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Every week the team behind the UK's biggest technology monthly discusses the latest news and issues in computing and mobile tech.

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The team ponders rumours of a new, cheaper Apple Vision headset, and debates whether the original Apple Vision Pro has been a flop. We also look at flaky Intel Core i9 processors, welcome the US government’s legal action against Adobe and learn about a new social media platform that’s intentionally populated by AI bots. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Unifi U7 Pro Max, the first business access point we’ve seen with Wi-Fi 7.
The team discusses the latest announcements from Apple’s WWDC conference, while Elon Musk drops his lawsuit against OpenAI and HP laments falling print volumes. Our Hot Hardware candidate is once more a piece of software, viz. the latest edition of Adobe Lightroom.
The team discusses growing security concerns over Microsoft’s new Windows Recall feature, a storm in a toothmug over Oral B’s discontinued smart bathroom products, and Intel and AMD’s latest salvoes in the unfolding TOPS war. As sometimes happens, our Hot Hardware candidate is actually a piece of software, namely the latest release of the free LibreOffice suite.
The team is split over Google's wisdom in selling a smartwatch - plus subscription fee - for kids. Plus, our take on what's going on at OpenAI, why iFixit has broken up with Samsung and what we can learn from the "leak" of Google's search algorithm. And our Hot Hardware candidate is the Panasonic Toughbook 55 Mk3, a semi-rugged but portable laptop.Links: GPTs open for free ChatGPT users - The VergeHUGE Google Search document leak reveals inner workings of ranking algorithm ( turning motherboards to jelly could be a sustainability breakthrough thanks to vPCBs | TechFinitive is so dead, 152.9 exabytes of LTO shipped in 2023 • The RegisterPanasonic Toughbook FZ-55 Full HD Touch Screen Mk3 14" Rugged Windows 11 Pro Notebook. From £2115.00 plus VAT (
The team explores Microsoft’s new Arm-based, AI-focused vision for Windows PCs; we also discuss the postponement of the UK landline switch-off, and ask how worried we should be about old web pages dropping offline. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Pixel 8a, the cheaper, smaller version of Google’s flagship smartphone.
The team discusses the latest announcements from Google’s I/O conference, leaked details of upcoming ARM-based Windows laptops and OpenAI’s new smarter-than-ever large language model. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Barry’s brand-new 13in iPad Pro – the latest M4 model with all the trimmings.
The team discusses Apple’s new M4-powered iPads, Ofcom’s proposals to keep kids safe online and Jack Dorsey’s quiet departure from the Twitter rival he founded. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Pokit Pro, a handy Bluetooth tool that serves as a multimeter, oscilloscope and more.
The team discusses new UK legislation that outlaws insecure default passwords, questions Google’s enormous payments to Apple and learns very little from Tim’s trip to Hungary. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Lenovo Legion Go, a handheld gaming PC that runs full Windows.
The team discusses the latest generative AI features added to Photoshop, considers the prospect of a US-wide ban on TikTok and revisits the eternal debate as to whether 8GB of RAM is enough for a laptop. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Passmark USB Power Delivery Tester, a clever tool that measures just how many watts your USB power supply is really putting out.
The team discusses new adverts popping up in Windows, an attempted deepfake attack on LastPass and the latest AI gaming innovations from Nvidia. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Asus RT-AX57 Go, a fully functional Wi-Fi 6 router that fits in your pocket.
The team discusses Google’s new video presentation tool, AI-based exam marking and how the UK police plan to use facial recognition to crack down on shoplifting. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Gurgle Apps Wi-Fi Word Clock, a fun and (just about) practical project based on the Raspberry Pi Pico W.
The team refuses to talk AI this week, instead focusing on a hack that bypasses hotel door locks, the latest Spotify price rises and why Samsung believes that Bixby is still worth backing. Plus, how much it costs to keep Windows 10 running, 20 years of Gmail and Barry tries to convince the panel that a pair of smart glasses should be Hot Hardware of the Week.Links mentioned in this week's episode: finally, our thanks to Nick Gassman for his much-needed help with the recording!
The team discusses Microsoft's Surface devices with AI capabilities, Oregon's new right-to-repair legislation, Affinity software's acquisition by Canva and X’s upcoming chatbot, Grock. Our Hot Hardware candidate is Seagate's 20TB Exos X20 enterprise hard drive.To get your hands on a signed copy of Stuart Turton's latest book - The Last Murder at the End of the World - click this link to the Waterstones bookshop.
The team discusses Microsoft’s appointment of a new CEO of AI, the shocking story of a SIM-swapper and the truth about recyclable plastic packaging. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the HP Spectre Fold 17, a tablet-cum-laptop with a huge folding screen that can be yours for just cough-mumble pounds.
The team discusses Apple’s plans to lower the fences on its walled garden, Airbnb’s ban on surveillance cameras and Tim Berners-Lee’s future tech predictions. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Synology BeeStation, a simple, low-cost NAS appliance designed to replace Google Drive and other cloud storage services.
The team discusses a new milestone in Linux adoption, Apple’s bad-tempered compliance with new EU gatekeeping law and the latest spats in the world of AI. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Keychron C3 Pro keyboard; honestly, I can’t remember what’s supposed to be special about this one but Barry loves it.
The team discusses the latest product launches at MWC in Barcelona, the end of Apple’s long-rumoured electric car project, AI coding predictions and a chocolate-themed disaster in Glasgow. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool, a compact multi-tool in the shape of – well, you figure it out.
The team discusses Microsoft’s new chipmaking deal with Intel, and rounds up the latest developments in the world of AI. We also discuss the DoJ’s controversial “white-hat” hacking of infected routers, and Amazon’s new Echo Hub smart-home controller. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Cetaitun Firewall Mini PC, a cheap, compact, silent computer with six Ethernet ports…And if you like the sound of that, you can buy it here:
In a week where Mark Zuckerberg declares the Meta Quest 3 is better than the Apple Vision Pro, the team - Rois, Jon, Barry and Tim - beg to disagree. Plus, why proving that you’re the creator of Bitcoin is tricky, Barry’s take on Otter’s attempt to usurp Copilot in Teams and Barry attempts to persuade everyone (including himself) that the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 16 should be Hot Hardware of the Week.
PC Pro Podcast 679

PC Pro Podcast 679


The team discusses skyrocketing investments in AI and cloud hardware; a collapse of employee morale at Google; and a clever trick that breaks Microsoft’s BitLocker disk encryption. We also ask how worried we should be by reports of electric toothbrushes being absorbed into malicious botnets, and round up the latest developments in right-to-repair legislation. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise 8 PoE, a high-speed Layer 3 network switch costing under £500.Finally, as promised, here’s a guide to enabling a BitLocker PIN in Windows 11:
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