with his brother and has a Drops tea music playlist on Spotify, he also DJ's occasionally too. Jing Tea website: a tea flight here: Will on Insta:'s Drop's playlist: the show
Xenia Blanco is a lover of tea and her passion for it took her on a path to Japan, where she has traveled extensively over the years. Xeina has been fortunate to take part in the  Japan Tea Export Council Tea Study Trip & is an active member of the GJTA. She writes regularly about Japanese teas in both English & Spanish & posts tea & food pairings on her blog. When she is not brewing tea or making a tea experiment, she can be found trying to compile all her tea based recipes. Xenia's goal is to promote Japanese teas abroad, to educate consumers to help and advise the public on choosing tea,  buying and brewing Japanese teas & also to help small farmers to market their products in Europe. She is also one of the co-founders of the European side of the Nomad Tea online festival which took place last year (2020) . Xenia is doing a great job spreading the knowledge about Japanese teas, so make sure you follow her socials to keep up to date.The Japanese Tea Hub website: Xenia on Instagram: Tock: Tea Export Council website: the show
Emre Ercin is one of the founders of Lazika tea, a tea company based in Rize, in the black sea region of Turkey, also named the Turkish Alps.  The tea company specializes in locally grown quality teas. The company is doing a great job at bringing Turkish teas to a wider audience in and outside of Turkey.Lazika's website: follow Lazika tea on Instagram: the show
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