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Don’t Give Up on Testicular Cancer
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Don’t Give Up on Testicular Cancer

Author: The Max Mallory Foundation - Joyce Lofstrom host

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This podcast is all about testicular cancer--the survivors, medical researchers, stories from caregivers, those who didn't make it, awareness advocates, and much more. It covers the whole subject with compelling stories about this cancer--which, though rare in general, is the number one cancer hitting young men. "Don't Give Up" fighting this wildfire-like form of cancer, because great strides have been made and with more awareness and effort, we can BEAT testicular cancer for good.
21 Episodes
The correct diagnosis for Shane Kenny’s testicular cancer took almost five years. Once confirmed, he had surgery and began chemotherapy with support from his partner and fellow bartender, Sarah Pleitez. As the coronavirus shutdown began, Shane and Sarah introduced their new company...Big Shane's Ice Cream. Sarah develops the recipes (she's also a pastry chef),  and Shane approves the flavors, all designed with favorite profiles of Irish foods.  See what it takes to navigate and survive testicular cancer and begin a business at the same time.Video podcast:  Watch the video podcast with Joyce, Shane, and Sarah on YouTube. 
Michael J. Rovito, Ph.D., focuses on testicular cancer research after his own cancer scare as a teenager. He discusses men’s wellness, testicular cancer, and testicular self-examination, emphasizing men's quality of life, especially after surviving testicular cancer. He is an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida. 
Grant O'Gorman represents Canada as a beach volleyball player; he's been playing the sport for more than a decade.  He is also a testicular cancer survivor who benefited from the worldwide break in 2020 sporting events due to the coronavirus. Listen to Grant's story and his efforts to raise awareness about testicular cancer on this episode of Don't Give Up on Testicular Cancer from the Max Mallory Foundation.
Deborah Bekele is a medical anthropology doctoral candidate studying testicular and prostate cancer. Her Ph.D. focuses on men’s health promotion and advocacy. Listen to her insights on testicular cancer gained from her patient interviews on the podcast Don't Give Up on Testicular Cancer from the Max Mallory Foundation. 
Anthony Mastrogiulio found his cancer family when diagnosed with testicular cancer. He used the power of positive throughout his journey of surgeries, chemotherapy, and testicular cancer advocacy.  Discover who belongs to this important group, why they matter,  and how Anthony helps others find support in their testicular cancer journey.  
Karen McWhirt lost her son Ian at age 20 to testicular cancer. At Ian’s request, she wrote a book so that other young men could avoid this cancer, check their balls, and talk about their health. Now, mothers, wives, partners, and so many people wonder when this conversation will begin. 
It’s never easy to lose a friend to cancer. What’s it like as young adults in your 20s when your friend, also in his 20s, dies from testicular cancer? Two close friends of Max Mallory share their memories of Max during college and after his testicular cancer diagnosis in this episode of Don’t Give Up on Testicular Cancer from the Max Mallory Foundation. 
Tom Willner wrote a musical during his chemo treatment for testicular cancer. He banked sperm, and his wife was pregnant with their first child at the same time. Now, some 20 years later, he's written a book and continues to share his experiences as a patient through a company he co-founded to bring his story to others. Learn more in Episode #14 - Don't Give Up on Testicular Cancer from the Max Mallory Foundation. 
John-Mark Mallory lost his only brother, Max, to testicular cancer. He shares experiences during Max's illness, his grief process,  career path, and, now, plans for the Max Mallory Foundation as its executive director.  Listen to John-Mark on how to survive the loss of a sibling to testicular cancer. 
Listen to Mike Craycraft, testicular cancer survivor and registered pharmacist, who understands why men hesitate to go to the doctor when they suspect this type of cancer diagnosis. He tells you why he waited, how he survived, why pharmacists are integral to the medical team, and how he established the Testicular Cancer Society.  Join us on Don't Give In to Testicular Cancer from the Max Mallory Foundation. 
An avid marathon runner, before and after testicular cancer, Nate Gautier learned the power and strength of vulnerability during his cancer treatment. Learn what he means and how he managed the challenges of this unexpected diagnosis. 
Jason Greenspan decided to set a world record for men coming together in one place to check their testicles for testicular cancer.  Hear his survival story and the event he held during his senior year in college - all to raise awareness of testicular cancer. 
Host Joyce Lofstrom shares recent facts about testicular cancer and a poem Orchids written by her son Max Mallory during his treatment.
A testicular cancer diagnosis is challenging enough, but Tim Buckland had that experience three different times. Hear from Tim how he managed this extended cancer journey and now uses his science background to help others in Alberta, Canada.
Jason Birckbichler approached his testicular cancer diagnosis with humor chronicling his journey on his blog A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. Hear from Jason as he talks about his life before, during, and after cancer...and why men should be comfortable talking about their health. It's all in this episode from the Max Mallory Foundation.
Travis Garski shares his journey of survival with testicular cancer, an experience he describes, in part, as a kind of "ego-death."  After a snowboarding vacation, he went to the doctor suspecting something might be wrong. He then traversed the nine weeks of chemo to reach good health and a new outlook on life. Listen to his story.  
Her mother dies of cancer, and then four months later, Mallory Casperson, age 24, receives her own cancer diagnosis.  Mallory's journey and survival led her to establish Lacuna Loft, a nonprofit focused on education and support for young adults with cancer.
A mom talks about finding the right doctor and navigating testicular cancer treatment.  Joyce Lofstrom, the host of the Don't Give Up on Testicular Cancer podcast, shares her insights based on experience during her son's cancer journey. 
Adam Johnstone shares his testicular cancer journey that included5 surgeries and 4 cycles of VIP chemotherapy.  He was 19 years old. Listen to Adam, as he shares his cancer experiences and life now - six years after his cancer diagnosis. 
Jonny Imerman, a testicular cancer survivor, talks about his cancer journey and Imerman Angels, which he established after his cancer journey to provide one-on-one support for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.  
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