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Have you wondered what it would be like to work for MI6 - the UK's Secret Intelligence Service?Please listen to Sir Richard Dearlove, the former Chief of MI6 whilst he talks about his career as an Intelligence Officer.  He also talks about career opportunities for young people who might like to consider a career in one of the three British Intelligence Services, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.Details for the UK's Intelligence Services can be found at our website:
The Sound of Fear

The Sound of Fear


Do you have the courage to listen to this podcast?Do you believe in ghosts?This podcast might help explain why some people believe they have seen or heard ghosts.Not for scaredy-cats!
Have you wondered what it takes to become an actor?Iona Reid, our Banff Spy Producer,  trained for many years to become an actor.  If you would like to make acting your career, then please listen to this podcast.  In the podcast Iona talks about her ambition to become an actor,  the drama schools she went to and what it takes to become an actor.The drama schools Iona attended were: Italia Conti - https://www.italiaconti.comThe School of the Science of Acting:  https://www.scienceofacting.comKingston University - you would like to talk to the Banff Spy about your ambitions then please get in touch by sending a mail to Richard 
You might believe that the Morse Code has faded away and died.  It hasn't.The Morse Code was one of the reasons the Titanic sank.During this podcast,  09op[x about this mysterious code made up of dots and dashes which was used for communications for most of the 20th Century.If you listen to this podcast, you might even learn some Morse Code characters or, if you are interested in radio communications, you might, after listened to this podcast, decide to learn the Morse Code and use it for communicating with other 'key bashers' around the world.The Morse Code was used by many organisations and spies all over the world used Morse Code to communicate secret messages to they spymasters!
This is the second part of our Banff Spy podcast. In this podcast you'll be hearing from our Senior Report, Beth Sivewright. Beth will be talking about Covid-19 and how it is affecting schools in Scotland.We will be talking to Karen Adam from the SNP who hopes to become the SNP for the Banff and Buchan area soon. You'll also be hearing from Adam Broom, a career paramedic who will be giving advice on Covid-19 topics.  Adam will also be talking about his career as a paramedic and how he flies around the world in executive jets which have been converted to air ambulances.  Former GCHQ officer, Graeme McGowan, will also be joining us to talk about combatting Covid-19 scams.  Graeme will also be talking about careers at GCHQ.
Welcome to the Pilot Episode of the Banff Spy Podcast.Banff is in the northeast of Scotland about 1 hour north of Aberdeen by road.  The members of the Banff Spy podcast team are Iona Reid, Producer, Beth Sivewright, Senior Reporter and Richard Broom who makes the tea.Although we'll be talking to people about Banff, Macduff and the surrounding area, we will also have a global reach.In this first segment of our very first podcast, we'll be talking to Angela Smith, a Macduff-based Yoga teacher, Rebekah McVey who is a reporter at the Aberdeen Press and Journal newspaper, Stewart Stevenson, our local Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) and Alan Judd, a world renowned journalist, author and film maker.After listening to Segment 1, please listen to Segment 2, which follows.  In Segment 2 we'll be talking Karen Adam from the SNP, to a former GCHQ officer, a career paramedic and Beth, our very own Senior Reporter will be reporting on the Covid-19 epidemic and how it affects schools in Scotland.
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