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Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.
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Does Apple slow down your phone down to encourage you to buy a new one? Imagine a world without news on Google or Facebook - other countries have done it, so how did it play out for them? And is Twitter too good at dealing with sketchy content on the platform? Guests: Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson, national technology editor for News Corp @jendudley + Cameron Wilson, reporter, Business Insider, Gizmodo Australia @cameronwilson
What if you could get an AI face to do your video calls for you? The push to break up huge tech companies coming from Washington DC. Plus, are Twitter and Facebook doing enough to stop misinformation and is Tinder doing enough to stop sexual assault? Guests: Peter Marks, software developer, Access Informatics @petermarxy + Rae Johnston, Science and Tech Editor, NITV @raejohnston *CONTENT WARNING: references to sexual assault
It flies, it spies, it’s the strangest security camera - what does it tell us about surveillance and fear? What The Social Dilemma gets right and wrong. Plus, if you’re working from home, should your boss be allowed to use monitoring software to spy on you? Guests: Jeremy Kirk, Executive editor at Information Security Media Group @jeremy_kirk + Natasha Gillezeau, tech and media journalist, AFR @natashagillezeau
Which streaming service is in dire straits and why does Marc care so much about this platform? Plus, fibre-to-the-node and now to the home! Some Australians will be able to get fibre-to-the-home internet by 2023 as part of a NBN upgrade due to start in a few months. Guests: Seamus Byrne, editor & host of Byteside @byteside @seamus + Ariel Bogle, reporter for Click-Sick – a new 3 part series on health misinformation @arielbogle
Whether permanent, temporary or as result of age, millions of Australians will experience a form of disability. How do we make tech more inclusive? Meet some of the innovators with lived experience of disability driving tech innovation in Australia. Guests: Steve Ralph, tester for voice enabled mobile app, Maslow Heather Morrison & Andrew Gurza, co-founders of Handi, developers of sexual health products Pete Horsley, founder of disability tech accelerator, Remarkable
Tik Tok has done a deal to stay online in the US but who has really won and lost? Small youth and lifestyle websites may be the accidental victims of the proposal to force the digital giants to pay for journalism. And are there lessons to be learned from new COVID-19 tracing apps being launched in other countries? Guests; Daniel Van Boom, News Editor CNET @dvanboom +Jessie Hughes, creative technologist
US President Donald Trump has praised the followers of QAnon as ‘people that love our country’. Where did the conspiracy theory group come from, how widespread is it, what does it say about levels of distrust and paranoia online and in the media and where is it all headed? Guests: Sarah Moran, CEO, Girl Geek Academy @SarahMoran + Seamus Byrne, editor & host of Byteside @byteside @seamus
Why does billionaire Elon Musk want to be inside a pig’s head? Fitness technology that shows what you’d look like if you lost weight - hello body issues my old friend. Plus, Facebook threatens to ban all news on its platform in Australia. Is Facebook throwing a gigantic toddler tantrum, or is the move to force platforms to pay publishers for content too tough? Guests: Natasha Gillezeau, tech, marketing and media journalist, AFR @natashagillezeau + Kunal Kalro, founder & CEO Eugene Labs @kckal
We’ve lost a lot in 2020, but now things have gone too far as the once loved browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer faces its final days. Plus, Airbnb have banned something we all need but probably shouldn’t have. The mobile phone company storming its way through India. And Tik Tok is suing Trump. Guests: Rae Johnston, Science and Tech Editor, NITV @raejohnston + Nic Healey, tech writer and breakfast show host, ABC Western Plains @dr_nic
The tech world got messy this week. Apple took on the creators of Fortnite, and Google took on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Who wants what and why? And facemasks — can a simple piece of cloth over your mouth up-end the billions of dollars spent globally on facial recognition technology? Guests: Ariel Bogle, online technology reporter, ABC Science @arielbogl+ Cameron Wilson, reporter, Business Insider and Gizmodo Australia.
It was a time of powerful technological change: weapons, transport, fabric, energy were all put into overdrive - 75 years after the end of WWII, what are the technological advances we don’t talk about? Plus, is Tinder charging you more or less than other people? Is Trump trying to shut down Fortnite? And a major milestone for the humble computer mouse. Guests: Sarah Moran, CEO, Girl Geek Academy @SarahMoran + Peter Marks, software developer, Access Informatics @petermarxy
Happy birthday MP3 - you revolutionised music and media but you're 25! Can technology save us from death, disease, tsunamis, the earth turning into fireball? Plus, Microsoft wants to buy it, Trump wants to ban it, teenagers want to make excellent dance moves to Taylor Swift dance remixes on it… the saga of TikToc somehow got even weirder. Guests: Claire Reilly, Senior Editor, CNET + Jessie Hughes, creative technologist
The app that has somehow returned whimsy and possibly joy to the internet that's become incredibly dark of late. Why wear a fitness band when you could where a fitness ring? Plus, no one actually knows how many people are watching Australian TV - at least for several days that's been true. Guests: Jeremy Kirk, Executive Editor, Information Security Media Group @Jeremy_Kirk + Seamus Byrne, editor & host of Byteside @byteside @seamus
The Twitter hack that saw the accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Apple and more used for a bitcoin scam. The scary thing is how the hackers did it. Plus, phones keeping track of your mental health. Can Instagram produce a Tik-Tok competitor? And the question that you’ve been burning to have answered - why have a touch screen when you can have a touch tattoo? Guests: Sarah Moran, CEO, Girl Geek Academy @SarahMoran + Nic Healey, Breakfast show host, ABC Western Plains @dr_nic
Google updates ad policy and bans stalker and spyware apps. Is mobile streaming service Quibi dead? Plus, in a nondescript government building in Canberra, sits a group tasked with protecting Australia on the digital frontier. What do you learn when you go inside Australia's cyber security HQ? Guests: Ariel Bogle, technology reporter, ABC Science @arielbogle + Peter Marks, software developer, Access Informatics @petermarxy
Uber prepares to dish out $2.65 billion on whatever-you-can-think-of delivery company. Facebook is dumping one of its experiments. How tech companies are using Hong Kong as a testing ground for relations with China. Plus, China’s most influential social media platform in the West is increasingly being tested itself. Guests:  Rae Johnston, Science and Tech Editor, NITV @raejohnston + Kunal Kalro, Founder & CEO Eugene Labs @kckal
What happens when two major nations go to battle on the short, cute, video platform of TickTock, and could TickTock compete with Instagram and YouTube for all those ad dollars? Plus, the world’s most powerful new supercomputer. And why the Australian government won’t switch the COVID tracing app to the model supported Apple and Google. Guests: Jeremy Kirk, Executive Editor, Information Security Media Group @Jeremy_Kirk + Olivia Rosenman, audio producer and journalist @olivesophierose
Trump vs K-pop?

Trump vs K-pop?


Why are fans of Korean pop at war with Donald Trump? Why Twitter wants you to leave it a voice mail. Why we're under sustained cyber attack from China - except the government doesn't want to name China, so why say anything at all? And Apple thinks you’re not washing your hands properly. It's been a weird week in media, tech and culture. Guests: Alex McCauley, CEO StartupAus @alexmccauley + Angharad Yeo, host of ABC ME Spawn Point @angharadyeo
Why major tech companies are pulling their facial recognition software back from police. Plus, “Want to read this before retweeting?” Twitter tests a new feature that could slow down the spread of rage and viral misinformation. And deep fake faces could have major repercussions on everything from politics to porn, but one social media giant has a plan to stop them…maybe. Guests: Sarah Moran, CEO, Girl Geek Academy @SarahMoran + Peter Marks, software developer, Access Informatics @petermarxy
What role does tech play in the global protests against racism? How is it used by protestors and police? Plus, there's still a legal push to shut down piracy sites, even though the rise of streaming has largely achieved that. And which tech company wants to create digitally synthesised group selfies even though you’re socially distant? Yeah, its a thing! Guests: Rae Johnston, Science and Tech Editor, NITV @raejohnston + Nic Healey, Breakfast show host, ABC Western Plains @dr_nic
Comments (18)

Teresa Wilkinson

why is no one watching Australian free-to-air TV?, it s*** that's why, it's absolute s***!

Aug 10th

Dana Alderson

love this podcast Mark. Best podcast theme music around!

Jun 4th


great episode, loved hearing about kids fb app.

May 9th
Reply (1)


Marc I have been a long time listener. Love the show and always learn something new. Well done!

May 2nd

R Johnson

The worst thing about Covidsafe is that when you turn it off it quickly turns itself on again. So if you do have battery issues you don't have the option of just turning it on when you need it, which is hardly ever when staying at home without visitors. The only way to turn it off is to uninstall it, which is what I did after two days of the inconvenience of needing to leave my phone charging all night (not good for the battery) & additionally recharging during the day. As a programmer myself, it seems extremely bad form to write software that won't stay off when the user chooses to turn it off. It will also be an inconvenience to reinstall each time I do need to go out, but at least that will only be an occasional inconvenience.

Apr 29th
Reply (2)

Saif Khan

Biased show. Ray Johnson is a regular guest. She is paranoid about privacy. She is probably a technophobe in secret. Very unbalanced show. I wish they had more impartial journalists. Mark keeps inviting fear mongering journalists that are opinionated, biased and ill informed. Please invite better guests.

Mar 2nd

Alex Kuklik

Always fun!

Feb 4th

James Taylor

s. z. s. z

Sep 27th

James Taylor

z. z. z. z

Sep 27th

Rob Asselman

Great show.

Jun 9th

Liangqi Peng

Ladies...phablets are just big...I don't think it has to do with male dominance. Think about us asians..the new phones are always too big for us.

Mar 11th


Marc is a great employee.

Feb 18th

Tahn Costelloe

good show 😊

Nov 19th

Ben Harnwell

another good show. thanks Marc and team

Jun 3rd

Alfred Malaga

Another great and informative show, thanks Marc.

Nov 6th
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