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The Truth About Things That Suck
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The Truth About Things That Suck

Author: Mindy Henderson

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Welcome! I'm Mindy Henderson, motivational speaker, author and coach. Living life from a wheelchair, surviving 2 devastating car crashes, lost jobs, and a host of other challenges, I have learned to navigate the curve-balls life throws at us, and now, my mission is to bring positivity to the world, to teach others how to navigate adversity well, to stop making excuses, and to see all they are truly capable of. Because…the truth about things that suck, is that…they suck. They won’t be fun, but it’s possible to have two truths that coexist at the same time…the 2nd truth is that there is a lot we can learn, a lot we can do and a lot of gifts that the sucky things bring to our lives and that empower us to make the world better. This podcast is a tool I’ve created to help us uncover those sucky, but surprisingly beautiful circumstances.
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Kimi Wilson has always had a passion for caring for families, and relocating to Fort Hood was no different! Being a military spouse, she has volunteered over 450+ hours of her time assisting Soldiers and their families with the challenges of military life.   She is also a huge advocate in the special needs community and assists families with navigating their child's diagnosis.She began her professional career by caring for the elderly as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  However, after having three complicated pregnancies, she decided to embark on a career to empowering families along their journey to parenthood.   Kimberly is a Certified Doula- Labor, Postpartum & Infant Care ( CD- L, PIC) and has received professional training from Prodoula.  Kimberly still holds an active CNA license and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. In addition, she certified with StillBirthday, which specializes in birth and bereavement. Along with this, she has created and carefully curated a self-care pamper box during the pandemic that features women of color owned businesses.  Kimi is a step closer to her dream of leaving a substantial impact on as many women as possible while sharing her own journey in hopes of elevating them to understand their potential, remarkable power and strength to lead a life filled with purpose.Connect with Kimi:@kimiwilsonco
Victoria Evans began her career in the corporate world with a prominent Fortune 500 company in the beauty industry in Montreal. During this time, her challenges related to eating disorders, mental health,  extreme dieting and overexercising became a catalyst for creating a solution to an issue millions of women deal with today. As a successful Intuitive Eating Coach, she is disrupting the wellness  industry through her fundamentally science-based approach. Victoria helps countless women heal their relationship with food by optimizing their mindset for happier and healthier lifestyles. She is Canadian but currently resides in Bali, Indonesia while providing solutions to women through her online coaching programsPodcast Recommendations: Unf*ck Your BrainThe Life Coach School PodcastRebel Eaters ClubWeighing In On Happywww.victoriaevansofficial.comINSTAGRAM:@victoriaevansofficialPODCAST: Weighing In On HappyFACEBOOK GROUP: Intuitive Eating Support Group For Badass WomenLINKED IN: VJEVANS
Today's guest really needs no introduction.  Dave Hollis, y'all!  We all know him as a wonderful speaker, an incredible coach, and a New York Times best-selling author...And, oh yeah there was that time he was a rising star and eventual executive for at Disney putting some of all of our favorite films into movie theaters.  Today, we are having a conversation about adversity,  his book, and all-things personal development.  Follow/Find Dave:Instagram Facebook Dave's Book
Shannan Hale is currently the Community Engagement Manager at The Hollis Co., a company that exists to arm people with the tools to make positive and lasting change.  She has been with the company since October of 2018 and has held various roles including Event Coordinator, as well as Executive Assistant to Rachel Hollis. She is married to her high school crush, a mama to three, and resides in Austin, TX with her blended family. Shannan’s deepest purpose is to help others find their gifts and most true identities and to help them heal from past experiences.  She is truly passionate about taking care of yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually - all while having as much fun as possible through the process.  Now, she has taken this purpose and is channeling it into a new brand, appropriately named, “Shay.”Contact or Connect with Shannan:Instagram: Resources:Jen Sincero - “You are a Badass” booksOprah Winfrey Podcast Jay Shetty on Youtube Calls to Action:Positive affirmations each morning while looking in the mirror10 min+ Meditation each day Find a mentor and borrow their beliefs until you find your own
I am SO excited to speak to today’s guest!!  This is the first man I’ve had on the show so far, and not only that, but he is one of my favorite humans - and I suspect, many of y’all’s favorites as well.Brad Chandler a strategic business advisor, and owner of Brightspot Enthusiast.  (...even though, he tells me, he’d rather be known as a theater geek, meditation guru, and champion of the underdog!, which I seriously think he should put on his business cards...)Brad provides a variety of services and, at the end of the day, helps businesses scale quickly – without imploding - using leadership & culture as a backbone.  When I asked Brad for a bio…this will tell you a lot about his playful personality…he included facts like…At 8 years old- he had my own lemonade stand. At 9 years old- he paid my friends hourly to run it while he played video games.Since then, Brad has leveled-up a smidge, and among other things…managed an international brand in Hong Kong, founded and scaled a hybrid music studio in Hollywood, serves on non-profit boards and does fundraising…I happen to know he has 3 of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen…Resources Recommended by Brad:The Dark Night of the Soul, Thomas MooreEmbracing Your Inner Critic, Hal Stone and Sidra StoneWhen Things Fall Apart, Pema ChodronThree "Failure-Wins" from Brad:Once you've seen the worst, it doesn't scare you anymore.Embracing your vulnerabilities let's you have compassion for others in the same position.The label of 'failure' is self-imposed. You are the judge and jury– not the world.  Have grace.Your experience of failure is a bridge into new blessings.  Be willing to receive what's coming.Where can you find and connect with Brad?TheBradChandler.comInstagram - @thebradchandler
Dr. Tenesha Wards, founder of Infinity Wellness Center in Austin, Texas and The Energy Recovery System Online Functional Medicine Coaching Program is a Holistic Doctor who concentrates on Chronic Fatigue, GI Issues, Women's Hormone Issues from Pre/Post Menopause to Infertility, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Burnout, and Insomnia. She believes in the importance of treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.Thousands of women have found Dr. Wards after not seeing results with traditional practitioners, cookie cutter programs and expensive supplements. Her holistic approach to wellness means she specializes in finding and correcting the core root cause to conditions like Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, and Fibromyalgia. Drawing from her personal struggles with Lyme Disease, Autoimmunity, and Epstein Barr Virus is where she finds the fuel to pursue her passion - Helping people Heal Near and Far.  Three "Calls to Action" Dr. Wards recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:Trust your body, you're the only one in it.Don't take no for an answer, when you know in your gut it is a yes.Where can you find and connect with Dr. Wards?
Rhonda Kuykendall is a portrait photographer in Fort Bend County, Texas.  She is also a survivor.  Rhonda serves on the Board of Directors of Child Advocates of Fort Bend; where she Chairs their Legislative Advocacy Team.  She also Chairs the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Human Trafficking Team.  Her passion is people.  May 2, 2015 Rhonda received Congressional Recognition by U.S. Representative Pete Olson for abolishing the statute of limitation on child sexual assault.Contact or Connect with Rhonda:Facebook - AND - @rhondakuyResources:Keeping Kids Safe in at the Digital Age - Book List Books to teach prevention of Sex Trafficking to teach prevention of Child Sexual Assault to Action:Join the Facebook Group, "Defend Your City FBC" to learn how you can help our effortsIf you would like to Defend Your City, reach out to Rhonda Kuykendall at any of the above.  Let’s irradicate IMBs across the entire state.Look up a Children’s Advocacy Center in your area to volunteer
Anna Robinson is a blogger, book enthusiast, and the owner of Listen Up and Read. She loves being able to fulfill her ardency for reading and provide in-depth book, audiobook, and podcast reviews, and NOW small business reviews to deliver valuable insights and inspiration.Anna works full-time as a Healthcare Privacy Consultant, is a mother to two young children, and when she’s not focused on those things, she is an avid gardener, has appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts, and is always scoping out new small businesses to write reviews on.Anna, is here to discuss two very timely topics.  With a year of challenging transitions, Anna is here to first discuss how she has gotten through a year that included a separation from her husband of 10 years, moving homes, starting a new job AND COVID-19 with 2 small children...homeschooling...etc. The second issue Anna is here to discuss is anti-racism.  It's a conversation I've wanted to have, but like so many who are sympathetic and outraged, but are aware we don't fully understand how the black community truly feels, I've been hesitant to say much out of fear of saying the wrong thing.  Today, we are discussing how Anna feels about the current events and what she'd like to see individuals doing to help change the culture and eliminate the problem of racism in our country. Contact or Connect with Anna:Website: Instagram & Facebook: @listenupandread Resources:Books:"How to Be an Antiracist," by Ibram X. Kendi"White Fragility," by Robin Diangelo"I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness," by Austin Channing BrownNetflix:  Black Lives Matter sectionPage of Resources compiled by The Hollis Co.
Amy Westbrook is an entrepreneur, former paraplegic, podcaster, founder of a 501c3 non-profit "Souled Out Ministries" and currently runs her speaking and equipping company "L!ve With Amy."Her newly released book Souled Out! Attain Your Next Level-Life DESPITE Unexpected Outcomes tells how she walked out of her wheelchair and teaches life application principles to overcome. She spent thirty-five years as a sales and marketing executive, specializing in both the hospitality and media industries, and is the mastermind behind The Freedom Success Method™, an online course designed to guide students to their next-level life. As a former radio show host, Amy has nearing 1,000 radio shows under her belt. Westbrook has used her infectious passion to speak to audiences about the fact that they can live their dream life--despite life’s unexpected setbacks.Amy currently resides in Austin, Texas.Three "Calls to Action" Amy recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:Check out Amy's podcast at, Live With Amy podcast, about Purpose #500-#503.  They will help you stop obsessing over what your purpose is and launch you into action that deepens purpose "as you progress."Mental Fortitude is essential to create a next-level life- Begin by thinking about what you think about. Once you identify toxic patterns create an intervention word or declaration to break that cycle in your subconscious.Stop asking "why me, why did this happen, why do I have to do this?" Instead ask "what?" "What am I to receive from this situation, what am I to contribute in this situation, what are the resources I need?" "Why" is a slippery slope and rarely produces fruit in any situation.Where to Find and Connect with Amy:www.LiveWithAmy.comwww.SouledOutMinistries.comAmy's book on AmazonSocial Media:Facebook - Live With AmyInstagram - @livewithamy.w
Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here, and I hope you will come back again and again and again for the stories of hope, encouragement and inspiration you can find here.I created this podcast to show us all we are not alone.  I created it to show us all that we can walk through hard things and go on to do big, beautiful things for the world we live in. I created it to give you hope, courage and tangible tools to help you get through your own struggles.  I created it to show us all that we are built to be survivors and to be resilient...and I created it to show us that ANYTHING is possible.  If you like what you find here, please subscribe, leave a review and share, share, share.  And...I'd love to connect with you at:www.mindyhendersonspeaks.com Thank you - see you again soon!
Cherie is a former IBMer in the field of Computer Engineering and research and development. She worked on special projects for NASA and reversed engineered the latest technology before it went to market. Cherie believes it is truly possible to change the world by taking ideas that solve problems and by putting action behind them to watch them grow.  She is also a twenty-year breast cancer survivor and turned a bad thing into a good thing for others, she is the Founder and CEO of an Austin, Texas-based company called Healincomfort that has won many Innovative Awards and has been nationally and internationally recognized. The name of her company Healincomfort, appropriately named because from personal experience it was the last thing that occurred.Healincomfort is dedicated to helping women and men heal in comfort and dignity after mastectomy surgery in their battle against breast cancer with her award-winning, patented, and innovative post-operative garment. The Healincomfort recovery garment holds two USA patents, one global patent-pending, five USA Trademarks. Healincomfort was first created to help one hundred local Austin, Texas patients, which has turned into helping over 40,000 patients throughout the USA. Recent awards and recognition include the honor of being a 2020 Global Woman Summit Judge, 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year award from Male Breast Cancer Coalition, 2018 winner of the Exceptional Surprise Global Woman Inspirational Award, 2016 Woman's Way Business Award winner for Product Innovation...ET CETERA!Three "Calls to Action" Cherie recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:Love and respect the person looking back in the mirror.  If you can’t love yourself, you can’t help anyone else.  Reflect on what makes you a good person, what you stand for, and where you will not bend.Identify what is broken - in the story of what happened to you, what EXACTLY got broken?  If you are spiraling out of control, or is there some tiny thing you can grab ahold of (something that is positive and ever-present)?  What can you control?  Find comfort in that.How can you give so that you can receive?  Take your brothers and sisters with you.  Is there a need that is common to all of you who have walked that path?  Fill that void and you can give AND receive.Where to Find and Connect with Cherie:    http://www.therecoveryshirt.comSocial Media:LinkedIn - - - - - -  
With over 30 years of experience creating successful advertising and public relations campaigns and as an award-winning producer, LisaBeth “LB” Thomas continues to be regarded as one of the most respected women in her field. LB was also the founding President of Texas Women in Business which now has chapters in Austin, Houston and Lubbock. She is currently serving as Austin’s president in celebration of their 10th year. Her pathway to success wasn’t always easy. After her divorce she lost her home and her business.  She was devastated and didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did – her mom passed away as she was preparing to close on her home. All this destroyed her confidence and belief in herself.  Through the struggle, she uncovered the deep seeded fears that were sabotaging her life. Her courage and determination not only turned a spotlight on those fears, she turned her tragedies into triumphs. LB inspires audiences to dig deep to uncover their inner strength and power to create their best lives now.Three "Calls to Action" LB recommends we ALL implement in our lives today:Learn how fear blocks us from our success and ways to outwit itTake one small step so you respond not react during critical situationsLearn how to give yourself graceWhere can you find and connect with LB? - LB's course on discovering your core fears that may be  silently sabotaging your communications, your relationships, your successFacebook:LisaBeth ThomasOutwitting Fear with LB ThomasLinkedIn:LisaBeth Thomas
Dave Hollis: Fear & Courage

Dave Hollis: Fear & Courage


We all deal with fear in one way or another (I wrote a chapter in my book about it), and the question is, "how do you move from fear to courage?"  Check out my conversation with Dave about how he navigated some of the more challenging aspects of his life, and how we can all stretch ourselves.About Dave:Dave Hollis is a New York Times best-selling author, host of the popular Rise Together podcast, a keynote speaker and a life and business coach on GrowthDay. Dave’s history includes CEO of a media start-up, former President of Sales for the film studio at The Walt Disney Company, a talent manager across film, TV, and music, and work in publicity, research, and technology in the entertainment sector. Dave’s the father to four kids, a four-time foster parent, an avid runner, a sports memorabilia enthusiast, and drives a 1969 Ford Bronco. Dave’s philanthropy exists via The Hollis Foundation, where acting as an ally to the needs of children in foster care, teen homelessness, and food insecurity have been a recent focus for grants. Dave has sat on the board of the membership committee for the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences, of which he is a member, and on the boards of Fandango Labs, Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers, National Angels, and his alma mater Pepperdine’s Institute for Entertainment Media and Culture.
Scott Miller: Job Loss

Scott Miller: Job Loss


Scott and I are talking about something SO RELEVANT in our world today - unemployment/job loss.  Scott is a management and leadership expert and I am so excited to bring this conversation to you. Check out this episode for some incredible advice about unemployment, AND about serving in a leadership role responsible for managing individuals.About Scott:Capping a 25-year career where he served as a chief marketing officer and executive vice president of business development, Scott Jeffrey Miller currently serves as FranklinCovey’s senior advisor on thought leadership, leading the strategy and development of the firm’s speaker’s bureau, as well as the publication of podcasts, webcasts, and bestselling books. Scott also hosts On Leadership with Scott Miller, the world’s largest and fastest-growing leadership podcast, reaching more than six million people weekly. In addition, Scott authors a leadership column for and is the bestselling author of the Mess to Success series.
Body Image and eating disorders are issues that are far too prevalent in our world. Heidi Powell is a television personality, transformation specialist, best-selling author and entrepreneur and, in this episode, she shares her own journey through eating disorders and wisdom around how to love ourselves.Heidi's bio:Heidi became a fixture in America’s living room and across the globe as co-host of theABC’s hit show, Extreme Weight Loss, alongside former husband and business partner Chris Powell, where they guided extremely overweight individuals as they shed hundreds of pounds over the course of a year. In March 2017, Chris and Heidi launched their brand TRANSFORM with Chris and Heidi, which has enabled them to expand their transformations way beyond the show participants. With the goal of transforming one million lives, they have the digital TRANSFORM health and fitness app, a TRANSFORM supplement line, and the TRANSFORM coaching program, where app users are paired with a certified personal coach who works side-by-side with Chris and Heidi. Over the last year, Heidi has expanded her portfolio of offerings into the personal development space, using her over two decades of experience to coach thousands of women through their personal life transformations. Her most recent and highly reputed course is titled SHOW UP, where Heidi helps clients rewrite their story, create their identity, set and achieve goals, and become the best version of themselves. Heidi writes an incredibly successful blog, where fans rely on her candid and humorous insights about health and wellness trends, fitness regimens, healthy recipes, family-friendly workouts, parenting advice, as well as navigating life after divorce with a blended family. Heidi’s brand has grown extensively over the past few years since she put herself on the other side of transformation and documented her own experience training and transforming her body as an NPC bikini competitor in the bodybuilding world. After much hard work, Heidi proudly became an IFBB Bodybuilding Pro in July 2017.Heidi is the co-founder ofAthiaSkin, alongside fellow female fitness entrepreneur, BrookeEnce. The female-founded and operated company was formulated by active women to target skin issues that may arise from being active, as well as to help women feel beautiful in their skin at any age. The rapidly growing company is a proud partner of She’s the First, where every month a new girl receives a scholarship using proceeds from every Athia purchase. Adding best-selling author to her list of accolades, Heidi coauthored Chris’ second book, Choose More, Lose More, for Life, which immediately soared to the top of the New York TimesBest Seller list. Additionally, in 2015, Chris and Heidi released,Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days, which provides a comprehensive blueprint for changing your body—and life—in just 21 days. Heidi has been featured in numerous publications including Shape, Redbook, Parents and served on the Women’s Health magazine Advisory Board. She has regularly appeared on such shows as GMA, Dr. Oz, and The Doctors. Shehas both ACE and CrossFit certifications. When not traveling, she resides in Arizona with her four children.
Shannon founded Forethought Planning with the dream to radically change how people consume  financial education and feel financially empowered!  Money moves and usually leaves our balance sheets while wealth maintains. Shannon uses the term wealth instead of money for people to adjust their mindset to know they are worthy of building and maintain wealth no matter where they are on their journey. Wealthcare is the term Shannon uses to bring together the life planning that she does for her clients. Money touches every aspect of our lives so it is important as a part of your financial planning that your health – mental & physical, your behaviors, relationships, goals, and experiences come together. As a Generational Wealthcare Strategist, is the trusted advisor for her clients bringing their wealth together with the life they want to experience -- customizing teams to fit their overall needs. In addition to building, maintaining, and enjoying your wealth, she also works with you on plans to distribute your wealth to generations to come.  Forethought Planning provides cash flow management, debt strategy, charitable giving, wealth management – investment, tax, estate, and insurance planning.  Shannon also takes a tailored investment strategy to ensure that your money is aligned with your values and vision focusing on strategies that focus on environmental, social, and governance making a difference in our communities both nationally and globally. In her personal time, Shannon enjoys fitness and personal development— self-care is a huge topic of conversation throughout the client experience at Forethought and Shannon wants to lead by example.  In addition, being involved with her community and raising awareness/change around equity and the wealth gap is something near and dear to her heart. Shannon currently serves on the Board of Directors for Urban Ventures a non-profit organization located in south Minneapolis, who’s mission is to eliminate generational poverty. She is a mom of two fierce young girls and a wife to an incredible supportive husband. Find out more about Forethought Planning:Website: www.forethoughtplanning.comFacebook: with Shannon:Website: www.msshannonforeman.comInstagram: @msshannonforemanFacebook:'s Calls to Action:Understand how your past stories impact your current money stories/beliefs. Rewrite these beliefs into something that will better serve you. Understand your cashflow - what goes in and what comes out and your net worth - what you own and what you owe.Remember wealth is personal and you are worthy of it!Free Tool:
Dr. Annie Vovan is a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist on a mission to help other women live an unapologetic life. She is a business and mindset coach for service based female business owners and a serial multi-passionate entrepreneur. Annie lives in Los Angeles with her 2 young children and her husband who has learned (ahem) to  embrace her desire to make an impact and an income in the world by teaching other women to do the same. After a tragic 2017, she has decided that  life is not a dress rehearsal and no dreams are too big to tackle.Annie is the Founder of Avenue Mama, her community for diverse, ambitious moms that start and grow their service based and impact driven businesses, AND has a podcast and hosts events and workshops across the country.  She offers 1:1 Mindset + Business Coaching for all women.  Because she is so passionate about the balance of motherhood and business, she offers  Group Coaching and a Monthly membership for mom business owners who are ready to dive in and show up for their dreams. Connect with Annie:@annievovan @avenuemama 
In 2019, after unexpectedly losing her husband 5 days after they returned from a whirlwind trip to France, Bevin Farrand founded the Take the DAMN Trip movement. Her DAMN framework has inspired hundreds to connect with the people that they love, do the “crazy thing” that makes all the difference and, when given a choice, to take the damn trip.  Additionally, she is a business strategist and coach who supports small businesses and entrepreneurs in developing and executing strategies to take their revenue to 6- and 7-figures. Connect with Bevin:EMAIL: bevin@takethedamntrip.comWEBSITE: FACEBOOK: GROUP: @takethedamntrip, @bevinfarrand
Kelly Sisson is a wife, mother, mental health therapist, podcaster and hippie at heart who loves Earl Grey iced tea, deep conversations, and encouraging others.  She has wanted to change the world from a very young age.  After a recommendation from her older sister, Kelly decided to become a social worker and ultimately a mental health therapist.  Kelly has been the owner of Sisson Counseling Services since 2015. Kelly has a deep desire to spread the Kelly and the Encouragers mission throughout the world.  She dreams big and takes massive action to reach her goals. And, she knows that you can too! All you need is a little encouragement to see yourself the way that the world is already seeing you.  When she isn’t working, Kelly can usually be found listening to a podcast or audiobook and spending time with her family and/or friends.  She loves spending time outside but hates bugs. Kelly enjoys finding the humor in life and loves story telling.  She believes in building your own version of your best life.Connect with Kelly:Website: www.kellysisson.comInstagram: @kellyandtheencouragersFacebook: Kelly and the EncouragersKelly's Recommendations:Becky Allen- Win the Day Productions podcast (grief/loss, all hard things) Kristina Kusmic- Hold On, But Don’t Hold Still (Mental Health and parenting) Melissa Radke- Eat Cake. Be Brave. (A hilarious take on Resiliency)Kelly's Call-to-Action:Make a list of anything you have on your heart yiy want do- big or small. Pick one thing to do within the next month. Live the life you want now. Don’t wait!
Born on December 25, 1985 in West Harlem, New York and by December 15, 1987 just before her 3rd birthday, Leonora Emilia Cárdenas lost both her mother and father on the same day. As a little girl growing up without her mother and being raised by a family relative, Leonora longed desperately for a mother’s love and to be accepted. Later on in her adolescence and being adopted again, her poor self-esteem and lack of confidence in addition to a toxic relationship with her adoptive mother, Leonora often questioned her reason for living and frequently displayed rebellious behaviors. Nonetheless, upon graduating from college and undergoing the natural trajectory of her life experiences thus far, Leonora embarked on a journey of tremendous growth. In May 2020, she launched her video diary series on YouTube called LeoSpeaks, where she plans to share her life story of experiencing trauma and embracing the ongoing process of healing. Today, Leonora holds her certification in School Counseling, serves in the New York Army National Guard, and is a mother of her 5-year-old son, Joshua.Connect with Leonora:Personal IG: @i_is_a_womanLeoSpeaks business IG: @_leospeaks_LeoSpeaks video diary on YouTube: by Leonora:Good Gas Mondays with Krystal Tomlinson is a podcast based in Jamaica West Indies, but she is a powerful, articulate, and thoroughly knowledgeable of her craft. She’s passionate about helping people — her “gladiators” as she calls her listeners— take control of the lives they want to live.Calls to Action:Take some time to do a careful evaluation of yourself and who you want to be, think of all your characteristics or behaviors you display that could possibly be preventing you from being the person you desire to be, then make a deliberate decision to face the root of their existence. Be open and honest with yourself and be intentional about seeking help to change and applying the change.
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