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Author: John Berry

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We have been above ground swimming pool owners since before 2010 and share some of the things we learned and mistakes we made over the years. From Softubs to Pools, we love the water!
9 Episodes
Episode #9: Using the BBB Method To Sanitize Your Swimming PoolThe BBB method (also known as Bleach, Baking Soda, and Borax) is an easy way to maintain your swimming pool all season long.Advantages of using the BBB method over more traditional sanitizing methods such as chlorine tablets or salt water generators.While there really aren’t many, I will discuss any disadvantages I can think of as well.Knowing your CYA and other pool levels is key when using this method.Testing methods and assuring accuracy require dependable testing kits.Notes:Taylor has good testing kits that allow you to determine the levels by using liquid reagents.  I will be using a digital testing photometer that uses tablet regents to accurately determine free chlorine, total chlorine, cya, and alkalinity.  It is a Pool Water Lab device.Bleach - Raises chlorine levelsBorax - Raises pH and slightly raises alkalinity levelsMuiratic Acid - Reduces pH and alkalinity levelsBaking Soda - Raises alkalinity levelsCYA - Raised using stabilizer
Following a few simple steps will help make your swimming pool stay clear and fresh while you are away on vacation.Don't let it worry you and just follow the basic principles you use regularly when keeping your pool clean.Call our voicemail hotline to be heard on a future podcast episode:405-653-8722.Visit my website at
It is important to open your swimming pool well before it is "truly" swimming season.Get your water ready to jump in now so you will have a clear and refreshing pool ready as soon as possible.Mentioned in this podcastXtreme US Power Vacuum
Your spa is a great place to be year round, especially in the winter months.  Nothing is better than relaxing in the cool air while having your body submerged in warm water.In this episode I will briefly discuss the best temperatures for you and your children so that your family can have a safe and fun winter season while using your heated pool or Softub.
In this episode we discuss the 3 different types of heaters you can use to heat your swimming pool when the temperatures are cold outside.Swimming doesn't just have to be in the summer time, with the correct setup you can swim year round.
When it comes to closing your pool for the season there a few things you need to do to make sure your water stays clears during the off-season.We discuss the 12 steps that are a must when closing your pool to give you the best re-opening experience the following season.By following the advice we mention in this podcast, you can be sure you will have much easier and less costly opening experience the following season.Links Mentioned You can find these 12 steps on our blog site at Part of the PodcastEmail us at or leave us a voicemail at (405) 804-1377 to get your comments and questions on the show.
About once every few months you will want to do a water change for your Softub to keep it clean, clear and fresh.I will go over the steps I follow to complete this task without the use of any power pump or disassembling of the Softub.Become Part of the PodcastCall our voicemail hotline to be heard on a future podcast episode:405-653-8722.
We discuss briefly why we started this podcast as well as answer a couple of pool questions that pool owners may have.Become Part of the PodcastCall our voicemail hotline to be heard on a future podcast episode:405-653-8722.
Introduction to our first podcast episode.We discuss how to determine when you should close your swimming pool for the winter months and just get our feet wet in this new podcast.Become Part of the PodcastCall our voicemail hotline to be heard on a future podcast episode:405-653-8722.
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