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Author: Ben Aston

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Join media entrepreneur and host Ben Aston on a journey to discover how to create better content and communities, promote it, monetize it, and build successful online media businesses. Publishers, content creators, community builders, marketers, investors and tools share their process, tools, tips and tricks for creating content and community. Our goal is to foster a community to develop and share best practice, tips and tricks to publish better content, and grow and develop thriving, engaged communities. We’re defining and shaping the future of online media.
32 Episodes
Ben Aston is joined by Todd Sarouhan, Owner of Todd has lived in San Diego for the last 25 years, and he has a deep passion for the area and everything it has to offer locals and tourists alike. Listen to learn how to create engaging content that users really love.
Ben Aston is joined by Chris Yates, Founder of Rhodium Weekend. He's also a partner with Centurica and has advised on hundreds of millions of deals for online businesses, acquisitions, and exits. Listen to learn how to create value and sell your content sites.
Ben Aston is joined by Bruno Bornsztein, founder of InfluenceKit. It's a complete toolkit for digital influencers to help them plan, collaborate, and report on their content. Listen to learn how to leverage influencer marketing and manage influencer relationships.
Ben Aston is joined by Sean McCabe, owner of seanwes Media Agency. He spent 9,000 hours practicing a skill, got to the point where he was working with large clients, charging five-figure rates, and selling physical products with his own designs, and shipping out orders every single day. Listen to learn how to effectively repurpose content to increase value.
Ben Aston is joined by Matt Inglot, founder of Tilted Pixel, an agency dedicated to helping 6 and 7 figure membership site owners to grow their business. Listen to learn how to grow and scale a successful membership site.
Ben Aston is joined by Bjork Ostrom, co-founder of TinyBit. TinyBit’s focus has always been organic growth, mostly through content. They do some limited advertising, mostly retargeting and occasionally paid Facebook campaigns. Listen to learn how to optimize your old content to drive more traffic to your site.
Ben Aston is joined by Brian Morrissey, former president, and editor-in-chief of Digiday Media and founder of The Rebooting. He is focused on the audience side of the business that included editorial memberships, product development design, multimedia, and events programming. Listen to learn how to monetize your media business effectively and sustainably.
Ben Aston is joined by Chris Fernandez, founder of Women's Health Interactive. Listen to learn how to effectively scale your content production.
Ben Aston is joined by Oliver Lindberg, former editor of Net Magazine turned independent editor, content consultant & conference curator with brands including Google, Adobe, and Shopify.In 2017, Oliver founded a community conference for front-end developers and UX/UI designers with a focus on actionable takeaways called Pixel Pioneers. Tune in to learn about Oliver's story and how to create compelling content that connects with your community. 
Ben Aston is joined by Nick Routley, designer and creative director turned managing editor at Visual Capitalist. With close to a quarter of a million subscribers Visual Capitalist one of the fastest growing online publishers globally focused on topics including markets, technology, energy, and the global economy.Tune in to learn how to make beautiful, shareable, and engaging content to keep your audience hyper-engaged and coming back for more. 
 Ben Aston chats with Ian Bell, founder of the successful bootstrap media company, Digital Trends Media Group. Digital Trends Media Group serves more than 125 million unique visitors each month across partners and platforms. It's an award-winning publishing company with a number of Millennial-focused media brands including Digital Trends, The Manual, and a number of other popular titles.Tune in to learn how Ian turned his bootstrapped media company into a $50m media giant without venture backing! 
In this podcast episode, Ben Aston is joined by international development expert and online entrepreneur Stephen Ladek. Stephen's focus is on ed tech and eLearning with a bunch of projects on the go such as BKK Kids, LMS Pulse, and Social Enterprise Association.  Listen to learn about the eLearning Success Summit and how to create your own successful virtual summit. *Bonus* Tune in to find out how to snag a free 20 min strategy session with Stephen.
Ben Aston chats with Noele Flowers, Community Manager at Teachable, a platform that helps online entrepreneurs create and sell online courses. At Teachable, Noele created and now runs their community program which includes a private tiered forum, virtual events, product betas, and exclusive custom content. Tune in to this podcast to learn how to build a community strategy that attracts, engages, and retains your tribe. BONUS: Snag a copy of Noele's community launch framework! 
Ben Aston is joined by Stephen Regenold, founder of GearJunkie, an outdoors and active-lifestyle publication with millions of monthly readers. Listen to learn how to prepare for your big exit and build a media company worth selling.
Ben Aston chats with Jon Dykstra, internet media publishing sensation and founder of JGD Media Group about building and scaling successful revenue-generating websites
Ben Aston chats with Robert Farrington, the Millenial Money Expert and Founder of College Investor about how to build and scale a successful online side hustle so you can quit your day job.
Ben chats with Deacon Hayes about models for monetizing websites, diversifying revenue streams, and scaling content production. Listen to the episode here!
Ben chats with Ewen Finser of Venture 4th Media about building, scaling, iterating on, and monetizing content-based websites. Listen to the episode here!
Ben chats with Seth Rosen about building membership and subscription-based businesses and finding members you are uniquely positioned to serve.
Ben catches up with Richard Millington from FeverBee on all the do's and don'ts for creating successful online communities. Listen to the episode here!
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