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Life In Form with Dr. Amy Chadwick

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Life In Form

A podcast, a conversation, an exploration… About what it is to be human and what it is to be healthy.
~Where we strive for truth and delight in beauty.
~Where we honor the unique forms life takes and the reciprocity that is inherent in the dance between life forms.
~Where we delve into patterns.
~Where we tell stories.
~Where we blend science and story, art and language, body, mind and spirit as one.
~Where we stay curious, listen profoundly, and question everything.
~Where we recognize patterns, demonstrated in the most basic and most complex elements - as above, so below.
~Where we discuss physiology as a way to better understand ourselves and we explore tools for meeting our unique needs.
~Where we honor that each person is unique, each imbued with certain strengths and vulnerabilities.
~Where we honor that life asks us to profoundly be us, to be in rhythm with our true nature, to honor our needs, and to be in rhythm with nature as a whole.
~Where we explore that by living in alignment with our true nature and in reciprocity with all of life, we have the ability to thrive as individuals, families, communities, and a planet.
In this, there is deep reverence, infinite curiosity and wonder, play, and exploration. Thank you for joining me!

Dr. Amy Chadwick is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, working with individuals and families, children, and adults in the San Diego area. She also practices telemedicine. She is passionate about life in all forms. Enthralled with patterns, Dr. Amy utilizes an integrative set of tools to put language to the patterns that exist in all of life from the cell to the human body to the communities in which we exist to the larger ecosystem and planet. Honoring the individual beauty, unique expression and intricate patterns of each of her patients and being able to reflect back to them what she sees allows her patients to know and honor their own beings, develop self-agency, and together help meet the needs of the physical, mental and emotional body to remove obstacles to healing, to nourish, and to thrive.
8 Episodes
How are you feeling? How do you know you are feeling that way? Where are you feeling that emotion in your body? Does that emotion have a color, a flavor, a shape, a name, a request? Is that emotion celebrating a met need or pointing to an unmet need? Whether we like the emotion or now, our emotions are feedback, energy in motion, universal and yet also individually experienced. To be present with our own emotions without judgment, assumption or taking them personally is a profound gift to ourselves. To witness where the feedback points to a need gives us the ability to learn about ourselves. Practicing this daily builds our skillset, allowing us to be masterful in our own lives and in our relationships. Christine Vecchio and Dr. Amy explore this practice in their own lives with an invitation throughout to get curious. Resources: •The Four Agreements: Don Miguel Ruiz•Feelings/Needs Worksheet:•@curious.parenting on Instagram: Post on November 30, 2020: Ways to Externalize Emotions with Kids (good practice for adults too).
Do you have a morning routine? Do you like the idea of routines or do you avoid them? While there are many recommendations for the “ideal” morning routine, I would like to invite you to a practice which brings us closer to ourselves, to the greater Being we all are and to the unique form life takes individually as us. In remembering our connection to life, and getting to know our own forms, we can then check in with our own unique needs. When our needs are met, we have access to our greatest capacity, we step in to the river of life, and we thrive. Morning Routine Self-Questions•Who Am I? •I am! (Feel in to this each morning, for even a breath)•What Am I Feeling? Physically, Emotionally, Mentally? •What Am I Sensing?•What is bringing me pleasure?•What Do I Need? •How Can I Honor that Need? •How does life want to dance through me today?
Do you know your Ayurvedic constitution? And what you need to thrive in your constitution? Lori Correia, massage therapist and holistic health practitioner joins me as we volley a conversation about Ayurvedic doshas and invite a conversation about where we are at our best.Lori and I share our own stories as dear friends who have lived together and explored the elements in the ways they show up in people, spaces, relationships. The two of us together are dominant in all three doshas, completing the circle as it were, and have learned from one another through the years to really appreci ate and enjoy our differences and support one another when we get out of balance. To learn more about Lori, visit her website at
Motivated by the need for humanity to view life from a new connected level, Francois is writing a book that is a collection and distillation of the writings and teachings of Martin Muller, psychologist and spiritual teacher. Francois has had a lifelong passion for life, connection to nature, quality, food, our senses, and one another. He shares his story and his wise and profound insights for shifting from “me to we”, for venturing in to whatever touches us, for connecting to life in its most simple moments of beauty, and knowing what is fundamentally true in life, what moves through each of us, and how to reconnect to being and love. He powerfully reminds me to pay attention! His story abounds with pearls of wisdom and guidance. Books by Francois Vecchio: “Meat, Life and Consequences: My story and a vision of the new meat and charcuterie”“Salumi: Savory Recipes and Serving Ideas for Salame, Prosciutto, and More” By Joyce Goldstein, John Piccotti and Francois Vecchio“Charcutier. Salumiere. Wurstmeister” Book: “The New Man: A New Order of Being”Soon to be published. Based on the writings and transcripts of psychologist and spiritual teacher Martin Muller.
Did you know your soul has a color? And your life path also expresses as a color? Intuitive guide and multidimensional color practitioner, Arden Reece, shares with us how knowing and working with your soul and life path color can enhance your knowledge of self. With this knowledge, there is greater ease. We can work with our colors for connection to self as well as a way to interact with the outside world, wearing and working with colors which enhance our personal expression. To engage in the free visualization for intuiting your own color visit You can also sign up for individual sessions with Arden and look at her courses available on this site.
Dr Amy discusses adrenal function from the perspective of the endocrine system as the manager of all physiology, discussing this sovereign ruler’s roles in assisting adaptation and in allowing or giving permission to each member of our bodily kingdom to do what they do best.Introducing the solar plexus as a place of Life Will manifesting in our unique form, we discuss how to honor our form through meeting the daily needs and through alignment with our true nature. We will discuss adrenal hormones, unique adrenal patterns, how to tell when your adrenals may be in a contracted state or have less bandwidth due to excessive demands or lack of met needs, and how to support, nourish and show devotion to our sovereign center.
Life is infinitely variable. Our invitation is to center, to keep open, and to keep asking the question, what else? Conversation with a friend, mentor, guide, wise and beautiful soul. In this conversation, Christine Vecchio shares from her life and spiritual experience what it is for her to be human and how to be more skillful in the work of incarnating. We discuss how we navigate our crises and recognize each as an opportunity to remember our wholeness, even as we go through these times without any frame of reference. This is where discipline is necessary and the assistance of our teachers and guides as well as the deep remembering that we are love. What is it to be? And, how do we practice being as the foundation of anything that will be done through us?
Know Thyself, inscribed in the vestibule of the Oracle of Delphi, invites all who enter to know their essence nature. Knowing ourselves, in the infinite Awareness, the oneness of being, and knowing ourselves in our unique life expressions and form is a key to living a thriving life. Knowing ourselves cultivates being ourselves. Through understanding our bodies, knowing and cultivating our strengths, and honoring our vulnerabilities as guideposts for meeting our unique needs, we cultivate greater bandwidth and resilience and dispel fear. Life took form as us to be beautifully us. Curiosity, celebration, delight in our uniqueness, and discernment of the tools to meet our own needs are keys to health. Today’s show with Dr. Amy will introduce these concepts and begin our journey together.
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