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From A New Hope to The Rise of Skywalker to everything awesome in between and beyond, your hosts ARC Trooper Fives and Commander Cuatros take you on a trip through that galaxy far, far away. We are not Star Wars experts here at Clone Army Radio. We are a couple of clones that love this amazing universe that GL created for all of us, and we have a blast talking to each other about it. Join us every week as we bring Star Wars discussions, fun, laughter and trivia to our new Empire... er, podcast!

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We're back and we're taking a dive into the waters on Scariff while talking about a classic Star Wars film!! That's right----- Rogue One! We are one with the force and the force is with us, and we're giving this film all the love it deserves!! Come aboard Rogue One, grab a glass of blue milk provided by the Erso Homestead, and listen to your favorite clones tell you why this movie is a 10 out of 10!! Rogue One and Clone Army Radio pulling away!As always, sound off on your opinions of this film and our show on Twitter and Instagram - @clonearmyradioand email us at -
We take a trip in Eagle 5 to Spaceball City to discuss a film near and dear to our hearts ---- Spaceballs!! Please note that this particular episode is UNCENSORED and contains EXPLICIT language! Grab a can of Perri-air or order some soup... DO NOT order the special, and join us as we have a blast talking about this classic film!As always you can contact us about this episode or anything else at the contact info
#53 Attack of the Clones!!

#53 Attack of the Clones!!


Begun the Clone War has!! The Clone Army is revealed to the Republic, and the Jedi. Bet they never thought the Clone Army would have it's own podcast! Your hosts ARC Trooper Fives and Commander Cuatros are here to tell you their top five(s) moments of Episode 2 Attack of the Clones!! We want to sell you death sticks, and take you on a police chase through Coruscant while talking about everything we love about this film. We dig into some parts of the film that aren't part of our top five, we do trivia, annnnd we give our opinion on the season finale of The Bad Batch! You don't want to miss this one!
#52 Doctor Fives Corner

#52 Doctor Fives Corner


Commander Cuatros has some things on his mind and needs to get it out. He made an appointment with Doctor Fives and we've got all the details here on Clone Army Radio! We touch on The Bad Batch a little bit, and Emperor Palpatine sent us a couple trivia questions as well! Grab some blue milk, caf, or spotchka and step inside the mind of the one and only Commander Cuatros!Email us at - clonearmyradio@gmail.comSocial media - @clonearmyradioEmails related to this episode specifically - put "Doctor Fives Corner" in the subject line and send them to
I just finished The Rising Storm! I give it my letter grade while also bringing up some moments that I liked! A rainy night on the road coupled with the ending of this book was like the perfect storm... in a good way! I cannot wait until the next book comes out!! for always listening and get ready for the return of Fives and Commander Cuatros coming very soon!
This story keeps getting better! This is Part 2 of my thoughts on The Rising Storm. HEAVY SPOILERS INCOMING! Take a ride with me as I talk about this later portion of the book. Things are really heating up now! Grab some Mantel Mix, and join me on my quest to rule the roads while talking the Star Wars!As always, email us at - or contact us at @clonearmyradio on Twitter and Instagram
I'm on the road for work and listening to Star Wars The High Republic ---- The Rising Storm, and am sharing my initial thoughts with all of you! This is Part 1 of a 3 part run. I will SPOIL the story, so if you haven't read the book, BE WARNED--- HEAVY SPOILERS INCOMING! Strap in and get ready for a High Republic filled ride to Kamino with ARC Trooper Fives!Comments or questions---- -- or -- @clonearmyradio at Twitter and Instagram
We're back and better than ever! We've returned to discuss our favorite-ish moments about the Sequel Trilogy. You will NOT want to miss this one! We briefly catch up on the last couple episodes of The Bad Batch, and then dive into the sequel films with some surprise discussions along the way! We've got blue milk, green milk, blasters, lightsabers, the force, and trivia! Twitter and Instagram - @clonearmyradioEmail -
Fives on the road for work shares his thoughts on one of his favorite books --- Dooku: Jedi Lost! This is mostly spoiler free in case you haven't read the book yet, but would like to know a little about it, and hear what Fives thinks. The driving audio wasn't the greatest, but we will make it better the next time we do one of these bonus shows! Enjoy, and if you have any comments or questions, reach out at
The Bad Batch keeps getting better and better! Your two favorite clones, Fives and Commander Cuatros break down Episode 9 - Bounty Lost! So get some Mantel Mix, blue milk or green, and get ready as we take you on a ride to Bora Vio for some answered questions and some intense action!! Stick around for some Star Wars Trivia as well!Twitter and Instagram - @clonearmyradioEmail -
We're still riding that wave called The Bad Batch! This week's episode ---- The Reunion was one of the best episodes of this young series and your 2 favorite clones couldn't wait to talk about it! WARNING WARNING WARNING---- If you have not watched Reunion yet, please watch it before listening to this! We SPOIL EVERYTHING in this episode! Don't forget to put a toothpick in your mouth so you can look cool like a certain character or two in this episode!clonearmyradio@gmail.comsocial media - @clonearmyradio
HEAVY SPOILERS for The Bad Batch---- Episode 7 ----Battle Scars! Commander Cuatros and Fives changed their plan for the week after watching this excellent episode! Grab a bowl of Mantell Mix and see if you can eat all 66 pieces before your favorite clones finish their wrap up of the episode! For the Republic! Social Media - @clonearmyradioEmail -
We're back!! Rogue 2 found us. I repeat, he's found us! We've got Bad Batch, Mando Bounty Board, Trivia and more! Welcome Fives and Commander Cuatros into your ears as we get closer and closer to executing Episode 66. Do not hesitate, and show no mercy as you press play on your audio device. We'll handle the rest!Heavy Bad Batch SPOILERS in this episode for Rampage and Decommissioned Check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ---- @clonearmyradioor Email ----
#46 Bounty and the Batch

#46 Bounty and the Batch


Bounties galore, The Bad Batch, The Sequel Trilogy and our Character Creator Contest comes to a close! There's a little bit of everything in this one--- you don't want to miss it by playing with your friends at Tosche Station! Grab your blasters, put on your helmets, bring your pets if you want. The Clone Army needs you to join today!Social Media --- @clonearmyradioEmail ---
Get ready for HEAVY SPOILERS for Episode 3 of The Bad Batch as Fives and Commander Cuatros give their thoughts on the episode! We're not sure what we did to Tarkin but he really has it out for us clones. We're not just numbers! We're people and and we have names! Hopefully you packed enough power couplings and capacitors for this one. You very well might even need a hydrospanner too! Join us for another ride in the galaxy GL made for us and stick around for the Bounty Board aaaaand triviaaaaa!
Welcome to I am the Seventh! We're back for another episode this week to give our thoughts on the second episode of The Bad Batch - Cut and Run!! This will of course be a SPOILER HEAVY episode! We've got a good feeling about this series! Before we get into that, we cover the answers to the newest Mando Bounty Board question. We also respond to a very good question sent in from Commander Fox----- you don't want to miss it! Grab a camtono of ice cream or spice, and relax while we get your chain codes ready! Strap yourselves in because you don't want to find yourselves floating home after this one!Email - clonearmyradio@gmail.comSocial media - @clonearmyradioYouTube - Clone Army Radio
This Is The May!

This Is The May!


It is May the Fourth AND it is the premiere of The Bad Batch!! Heavy Spoilers coming your way as Fives and the Commander reveal initial thoughts on the first episode of The Bad Batch! We've also got Mando Bounty Board and emails from some of you! As always, Star Wars Trivia is here and this week we've got questions from Commander Fox! Grab your gear and get ready... we're heading back to Kamino. After a short stop off at 79's, of course.IG and Twitter - @clonearmyradioEmail - clonearmyradio@gmail.comFacebook - Clone Army RadioMay the Fours be with you!
#42 Carnage of Krell

#42 Carnage of Krell


Get ready because we've got all sorts of CAR news coming at you this week! Some new additions to the show and a YouTube Channel for additonal content! The Clone Army is expanding and we've got the clankas on the run! We also pick up where we left of in the Umbara Arc... this is where the fun really begins! Our friend RFB sent out a new transmission filled with Star Wars Trivia questions, so stick around for that! Grab your Chewbacca slippers, blue milk and your blasters because we're heading back to Umbara, and you never know what'll happen there! Twitter and Instagram - @clonearmyradioEmail - clonearmyradio@gmail.comYouTube - Clone Army Radio
A darkness on Umbara, General Skywalker ordered to leave the fate of his men in the hands of a general who is tough and uncompromising. What could go wrong? We're talking about The General who treats clones worse than droids... General Krell!! A new enemy and a new leader. Never tell them the odds, but they are stacked against these clones here. Get strapped in as we break it down and as always, we have Staaaaaaaar Wars triviaaaaaaah at the end of the show! MTSBWY!Email - clonearmyradio@gmail.comTwitter and Instagram - @clonearmyradio
#40 Vader V Kenobi

#40 Vader V Kenobi


Hello there! We're back after break and we've got our results for our first ever Imperial March Madness! You won't believe who won... or will you? You will do what you must, and listen to Fives and Cuatros give you the lowdown. In the spirit of our championship matchup, this episode is all about Obi-wan and Darth Vader. We're talking top moments, so get your Chewbacca slippers on and meet us by the campfire. We're serving up Porgs, Spotchka and tales about two of cinemas greatest icons!Also, also, Trivia!!Twitter - @clonearmyradioEmail - clonearmyradio@gmail.comInstagram - @clonearmyradio
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