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First in a series about making transitions in your career and breaking into new jobs amidst a questionable market, the team talks with VP of Accounts Sam Barrett -- who made the jump from Army Ranger to agency strategist, using his skills at kicking down doors to help brands grow. Makes total sense. Enjoy!
Hammer, Rubes, & James are joined for this poddie ep by Director of Digital Experience, Nate Szymanski to talk about crazy marketing stunts and how brands can maybe, possibly, hopefully go viral. Beyond that, what did they talk about? Who can remember?!?! We recorded this weeks ago and James forgot! Dummy. Oh well, enjoy!
Rebellion designer, Larissa Topalis, aka Weirdo Larry Topgolf, joins the poddie to derail us completely. We barely talked about marketing, but also rarely stopped laughing. Breaking from our norm, we focused this episode on data apps and the current state of dating in this weird world. Listen and enjoy!
In another poddie, Rubes conspired with the sinister sensation, Gail Zaharek, to talk about authentic brand advertising and the workplace. Meanwhile, James reminds everyone he's dumb by quietly taking an online quiz for way too long, creating great silent podcast content. Enjoy!
Recorded live in the Rebel Studio, Rubes, Hammer, & James hang out with guest Russ Martonis -- a writer, content creator, eater of food, and game-changing marketer for Amex and other major brands. The topic was supposed to be food marketing, but they goof around, drink Snoop wine, and play a random game to see who is normal (spoiler: none of these weirdos are normal). Enjoy the poddie!
In this episode, Emmy-award winning television production executive Dennis Denniger takes us on a journey through the evolution of sports broadcasting. Currently a Professor at Syracuse University, Dennis was named Falk College Faculty Member of the Year in 2014 and played a key role in founding the sports communications graduate program at the Newhouse School. With a 25-year tenure at ESPN, he led production teams for studio programming, live remote events, and digital video platforms, witne...
Sammanz is back! The first-ever return guest! Why? Cause she made us. (This is to see if she reads these and gets mad at us for saying that) In this very special episode, we talk about the Pink Tax and how it's pure bullshit. Pour your Snoop wine, relax, listen, learn, enjoy!
Join us for an exciting conversation with Rebel's Chief Strategy Officer BJ Kito and Bernt Ullmann, who is often referred to as “The Man Behind the Brands.” Mr. Ullmann has been the trusted business acceleration expert by top fashion moguls and CEOs such as Daymond John, Eddie Lampert, and Tommy Hilfiger.You'll hear first-hand how Bernt went from a pizza entrepreneur to one of the world’s leading experts in celebrity brand development, brand management, licensing and distribution, and monetiz...
Rubes & James are joined by VP of Strategy, Mark Anderson, to talk about how brands leverage (sometimes foolishly) holidays to market themselves. From Guinness on St. Patrick's to Reece's on Halloween, hear all about how brands are winning (and losing) with their holiday marketing. As usual, little was planned, chaos ensues, drinks be drank. Enjoy!
Apologies. This was the most unhinged episode yet. Fueled on Four Lokos, we recorded 3 hours of stories and then cut out 2 of them to not embarrass our parents. These lost hours may be released in the future if you ask aggressively. Until then, experience gross energy drink expert Dr. Jones and his connoisseur-like deep-dive into the infamous brand story of Four Loko.
Paid media magician Julio Amaro joins Sammy Rubes & James to talk about tokenization vs representation, how brands sometimes try and fail to connect with different cultures, and how agencies fail to create true access to multicultural voices. Sam spit stats and James said he was afraid he'd say something culturally insensitive. Let's see how he did. Enjoy!
In this special episode, it's a public service announcement on mental health management for the creative mind. Why? Cause when you create, you expose yourself -- your thoughts, ideas, emotions, and energy -- for all to see and judge. And, when it's broken or burned out, it can be crippling. It's a scary world out there in agency life! That's why the legendary V (Veronika Zhikhareva) explores creative burnout, psychological safety, and learning how to adapt to the modern workplace (with old pe...
Sam & James dig into generational marketing with legend and VP of Marketing Strategy Craig Wilson. As three generations of marketers, the team digs into how brands and consumers have evolved over decades. It's so interesting that James finally shuts up to learn something. Enjoy!
Join us on an exciting journey with Rebel's Chief Strategy Officer BJ Kito and VP of Strategic Marketing & Impact Steve McLoughlin as they sit down with Pete Tucci, the founder and CEO of Tucci Lumber Co. He's gone from being one of minor league baseball's top prospects to all-star business exec, and his journey is nothing short of inspiring. Major league lessons on the reality that a missed goal does not equate to failure and how training for one path actually provides unique perspective...
004: Welcome to Chaos!

004: Welcome to Chaos!


James went full chaos in this episode. We had a wonderful, brilliant guest in content creator Josie Capozzi, but James simply refused to stay on topic. Over an hour had to be edited out because he couldn't be contained. This is what we have to deal with every day, people! Well, enjoy what remains as Josie & Sam talk about the psychology of marketing, PR disasters, and how James is clearly insane.
In ep. 3 of Rebelations, Sam & James are joined by Director of Brand Experience Sam Manz (Yes, another Sam!) to talk about brands today, including how being unhinged and using an ugly aesthetic is helping them appeal to Gen Z, who are tired of typical brands trying to be their best selves. Get your baked beans suit on and enjoy!
We’d be considered “late” to the Barbie trend, but it’s not a trend. Barbie has permanently altered our culture. In Episode 2 of the Rebelations podcast, ‘Living in a Barbie (Marketing) World,’ we break down the global sensation of the Barbie movie with guest host and all-around amazing CMO Meaghan Morelli. Listen in as we unpack the power of brand collaborations, earned media, and the role of young women in driving pop culture.
Today is all about Social Media, or "Socials" as Sam calls it. We're diving into each platform and where it's going, including how different generations (James is old) are driving usage, innovation, and value. From new ways to create socials content to new ways to look at socials themselves, one thing is for sure: brands are doing it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll WRONG.Links:James & SamRebelThat Article James Mentions
It’s SuperBowl Sunday this weekend — but no, we’re not talking about commercials or the halftime show. The NFL is filled with parallels to life and leadership lessons. On this episode, Allison Minutillo interviews one of the NFL’s most seasoned quarterbacks… Matt Hasselbeck. He reflects on lessons learned under Andy Reid & Mike Holmgren, advice in amplified pressure, locker room trust, the receipt of hard feedback, learning the lingo, and how to work on you when it matters most....
On this episode, host Allison Minutillo had the privilege of talking with Daymond John and Brian Lamb about some of the most important topics of our time. You'll hear their raw reflection on success, failure, and the impact diversity and inclusion has on leadership today. Daymond John is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He is the founder and CEO of FUBU, a pioneer in the fashion industry, a Shark on the 4-time Emmy Award-winning Shark Tank, a New York Times bestselling author,...