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A podcast where DIY enthusiasts discuss all things make your own gear. We balance our technical info with beer and comedy to keep things as organic as possible. You'll hear from gear companies, textile engineers, cottage vendors, and other leaders in the Textiles + Outdoor Gear industry.
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*WARNING: This episode includes language that may not be suitable for some listeners.*🎁 Enter to Win our One Year Anniversary Giveaway!In case you haven’t heard, this is our One Year Anniversary episode of ROTR. This is probably one of the most anticipated episodes we have ever had. It’s also a little unorthodox and a lot ridiculous. Less polished, less edited, and less professional than normal ROTR was founded around a table, on a porch at a bottle shop in Durham, NC We’re bringing back the roots of the podcast by treating this conversation like it started. As a group of friends sitting, drinking, and enjoying one another’s company. We have put together an episode with our friend Matt Evans from Red Paw packs.  Another way to put it is… We recorded our party as the episode On most episodes, we choose one very succinct topic to cover. In this episode, there are three topics with a lot of tangents in between.  So, fair warning, this is a two hour episode… Part 1 we’ll talk about our favorite episodes, moments, and events from a year of podcasting. Part 2 we’ll talk about the state of the DIY nation. Products, technology, and more. Part 3 is the main event where the guys take about their sew-off. If you’d like to engage with this episode in a different way, check out our YouTube Channel for videos of this episode. Finally, thank you… The DIY community has been remarkable since the beginning. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and for allowing us to continue this work. Find Us on Social Media 🚀
Today we’re talking with Jacquelyn Van Jura of BroadFork Bags. A woman-owned company based out of Oregon that specializes in epic bike bags.Whether you’re a bike person or not, you will appreciate Jacquelyn’s adventurous spirit and willingness to step out into the unknown. On Oct 13, We’re releasing the one-year anniversary episode. Matt Evans from Red Paw packs will be joining Carter and Isaac for a sew-off. Where we have tasked them to make something without the use of a common item.Matt has to make a dog pack with no buckles. Isaac has to make a sling bag with no webbing, and Carter has to make a cycling jersey with no zipper. So if you want to see what they create and hear about the future of DIY, new products, and the banter we’ll share, then tune in for that podcast and the accompanying videos. We’re also giving away 5 prizes including gift cards, free fabric, and a Flex Fanny Pack from Red Paw Packs in case you were not yet convinced Episode Links: BroadFork BagsBikes:Salsa VayaSpecialized Stump Jumper Surly Ice Cream TruckRoutes: Ochoco Overlander 2021San Juan Hut TraverseIdaho Hot Springs RouteProducts:BETR BagSpooner Bag(s)Banana HammockMaterialsX-Pac® VX425.0 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric1/4" 3D Spacer Mesh3.9 oz Venom™ UHMWPE TPU
Cameron and Kadi relocated to New Zealand from Colorado during the pandemic but made the most of it by purchasing a van to live in. Their adventures are now taking them on foot by tramping The Great Walks of New Zealand with gear they made themselves. Listen to hear about upcycling yoga pants for stretch pockets on a backpack and what New Zealand trails have to offer!  Show MentionsFabrics0.51 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric2.92 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric Hybrid2.2 oz HEX70 XLNew Zealand Great WalksLake Waikaremoana Great WalkTongariro Northern CircuitWhanganui JourneyAbel Tasman Coast TrackHeaphy TrackRouteburn TrackMilford Track Paparoa Track Kepler TrackRakiura TrackRead more about their hike on The Kepler Track and click here to see how they made their Ultralight Pyramid Tent. Follow their adventures on Instagram @kadi_and_camFind Us on Social Media 🚀
Kate and Aidan's Colorado Trail adventure is full of first attempts. From sewing to bikepacking trips and long trails, their adventure shows the true spirit of making your own gear: lots of researching, never giving up, but also knowing when to quit. Don't miss out on this episode for tips and advice on making your own quilt and also backpacking with your dog.Show MentionsFilmsThe Mountain WhyThe Last HillIce and PalmsFabrics0.75 oz MEMBRANE 10 Ripstop Nylon0.5 oz NS50 Noseeum mesh (for quilt baffles)1.0 oz HyperD CalenderedHyperDRY 850 FP Goose DownFollow Kate + Aidan's Adventures on Instagram @aidan_mike Learn more about the Colorado Trail here.Find Us on Social Media 🚀
Today we’re talking with Butch Whiting, co-founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group. This episode helped me understand a lot more about the science and technology behind camo. And for those of you that already understand camo, I think you’ll enjoy it just as much if not more. Talking to Butch was funny and inspiring;  he told great stories, and he spoke passionately about the work that Kryptek does We’re hoping this podcast teases your stoke a little bit more as we prepare to release Kryptek on our site starting in just 4 days! This Monday, Aug 23, 2021 we’ll have things like 1.1 oz Ripstop Poly Cal. 1.1 oz Silpoly. Narrow goods like webbing. As well as Print-On-Demand options for some of your favorite Kryptek patterns. Find Us on Social Media 🚀
In this episode, we share our personal MYOG Journeys as well as other maker's stories. From Hobby Lobby, to in-laws, and holiday stockings, this episode has something for everyone. Show Mentions:Clover Seam RipperClover Wonder ClipsFiskars Titanium Coated Replacement Rotary BladeOlfa Splash Handle Rotary CutterReverse Action TweezerSchmetz Sharp/Microtex Machine NeedleSinger ProSeries Seam RollerThe Fold Away Retreat RulerUltimate Marking PencilFind Us on Social Media 🚀
PAST Outdoors

PAST Outdoors


Australia? Hot Tents? We put two and two together with Dave Parker the founder of PAST Outdoors. The story of PAST Outdoors includes military-grade parachute rigging, product testing in New Zealand, and whiskey!DrinksResin BreweryWhippersnapper Distillery - UpshotFind Past Outdoors on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTubeFind Us on Social Media 🚀
Rockgeist Backpack USA

Rockgeist Backpack USA


In this episode, we’re talking with Greg Hardy, Owner and Founder of Rockgeist. Greg has an intuitive and refreshing take on MYOG.Visit Rockgeist here: https://rockgeist.comWe talk about weldable fabrics, sustainability issues in DIY, Asheville NC, and one uncomfortable night that Greg spent under a rock in the alps.Please note: We had to use a secondary recording source which means my audio is a bit hard to hear in the closing section.We’ll make sure to get things back to normal on the next episode. Beer:Highland SVL IPA Brew Works Twinning Jucy IPA BreweryZillicoa Brewery https://www.zillicoahbeer.comTrails:Wilson WIlderness Patch Mountain Trail Trail Collectivehttps://www.g5trailcollective.orgProducts: Spacelink Bag 1541 8700 (red orange) 220UFind Us on Social Media 🚀
All About OutdoorINK

All About OutdoorINK


Kyle talks about the inception of our fabric printing capabilities and how it really all goes down.Be sure to check out our new Custom Design Tool. 20% off all custom design tool materials now thru Sunday, June 27th. Find Us on Social Media 🚀
We’re talking about how we take products from our spreadsheets to your sewing table. We discuss details on product selection, testing, and onboarding.Products Mentioned:3.9 oz Venom™ UHMWPE TPU Coated9.3 oz Stretch Mesh Nylon 6.6 with Dyneema®6.5 oz Woven Melange with Dyneema® DDRWX090Omnicolor Solids - Fabric for custom printed X-Pac®Woven Polyester Daisy Chain WebbingGrosgrain RibbonBucklesFabric RemnantsFind Us on Social Media 🚀
Are you a fan of Amsteel? Then you definitely don't want to miss this episode interview with Gavin McWilliams, the Global Product Manager for Samson Rope. We learn about the history of Samson, which dates back to 1878, and how their technology and innovation for rope developed over the years. From arborists, fishing, utility, mining, sailing, tug boats, mooring, shipping lines, and even NASA, this episode is fully loaded with all the Samson information you've been waiting for!  Follow Samson Rope on InstagramSamson ProductsAmsteelAmsteel - Full SpoolsZing-it/Lash-ItZing-it/Lash-It - 180 ft Mini-SpoolsZing-it/Lash-It - Full SpoolsAmsteel Continuous LoopAmsteel Whoopie SlingFind Us on Social Media 🚀
The Wind River Range in Wyoming is one of the most rugged and remote places to explore in the United States. Now throw in winter conditions, high snowpack, and a skillful adventurer. Listen now to hear all about Bryce Gordon's ski traverse and the custom gear he made for his adventure. Follow his adventures on Instagram @brycesgordonSmall Business Week15% off DIY Kits from Tuesday, May 18th to Tuesday, May 25th! Shop 40+ other small brands here!Show Mentions:1680D Ballistic NylonHyperD 300 420D Double-Grid Ripstop Nylon6.5 oz Woven Melange with Dyneema® DDRWX090 / PU1000/DWR1.43 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric 5.0 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric Hybrid Find Us on Social Media 🚀
Adventure Sponsor Myles Lucas is no stranger to making his own gear. As a bike component machinist by day, Myles picked up sewing a few years ago so he could create bike bags and and other gear.  Listen to our conversation about his journey bikepacking the Tour De Los Padres and more!  Follow his adventures on Instagram @mylesthelucasShow Mentions:SRAM2.92 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric HybridX-Pac Fabric1000D Cordura Omni-TapeJUKI DDL-5550 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing MachineHigh Steep Broken Mountains: Riding in Threatened Central California Coast Public Land
Maker's Questions: Round 3

Maker's Questions: Round 3


We answer your questions...again! From sewing tools to making hacks and fabric applications, this episode is full of information for both beginners and experts!Show Notes 👇Beer 🍺Athletic Brewing Company- Run Wild IPA (non-alcoholic) New Belgium- Voodoo Ranger Juicy IPAThread Snips ✂️Ergonomic Thread SnipsGingher 0487NS Featherweight Thread Snip, 4-InchRulers 📏Acrylic RulerYard StickProducts MentionedDCF ProductsDyneema® Cuben Fiber repair tape3.3 oz Ventek 30 WPB  (only available for Print-On-Demand)Flow Wicking Poly/Spandex210D HDPE Gridstop2.2 oz HEX70 XLFind Us on Social Media 🚀
What We Are Making?

What We Are Making?


This week the Ripstop by the Roll team talks projects! What we've recently made, our future projects, dream projects, and the hardest part of a project. As always, be sure to check us out on Instagram (@ripstopbytheroll) or Facebook to see how you can win free fabric.Fabrics mentioned:1.43 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT5K.181" Dyneema®/Cuben Fiber repair tapeHyperD 3000.5 oz NS50 Noseeum meshFind Us on Social Media 🚀
We talked with RBTR employee, coworker, and bushcrafter, Rod. He gives us insight on what bushcraft means to him, what he has in his pack, and lets us in on the 5 C's of bushcraft.  We also briefly talk to Isaac! Our newest hire, and possibly your new favorite RBTR employee. We also announce some new projects and products that Isaac will be working on.  That's right, we're talking Cordura, MONOLITE, Amsteel, waterproof fabrics, cordage, hiking, and skill at living in the bush.... whatever that means.  What we're drinking: BruePint BeerRod's RBTR FavoritesAmsteel 1.0 oz MONOLITE Climashield Insulation  Head over to our Instagram for a chance to win free fabric!Find Us on Social Media 🚀
This week we talk to Julianne from Dirt Chalk Bags and the newly branded Wild Brush. We chat about being Lego kids, why a flower pot can be a really useful MYOG tool, and how she works with artists to turn their paintings into custom printed designs. Find Julianne on Instagram @shopwildbrushComing Soon: Shop Wild BrushArtistsLizzie DaltonKathy KarloGina DanzaFind Us on Social Media 🚀
We have a lively conversation with 3rd generation, 21-year veteran, Aron from Capital Sew & Quilt.  Aron isn't your old-fashioned mechanic. We talk about - Modern sewing machine technology - Why TNT should be your new favorite phrase- Walking foot machines and attachments - and other pertinent info for DIYers everywhereFind Us on Social Media 🚀
Sewing machines are the backbone of DIYers everywhere. In this episode we give tips and tricks for: - Beginners looking to purchase a machine- Amateurs looking to maintain their machines - Veterans looking to upgrade or buy a new machine! There's something in here for everyone. Find Us on Social Media 🚀
When you think of X-Pac you probably think of a rugged, technical outdoor material. In this episode we'll dive into how X-Pac is made and how the parent company designs it's products. Listen to this conversation with Taylor North, Head of Technical Fabrics, to hear about all things Dimension Polyant! Shop X-Pac Here!Want to win free X-Pac? 🎁Head over to our Instagram to see how to win!  Find Us on Social Media 🚀
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