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Did you love watching "B" TV and movies growing up? Like, those epically underrated programs that came on at midnight on a Tuesday? Those programs that brought you so much joy, and captivated you, but for all the wrong reasons? Well, if you did then you've come to the right place, buster! We LOVE everything about them; The characters, the storylines, the plot twists - it's all so incredible! So come listen along with us as we hilariously retell in story form some of the greatest TV shows and movie gems of the past.
31 Episodes
In this minsode, Kaydence and Kolin ask each other nonsense questions about a show that doesn't matter. You want to listen to that, right? It's a lot to HANDLE - as in handle bars - as in on a bike - bike cops - Pacific Blue? Get it?
In this episode, we meet Scott Kramer. The hottest,  do what he wants, no rules apply, doesn't give a flying f**k bad boy who really shakes things up for the team.  But why is Scott Kramer so reckless? Everyone is dying to know....
I mean...the title says it all, right? It Showgirls TWO y'all!In this very special episode, we tell you the story of Penny Slots, a girl with a dream to be on the world famous show 'Star Dancer'. She will do just about anything to get that dream; stripping at a petting zoo, a hot sauce breast dance, 30k fur coats, lesbian hot dog fantasies and oh so much more.  
In this episode we find Corey and T.C. in a rather tough position when a gang of robbers tries to take hostages at a bank they are visiting and things quickly get out of hand . We also learn that Corey reeeaaaallly hates babies and wants absolutely nothing to do with them...until of course a pregnant hostage starts having contractions! Will they make it out alive? Will the baby be born on a bank floor? Will Corey ever be able to withdrawal the cash she needs to buy T.C.'s old motorcycle?? Stay tuned for another wild ride.
In todays story, we meet Rebecca, (or Becks as we like to call her) a beautiful but mysterious woman from T.C.'s past obsessed with moving to the hottest neighborhood in LA- the "Jewelry District". We also learn a thing or two about Victor del Toro's past as a...boxer? Really?Anyway, tune in for another wild story, and a couple of our own, from B-Watch Rewatch!
In this episode, we meet a Hannibal Lector wanna-be arsonist who calls himself an infernist and tries to manipulate T.C. and Chris Kelley into thinking they are fire starters...we think?We also join Cory in an attempts to track down a methed out rat, and Palermo is at it again with the bad decision making.
In this episode, T.C. and Chris Kelly have to go suuuper undercover and pretend to be horny for each other which is obviously super difficult for both of them to do. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Palermo gets a visit from a mysterious gold paper crane origami serial killer that he may or may not have been shot by years prior and thinks about everyday but never went after until said serial killer returns to mess with Palermo just for...funzies?We honestly don't know, but you bet we have a few questions for Palermo, buster!
In this episode we meet a very special character named Annette who struggles with those pesky lil steroids and learns the hard way that some things may not just be worth it...
If the title is any indication of how wildly wonderful the story of our fab 5 is going, I don't know what is...In this episode, we catch up with Corey Mcnamara who may have used excessive force for her first "clean shot", and the journey she faces trying to come to terms with it. We also have a group of shotgun wielding robbers on a west coast killing tour in various shopping establishments. Meanwhile Del Toro is on a hunt for his high school prom date turned hot new centerfold. Oh and Elvis is being stalked by a group of frightening men from the "Old Country" because of course - classic Elvis!
Hi friends! This episode is something a little different from our usually schtick, but oh man you do not want to miss it! Featuring our good friends Ian and Sam over at DoILikeTnis? Podcast, we discuss, retell and review one of the greatest "B" movies ever made - "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" and you will be shocked and terrified and how "B"adass it is!
I mean, the title says it all really.  In this weeks story of our crew on Pacific Blue,  we run into awful adrenaline and thrill seeking junkies who happen to kill their friends and fellow gang members for literally no real valid reasons. Wait, but who is that friend they murdered? T.C.'s old friend, Todd - and T.C. is not having it!Later on, we run into nasty neo-nazi scumbags causing so much ruckus on the beach, and the gang at Pacific Blue are NOT having that shit. So buckle up for another wild ride with T.C. and the gang. 
Episode 3 - Candy Love

Episode 3 - Candy Love


Now that we've gotten to know the team a little better from last week's episode, it's time to pedal in to the real meat and potatoes of the story! This week, T.C. Callaway falls for a beautiful, but ostracized phone sex operator/therapist/erotic vocalist named Candy Love.  However, Chris and T.C. are starting to experience tingles in there adult parts for each other, and everyone else but them seem to know it.
Hi friends! In this episode, we are doing something a little different...As we are both (or all?) are new to this amazingly wonderful story that is Pacific Blue, we really wanted set the stage for the story, and dive into facts and stats about the show, as well as walk through who each character is, and what they are all about so that is oh so much better for all of us to hear. Not only that, but we have a very special guest segment from our friends at "That Was a Show?" podcast. Be sure to go check them out if you love obscure TV and entertainment from the past that were canceled for all the wrong (or right?) reasons...
Season 2 is here, friends, and we could not be more excited to bring you this amazingly hilarious story called "pacific Blue". In this season we will be telling the story of an elite team of bike cops that patrol the beaches of southern California. You may be thinking like, motorcycle cops, but no, nope, Bicycle cops. In this episode we meet our 5 main characters, Sergeant Palermo - the father figure and highest up. He's the manager of this rag tag team. Next is T.C. Callaway, the bad boy cop who left his family business to be a bike cop. Then we have Chris Kelley, a blonde bombshell who use to be a former fighter pilot, but her eyesight somehow demoted her to bike cop. She's new to the group; will she fit in? On to Victor Del Toro, a sass latin man who always has a witty quip. Last but not least is Corey Macnemera, a beautiful woman who comes from a long line of elite cops. All together we have our Pacific Blue team  and boy oh boy does the story get real good. Tune in and laugh along as we tell you the story of Pacific Blue!
Well, well, well....We've made it guys - season 2 of B-Watch Rewatch! Wowee what a trip we have been on, and we are so incredibly happy to have made it to season 2! This is just a small little intermission style trailer to let you know what's coming up in our action packed story plot that is season 2!
BONUS: Did You Even Know?

BONUS: Did You Even Know?


If you've never listened to an episode of B-Watch Rewatch before, then this is the perfect episode to start with! Because we know you guys have been dying to know completely useless facts about about the Baywatch phenomena, we've  got you covered, boo. Come listen to this hilarious, tangent filled B-Watch bonus episode where we walk through some "behind the scene" secret facts we've collected online. Facts that blow your damn mind. Facts that are bizarre,  useless, incredible and next level funny. Facts you need to know to live a happy life. See how important all this is?
Hey fam!During our lil break between season 1 and season 2 of B-Watch Rewatch, we just could NOT get enough Baywatch! We just weren't ready for it to end, and we feel like you prolly feel the same? No? Ok well, regardless, we bring you...Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay!This is a prequel to our next special, Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding (we told you we just couldn't get enough). We meet a lot of the original Baywatch cast, as well as a few new faces, as they all meet on a cruise to Alaska. This isn't just any 'ol cruise though...we have espionage, murder, tube photo shoots, bear attacks, emeralds the size of footballs, avalanches....the list goes on. So buckle up busters and get your Alaskan Cruise tickets and let's see what happens!
Well lifeguards...we made it. We're here. This is the final episode of season 1 of B-Watch Rewatch! It also happens to be the last episode of Baywatch Hawaii's first season, but we don't want to make things too confusing :)In this rather dramatic episode, we see the lifeguards come together to save one of there very own beloved, who ends up getting into a dangerous and fatal involvement with some very angry - yet very relatable eco terrorist. I side with them or not? They have some very valid reasons for their terror, but I digress...Enjoy this last episode and thank you for listening!
Can't get enough of the holidays? Kris Kringle still livin' on in your heart? Well, we have just the thing for you - one more holiday minisode special! Yep. Christmas is over but not for the folks here at B-Watch. In this ridiculous minisode we talk about a guest favorite "Holiday in Handcuffs" starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez.  Tune in as we give a short synopsis of why this movie falls on the top of our holiday B-listers.
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