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Author: Tom Kranz

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Tom Kranz uncovers the ways in which authors, artists and musicians find their creativity, especially those who find it later in life or hidden under layers of denial. Artists, writers and musicians aren't necessarily born that way. Or, maybe they are and just don't know it.
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The Seattle music scene is as eclectic and diverse as you can possibly imagine. There's all kinds of music for all kinds of people and the musicians making it own it to the max. Don Berman and Dick Valentine both settled in Seattle more than 30 years ago. They found each other more than a decade ago and realized that they shared a common sensibility--breaking out of the traditional musical boundaries they grew up with and venturing into the art of free improvisation. While it's not understood by all, those musicians who express it are fully committed to telling stories through motifs and sketches. They leave it up to listeners to feel the sound and draw their own conclusions. In this conversation, we explore Don and Dick's brand of free improv and hear some of their successful performances.See the video version of this episode!TK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
More than three decades of rock and roll have left Chris Wall more determined than ever to live his rock and roll dream. An editor/director at CBS News by day, Chris has been playing guitar and writing songs since his college days. A close encounter with rock stardom in the early 90s left him bruised and disappointed. Depression, addiction and anxiety pulled him away from music for years, but he came back, stronger than ever. Today, he is Recwall, a prolific rocker creating compelling music with the skill of a pro and the determination of an artist. You'll hear his current songs including a soaring version of Alanis Morrisette's Uninvited and his story of inspiration, music-as-therapy and the sheer joy of creation.See the video version of this episode!Recwall on the web: Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
A unique skill set and some good fortune took Rob Feldman around the world, producing television and, along the way, taking remarkable photographs. A native Philadelphian, Rob spent a number of years as a news producer in Philadelphia, New York and Miami before embarking on a career as a vice president for Sony International. His job--to bring hit American sitcoms like The Nanny, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld and more to international markets complete with adapted scripts, local actors and the proper cultural sensibilities. And every step along the way, Rob brought his camera. Today, Rob roams the farmlands of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, capturing the natural beauty therein and preserving its rural heritage through the lens of his Fujifilm X100F. Join us for a fascinating look at how he made Everybody Loves Raymond into a hit series in Russian while capturing some of that nation's history years before Vladimir Putin decided to attack Ukraine.This episode is available as a video with additional content including many of Rob's photographs. View it here!See more of Rob's work at:robfeldmanphotos.comInstagram: @rob.feldmanSupport the showSee the blog story at
A lifelong love of art led Bob Budiansky to Marvel Comics where he spent 20 years drawing, writing and editing fantastic superheroes and supervillains. The Transformers, Spiderman, Sleep Walker and Ghost Rider comics have all been touched by Bob's imagination and creative sensibilities. Today,  Bob still draws, designs and teaches when he's not creating and supervising recreation programs for the Borough of Fanwood, New Jersey. But it's his legacy as one of the creators of the Transformers that commands the attention at the many comic conventions he attends. View the video version with vivid examples of Bob's art!Singles Only Podcast Comedian Paul Farahvar celebrates single-hood with other singles and co-host Patti Vasquez (the VoicSupport the showSee the blog story at
In this episode, I'm announcing the change in our name to Type Tune Tint, a podcast about independent authors, musicians and artists. There's a whole world of people with talent who practice their craft in their basement or with friends, but who deserve a wider audience. This podcast will focus on their inspirations, their personal stories and their paths to creativity. The first episode under the new brand will be coming your way soon.Thanks to Jamie Coston at JCO Designs LLC for the lovely logo design. Support the showSee the blog story at
2022 Year End Review

2022 Year End Review


The Type. Tune. Tint. podcast shined a light on some amazing creators during 2022. This episode reviews the top four downloaded episodes. Hopefully, it'll whet your appetite to become a subscriber in 2023!VIDEO VERSION TK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
For a life so packed with creative ventures, work, music and acting, it's hard to know where to begin telling Steve Gabe's story. So, I started out with music and his colorful past as a singer, songwriter, drummer and guitarist. Life as a blues and rock musician was his passion. Along the way, there was acting school, a stint as a stand-up at Gotham Comedy Club and Caroline's and, oh yes, his career as an attorney. He had to make a living, right?The acting bug got its due when he studied at HB Studio in New York, then again just as COVID was ebbing when he auditioned and was chosen for the role of Daddy Murphy in the Summit Playhouse production of Bright Star. That led to other opportunities including  a significant role in an industrial film. He's hoping more acting comes his way. Meanwhile, he's still a practicing entertainment attorney and has a podcast called Live from the Vault where he tells stories of his brushes with greatness and plays music he wrote, performed or just plain loves.Join us for a fast 30 minutes with Steve Gabe who at age 65 is re-re-relaunching himself one more time!-----------------------------Steve's Facebook:'s YouTube: Only Podcast Comedian Paul Farahvar celebrates single-hood with other singles and co-host Patti Vasquez (the VoicSupport the showSee the blog story at
Holiday Edition 2022

Holiday Edition 2022


Join songwriter Sudi Karatas and me for an informal conversation about our Christmas memories and Sudi's original Christmas songs. He's got five of them, funny and poignant. We met Sudi earlier in 2022 when he brought us his books How Catering Sucked the Life Right Out of Me--behind the scenes tales of the catering world on the left coast-- and Rainbow Relatives, useful stories and advice on talking to kids about LGBTQ family members.Please spend this half-hour with us as an alternative to your usual, humdrum Christmas shows! Singles Only Podcast Comedian Paul Farahvar celebrates single-hood with other singles and co-host Patti Vasquez (the VoicSupport the showSee the blog story at
Do You Know You?

Do You Know You?


How many of us have found ourselves living someone else's life? It's a reality that dawns on many of us  too late. But for Jazmine Stevenson, a woman in her 20's who has already experienced enough pain and mental anguish for a lifetime, the discovery came just in time.  With the help of a strong family support system, her faith and a good helping of determination, she found the strength to look at herself the way she really was and make positive changes. Her book Getting To Know Yourself: Do You Know You? is a perfect starting point for anyone seeking to do the same. We talk about fearlessly examining the person in the mirror, speaking out loud the unspoken, and how it opens the door to self-realization, self-confidence and personal honesty.  TK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
The title alone is smile-worthy: How Catering Sucked the Life Right Out of Me. And the author, Sudi Karatas (pronounced kara-tosh), brings humor to everything he does. And man, he has done a lot.From humble beginnings in upstate New York and Long Island, Sudi, who also goes by Rick, had dreams of acting, took classes and finally moved to the west coast. Now, 20 years later, his credits fill an entire make it hard for a podcast interviewer to know where to begin. So, this episode begins with an upbeat song that Karatas co-wrote, and it turns out he's written a lot of songs, many of which he sings himself. You'll hear one in this episode. But that's only the beginning. Rick wrote, produced and acted in the film Walk A Mile In My Pradas, currently available on Amazon, and has two books out based on subjects he knows very well--catering and the LGBTQ community.  We spend the first half of the episode discussing some of his hilarious experiences working in the catering industry, which he still does from time to time. The second half we spend talking about his book Rainbow Relatives, a sort of how-to on speaking to children about gay and lesbian family members, why some families have two dads or two moms and the whole spectrum of LGBTQ topics that children are exposed to.Somehow, we crammed all these topics into an episode just 30 minutes long, so your short attention span is no excuse not to listen! TK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
Charles Wiedenmann grew up in a neighborhood remarkable for its unremarkableness. Lawndale was a neat, working-class section of northeast Philadelphia during the 1960s and 70s. He spent his youth without video games, the internet or a smartphone. Chaz and his pals played outside with whatever was around yelling "Car!" to get out of the way of a car coming down the street.  They walked to school and rode their bikes miles from home and it was OK as long as they were home by dinner time.  Bored by school, Chaz made music, played in a band and moved to LA for a time. After a decade in the corporate world, he did what so many of us did later in life--sat down to feel it and write it. Now he's a prolific writer and blogger. His new book Lawndale is filled with nostalgic anecdotes about life in the neighborhood during simpler times and affords a peek into how creativity sparks while the world chugs on around you."Best Song About Philadelphia" used with permission from Matt Farley/Motern MediaTK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
Of the 6,000 recorded shipwrecks in the history of the Great Lakes, perhaps none is as unusual as the wreck of the City of Bangor. It carried more than 200 brand new Chryslers, hot off the assembly line and destined for car dealers in Minnesota when it wrecked on a reef on Michigan's Upper Peninsula in a horrendous winter storm that clobbered Lake Superior. The year was 1926. The weather was unforgiving. Ice eight inches thick encrusted the ship and the cars. The crew made it off but their nightmare had only just begun as they trudged through a blizzard for two days to find shelter. They were ultimately rescued, several suffering from severe frostbite. And then came the salvage of the cars. Walter Chrysler wanted them back and the mission to recover them is an incredible story of human achievement that comes alive in the new book Shipwrecked and Rescued by journalist and historian Larry Jorgensen, who chats with me about this incredible story in this episode of Type. Tune. Tint.Support the showSee the blog story at
As a little girl with polio, Adele Kenny learned to read at age four, then grew up to teach, write, survive cancer, live with MS and fuss over the cutest dog in New Jersey. Today, Adele has published her 1,000th work and dozens of books and is a cultural icon of the New Jersey town where she is the Poet Laureate. adelekenny.comExit 13 MagazinePoetry Rap by Jedd BloomSupport the showSee the blog story at
Independent authors from around the U.S. gather in Linden, New Jersey in August, 2022 for the 9th annual Independent Authors Book Expo. The event is the brainchild of Renaee Smith, a busy woman with a full-time job and family who somehow has time to write and manage a non-profit that supports independent authors. Today we have a preview of the book expo and some useful advice for first-time authors who might feel reluctant or even scared to sit down and write their story. You can do it. For some inspiration, listen to today's episode.https://iabx.orgSupport the showSee the blog story at
Writing and food might just be the most heavenly combination a blogger could concoct. That's exactly what Adam Horvath does in his blog, website and social media pages called Foodigenous (food-IDGE-enous), a culinary adventure to foreign lands like Philadelphia, Elmira, East Hampton and even Newark. With a background in the food industry and a day job as a CFO, Adam's blog is a passion project. His experiences not only recount amazing food but the amazing places where the food lives. And there are the people, the inventors of things like a pizza made with American cheese and a clam chowder pie to make you weep. Take a break for 20 minutes and enjoy our conversation.Foodigenous websiteFoodigenous FacebookFoodigenous InstagramSupport the showSee the blog story at
At a time when local newspapers across America are struggling, Fred Rossi has worked for the same central New Jersey newspaper for 23 years. He's a lifelong New Jersey resident and student of its history. So, it's no surprise that his book, Jersey Stories: Stories You May Not Have Heard About People and Places in New Jersey, is rich in the history that helped forge New Jersey and the America we live in today. Even if you're not a New Jerseyan, you'll learn a lot from Fred's book. In the meantime, join us for a little chat about the Garden State, past and present. It won't hurt, really.Fred's book is available by emailing him directly at to John Pizzarelli and Joseph Cosgriff for their permission to use the song, "I Like Jersey Best."Support the showSee the blog story at
Living A Creative Life

Living A Creative Life


After a 30-year career as a television news reporter and anchor, Kasey Kaufman picked up a paintbrush and discovered her new passion in life. With no formal training, her use of color in her preferred medium of acrylics has resulted in thoughtful and inspiring work. Now, she paints every day in her home studio. Her work is in demand and she has adopted what she calls a creative life. How did she adapt storytelling in television to storytelling on canvas? Find out in this fascinating episode of Type. Tune. the showSee the blog story at
Finding your voice can be a lifelong journey. This is the story of a young woman who found hers in an unusual place in her early 20s, embraced it and is taking it to the next level. Devon Alana is the lead singer, lead composer and guitarist for the New Jersey indie band Fake Pockets. In this episode, she talks about her journey of self-discovery, her inspirations and her songwriting process. With creativity rooted in real life, Devon and Fake Pockets are destined to make it big, and this is your front-row seat! See the video version of this episode!Magnolia Street albumMint 400 RecordsSupport the showSee the blog story at
Writing science fiction requires attention to science while retaining the sense of wonder and imagination that makes it fiction. In writing my new sci-fi novel Moon Rescue: Escape from the Dome, I went to a great source for advice and guidance--engineering students and their teacher at a Philadelphia public high school that nurtures young people's interest in STEM. Teacher John Kamal, with degrees in mechanical engineering and a passion for teaching young people, brought two of his students into my research process and the three of them kept me on the right track as I made stuff up about how 5,000 people might live under a giant dome on the Moon. My interview with John reveals a man who left a successful career in developing power sources for spacecraft and supply chain software to teach in one of the most financially challenged school districts in America.  I was inspired and you will be, too!TK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
Ruppert Jones was a star player for the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and four other teams during his 11-years in Major League Baseball. But his love for shagging fly balls almost cost him his career and his life in 1980 when he crashed into the unpadded center field wall at the Oakland Coliseum. His injured shoulder was the big concern at first, and it took a long time to recover from that. But when he finally got back onto the ballfield, he knew something else wasn't right. He was having trouble sleeping. He couldn't concentrate. He had flashes of anger. He wasn't as sharp as before. He turned to alcohol and cocaine to self-medicate his depression. He lost his family, his money and almost his career. It took another decade to realize he was suffering from a traumatic brain injury, and even more years with psychiatrists to get a definitive diagnosis of mental illness as a result of the injury. Today, he is an advocate for mental health and TBI awareness and tells his incredible story of survival in his book Never Give Up: A Memoir of Baseball and Traumatic Brain Injury. We talk about his book, which he wrote by hand, and his long and slow process of recovery with the help of good friends, his wife and his faith. TK Books LLC Adult fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the showSee the blog story at
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