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Zack has a great conversation with Ryan Stephens. Ryan is an entrepreneurial-minded business strategist passionate about solving complex problems, cultivating strategic relationships and developing solutions to drive measurable return on investment. For the last 10-plus years, he’s worked behind-the-scenes to drive results for a breadth of companies including: Fortune 500 companies, top academic medical institutions, seed-funded start-ups, D1 universities, and a number of local businesses. Along the way he’s  spent a lot of time reading books, studying top performers (authors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and more) and sharing what he’s learned at Ryan Stephens Marketing.He’s been a featured expert on business, marketing and entrepreneurship topics in media including: Inc., Forbes, Mashable, Business Insider and more.When he’s not chasing his three kiddos around, he enjoys reading, writing,  running, and good conversations with great people.Zack and Ryan discuss thoughts on finding purpose, fatherhood, entrepreneurship, developing a personal brand and more. There's sure to be something you can take away from this one. GET IN TOUCH WITH RYAN:Twitter: @ryanstephensWebsite:, www.ryanstephens.meGET IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH EXPERIMENT PODCAST:Twitter: @truthexpodEmail:
Andrew and Zack have a great talk with Danny Miranda in this one, host of the Danny Miranda podcast which you can find on all major streaming platforms as well as his youtube channel. Danny aims to pursue his highest version and seeks out like minded people from all walks of life in order to learn from their journey. His consistent approach has resulted in such guests as fitness guru Nick Bare, rapper and entrepreneur Zuby, and businessman and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few. Join us as we discuss Danny’s own journey, the importance of consistency, being relatable, and more on this episode of the truth experiment. GET IN TOUCH WITH DANNY:Twitter: @heydannymirandaWebsite: www.dannymiranda.comGET IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH EXPERIMENT PODCAST:Instagram: truthexperimentpodcastTwitter: @truthexpodEmail:
Dylan W. Joseph is the co-founder of Rise Mastermind, a business consulting company like no other. However, entering the business world was far from what he envisioned himself doing even as recent as a couple of years ago.After graduating college in Buffalo, Dylan W. Joseph sold everything he owned and backpacked across the country for months playing music on the street, eventually settling down in New Orleans Louisiana.Dylan  had been arrested 4 times before he was 18 years old and had countless other negative encounters with the police, so naturally he decided to become the police himself in an effort to live out the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Dylan went on to become a highly decorated detective for the New Orleans SWAT team, being awarded Officer of the Year 3 years in a row to add to many other accomplishments.While pursuing his career on the SWAT team, Dylan’s partner was shot & killed while covering his shift one day. This event, followed by his undercover work tracking serial killers, hit men & other stressful SWAT Operations led Dylan to turn to alcohol to help cope with the pain he felt. After a year and a half of self destruction in his personal life, destroying his relationship with his fiancé, having several hits put out on him and finally looking in the mirror to see a man he didn’t set out to become... he walked away from his dream job. One month later, Dylan started his first online business, began traveling the world, became an internationally accredited peak performance coach for entrepreneurs, got certified as a reiki practitioner, and was brought on to do sales for two 7-figure international companies.Then in the midst of the pandemic, Dylan launched his own business coaching company, Conversions, and has scaled it to multiple 6-figures while helping 100’s of coaches build, launch & scale their businesses.... (all in less than 2 years)So many great lessons in this conversation about Dylan's journey that we hope you are able to take away with you.  If you find any part of this helpful to yourself or someone you love, please share it with them. GET IN TOUCH WITH DYLAN: Instagram: dylanwjoseph_GET IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH EXPERIMENT PODCAST:Instagram: truthexperimentpodcastTwitter: @truthexpodEmail:
Del Reid is a household name in Buffalo sports and the 716 community at large. A true Buffalo homer, he has always had a passion for bringing people together to celebrate things they share in common. As a result, he (quite accidentally) ended up co-founding the #BillsMafia movement among Bills fans in social media -- which to this point is the coolest thing that has ever happened to him aside from his relationship with God, his wife, and his two awesome kids. Del is also the founder of 26 Shirts, a website that sells limited edition tees to benefits local charities and families in need. To date, has managed to raise and donate over $1,000,000 thanks to everyone who has believed in its mission, and loved its products.On the Truth Experiment Del shares how Bills Mafia came to be, why he pivoted from a career in computer programming to growing full-time, and his advice for those who aim to follow their purpose in life, among many other topics. GET IN TOUCH WITH DEL: TWITTER: @DelReid and @26shirtsWEBSITE: www.26shirts.comGET IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH EXPERIMENT PODCAST:Instagram: truthexperimentpodcastTwitter: @truthexpodEmail:
Zack and Andrew chat with online writer, Matt Lillywhite, whose work can be found on Matt makes his living writing on topics related to self improvement, productivity, and living a happier life in the modern world. His articles have surpassed several million views and counting and have also earned him thousands of followers on the Medium platform.Matt found passion for journalism early on and has created a life where he is able to do something he enjoys, create his own schedule, and make good living while doing it. He shares his story on how he turned his passion into a career, gives his insight on what makes people successful in writing and in life,  and much more in a great conversation centered around living out your truth with Zack and Andrew. GET IN TOUCH WITH MATT LILLYWHITE:Twitter: mattlillywhitemedium@gmail.comGET IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH EXPERIMENT PODCAST:Instagram: truthexperimentpodcastTwitter: @truthexpodEmail:
Zack and Andrew sit down and learn from Alex Dachis, a mental conditioning coach who leads instruction for elite athletes, teams and corporations. In 2019, he consulted with the Pac-12 Champion University of Oregon football team and in 2020, Alex held a similar position as a psychoeducational consultant to the San Francisco Giants. Alex works as part of the Moawad Consulting Group which is led by renowned mental conditioning expert, Trevor Moawad. Trevor is billed by Sports Illustrated as "The Sports World's Best Brain Trainer" and is the mental coach of NFL star, Russell Wilson, as well as a number of the most prestigious NCAA Football programs. Alex also currently operates a private practice tailored towards elite athletes and teams. With Zack and Andrew, Alex discusses his role in helping athletes become a better version of themselves and how we can achieve greater success by behaving the way elite level performers in our chosen field do. FOLLOW ALEX AND MOAWAD CONSULTING:Instagram: @trevormoawadTwitter: @trevormoawadWebsite: "It Takes What It Takes" by Trevor Moawad -> IN TOUCH WITH THE TRUTH EXPERIMENT PODCAST:Instagram: truthexperimentpodcastTwitter: @truthexpodEmail:
Zen Millionaire and best-selling author, Ken Honda, joins Andrew and Zack on their debut episode to discuss his latest book, Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money. Ken shares his thoughts on how to find one's purpose in life, what we can do to change our negative mindset about money, and the most important thing we as parents can teach our children about money. Though not a household name in America yet, Ken is a leading expert in the the topic of finance and self-help. WAYS TO FOLLOW KEN:Website: kenhonda.comTwitter: IN TOUCH WITH US:EMAIL: truthexperimentpodcast@gmail.comTWITTER: @truthexpod
Hosts Andrew Goetz and Zack Wood break down the reason behind starting the podcast and the vision for its future with the idea of improving their lives and the lives of their listeners in the process. Andrew and Zack look to chat with a variety of experts across multiple fields and also with those living a life of purpose to help unlock a life of truth. Make sure to give us a follow and share this podcast with others! Contact us at:truthexperimentpodcast@gmail.comTWITTER: @truthexpod
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