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Author: Lul Benzie

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I don't have this perfect storyline or this awesome beginning if anything I just happen to understand and lived a little bit of life. Some people just need a little bit of understanding. Life is like rocks, none of them are the same.
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Send us a Text Message.What happens when you step back from social media and prioritize your mental health? This episode is a raw and honest reflection on navigating 2021's rollercoaster of challenges and growth. I share my personal journey of overcoming the negativity that overwhelmed my digital interactions and turning towards a fitness regime that tested both my physical and emotional strength. This year, I learned to value self-improvement over financial gains and to embrace people for wh...
Send us a Text Message.We did this one live on youtube.
Send us a Text Message.We recorded this one live on youtube.
Send us a Text Message.Im living in my truth even if the world doesn't wanna hear it.
Send us a Text Message.We are talking about how heavy success can be and also take care of whats going on inside of your body. Don't forget to check the site out for updates
Send us a Text Message.Its been a while y'all and we got a lot of catching.
Send us a Text Message.This podcast we talked about a few things from growth and self development to even doing it live on youtube. Check my other social medias out on .
Send us a Text Message.Im still a bit nerve on how I should go about doing my podcast so appreciate you listening in.
Send us a Text Message.I'm starting to take topics that you guys would like to hear. My followers might have something on there mind and need a second opinion.
Send us a Text Message.This is my first podcast episode, so I know it might not be the best but I'm working to bring you the best.