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Author: James E. Seal

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Biblical studies that answer questions about God, the Bible, people, life, and cultural issues with application for daily living.
24 Episodes
The baptism of the Holy Spirit has been given to all believers as the fulfillment of the New Covenant. 
The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was the initial fulfillment of the New Covenant. We look at that event in Act chapter 2. 
Understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in conviction and the difference between true and false guilt. 
In John 14:15-21, 26 Jesus told us what the Holy Spirit would do for us when He came. 
Believers are new creations in Christ. They are accepted, secure, and significant. Copy and paste this link in your web browswer to receive the notes.
We are saved by grace and we live by grace. So how to we handle the law and lists of dos and don'ts? We are free in Jesus but how free are we? Copy and paste this link in your browser to get the notes.
God has established a New Covenant through the blood of Jesus Christ. Followers of Jesus Christ must learn to live by the New Covenant rather than the Old Covenant. link to notes:
Thoughts and considerations for chssoing a translation or tranlsaitons of the Bible for reading and study.Copy and paste this link in your web b rowser for notes.
Examining the process of translation including various issues and approaches to the translation the Bible.  Recommended Reading:The Complete Guide to Bible Translations by Ron RhodesHow to Choose a translation for All its Worth by Gordon Fee and Mark StraussCopy this link in your web browser to get a copy of the notes.
tracing the history of english translations from 1380 to today.Copy and past this link in your web browser to receive notes for this episode.
Understanding the transmission of the Greek text to us today and explaining why we have confidence that it is an accurate representation of the original autographs. Copy and past this link in your browser to receive sessnio notes.
Introduction to and brief history of the Greek New Testament text.Copy this link in your browser to receive notes.
There are many books written that claim to be from God but are not accepted in the Bible. This is a review of those books and why they are not accepted. Copy and paste this link in your browser in order to get session notes.
History and standards for determining the New Testament books. Please copy and past this link in your browser for episode notes.
How do we know we have the correct books in the Old Teatament? Includes standards for recognizing God's inspired Word. Copy and paste this link in your web browers for notes for this session.
Finishing the discussion of the authority of the Bible as revealed in the Bible itself. This is what the Bible claims about itself. Copy and past this link in your web brower for notes.
Introduction and Authority of the Bible Part 1For notes copy and paste this link in your web browser. 
Just Like Roy

Just Like Roy


Worshipping God with our head, our heart, and our hands. 
Pursued by God

Pursued by God


God is pursuing people for His own who will worship HIm. 
Worshipping God in Spirit and Truth. 
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