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Truly Unruly with Marcus & Jessica Trufant

Author: Marcus Trufant

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Marcus Trufant, a former NFL star, and his wife Jessica Trufant present an unfiltered, funny, and thoughtful take on marriage, parenting, and relationships. With a solid 14 years of marriage, the young parents of 5 kids deliver a fresh perspective on the challenges, pitfalls, and joys of marriage and parenthood. Through love and laughter, this husband and wife duo share hilarious and entertaining stories while giving the best advice to married couples, newlyweds, new parents, new moms, girl dads, busy moms, working parents, and everyone in between. Follow us on Instagram: @marcus_trufant @fabvmom
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Parenthood is hard. Marriage is hard. Sometimes both feel overwhelming. And, oftentimes, one person carries more of the load. How much is too much?  How little is too little? A listener wrote into the show looking for marriage advice. The listener says that her husband works all day and then immediately comes home and plays video games. The wife, on the other hand, handles all the cooking, cleaning, child care, and domestic tasks on top of working as a nurse. She is at a loss and doesn't know what to do next. 
Is there such a thing as "weaponizing sex?" In this episode, the Trufants discuss another question submitted by a loyal listener. The listener's wife allegedly withholds sex when she doesn't get what she wants, claims the listener. We have a few serious questions about this topic - Is it ever OK to withhold sex? What would happen if the husband withholds sex? Is withholding sex a form of emotional abuse? Listen up as the Trufants discuss this topic and offer their best relationship advice. How do you feel about this topic? Help our podcast reach more listeners by leaving a rating and a review! We appreciate all your help! 
In today's episode, we're answering another listener's question about marriage and relationship advice. A listener DM'd us about her very attractive husband who gets a lot of attention from both men and women. This attention makes her feel insecure. She feels annoyed, frustrated, and insecure when people approach her husband even though he always politely declines their advances and tells them he has a wife. The listener's confidence is affected, and she sometimes wishes she was with someone who didn't attract as much attention. The listener is asking for advice on how to get over these negative feelings.Listen up as the Trufants weigh in on this question and offer the best advice. 
We have another juicy question from a listen on today's podcast. A listener wrote in because he is feeling insecure in his relationship because his fiancé rambled about how attractive she thinks the next-door neighbor is. She later tried to backtrack and say that she's not really attracted to him and that she only thinks about her husband. Things get even more complicated when her fiancé notices that she follows the neighbor on Instagram. He is wondering if he should approach her, or if he's being paranoid. Listen up as the Trufants discuss this situation and help the listener move forward.
In this episode, The Trufants get into the topic of sexual frequency in marriage - is there such thing as TOO much sex in a relationship?The hosts discuss the now-viral clip of Larsa Pippin saying that she and Scottie Pippin has sex FOUR times every night of their 20+ year marriage. The episode also provides practical advice and tips for couples to create a healthy and fulfilling sex life in their marriage.
We got another juicy question from a listener who needs advice about their former spicy career and how to go about dating. The listener wrote, "I'm falling in love with my boyfriend of 6 months, but I haven't told him I used to work in the sex/adult industry as a spicy accountant aka escort. I'm terrified that this will ruin a good thing. He's also my coworker. I want to be honest with him and don't want to hurt him. Should I tell him? and if so, how?"
In this episode, Jessica finally got some alone time with her son while Marcus took the girls on a father/daughter date. Kash wasn't feelin' it! Later, the Trufants respond to a listener question from a woman who is thinking of leaving her toxic husband who is emotionally controlling and negative. The woman wonders if she should leave or take another approach before making such a permanent decision for herself and her child.>> Have a question for The Trufants? Send us a DM on Instagram @trulyunruly_podcast or email
A listener is stuck at a crossroads. Her Husband has put on weight and she's losing attraction. She says she even offered help to start his weight loss journey. But turns her down and continues his unhealthy lifestyle. Besides aesthetics, she’s concerned about his health. 
What would you do if you were this guy? You listen to a podcast your so-called fiance was on only to hear her admit to only dating NBA players and high-income men...until she met you. She also talked about your sexual "issues" and insinuated that you don't have a big "member." While she didn't say your name, she described you as the "good-looking nerdy" guy. Would you stay with her or break off the engagement?
Divorce brings up the question of last names - some women change their last names while others keep their ex-husband's surname. Ok, cool. But, what would you do if your new wife wanted to keep her ex-husband's last name and not take your last name? Would you feel disrespected or is it no big deal? In this episode, we're talking about when (and if) it's ok to keep your ex-husband's last name. 
Is it ok to date before a divorce is final? Does public perception matter? Also, when is it ok to introduce your new relationship to your kids? All that and more on this episode of Truly Unruly.
Obviously, no one likes getting rejected - whether it be for a romantic relationship, a job interview and or any other form of rejection. Does one sex handle rejection "better" or "worse"? In this episode, the Trufants discuss the different ways that they handle rejection while Kel backs up their claims with the research. 
Happy New Year! In this episode, the Trufants look back at 2022 and ask some important questions about their relationships and individuals. Get your notes ready so you can ask the same questions about your relationship!What's the biggest mistake of the year, and the lesson learned as a result?What did you learn about your friends this year?What would you say were some highlights of this year when it came to your marriage?What was my biggest relationship accomplishment?What do you think you can work on in your relationship in the upcoming year?If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, what advice would you give me?What's the status of the goals I set last year and what goals do I want to set for the year going forward? 
"I'm not one of your little friends" - if you were raised by a Black mom, you've definitely heard that one! If you're now a Black mom, you've probably said all of these phrases. In this episode, The Trufants laugh about all the things their moms said growing up and if they say the same things now to their kids. Get ready to laugh!
How happy or unhappy you are in your marriage certainly affects you and your spouse's emotional state and feelings of happiness, but does it affect your children? Do children pick up on the vibes of a stressful, emotionally draining marriage? Do they pick up on the vibes of a happy, respectful loving marriage? In this episode, the Trufants dive in. 
We call this episode "our freestyle" episode, we're talking crazy about dating, marriage, and everything in between. Get ready to laugh because we have some funny stories ready to dish up.
Fighting and arguing in relationships feel uncomfortable and can really hurt the relationship if both parties are trying to hurt each other. But, fighting is normal in relationships. Learning to fight fairly, however, takes some time and practice to learn. If you want a healthy, long-lasting relationship it's important to take key steps to fight fair and to grow from the fight. Instead of hurting your relationship, a "fair" fight might actually help the relationship.In this episode, the Trufants, discuss their "fighting style" - if they fight fair and how they (and you) might improve your communication during a fight - and actually grow from the fight.
Talking with a good friend can easily turn into a vent session all about your relationship. Sometimes it just feels good to get it out and to get someone else's take on the situation. But, is venting to your friends about your relationship healthy? Listen to what the Trufants say about this topic in their marriage. 
Has your spouse fallen asleep during sex? Do they fall asleep immediately after sex? Or, maybe YOU are the one falling asleep. One of the Trufants fell asleep during sex...can you guess who? Find out how the Trufants reacted in this episode.
Disagreements in relationships are normal. But, constant bickering can cause havoc even in the most healthy relationships. There comes a point when it's important to learn how to choose which fights are worth fighting and which ones are easier to just let go of. In this episode, The Trufants discuss the art of picking your battles wisely in a relationship. 
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