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The Freelancer Talk is an educative podcast intended for every type of creative freelancer. Through interviews and discussions with other freelance experts, the podcast touches on various topics such as Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Negotiating, and Self-Management.Join our brand new social network platform for freelancers now by making a profile using the following link:
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Welcome to my first podcast episode of The Freelancer Talk!The Freelancer Talk podcast is a podcast for Freelancers, Artists, Creators and Young Entrepreneurs on Social Media, Online Marketing, and Business related topics.For the first episode, I thought it would be a good thing to give myself and The Freelancer Talk a proper introduction. Besides an introduction, I will also be sharing why I started The Freelancer Talk and what my vision for The Freelancer Talk is. And at last, I will be discussing where you can find The Freelancer Talk and where you can stay updated! is now online and make sure to follow The Freelancer Talk on Facebook and Instagram! I hope you guys enjoyed this first podcast and I hope you will tune in next week as there's a new episode online every week!-WouterAre you absolutely loving The Freelancer Talk podcast? Make sure to let the world know by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or another suitable platform! Join daily discussions and connect with other freelancers by becoming part of our exclusive international freelancers' group on Facebook! Join us today!Want to receive weekly updates about the latest podcast episodes, blog articles, and other related news items? Sign up for our Weekly Digest newsletter!  Connect with us!TwitterInstagramFacebook PageYouTube For more visit TheFreelancerTalk.comSupport the show (
Hey there,Welcome back to the Freelancer Talk podcast!In today's podcast, I'm diving deeper into the effects and benefits of having a certain aesthetic for your Instagram business account.I'm discussing how you can create one and what you should try to avoid if you use Instagram for business purposes. Make sure you follow The Freelancer Talk on Facebook and Instagram and join our Facebook group to be part o this community!For any questions or topic ideas, you can contact me at thefreelancertalk@gmail.comAre you absolutely loving The Freelancer Talk podcast? Make sure to let the world know by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or another suitable platform!Join daily discussions and connect with other freelancers by becoming part of our exclusive international freelancers’ group on Facebook! Join us today!Want to receive weekly updates about the latest podcast episodes, blog articles, and other related news items? Sign up for our Weekly Digest newsletter!  Connect with us!TwitterInstagramFacebook PageYouTube For more visit TheFreelancerTalk.comSupport the show (
Creating a website is often mistakenly viewed as an effort or something unnecessary. The idea of building a website for your business or yourself, can feel like a big step, investment or something that’s not directly within your expertise. And in a time where we can easily showcase ourselves on social media, who needs a website… right?Well, I’m here to tell you, the opposite is true!In today's podcast I'm going to give you 9 reasons why you should have your own website! And I'm going to convince you, so let's get listening!Make sure you had over to for more and sign up for the monthly newsletter!Support the show (
Knowing your worth is essential if you are a freelancer. You have to understand that your hourly rate doesn’t only reflect your actual work for just that hour. But what exactly do you include in your hourly rate? And what do you do when people offer less? Or when is it okay to work for free? And how do you negotiate?I know that I didn’t have the answers to these questions when I became a freelancer at the age of 21. Luckily I was never a person to shy away from talking about money and negotiation, and over time I’ve come to understand what I’m exactly worth.I do think that in the world of freelancers and especially freelance artists we need to talk more about these things, we need to educate the next generations on these issues. That’s why ‘Knowing Your Worth’ is this week’s podcast topic!For today’s podcast, I brought in a guest that has taught me a lot when it comes to knowing what I’m worth, and simply fighting for that as well. He is a freelance dancer and teacher and has fought for better and fair pay throughout his career in different companies. He happens to be my partner but that’s not the reason why he’s on this week’s podcast.Together we came up with a bunch of do’s and don’ts when it comes to knowing your worth!If you struggle with things like setting rates and negotiating fees. Then this podcast is a must-listen!Make sure to sign up for The Freelancer Talk newsletter hereAnd join our Facebook group hereSupport the show (
Over the past few weeks I’ve been mentioning the following thing a couple of times already; when you want to grow your business through Instagram, you’re going to need an Instagram Strategy! A strategy is basically a plan of where you want to get, which steps you're going to take and what you are going to use for it.For today’s podcast, I invited Instagram Strategist Anthony Frasco to discuss what you should include in your Instagram Strategy. Nope, we are not going to hand over a blueprint, but we are going to discuss the various tactics you should use and include when creating your Instagram Strategy!Make sure you check out Anthony’s Instagram!We’re going to give you the do’s and the don’ts, the latest trends when it comes to creating an Instagram Strategy for your business or brand, and our personal point of view.I know, it’s a pretty long podcast but I promise it’s definitely worth your while!The podcast includes references to a few previous articles and podcasts from The Freelancer Talk. You’ll find a little overview down below!Finding your target audience on Instagram.Instagram Aesthetics.Creating a Link in BioPlanning your Instagram content.Don’t forget to follow The Freelancer Talk, new podcast every Tuesday!Support the show (
Video is all around us and unthinkable out of our lives. I strongly believe in the power of video and believe you, as a freelancer, should be using video as well! But I’m not alone! For today’s podcast episode I’ve invited freelance video maker and editor Iris Boogaard. She creates marketing videos for companies and like I said, has her own business.Check out Iris’ official website! Together we came up with a three-part podcast episode which I ended up splitting into two different episodes due to our lengthy conversation! In today’s episode, we are giving you a quick rundown of what video marketing is, how it’s done, and why we think you should be using video for your marketing strategies. In the 2nd part of the episode we are going to be talking about one of the biggest marketing tricks ever invented; Storytelling!Next week we’ll be back with part three. Where we’ll be discussing how you can be using video in an easy and accessible way for your own business. We’re going to be talking about using videos across all social media platforms, we’re going to be talking about how long these videos need to be and we’re going to go a little bit into using editing software and apps.Follow Iris in Instagram!So make sure you follow The Freelancer Talk podcast on your favorite podcast app and never miss a new episode! It’s going to be worth your while, I promise!Now let’s get listening!Support the show (
In last week’s podcast, I invited videomaker Iris Boogaard to talk about all things video marketing. We had a great conversation in which we explained what video marketing is and why you should be using it. Next to explaining why you should be using video marketing, we also addressed the power of telling stories. Storytelling is a great tool to get people’s attention and make them stay for more.But that was not all we talked about!How can you use video marketing for yourself? What Social Media platforms should you be using? How long should the videos be and where are you most visible?Sign up for The Freelancer Talk’s monthly newsletter!Making videos and using them for your marketing strategies isn’t really that difficult anymore. So in today’s podcast, we are giving loads of tips, tricks, and tools to help you get started! We’re discussing each Social Media platform out there and tell you where to focus on. We are sharing our favorite video editing software and our quick editing apps. And, we are even going to change the way you think about TikTok!Make sure you get listening and connect with us on Instagram!Support the show (
From the glaciers in Alaska to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, being a freelance dancer has taken me across the entire world. But while being a freelancer has its ups, it also has its downs. Not all of us choose to be a freelancer. I know I didn’t choose this unstable and inconsistent lifestyle out of free will. But I’ve come to like it a lot! It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer by choice or by force, you are going to need some education and a plan!Recently I’ve taken some time to reflect on my freelance existence and in today’s podcast I’m going to share some of my personal stories and advice with you. Especially focusing on the type of advice I wish I had before becoming a freelancer myself. I know that many of us are currently experiencing a low work period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Or that some of us are newly forced into the world of freelancing, also due to that same pandemic. And I guess that’s why I want to share my personal advice in today’s podcast.My biggest advice to you? Take this crazy time to reflect, reassess, and plan your business’ future.If you can’t see the woods through the trees, yes that is a dutch saying , then this podcast will be of great help to you.I hope that by the time you’ve listened to the full episode, I’ve managed to change the way you view yourself as a freelancer. I also hope that I can create some awareness on what you should include in your business’ future plan and enrich you with different perspectives on how you should be moving forward. And especially to all new and upcoming freelancers, I hope this podcast can serve as a guide to setting up your freelance business for success!Now let’s get listeningSupport the show (
In this week’s podcast, I’m going to reveal how I plan my Social Media content and manage to stay consistent. The Freelancer Talk alone has 3 different Social Media channels, a podcast, and a website. Besides The Freelancer Talk, I also manage a very demanding personal YouTube channel, a travel blog, my website for my freelancing business, and of course my personal Social Media channels… It is A LOT!My friends often ask me how I am able to keep up. My answer:Planning is KEY!It’s taken me some time to find out the right way of structuring my Social Media content plan. But since I found the right formula, my life has been a lot easier! In this week’s podcast, I’m giving away the structure of how I plan my Social Media content. From starting with an idea in the shower to automating all my Social Media posts.Sign up for our Newsletter!This podcast is definitely meant for those who use their Social Media channel for their own businesses and get very anxious about creating content, staying consistent, and posting at the right time. Enjoy listening and make sure to review the podcast on Apple Podcasts!If you’re looking for an automated Social Media planner and have no clue which one to choose? Find my personal recommendation here!Support the show (
Affiliate Marketing, you’re probably familiar with it or maybe not? It’s all around and in front of us these days. People are using affiliate marketing as a way to monetize their online content. Instagram, Youtube, and even your own website or blog. There are endless possibilities to create secondary income streams through your online content. Especially for us freelancers who use free content to drive consumers into your own sales funnel. But just because we give it away for free doesn’t mean we can’t monetize it.In this week’s podcast I’m diving into the world of affiliate marketing: What is affiliate marketing? How can you benefit from joining an affiliate network? How can you use affiliate marketing for yourself and how should you be using affiliate links? Learn all about affiliate marketing in this week’s podcast and stay tuned for more podcasts on how to monetize your online content! November is all about monetization!Enjoy listening and make sure to review the podcast on Apple Podcasts!Make sure to sign up for The Freelancer Talk newsletter and join our exclusive Facebook Group!Support the show (
We’re being taught to save our money but really we shouldn’t be saving anymore. We should be investing it!Over the past couple of months I’ve been researching and educating myself on investing and this week I finally felt ready. With the Covid-19 pandemic luring over the stock markets I decided to play it safe and give myself some kind of trial amount. Just to understand what the stock exchange does to my money and how different types of companies and shares work.But enough about my first investment. I want to talk about why is started to invest!There was a reason why I choose to invest: saving isn’t an option anymore. Nowadays saving is considered to be a way of slowly becoming poor. Why? You’ll have to listen to the podcast!I’ve mentioned this before already a couple of times. Us freelancers are in charge of our own financial system and therefore also our pension. I’ve been raised with a saving mentality, hell everybody from the Netherlands has been raised like that, but saving your pension as a freelancer is a bad idea! Saving, in general, is a bad idea and I think we should all been made aware of that. But most of us are not.That’s why in this week’s podcast I’m urging you to start educating yourself on investing and change your ideas on saving.Make sure to rate the podcast and send me your reviews at thefreelancertalk@gmail.comSupport the show (
Gaining a social media following or attracting more people to your website is vital for your business’ growth. But to reach our goals we often tend to give away most of our own content for free, in the hopes to drive more sales. I’m all up for giving away free content, but what if I told you that there are ways to monetize your online content as well!How do people earn off of Youtube, Tik Tok, or Instagram? And how can you earn money by writing a blog or recording a podcast?In today’s podcast, I’ll be giving away how you can exactly monetize your online content. I’m going to explain to you what CPM means and what types of advertising models there are. I am going to briefly explain to you what affiliate marketing means but if you truly want to understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Then I suggest you listen to podcast #11!I do have to say that monetizing your online content doesn’t become lucrative overnight. As you grow your channels you will start to grow your income, but it requires a lot of work and the right strategies. But this podcast isn’t about all strategies as each different channel needs a different strategy!Anyway, let’s start listening shall we?!Leave a RATING and REVIEWSupport the show (
Pensions, debts, savings, financial buffers, your spending habit, and getting realistic about your dreams. Today we are rounding up our money month by getting real about money!Us Freelancers have our own responsibility to dissect our revenue, to pay our taxes, and plan our own pension. Don’t be fooled by huge paychecks because they rarely are huge!How do you get out of debt or how do you plan on buying that house in the future? You cannot start early enough with creating your own financial plan and especially getting realistic about it. My own personal journey in finding a financial plan that worked for me was a complicated one. Like most freelancers, I started out at a young age and didn’t really grasp what this kind of career meant for my wallet. I had a crazy spending habit that led me into debt. And while I was busy trying to make ends meet, how was I supposed to put money aside for my pension? How was I supposed to pay for a new computer when my old one broke down? I’m sure you as well have bumped into some kind of money issues before?Why you need to stop saving and start saving as freelancer (podcast #11)Getting real about money is something we don’t often talk about. Money talks are often taboo, especially when you aren’t doing so great. I know all about it!The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-EmployedTo find answers on how I should be planning my finances as a freelancer I went on an everlasting online search adventure. And that’s when I found “The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed” by Joseph D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan. A life changing book that taught me all the ins and outs on how I should be planning my finances as a Freelancer.In today’s podcast, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from Part 1 of the book, basically the first 100 pages. Part 1 is designed to prepare you for Part 2, where they teach you how to set up your own financial plan. In Part 1 you basically dig into all things money that you should take into account when you create your financial plan. We’re talking cash flow, paychecks, debts, financial buffers, and making your dreams concrete. A part of the book that I think is so essential to us freelancers.So I’m gonna talk about all things money but if you want to learn how to set up your financial plan in a concrete way, I strongly urge you to buy the book and get reading! You can buy the book HERE*!Now let’s talk about money, shall we?*This is an affiliate link by the terms of the Amazing Partner programma. By purchasing this product I will be allowed a small commission which doesn’t impact the original price of the product. By using this link you will make it possible for me to keep creating free content however you are in no way obliged to use this link.Support the show (
More and more people are starting to understand that just creating a brand as a freelancer isn’t enough anymore. Consumers expect a more fuller brand experience and are more curious as to who is the person behind the brand. Personal branding is gaining some serious popularity amongst freelancers and entrepreneurs! But what is personal branding exactly and how can you do this yourself?Read The Freelancer Talk Newsletter #2 right here and subscribe!For today’s podcast episode I had the pleasure to have a conversation on personal branding with a friend, Personal Brand expert, and freelance photographer Sophie Oelrich.Sophie has the perfect personal branding Instagram Strategy!Sophie is in my opinion an excellent example of how personal branding is done and how it sets you up for success. She managed to create a very interesting strategy for her Instagram, from which we could all learn. She uses her Instagram to not only show off her portfolio but also to hook people on her entrepreneurial journey! You see it’s not just about her work anymore, but about who she is, what she stands for, and how she is able to help you. Allowing her audience to connect with her on more than just a business level, a more personal level. But that’s not all, she also offers personal branding shoots for entrepreneurs. So how do you capture someone’s personal brand through photography? She’ll tell you all about it!Especially for us freelancers, we are a one-men-business, enriching your brand and integrating your personality and values into that brand will only be an advantage. Why is that? Well, let’s get listening and you’ll find the answers! This week’s episode is jam-packed with valuable and important information so make sure you don’t skip this one!If you’re curious about Sophie’s work, then make sure you check out her website:!Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast or Spotify and don’t forget to leave the show a rating and review.Support the show (
For over a year I’ve been part of an online platform named Artship. Artship connects freelancer teachers, students, and locations to enable art education. Whereas I think this platform is absolutely fantastic, as it’s made my life as a freelance teacher a lot easier, I am also in awe of how this platform was created and came to be. We live in a digital world where online businesses are rising left and right. But how do you create an Online Business and what does it even mean? That’s why today’s podcast is on creating an Online Business together with Artship CEO & founder, Lars Wettmann.Find out more about Artship!I’m beyond excited about this week’s podcast episode as I’ve come to understand that Artship is much more than just an Online Business. As I mentioned, Artship is an online platform that connects freelance teachers and students as they intend to build a community.Community building…This is something that most of us are unaware of when we create marketing plans and Instagram strategies. When creating an Online Business, you will have to focus on building an online community as well. They simply go hand in hand. In my opinion, Artship is the perfect example of how it’s done! Lars has found a perfectly balanced formula with Artship and I think he can teach us all a valuable lesson!What that lesson is? You’ll have to press play and listen to the full episode right now!Community building is essential!In the episode, Lars explains what Artship is and why he started it. But we’re taking it a few steps further than that… We’re talking about the role of Social Media when creating an online business. Of course, we’re talking about community building but we are also touching on the subject of web design and how you find an aesthetic for your website.What Lars has been doing with Artship is exactly what I’m currently doing with the Freelancer Talk. I’m building an online community knowing that’ll connect to my future online business. But that’s a topic for another day! Far down the line!Don’t forget to rate the podcast and leave a review! Now let’s get listening!Find Artship on Instagram!Support the show (
Social Media are evolving and it’s up to us to evolve with them. Your Social Media strategy of 2020 might not work in 2021! If you haven’t started creating a social media plan, I suggest you start today. But before you do, I’ll be sharing with you some of the latest and upcoming Social Media trends to look out for in 2021. You should most definitely integrate these into your social media strategy as new trends bring new opportunities!Take advantage of these Social Media trends and set your business or brand up for success!2020 has radically changed the way we live our lives and we have seen a huge increase of online shopping. Building a strong online presence for your business/brand has never been more important and this importance will only increase throughout 2021. It’s becoming more important to build an engaging community rather than just selling products and services on Social Media. Brands are starting to be vocal on social, environmental, and political issues. Apps like Facebook and Instagram are slowly changing into Super-Apps with the integration of shopping and dating features. Social Media are looking for ways to bridge the offline and online world by investing their efforts into Augmented Reality. You’ll hear all about these trends and many more in this week’s podcast of The Freelancer Talk! Let’s get listening!Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast or SpotifyDon't forget to leave a rating and a review!Follow us on Instagram and make sure to sign up for The Freelancer Talk newsletter. Want to be part of our community? Join our exclusive Facebook Group! Support the show (
I am beyond excited to finally release my last episode of season 1 of The Freelancer Talk. I wanted to close this first season out with a banger and I think I managed to succeed, at least on a personal level! For my last episode, I’ve invited Korzo’s General Director, Gemma Jelier, to join me on the podcast. For those who aren’t familiar with Korzo. Korzo is a theater and production house in Den Haag (NL).My connection to Gemma is a personal one. She used to be the Head of the Dance Department at ArtEZ, right at the time when I was studying there. As I was a representative of my program, I’ve partaken in a lot of education programming talks together with Gemma. Having many discussions as well! But I’ve always felt that she was very open and available to talk to, something, not all directors tend to master. She takes everybody seriously and into account. In all honesty, I had a great connection with Gemma back then and it was lovely to catch up after all these years!Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast or SpotifyBefore I’m going to explain more about our podcast, I do want to point out one other important position she’s had. Gemma was part of the Domain Committee Performing Arts in the Netherlands. Where she held the chair Committee Dance and chair Committee Production houses.It’s because of her list of positions and achievements she’s been able to get a unique perspective on the dance scene. And that’s exactly why I needed her on my podcast!Cultural Management, Livestreams, and Art EducationIf you’ve listened to one of my podcasts before, you know that I choose one specific topic to talk about during that episode. Often my topics are general and apply to all types of freelancers.But today I’m switching it up!In the first part of the podcast, Gemma takes us a little bit behind the scenes of being a Director. How do you create a vision and how do you communicate that vision. How much do you exactly need to know of everything and how can you introduce changes? For those of you who are planning on becoming a CEO or Director themselves, there are a lot of valuable lessons that Gemma teaches us in this part.In the second part of the podcast, we are diving into the Digital World and what that means for theatres and production houses. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically increased our online usage and has forced us to take things online. Something that was inevitable in the first place. But how can theatres and production houses take this to their advantage? What are some of the latest developments and what is the importance of livestreaming? How far can we take it? If you want some more background information on why I am personally suggesting to use livestreams in 2021, then I urge you to read this article I wrote.In the final part of the podcast, we are discussing why it’s important for Art academies to follow the trend and educate their students on topics as marketing, social media, and business management. Something that I set out to do personally myself.Now let's get listening!Support the show (
In this week’s podcast episode, we’re talking with marketing agency owner Heather Tulloch on how you can build up your self-confidence! Heather Tulloch is the Founder of Image Creative BHX a digital marketing agency, based in the UK. They have worked with a range of e-commerce and service-based businesses around the world and have a visionary perspective when it comes to their ideas. Freelancing most of the time means networking and building relationships with existing clients. But to be honest, networking is hard and doesn't always come easy to some of us. It's important to build up your self-confidence along the way, so when you approach that long-wanted client, you know what to say and how to present yourself.Self-confidence isn’t something that comes within a day. It’s a process of trial and error. That’s totally okay though! Are you struggling with your self-confidence and need some networking tricks? Listen to our episode now and learn from our stories!Check out Image Creative BHX on Instagram!Are you absolutely loving The Freelancer Talk podcast? Make sure to let the world know by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or another suitable platform!Join daily discussions and connect with other freelancers by becoming part of our exclusive international freelancers’ group on Facebook! Join us today! Connect with us!TwitterInstagramFacebook PageYouTube For more visit TheFreelancerTalk.comSupport the show (
Season 2 Trailer!

Season 2 Trailer!


Hello Season 2, and a warm welcome to all you new listeners!The Freelancer Talk is back for a second season and it's going to be packed with many incredible guests! But besides incredible guests, The Freelancer Talk has undergone some changes for season 2! We've moved our hosting to Buzzsprout and have drastically re-imaged our looks. On top of that expect some new features to be rolled out over the next few months...Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast network and never miss a new episode! (every Tuesday)Are you absolutely loving The Freelancer Talk podcast? Make sure to let the world know by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or another suitable platform!Join daily discussions and connect with other freelancers by becoming part of our exclusive international freelancers’ group on Facebook! Join us today! Want to receive weekly updates about the latest podcast episodes, blog articles, and other related news items? Sign up for our Weekly Digest newsletter! Connect with us!TwitterInstagramFacebook PageYouTube For more visit TheFreelancerTalk.comSupport the show (
It’s been a minute but The Freelancer Talk podcast is back! We’re kicking Season 2 off with an incredible valuable episode on goal setting together with Lauren from Nelly Marketing.After contemplating what the first episode should be about, I figured that we could all get some goal setting advice. We’re still in the first month of 2021 and even if you’ve already set all your goals, there’s still some time to make some readjustments and little tweaks. Last year, Lauren started her own marketing agency named Nelly Marketing. She is a marketing consultant with over 8 years of professional experience. So, I thought, she needs to be on The Freelancer Talk! I invited her to join me on the podcast for not just 1 but for 2 episodes! We’re starting off with our talk on goal setting. There’s no doubt in the importance of having a goal for yourself or for your freelance business. But how do you set goals? Especially when you are just starting a new business, setting SMART goals is big must! SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time.But as a freelancer just having SMART goals isn’t really going to be enough. Lauren developed her own theory on goal setting and added another 4 extra letters to the SMART-theory. I call it Lauren’s SMART+ theory! But what are those extra 4 letters and what do they stand for? Listen to the first episode of season 2 and dive into goal setting for freelancers with Lauren and I!I promise you, you’ll want to listen to this because Lauren’s SMART+ theory is incredibly helpful for us freelancers!Let’s get listening!Are you absolutely loving The Freelancer Talk podcast? Make sure to let the world know by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or another suitable platform!Join daily discussions and connect with other freelancers by becoming part of our exclusive international freelancers’ group on Facebook! Join us today!Want to receive weekly updates about the latest podcast episodes, blog articles, and other related news items? Sign up for our Weekly Digest newsletter! Connect with us!TwitterInstagramFacebook PageYouTubeFor more visit TheFreelancerTalk.comSupport the show (
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