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Author: Allison Minutillo

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A podcast guaranteed to trigger your next ah-ha moment. Changing how leaders lead and smashing the status quo with each story we unfold. How will you be remembered?
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In late 2016, a 6-year old boy named Alex Myteberi wrote a letter to President Obama offering to help a five-year-old Syrian refugee boy — if you recall, the iconic image of the horrific conflict in Syria showed a young boy covered in blood and dust in an ambulance after his house in Aleppo was destroyed in a blast.Obama not only read Alex’s letter — but he celebrated his kindness at the White House, and as part of an international refugee speech. His mom, Val Myteberi, held back tears and disbelief as she got the call from the White House that day. She may not have realized the tremendous impact her positive influence at home had on her son then, but she’s reflecting on it today — right here on this episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast. Val is the Associate Dean of Graduate, International & Online Programs at Cardozo Law in New York City. She is as kind as she is smart, determined as she is radiant, positive as she is impactful. Her story of immigrating to the US begins washing dishes to learn English, and can be fast-forwarded to influencing lives through education. We reflect on all things positivity, and the role leaders play in shaping future generations. 
The Work is Worth It

The Work is Worth It


Hard work. It’s often connected to producing things you can see or feel — it’s tangible. When you’re shifting from the ultimate producer of things, to leader of people… it’s uncomfortable. What you once described as hard work — physically producing deliverables and tangible things — now becomes putting in the time and effort onto becoming a better person, a better leader of people. In today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, I’m talking to Colleen Luby, the Director of Brand Strategy at Rebel Interactive Group. She is actively experiencing a cerebral transformation going from the producer of the great things to the leader of great people. Her story is relevant and real. 
On this episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, the host mic is being flipped around. Following a meteoric rise within Rebel Interactive Group, Allison Minutillo will continue to help direct the cutting-edge digital marketing agency’s explosive growth as a partner in the firm.Rebel's Shannon King sits down with Allison to talk about her journey within Rebel, what co-ownership of the agency means, and why leadership can’t be taught, but can only truly be learned and experienced. 
Creativity Unleashed

Creativity Unleashed


Has anyone ever told you to just come up with a few ideas? To some…easy peasy. To others… the most terrifying task ever. On today’s episode of the Rebel leadership podcast, I’m talking to Paul Pita, Chief Experience Officer at Rebel Interactive Group. He used to own his own agency and has been a creative all his life. We dive deep into the world of creativity and as leaders, how to unleash it in your organization. 
Every experience along your journey is worth it, whether you realize it or not. Who you are today doesn’t define who you will become tomorrow. If we get into the habit of pausing to reflect and listen to what those around us are trying to tell us — so we believe in it ourselves — opportunities will open and true transformation starts to happen. In this episode of The Rebel leadership podcast, we’re talking to two developers at different stages of their journey. Kyle Sheldon, a senior SaaS product developer explains how moments In his life changed the trajectory of his career — and helped shape his outlook on life. We also talk to Garret Weinberg who’s expanding his skillsets every day and navigating his path to realize his true potential. It’s filled with personal stories and ah-has, in hope that you’ll have one of your own. 
Navigating Ambition

Navigating Ambition


The cold hard truth? There's no map for this. There's no GPS that tells you exactly what you need to do to get from your current position to the next level. For all of our listeners who aspire to be more, affect more, lead someday...this episode explores the details, work, and dedication it takes on the journey to becoming a leader. I guess you could consider this episode a map. 
The art of the ah-ha moment is a tricky thing. You can see it happening. A lightbulb. A revelation. A rebelation. But to arrive there requires self-reflection, a pause moment. Katy McGrath, our VP, Client Services at Rebel Interactive Group, tells her powerful story on today’s episode about the ah-ha she just experienced, and how she arrived there.
The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot


When someone is in their sweet spot, magic happens. Leaders have a tremendous responsibility in finding the sweet spots of their employees. It’s a choice. They can either seek to understand each employee on a human level in order to learn what truly drives and motivates them, or they can simply have them do the job they were hired to do. When you allow people the freedom to work on what fills their cup — lights them up — it’s a movement that can take businesses to greater heights they could never imagine. In this episode, Bryn Tindall — the CEO & Owner of Rebel Interactive Group — and I talk about the intricacies of the sweet spot and how leaders play a big part in that cultural choice. We also tackle the idea of prioritizing your time so that the urgent to-dos don’t get in the way of that sweet spot. 
One simple question managers or leaders can ask that has the power to change the dynamic between themselves and those around them: “What motivates you in the day to day?” I sent a quick email back to Emmy Gray the other day, boosting her up for handling a very complex client communication with poise and clarity. She’s a strategic client relationship lead in our company — and that job is very intense. It’s filled with a lot of emotions and complexities and pressure from all angles — internal and from our clients. But what I didn’t realize was that the one little email acknowledging her written communication went further for her than I could have imagined. So let’s dig into affirmation and some other love languages.Listen, reflect, and embrace your next ah-ha moment. 
Raise your hand if you’re in a leadership role and you’ve said these words: “Don’t tell anyone, but…” That’s the line. It’s a tightrope. The balance between leadership and friendship is complex and ever-changing. The dynamic is subtle and nuanced — and one that is worth talking about. Listen, reflect, and embrace your next ah-ha moment. 
Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only


Vibe. According to the dictionary, it’s a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.Technically, It’s intangible; but as working professionals, we all feel it and sometimes, see it. Interviewing candidates, especially in a Zoom world, is a difficult task. There are so many subtleties people give off that show who they really are and it’s the vibe they give off that’s most important — whether they know it or not, leaders are really interviewing for people and humans and potential, and then it’s about the role at hand.On today’s episode, Bryn and Jen Tindall share years of experience and perspective around interviewing and vibe. It’s the first interaction business owners and HR leads have with prospective employees to start to understand who they truly are at their core. 
The Finish Line

The Finish Line


One of our exceptionally talented new business development leads, Joe Martin, asked me a question the other day. It stopped me in my tracks. It was right after a company-wide meeting where we talked with 75 people about big picture themes and vision. He said, “But Allison, what’s the end goal? How will we know we’ve reached it?”He was on the verge of an ah-ha moment; one that would teach him to see life and work differently. That it’s not about hitting a certain number of employees or a revenue target or getting the next award….it’s about enjoying the small stuff, finding a way to power through the hard days, and appreciating the micro-moments on a human level.Joe and I go deep about work and life and “the finish line” — and hopefully this episode allows you to pause, reflect, and embrace your next ah-ha moment. 
Operations Overhaul

Operations Overhaul


Process. Operations. Two terms that sound so daunting — so heavy — so… boring. But leaders know that successful operations have the power to transform a business and people’s lives — customers, employees, and partners.Mike Minutillo has been a leader in the auto body collision repair industry for more than 40 years. Now retired for 5 years, he had owned and operated Master Auto Body in southern Florida — a multimillion, three-location autobody business. Master Auto Body was recognized as one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient, collision repair facilities in the entire country by many of his direct-repair program (DRP) partners.He also happens to be my father-in-law. Mike and I talk in-depth about how implementing Toyota’s infamous Lean Six Sigma program completely transformed his business — tripling his bottom line and improving the lives of those who worked for and with him forever. Listen. Reflect. And embrace your next ah-ha moment. 
Hustle. It's really the fuel that drives leaders forward when pursuing their vision, but it's hard to keep that energy up every day, especially on the hard ones. Gurps Rai is the founder and CEO of Dropp. The company’s patented See It, Want It, Get It technology allows users to click on products within video and purchase it. Dropp has successfully launched its beta and the results have been tremendous. His background is more than impressive — from being a prominent figure in the global Carbon Market to being an early investor in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to being the creator of the world’s most expensive piece of footwear to being intertwined in the hip hop and music industry — Gurps has always been a leader who strives towards making a positive impact on the world, and making those around him successful. It was his hustle on the hard days that led to the good ones. 
You know the feeling when you’re in the thick of a winning streak? The pressure is on. The momentum is real. The emotions run high. As the leader in that situation, it’s a complex pressure cooker to keep it all together and to make sure complacency doesn’t get in the way of success. Coach Paul Assaiante is joining Allison Minutillo on today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast. He’s the Men’s Squash and Tennis coach at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. No name school you might say to yourself? Think again — they are 17 time National Champions and during the thick of their winning streak, won 252 consecutive matches. That makes Coach Paul the winningest coach in college sports history. We’ll get into personal stories about some of Coach A’s friends coach — like the infamous Coach K from Duke or Bill Belichick of the Patriots — all the way through the intricate moments of coaching college kids mid-championship match. The parallels to leadership are endless. 
When an organization is completely aligned and collaborating with each other towards a common direction and purpose — that's when the magic really happens. Leaders must persistently reinforce the best thinking and the best ideas, no matter where or whom they come from. Because when it's less about the pride of ownership of one's individual idea, and more about collective ownership of the best idea, innovation will be the norm. Paul Pita, Rebel Interactive Group's Chief Branding Officer, and Craig Wilson, Rebel's VP of Marketing Strategy, explore the role rebel leaders play in drawing innovation out of their organization, allowing it to purvey their brand and culture. 
Today we have the pleasure of talking to Hamlet Batista, the CEO of Ranksense. He has years and years of experience as a computer engineer and holds several US patents on innovative SEO technologies. Hamlet is a conference speaker, award-winning blogger, writing for numerous publications, including Moz, Search Engine Land,, Quartz, and more. He’s the trustest form of what it means to be a thought leader. His story is extraordinary. Before gaining his US citizenship, he held an American EB-1 Genius visa. To get such a coveted visa is very difficult to win because the standard is so high. On today’s episode, Hamlet replays his story all the way back to seeing things differently in elementary school — and how that played a huge role in becoming a rebellious thought leader who immigrated to the United States with a vision. 
Leadership can arguably be boiled down to two things: have great ideas, make exceptional decisions. But sometimes those decisions require taking risks. Risks are often associated with a negative connotation. It seems like you’re making a bold move that hasn’t been founded in data but when you really think about risks, sometimes it’s an emotional connection or need to do something different because all of the signs are pointing in that direction. There have been compelling lies fed to us as a society when it comes to entrepreneurship and risk-taking so in the spirit of the podcast, let’s smash ‘em. Co-hosts Allison Minutillo and Jess Reilly have the pleasure of speaking with Rand Fishkin (Twitter @randfish), currently the co-founder and CEO of SparkToro and previously co-founder of Moz and He’s dedicated his professional life to helping people do better marketing through his blogging, videos, speaking, and his book, Lost and Founder. When Rand’s not working, he’s most likely to be in the company of his partner in marriage and (mostly petty) crime, author Geraldine DeRuiter. If you feed him great pasta or great whisky, he’ll give you the cheat code to rank #1 on Google.
Rebel Leadership happens in the most unexpected places. We convinced a heart surgeon — yup, you heard it right — to talk to us about the inner-workings of leadership in the complex heart surgery operating room where patients' lives are at stake. We have the honor of speaking with Dr. Igor Gosev, one of four cardiac surgeons at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He’s a key opinion leader for mechanical circulatory support — in other words, he performs and educates nationally on his innovative surgical techniques in heart surgery. Amy Quinlan, a Nurse Practitioner with years of experience specializing in heart failure, elaborates on the magnificent team dynamics in heart surgery.  
Think back to when we used to fly on airplanes regularly. The flight attendant comes on and instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting others. It's a pretty simple concept: if you run out of oxygen, you can’t help anyone else. Being a leader is rewarding, challenging, and meaningful, but it can also be mentally,  physically, and emotionally exhausting. On today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, we’re talking to Ilana Traeger, a Certified Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After years of battling painful symptoms and misdiagnosis from countless physicians, Ilana took her health into her own hands by learning to investigate and treat the root cause of symptoms to heal our bodies. She’s giving leaders a healthy dose of reality in this episode. 
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