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Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo

Author: Theresa Caputo

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Theresa Caputo – better known to millions of fans as the “Long Island Medium” from the hit reality series of the same name – provides virtual readings to people from around the world, providing closure as they commune with their departed loved ones.

On HEY SPIRIT!, Theresa channels the souls of those who have passed, conducts Q&As with people from all over the world and shares feel-good tips from her everyday life on how to enjoy a healthier and happier time on earth. When she connects with angels, loved ones, and guides on the other side—souls she refers to as “Spirit”—Theresa will help guests work through their related grief to help them heal and move forward with peace and self-assurance. This podcast will also allow for Theresa’s fans, callers, and guests—maybe even a few surprise celebs!—to have the rare opportunity to get a reading and receive healing messages.

At least that’s the plan for now. You never know what will happen when Spirit enters the room! 

If you’d like to ask Theresa a question or have a chance at a reading, you can leave a message at 1-866-TCAPUTO

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148 Episodes
This reading brings us on a journey of love, comfort, and validation as Abby, a young girl with a bright future ahead, seeks to reconnect with her departed mother through a reading with Theresa. The touching bond between mother and daughter, as spirit shares the love, guidance, and pride in Abby's grace and dignity in handling life's challenges. This uplifting connection validates the powerful "hugs from above" that leave Abby breathless. Listen in to an amazing reading that celebrates the unbreakable bond of motherhood, even in the afterlife. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Aunt and Niece, join Theresa for a reading to connect with their shared departed loved one - Amy's sister and Kayden's mother. As they begin the session, Theresa immediately feels a strong connection to the two women, as if she already knows them knowing the connection from the other side is strong. They are validated that they are being watched over and are so proud of the way Amy has been such a loving and dedicated caretaker of her daughter since her passing. This touching and emotional reading serve as a reminder that even though our loved ones may be gone, they are still with us in spirit and continue to watch over us.Stay in touch with Theresa on social! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
In this episode delve into the powerful and emotional journey of Rene, who seeks closure and answers about the tragic passing of loved ones who were all like brothers to him. Through a profound reading with Theresa, he is able to connect with the other side and receive messages from the three souls who have passed. One of these men was a renowned musician, adding an additional layer of sentimentality to the reading. Through this moving and transformative session, Rene is given the gift of understanding that even though his loved ones have left the physical world, they take full responsibility for their deaths. Join us as we explore the complexity of grief and the path to healing.Stay in touch with Theresa on social! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
A whirlwind of emotion come in as Theresa connects Amanda to several members of her deceased family. Amanda, who was able to jump on the reading after a last-minute cancelation within a short period of time had just prayed to be on the show, and not even 24 hours later, spirit came through. During the reading, Amanda's departed brother came through with a powerful message for her, reminding her that it was okay to live her life for herself and to embrace all of the experiences and opportunities that come her way. Amanda's mother-in-law also came through, which was especially important for Amanda's husband as he had been struggling to come to terms with her passing. Theresa was able to provide Amanda with the comfort and closure that her husband needed to help him move forward in his grief.Stay in touch with Theresa on social! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
In this emotional episode, Theresa meets with Christina and Kai, a mother and daughter seeking to reconnect with their departed husband and father, respectfully. Listen in to the heartwarming story of a family finding solace in their faith and the belief that their loved ones are always with them, just in a different form. Christina and Kai's moving and powerful story of love and healing helps them to learn the importance of trusting their gut instincts.Stay in touch with Theresa on social! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Sisters, Jodie and Kim revisit their experiences with the loss of their mother and her twin sister, their aunt. Theresa also connects Kim to another soul through spirit, a close friend who has passed on and is now with her mother. They discuss the importance of grief and healing, and how it's crucial to be kind to ourselves as we navigate this difficult journey. Tune in for a heartfelt and uplifting conversation about love, loss, and the journey toward healing.Stay in touch with Theresa on social! Facebook Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
On today’s episode of Hey Spirit, Theresa is joined by Ross Mathews of the Hello Ross podcast. In this episode, Ross connects with his departed parents as well as his departed mother-in-law. Spirit gives Ross the signs and symbols that he needs to realize that there is in fact more on the other side and that his loved ones are still with him every step of the way.Check out the episode featuring Theresa Caputo on The Hello Ross Podcast Here Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Theresa connects Steve to his departed brother. When he comes through, the messages were strong to bring the family back together in discussing his passing. Being that their father is so distraught over the loss, he will no longer discuss him or his death. Steve’s brother simply asks his father to open up by looking for the signs and symbols that he is still there with them after all.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Wendi, a mother who lost one of her three triplets just eight years ago, had been searching for a connection to her son, Lawson. Theresa was able to see him on the other side and helped Wendi lift the numbing feeling of losing through signs, symbols, and validations. The ways in which she carries her son's memory with her through life and especially through the holidays can truly be an inspiration for some of us who may be grieving. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Having both parents who have passed tragically, Fredricka came into this reading looking for answers. Spirit quickly comes through to connect with their "baby girl" Freddie to show her these important messages of love, family, and pride of such a successful woman she is today. Take this journey to hear the journey Theresa goes on to bring a new light to Freddie's life and a restoration of faith. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Feeling as if she lost a piece of herself when her sister passed, Christy's receives an incredible experience with healing messages from her departed twin. Some of these messages were so personal, even Theresa questioned whether or not she should be the one to deliver them. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Lauren, joined by her husband Matias, herself with a great interest in the other side is given a connection with her close mother and father figures. As she struggles with much-unexplained anxiety, Theresa shows her the way to let these souls know they can no longer control her feelings, and to move on from unresolved family issues. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
After decades gone, some of the most important people in Lisa's life who have departed step forward. One after another, they bring to her such incredible messages and validations of strength. Within such a short amount of time, they validated their presence in her life and brought the peace she needed after all of this time. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
After seventeen long years without her beloved father, Asha has had many tough times in feeling alone in this world without him. During this reading, spirit gives Asha messages she needs to hear to truly know that no matter how much time has passed, he is still with her every day. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Yet another example of how everything happens for a reason. Abbie joins Hey Spirit for a reading with Theresa on the month of her birthday. Spirit comes through with the clear message that this day and moment was no coincidence - and would be the only time these messages would mean the most to Abbie. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
From the second Theresa began reading Richelle a rush of calm came over her - one of the only instances this has ever happened to her. Three souls step forward through spirit including both grandmothers and the one special soul who she was waiting to connect with, her departed father.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Holding on to her "top three" people she wished to connect with, Erica is quickly met with all of these souls, including the love of her life and her child. A power so strong from spirit throughout this reading had disrupted the internet connection and even the lights. You do not want to miss this reading. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
While Gracie and Ashleigh were happy to connect with just one of their family members, they were lucky enough to have spirit come through over and over again. With a heavy heart on a tragic loss, they received signs and symbols from a dear father, grandparents, and even pets, to let them know they will always have special angels looking over them at all times. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Brenda came into this reading broken over the loss of her son from a car accident. Her son Connor, and the others who have passed in this tragic way, give her some peace and words needed to help her move one step closer to healing. Spirit even had Theresa do something that very rarely does within a reading. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Dusty joined Hey Spirit last minute, but him being on the show was no coincidence. As his loved ones step forward in threes, they hold messages he desperately needed to hear. Family members such as his grandparents and uncle take notice and let him know how proud they are for stopping the generationally learned behavior in its tracks to become who he is today. Not only is this reading full of validations, but it is an inspiring story of a man who has done so much good in the world, and has decided to radiate that out to the world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Comments (13)

Harriette Smith

Hi Teresa ! I'm so glad I found this podcast. I've listened to quote a few of your episodes in the last couple of days. You're simply amazing. You touched on yourself having a past life regression and realising your fear of drowning would have been from a past life. How do I go about something like this ? the validation would be an issue for me but maybe if you had someone to recommend I'd be more likely to believe 😅 I'm over in Australia too 👋🥰

Mar 9th

Devarae Hanning

I absolutely loved this podcast. I lost a very dear friend to me through suicide and listening to this podcast gave me a sense of peace. 💕 Thank you.

Feb 12th
Reply (1)

Christy Bond

just learning about this podcast thing, cause I have watched you since you have aired on TV. is their a date you are airing your podcast next or a waiting list. my grandmother has been coming to me in small little ways just want to confirm it her. thank you for your time my lady.

Jan 14th

Tiffany Pikulski

I'd love to get a reading!!!

Jan 8th

Natalie Eldredge

I listen on my way to work and it gives me so much hope and ✌ ty so much

Nov 5th

Natalie Eldredge

I have been trying for years to figure out how I get on the mailing list to get a reading?

Nov 5th

Natalie Eldredge

love this!!! is there a waiting list I could join???

Nov 2nd

cathy reed

Hi Teresa, Cathy Reed from Live Oak, Fl. My brother passed away last year, i planned a trip to see him, but he passed suddenly 3 days ahead of my trip! I have been wishing I'd left earlier on the trip. Dang! Also this podcast is a great idea!! Take care. Cathy

Oct 26th

Kerry Taylor Stevenson

Great pod cast. as a practicing medium, its great to listen and learn. Thank you xx

Oct 22nd

Amber Dyck

Hi Theresa, I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful podcast! I can tell you for certain that my son (who you’ve channeled before) piggybacked off this reading on a very important day for me: pregnancy, infant and child loss awareness day. Today I needed this l. I needed to feel the complex emotions associated with losing my son (a full term stillbirth). I also want to thank you again for the reading in grand forks last November that gave me my life back. You told me that the main message from my son was to put my faith over my fear. It took a few months to do that after speaking with you l, but once I did, my husband and I finally conceived again and we’re so happy to say we have another baby on board. With this pregnancy, I’m choosing to put my faith first, and enjoy every moment I have with this baby, wherever the path may lead. You also told me that you thought I wasn’t done having kids. You said you see two boys and a girl for me. Well, my Ben is boy number one, and tomorrow

Oct 15th
Reply (2)
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