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The AWS Podcast is the definitive cloud platform podcast for developers, dev ops, and cloud professionals seeking the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Jeff Barr for regular updates, deep dives and interviews. Whether you’re building machine learning and AI models, open source projects, or hybrid cloud solutions, the AWS Podcast has something for you.
237 Episodes
Simon takes you through an interesting collection of updates across a broad range of services. Chapters: 00:30 Infrastructure 01:00 AWS Marketplace 01:47 Analytics 05:39 Application Integration 08:20 Compute 13:03 Cost Management 14:16 Customer Engagement 15:27 Databases 17:43 Developer Tools 18:29 Internet of Things (IoT) 20:30 Machine Learning 24:17 Management & Governance 26:54 Media Services 27:15 Migration & Transfer 28:01 Networking & Content Delivery 28:34 Satellite 29:05 Security, Identity and Compliance 30:57 Storage 32:52 Customer Enablement Extended Shownotes:
Simon is joined by Teresa Carlson (VP Worldwide Public Sector, AWS) for a wide ranging discussion about how the Public Sector's use of technology continues to evolve as they seek to better serve citizen needs. She also shares lessons learned during 10 years of transformation in the Public Sector.
Simon and Nicki cover the new and the interesting for customers on AWS! Chapters: 00:32 Analytics 03:34 Blockchain 03:57 Business Applications 04:37 Compute 08:36 Customer Engagement 09:06 Database 12:16 Developer Tools 13:14 End User Computing 14:27 Internet of Things (IoT) 14:58 Machine Learning 18:06 Management & Governance 19:24 Media Services 22:19 Migration & Transfer 25:17 Mobile 26:25 Networking & Content Delivery 27:56 Security, Identity & Compliance 30:28 Storage 31:04 Training & Certification Extended Shownotes:
Learn how one of the most preeminent science organizations, Australia’s national science agency (CSIRO), has become the first public sector organization to deliver a health product onto AWS’s global Marketplace. A/Prof Denis Bauer (Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO & Macquarie University), explains how this distribution channel has enabled her group to overcome traditional licensing and delivery bottlenecks and to transform academic research into transformative industry solutions: “Sciencing” industry at the speed of cloud. Useful Links:
This week Tim Bray joins Simon to discuss a new capability in AWS Step Functions. Express Workflows are a new type of AWS Step Functions workflow type that cost-effectively orchestrate AWS compute, database, and messaging services at event rates greater than 100,000 events per second. Express Workflows automatically start in response to events such as HTTP requests via Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda requests, AWS IoT Rules Engine actions, and over 100 other AWS and SaaS event sources from Amazon EventBridge. Express Workflows is suitable for high-volume event processing workloads such as IoT data ingestion, streaming data processing and transformation, and high-volume microservices orchestration.
Simon is joined by Nicki to go through lots of new updates! Chapters: 01:01 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) 01:25 Marketplace 02:30 Analytics 05:17 Business Applications 06:29 Application Integration 07:01 Compute 07:45 Cost Management 08:12 Customer Engagement 10:19 Database 13:01 Developer Tools 16:13 Game Tech and Amazon GameLift 17:59 Internet of Things (IoT) 18:47 Machine Learning 22:05 Management and Governance 25:43 Migration and Transfer 26:15 Quick Starts 26:47 Satellite 27:22 Security, Identity and Compliance 30:05 Storage 32:21 Training and Certification Extended Shownotes:
Many listeners are working from home at the moment, often for the first time. Jeff and Simon discuss some techniques, approaches and tips that might come in handy!
Time for lots of new and interesting things for customers! Simon is joined by special guest hosts Lexi & Marley Elisha! Chapters: 00:44 Analytics 02:36 Application Integration 03:29 Compute 08:52 Customer Engagement 09:57 Databases 13:05 Machine Learning 15:26 Management and Governance 18:07 Media Services 18:58 Mobile 19:49 Security, Identity and Compliance 20:37 Storage 21:10 Training and Certification Extended Shownotes:
How are customers thinking about their journey to the cloud? What are the piftalls? What are the opportunities? Simon speaks with Cory Quinn, host of the Screaming in the Cloud podcast, in a fun and wide-ranging conversation. Cory's Podcast:
Simon and Nicki take you through all the latest updates! Chapters: 00:40 Analytics 03:52 Compute 07:15 Customer Engagement 08:43 Databases 11:10 Developer Tools 11:55 End User Computing 12:42 Machine Learning 16:52 Management and Governance 20:22 Mobile 21:11 Networking and Content Delivery 23:05 Quick Starts 23:36 Security, Identity and Compliance 24:26 Storage 26:50 Training and Certification Extended Shownotes:
How do you find the right Managed Service Provider for your business? Simon speaks with Adrian SanMiguel about how customers and Partners can make the most of the next-gen MSP ecosystem.
How does a CEO change his or her mind about how to run their business? What are the challenges and thought processes? Rick Seaney, CEO of of 3Victors and FareCompare LP, speaks with Simon about his own personal journey and lessons learned. Blog Post:
Simon and Nicki cover all the latest updates, improvements and price cuts! Chapters: 00:51 Announcement to Australian Customers - ANZ Public Sector Fast Start Guide ( 01:50 Analytics 04:19 Application Integration 06:41 Compute 11:36 Customer Engagement 12:54 Database 20:22 Developer Tools 21:49 End User Computing 22:48 Machine Learning 26:41 Management and Governance 33:49 Internet of Things (IoT) 34:15 Media Services 34:37 Network and Content Delivery 35:24 Quick Starts 36:25 Robotics 37:35 Satellite 38:30 Security, Identity and Compliance 41:16 Storage 45:17 Training and Certification Extended Shownotes:
How do you introduce observabiity in your systems? Simon speaks with Bob Wilkinson (General Manager Amazon CloudWatch and X-Ray) and Sudeeptha Jotjiprakash (Principal Product Manager) about how AWS customers can approach this domain.
VPC Traffic mirroring offers a wide range of new capabilities when using AWS. Simon takes a deep dive with Alpana Srivastava and Tom Adamski about how it works and what it can be used for.
Macmillan Learning is one of the largest Learning Companies in the world. Over the last few years, Macmillan has been attempting to create systematic change throughout its organization by equipping employees with the skills to innovate faster and achieve its mission to "change students lives through learning." As a Learning Company, Macmillan has incorporated its own IP and Learning Science methodologies to empower employees. David Merryweather (VP of Cloud Ops and Site Reliability, Macmillan Learning) speaks with Simon about the Macmillan experience so far, and what they have learned.
Simon and Nicki share some handy new updates! 00:48 Infrastructure News 01:54 AWS Marketplace 02:29 Analytics or 02:38 04:21 Compute or 04:23 10:07 Customer Engagement 10:58 Databases 11:47 Developer Tools 13:29 End-user Computing 14:45 Machine Learning 16:02 Amazon Comprehend 17:09 Management and Governance 19:08 AWS Systems Manager 21:47 Networking and Content Delivery 22:38 Internet of Things 23:05 Migration and Transfer 25:24 Mobile 26:03 Networking and Content Delivery 27:48 Quick Starts 29:39 Security, Identity and Compliance 31:30 Storage 35:21 Training and Certification 37:28 Conclusion Extended Shownotes:
AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Simon speaks with Ravi Tulapati to explore how data providers can now reach new AWS audiences, how analysts, researchers, and other data buyers can easily find and subscribe to data sets, and how the billing and delivery of data is simplified for both groups. Learn how you can use AWS Data Exchange to fuel in-place analytics with AWS services like Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Redshift.
Customers often have advanced use cases for encryption, like encrypting to multiple recipients, or caching data keys. These can be challenging to get right if you're trying to implement it yourself. The good news is, AWS has released open source tools that make all of that relatively easy. In this episode we'll talk about encryption use cases and the best tools to solve them.
Simon and Nicki bring in 2020 with a raft of great new updates and capabilities! Chapters: 03:22 Analytics 08:22 Application Integration 08:52 Business Applications 09:42 Compute 16:27 Customer Engagement 17:47 Database 20:22 Developer Tools 23:07 End User Computing 23:52 Game Tech 26:17 Internet of Things 26:52 Machine Learning 33:57 Management and Governance 38:22 Media Services 39:07 Networking and Content Delivery 41:17 Quick Starts 41:47 Satellite 42:27 Security 47:17 Storage 51:01 Training and Certification Extended shownotes:
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Guest audio quality was very poor this episode.

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where is episode 1 to 134?

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crisp short n engaging

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15:00 Napoleon

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This is nice and informative. Thanks !

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awesome broadcast!

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