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The Double Pivot: Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary
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The Double Pivot: Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary

Author: Mike Goodman and Michael Caley

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Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary with hosts Mike Goodman and Michael Caley
293 Episodes
One match down in this season's Champions League and we're all struggling to get our bearings. The Mikes talk about what we've seen so far from Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Real Madrid and Inter Milan and ask, is this anything?Support the show (
Berhalter did a bunch of very interesting stuff and it didn't work at all, and Southgate did all the same uninteresting stuff and it wasn't great either. This is mostly about Berhalter because, see above, it was *interesting* but they form a useful counterpoint for thinking about international managers.(sorry for the audio gremlins, still getting used to the transatlantic podcasting and need to update our pre-record checklist)Support the show (
content notice: discussion of rape and sexual violenceCaley is really mad about the media coverage of the Ronaldo transfer, and Goodman has his own thoughts about the dilemmas that drive and screw up the media here.And there was also an incredibly dramatic transfer window! United and Madrid and Barcelona and Atletico and Chelsea and around we go.We discuss Jessica Luther and Kavitha Davidson's book Loving Sports When They Don't Love You Back: are sponsored by, Ed Feng's website and newsletter for sports betting and analytics. Check it out, he's a friend of the pod too!Support the show (
Kane and Mbappe

Kane and Mbappe


News! Breaking! Kane stays with Tottenham and Madrid lodge a frankly unbelievable bid for Mbappe and PSG even more unbelievably turn it down. What's going on in the striker market, in the business of football at the tippy-top level, and what does it all mean?Support the show (
We get into some hard agreements at the five minute mark and just keep rolling. Brentford, Arsenal, Leicester, Wolves, West Ham, Spurs, City, Liverpool, it's all here.Support the show (
We try to rank the whole Premier League. Here's part one.Support the show (
Messi Out

Messi Out


Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona because they cannot pay him any money. It's a financial story and a football story and we get into it -- what is Barcelona's best way back and how long will it take them? Where is Messi going and if it's PSG, what is that gonna look like?Support the show (
We take your questions on soccer and how it works, discussing struggleball and pressing, xG in video games and what it reveals about what analytics is, and the ongoing search for WAR. (also uh lol sorry Heather we'll actually answer your question on an upcoming pod.)Support the show (
Italy Win the Euros

Italy Win the Euros


A dramatic game with a lot to dig in to! We talk about England's impressive opening goal and good first half, how Italy regained control in the second half and what went wrong for England in their attempt to respond in turn. And the penalties, yeah, the penalties. But really it's the stuff before that that matters.Support the show (
Italy were fortunate to get through, England were a defensive powerhouse again... without Spinazzola, is there anything Italy can do? We talk about why Southgate has done a very good job despite the Saka and subs weirdness, the dynamics we expect in the final, Kyle Walker, Bonucci and Chiellini, Sterling dribbling... all the stuff.Support the show (
Euros Quarterfinals

Euros Quarterfinals


The quarterfinals were not quite as compelling as the round of 16 as matches but they set up a ton of fascinating questions for the semifinals. What is Italy without Spinazzola? Why did Spain struggle so much at even strength against Switzerland? Has Denmark run out of gas? Is there any way to get one over on this England team... if Southgate plays the good forwards at least? Support the show (
lol we called it a "mini Euro pod" at the start and then we couldn't stop talking about Italy and Belgium and Portugal and went 35 minutes anyway.... enjoy!Support the show (
So much Euros! Spain keep falling into bad fortune and Germany and Portugal played a weirdo classic and how about Denmark... so much to get into. Why there are more interesting teams at the Euros than we expected and why the tournament's probable two best aren't among them, where's Bruno, what to do with Verratti, and more.Support the show (
Euros Begin (Again)

Euros Begin (Again)


All our takes on the first part of the first round of games including Italy, Spain, Belgium, England and Netherlands takes -- why we are still skeptical of the Netherlands but were impressed by Spain even in a draw. Look for more little pods at the tournament continues!(Episode re-uploaded due to an audio issue in the first version.)Support the show (
Big international tournaments! Happening soon! We get you up to speed on some of the big teams to watch in the Euros while taking some listener questions and also the USMNT won an international tournament and Goodman saw it happen so we've got a little on that too.Support the show (
Postseason Mailbag

Postseason Mailbag


With Goodman traveling we still do manage to take your questions about what's going on with the manager searches around Europe, what's happened to superclub budgets, what United are gonna do, and we manage to get caught behind the Conte news but still kind of explain what happened avant la lettre imo.Support the show (
We look back on the end of the season drama, and then on to manager news. We break down the careers of Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane and consider where they'll go next and what are the upsides and downsides of each for potential clubs. Support the show (
Seasons Finale

Seasons Finale


We've got seasons ending with a lot on the line in England, Spain and Italy, and the podcast takes you around the big games and asks the important questions like, will Atalanta's players feel happy or sad on Sunday, what the hell is wrong with the La Liga table and why won't anyone put some respect on Ronald Koeman's name?Support the show (
There's still just about a top four race still ongoing in the PremierLeague, but we've also got big Champions League qualifying drama in Italy and Germany, so this is your one-stop shop for all the top four drama around Europe.Support the show (
Manchester United vs. Liverpool did not take place becuase of fan protests, as the fallout from the failure of super league perhaps picks up and enters a new phase. It's fascinating! We talk about what the fans seem to demand, their various interests and how these might enable owners to buy them off, how the media covered these protests, and the fundamental contradictions in the system which will lead inexorably to its overturning.Support the show (
Comments (2)

Stefan Turk

honestly the best soccer podcast out there if you care about why teams really win and lose.

Jul 12th

Paul Kennedy

Man U have conceded the 3rd fewest goals in the league and fewer than their expected rate. Defense isn't the problem. Your thesis was absurd.

Dec 29th
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