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Plus why is it so hard to give stuff away, short comings with What3Words, same flag, different country, fluorescent road markings, contranyms and why do we wave hands in the air after touching something hot
Plus, farewell to our cat, bonfire review, pick your own Quality Street and Formula 1We've been a tad busy and on holiday for a week so there's a massive list of topics to get through.We need a new nickname for Orange Marshall 2 as he's taking a break from marshalling. Last week we said goodbye to our 19 year old cat Roly, which was very sad, nevertheless she had a good life.From our last episode we revisit Lippy's clock mishap, herding sheep across London Bridge, and the head-bobbing opera singer.Grumpy has taken delivery of his electric bike and he's very, very pleased.We review the Cranleigh Lions Bonfire & Fireworks and the after party that led to an expected (at least by Grumpy) conversation about full stops and emojis when sending a message. Needless to say, there is a bit of a Grumpy rant.In some John Lewis stores you can fill a tin of you favourite Quality Street sweets, so no more unwanted sweets in the tin until March.There's some very strange going ons at Twitter after our favourite Bond villain in waiting has taken over. We're boycotting Twitter, which will have absolutely no effect, nevertheless we feel better about it.Lippy explains the drama at the last F1 race and we're looking forward to see second place being settled at the last Grand Prix of the season.Grumpy has introduced a new Why Do? section to the podcast. This week he's contemplating dispensers in gents toilets.Lippy has a joke instead of a top tip and Grumpy has a actor based fun fact.
Plus, mouth trouble, lettuce vs Liz Truss, high mileage cars, upside down sockets, statistics, ben Elton, electric bikes and dyslexiaGrumpy had a bit of trouble with the mouth in the last episode and got into a bit of trouble with Davros after fiddling with the volumes.It turns out that there's another Lippy, this one is down under. Maybe there is a club forming.We had a fun and tasty evening at menu tasting last week rounding off this year's preparations for Lippy & Duckboy's wedding.The lettuce lasted longer than Liz Truss, however Grumpy was concerned about the upside down Union Flag. He then has a bit of a rant, sorry.Grumpy has found a list of high mileage cars in scrapyards and is looking forward to a high mileage get together to be organised by a YouTuber. Lippy confesses she hankers after a Volvo XC60.Duckboy is showing an interest in a Lotus Emira and by chance Grumpy watches a video of an Emira being built. He compares it with a visit to a Ford factory in the 1970s.At the menu tasting Grumpy spotted an upside down electrical socket. He understands why and yet couldn't stop gawping at it.Lippy has a contact who has recently been given the freedom of the City of London, which comes with some unusual privileges. Bonfire building has started in earnest and we are looking forward to a superb evening on 5th November. If you've not had enough of Grumpy's voice, he's hosting! www.cranleighlions.orgLippy has a meeting booking pet peeve, thank goodness we're not using paper diaries any more.Grumpy is not good when a single statistic is used to measure something quite complex and Lippy's company is trying to do just that.Grumpy was taken back 40 years to see Ben Elton and Julian Clarey back on Channel 4 in stand-up.Grumpy and Wife of Grumpy are picking up their electric fold up bikes next week. Lippy is very rude about Grumpy building an electric bike some years ago.Lippy reveals some instances where her dyslexia has made her look a bit weird. You may think it has nothing to do with dyslexia!Lippy has an unusual top top and Grumpy's fun fact is music related.
Plus, grammar wrong'un, Angela Lansbury, Robbie Coltrane, adult conversations on Facebook, boy racers, music quiz, Trucking Hell and Google Maps AIMore microphone woes, so we had to start again after six minutes.The McDonald's time problem from last week is now a grammar wrong'un.Grumpy reads the Screaming Tomato's so called fun fact for the second time, which Lippy gets this time. We mourn the loss of Angela Lansbury and Robbie Coltrane, good actors and very decent human beings.Lippy spent some time very confused about deer in general, however isn't confused about Brooklyn 99.Only Lippy could sustain an injury at a first aid course and Grumpy reveals a long term fear of resuscitation dolls.Grumpy is stunned that he's had two adult conversations in Facebook comments. Lippy confesses stalking a local Facebook group looking for arguments and is surprised nobody has been complaining about the local boy racers.Lippy & Grumpy were at a ruby wedding anniversary in Derby and experienced an off music quiz, not helped by Wife of Grumpy's gung ho attitude to form filling in.During some very wet weather on the way home, Grumpy became very concerned about the quality of white lines and cat's eyes on the UK's roads. Grumpy spotted a Crouch recovery vehicle, star of Trucking Hell and also middle lane cruisers with unexpected adverts on the roof. He also wonders whether Google Maps has AI designed to detect when people take the same wrong turn.Grumpy had to take Wife of Grumpy to A&E (all is okay), who managed to summon the crash team by moving her head.It's 10 years since Felix Baumgartner jumped from space. Seems like yesterday.Wife of Grumpy had an slightly unpleasant experience at the car wash.Grumpy has discovered that you can't drive a three-wheeler until you are 21. We can't work out why.Lippy has a time related top tip and Grumpy has a cat themed fun fact.
Plus, more time confusion, driverless taxis, lidos, washing machine filters, voice notes and SplitGrumpy apologises for last week's microphone mishap although he has an excuse.Lippy has a few tales from her hen do, whilst Grumpy had a quiet weekend at home with a trip to Brooklands.Grumpy & Orange Marshal 2 drove past the time confusing McDonald's sign and may have discovered a grammatical error too.We discuss how can you cheat at chess in a face-to-face match.We're not sure about the driverless taxis in San Francisco, however Grumpy is a big fan of the Ogmios School of Zen Motoring on YouTube and BBC 3, highly recommended.Bath has reopened their lido, which sparks a discussion about how to pronounce lido. Grumpy was basing it on the pronunciation in Boz Scagg's Lido Shuffle, however it turns out that the song wasn't about a swimming pool.Grumpy is a step closer to getting his washing machine waste water filter, stopping microplastics from entering the water supply. Grumpy doesn't really get voice notes instead of a text message, however we ponder whether a collection of random voice notes would make good entertainment.During his trip to Brooklands Grumpy discovers why aircraft windows are round in shape.Lippy provides a positive review of the film Split.Lippy has a food related top tip and Grumpy has a food related fun(ish) fact.
It sounds like Grumpy is speaking from a 1970's Trimphone this week, good job Lippy is doing most of the talking as Grumpy has a tooth out. So a shorter than usual episode. sorry again.Nice feedback from Orange Marshall Two and Graphic Godders and a Great North Run confession from Orange Marshall Two.Lippy has had a heating mishap, phoned the plumber and fortunately didn't call him out! The heated laundry dryer Lippy bought hasn't turned out quite as well as she hoped. More to follow.Grumpy has a fascination with people who make models from matchsticks and is in awe of a German gentleman who makes furniture from used chopsticks.We're pleased to see that a major shipping company is changing its shipping routes to avoid areas where blue whales live.Grumpy claims to stop mocking people who put Christmas trees up in October (provided it brings them joy), however expensive advent calendars are fair game.Lippy has a top tip, well the one she remembered and Grumpy's fun fact was cut as there's only so much you can take of someone speaking from a Trimphone
Plus raising money, joy riding scooters, where The Apprentice, super-facts, paint balling cars, peace talks, competition rules, XP screen background and a double fun factWe reflect on a weekend of mixed adventures, the Horse Whisperer raised over £1,000 for Cancer Research by walking 26 miles through London whilst Lippy took on Bristol dressed as a lobster and Grumpy had a dance floor incident. Grumpy's search for podcast editing shortcuts went a bit far with last week's episode ending up a mere 10 seconds. Maybe an improvement?Grumpy stumbles for the correct pronunciation of NASA whilst Lippy's chicken alarm goes off. It's a top quality presentation this week.We were looking forward to The Apprentice in the autumn however it was on in January and Grumpy has no recollection of the series. Lippy has been watching Halloween films already.We have some unusual fun super-facts, one of which Lippy isn't a fan of.Japan uses paint ball guns to mark cars they want to stop, which seems like a very good idea. Lippy explains about the paint based personal protection.We have a very old story about peace talks that ended up in a horrible disaster.Lippy spotted a top tweet from Uno that sparked a discussion about house rules, in particular Monopoly.In a similar theme to "when is midnight" we have a what age to enter a competition conundrum.Lippy is surprised to find that the famous Windows XP screen background is a real place.There is a tradition when entering the Conwy tunnel on the A55 of beeping twice, we reveal whyA double fun fact this week, one from Lippy, one from Grumpy.
Charlotte's Shine Walk on 24 September -, normal service resumed next week.
Grumpy slips in some car related topics, our favourite gameshows and lots of listener feedback.Plus, DIY Sunday, another car breakdown and why are there so many mattress adverts on the TV?We survived DIY Sunday, without injury, a minor mistake with the delivery of timber and finished in time to watch an eventful Grand Prix.Lots of listener feedback this week, which we are grateful for, including a very complicated post about survivorship bias. Orange Marshall 2 informs us that you can report dirty motorway signs via the Highways England website. We've also had a joke from the Screaming Tomato. Or at least we think it's a joke, we're not 100% sure.Grumpy's keen on Land Rover Defenders, nevertheless he's not sure about the new model and very suspicious about the electric towbar as demonstrated on Harry's Farm. Keeping with the car theme, we've found peak car button in a 1987 Nissan Gloria, which sports a separate hi-fi system worthy of a lounge. The Gloria also features the largest wing mirrors ever seen. Meanwhile Lippy thought that the terms wing mirror and door mirror are synonymous and called wing mirrors because they look like wings.Grumpy has had another vehicle breakdown and is still refusing to buy something newer.We both love a gameshow, although, not surprisingly, Grumpy has some fixed guidelines when watching a new show. The conversation turns to creating our own game show, which includes a fair amount of cheese.Grumpy's surprised about the number of mattress adverts on the TV at certain times of the day and wonders whether you have to return the mattress in the original packaging if you want to return it.Lippy has two top tips this week and makes up for the last two week's slightly rubbish tips. Grumpy's fact goes on for a bit, nevertheless is worth the wait
We start with the exciting news that Lippy has had an offer accepted on a house and is currently looking at paint colour and furniture. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, however the garden has astro turf, which ticks one very large "don't want to do gardening" box.Lippy's spring equinox egg balancing experiment at 09:37 on Saturday 20th didn't go well, however, Davros suggests trying it on the autumn equinox and Grumpy thinks the solstice might be the best time to try.Grumpy laments the passing of Chris Barber, jazz trombonist extraordinaire, racing driver and Top Gear presenter Sabine Schmitz and ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Dumfries. We're also thinking of those affected by the flooding in Australia.We've had a smoke alarm story from Mr T, including a screaming child in a car, not listening to Mrs T, house alarm DIY and a worn out battery.Grumpy is interested to find out about a app called Zoom Escaper that makes your connection to a meeting so unbearable that you don't get invited to a meeting ever again.Wife of Grumpy has been sending round a video of a laughing duck, which has caused much merriment!Lippy wonders whether sending flowers is a bit morbid as they are dying. Mind you she confesses that she's not very good at removing them once they are dead. Somehow we get onto the subject of banana skins and Grumpy doesn't believe that anyone has ever slipped on a banana skin. Grumpy has bought some borage seeds for the allotment to help protect the strawberries and was surprised to find the instructions were in Chinese.Grumpy has some information about short passwords and the speed at which they can be cracked in a brute false attack. Don't glaze over, there's some useful information here.Lippy has a post lockdown top tip and Grumpy has a country shrinking fun fact.
Plus, Titanic experts, expensive cars, flying around the world, holibobs, inspiring leadership and a Lippy rant disguised as a top tipIt was a lot warmer last week and we had a very loud wood pigeon making its presence known.Lippy failed with her homework task, nevertheless Grumpy has found why Argentina translates to The Land of the Silver RiverOne of our listeners is an expert in all matters of Titanic and we may have a feature episode in the near future.Grumpy has been watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV and is in awe of the character's positive nature. Lippy fails in an attempt to encourage Grumpy into Game of Thrones.Lady Diana's Ford Escort RS Turbo Mk1 sold at auction for an eye-watering sum, guessed correctly by Lippy.A 92 year old man passed GCSE in mathematics, which is a brilliant achievement. Neither Lippy nor Grumpy can understand the new grading system let alone pass the exam.A 17 year old has become the youngest person to fly around the world. Lippy reveals she fancies sailing around the world, nevertheless would probably stop in Italy and go no further.Lippy is off on holibobs last week, having rearranged the flights to the ski trip that didn't happen. Provided she has a negative covid test on Friday.Grumpy has a story of a man that joined his own search party and a story of leadership in the face of adversity. It's what Ted Lasso would do.We have some science stories neither of us understand; a fifth dimension, an electric motor without magnets and the similarity between the brain and galaxies.Lippy has a top tip that is a thinly disguised rant and Grumpy's fun fact works a lot better in print.
Plus, origin of 999, literal meaning of country names and the elephant in the room.We start with a message about a scene from Titanic that is clearly wrong and then becomes ever wronger, leading to a conversation about misquoted film lines.A Lippy & Grumpy trip to the Weyfest Music Festival was enjoyed by all and we continue to find unknown bands and artists that are fabulous. Roll on next year.Lippy has a theory about the potential security breach on older Apple devices. Grumpy's not convinced and appreciates the pure panic that goes on with these problems.A conversation at Grumpy Towers raised the question, why is the emergency services number 999? We have the answer.We have the story of a con artist who sold an imaginary airport to a Brazilian bank for $242 million. Spoiler alert; they were caught.If you've ever wondered about the meaning of country names, we've found a map showing them, from Finland's Land to Cameroon's River of Prawns.Grumpy has a second con artist story, this time a New York bank robber, who met a grizzly end.Grumpy has an observation of the phase elephant in the room that Lippy doesn't find funny at all.Lippy has an efficiency top tip and Grumpy has a Titanic-related fun fact.
Plus, a curate's egg example, Davros strikes, Lippy injury and Ralph NadarGrumpy mourns the sad loss of a friend last week.We had a very successful classic car show on Sunday with both Lippy & Grumpy on the commentary team.Following last week's sating "curate's egg" we have a real life example - the London Underground.We've had a Davros missive and he's quite correct about the galaxy thing. Plus some stuff we don't understand.Lippy's injured her hand when getting into bed in a manner that only Lippy could do.ESPN has been showing a number of unusual sports, including the Word Excel Championship.Grumpy has found some unusual facts about sleeping, including that you can't sneeze when you are asleep.Ralph Nadar has been on Grumpy's radar for a while now and not for good reasons. He's popped up again and we're both unsure.Grumpy has a rant about Thames Water and follows up with some historic insults.Lippy has a work based top tip and triggers Grumpy's saying of the week.
Plus, sea level, octopus TikTok, other earth planets, Virgin Media fail, The Line, Shogun news, and is Love Island a Bond villain experimentHaving missed a week due to time running away we're back with a lot of stuff from two weeks ago.Orange marshal 2 has got into a bit of a flap over times on a McDonalds poster and agrees the 12 hour clock should be scrapped.Omaze is bending the rules of time, or a least the definition of midnight and having read some of Wikipedia Grumpy is also confused. Best leave it them.Then there's sea level. Grumpy's given up trying to understand that too.We've found a diagram that shows how big countries are compared with a flat map of the Earth. There's quite a difference with some countries.Grumpy is struggling to understand the TikTok videos that Lippy sends him. Nevertheless we've seen an amazing video of an octopus walking on a sea bed.Lippy wondered whether there was another earth like planet in the universe and it appears so, although it's a fair old hike to get there.Lippy's Virgin Media internet connection has been fixed although the upload speeds is slower than a 1995 dial-up link.Lippy's found an amazing development in Saudi Arabia called The Line, a 170 mile, 200 meter community. We watch with interest.Lippy injured her knee two weeks ago only to be eclipsed by The Horse Whisperer.It comes as no surprise that Lippy talks in her sleep. Waking her up is not a good idea.At last there is good news on the Shogun front, the replacement engine fitted by Fils Pajeros is awesome and the elusive rattle has been located and fixed.We're in awe of the England ladies football team and sincerely hope they get the support they need for more victories.Grumpy is convinced Love Island is a Bond villain experiment, however, as Lippy points out, there are several similar programmes, including Big Brother, on ITV2.The New York to Paris motor race was an incredible feat of adventuring, including driving across a frozen sea, making their own roads and navigating by the stars.Lippy has a public speaking top tip and Grumpy reveals the meaning of the little used phrase "curate's egg".
Plus, dogs in campervans, grey hair, buying an F1 car by accident, bank transfers, drone superhighway, a Lippy revelation, what does wi-fi stand for and Voyager 1Grumpy forgot to mention last week that he met up with friends whilst on holiday, who have a full of beans, you puppy. Grumpy relates a story of dogs and camper vans and somehow manages to get ridiculed by Lippy.Following on from a few weeks ago we have octopus news.Lippy is very concerned about finding grey hair in her young head. We suspect it's in the genes.Grumpy has found a map that depicts the world 300 million years ago. We were all bunched up then, a bit like the inhabitants of Migingo islandWe spent an afternoon watching a few planes from the Farnborough Airshow and after being outbid on a Ebay item, Grumpy has a story of a gentleman who won a 1988 Formula 1 car by accident.We had a story about bank transfers a while back and the Screaming Tomato has a story of a wayward Christmas present.A bank robber in America went about a raid in an odd manner, depositing the cash in his own account before being caught. Following a discussion at Grumpy Towers we discuss when is midnight? Grumpy is all for banning the 12 hour clock to reduce confusion.The UK is about to launch a drone superhighway that will help distribute medicines to remote parts of the country. Sounds like a very good idea.Lippy has had a revelation about writing 1st, 2nd, etc. Following on from a conversation with a good friend, finding out a spreadsheet fact that Lippy knew proves the point that our kids are now cleverer than us oldies.On the back of this Grumpy asks the unanswerable question, what does wi-fi stand for?We are in awe of Voyager 1 that after 45 year is 13 billion miles away and still accepting commands from Earth.Lippy has a mind control top tip and Grumpy finds the meaning of "happy as Larry"
Plus, exploding gas cylinders, Shogun breakdown, boat trip, slow lunch and an amazing boat tracker appGrumpy has had a two week camping trip in an aging campervan and is keen to tell all about the fortnight's adventures.The return trip on a hot Sunday was slow with many breakdowns, and for once not the Grumpy campervan.Grumpy and wife of Grumpy helped successfully recover a caravan stuck in a ditch on the first night, using offcuts of Lippy's decking from a few months ago.Lippy, Duckboy and the Horse Whisperer visited on the middle weekend and witnessed what happens if an "empty" gas canister is put in a bin with hot bbq coals.We've been going to the campsite for nearly 20 years and have got to know some of the long-termers, all of whom have their eccentricities, including wearing boiler suits and budgie smugglers. Grumpy has discovered how hard it is to walk over slippery rocks for a cheeky swim, nevertheless persevered as a swim in the sea is so cooling. Having met some chaps fishing in Chapman's Pool, Grumpy relates a story of a friend and a wayward fish hook, the one thing that Grumpy is scared of. That and snakes.In golf news, Grumpy was marginally beaten by Wife of Grumpy, semi-professional golfer, at pitch & putt and Lippy beat Duckboy at crazy golf.In Horse Whisperer car news, the Shogun has had a replacement engine fitted, and then broke down with a snapped alternator. Both problems were fixed by the amazing Fils Pajeros in Southampton, a brilliant, brilliant garage. The good news is the car is now running superbly!It's Farnborough Airshow, which is very close to Lippy's house, offering plenty of distractions for this week. We're looking forward to a Lippy & Grumpy airshow party on Friday.Grumpy went on a superb boat trip from Swanage to Poole and managed to turn the disappointment of not being able to go to Brownsea Island into a tasty, if slow, lunch.Lippy's top tip is a water sprayer fan, not to be used near a computer. Grumpy's fun fact is almost a top tip and is the amazing Marine Traffic app for identifying and locating boats.
Plus, nudge theory, cunning plans, octopuses, car repairs, Diary of a CEO and unexpected money in your bank accountDavros has been in contact with an interesting observation with the Swedish talking bin from last week.After last week's rant, Grumpy has found that the older Bond films are being shown on ITV, however it has led him to believe that James Bond is a bit of a know it all.It may be observation bias, nevertheless we've found an article in The Economist explaining how calories are a poor measure of food. We wholeheartedly agree.Lippy has a cunning idea to boost her honeymoon fund.We're please to see that lobsters, along with octopus and squid are now sentient beings. Grumpy confesses a love of the octopus including a football match outcome predicting octopus called Paul.The story of a competition swimmer feinting and being successfully rescued has reminded Grumpy of a rather odd joke.Grumpy has a tale of woe with the Horse Whisperer's car. After many hours work it's worse, however we have met a very nice man called Phil.We're surprised that the mars orbiter is running Windows 98 and even more surprised that it's being upgraded.Grumpy has been listening to Lippy's favourite Steven Bartlett's Diary of a CEO podcast and is a big fan. A man in America had $92 quadrillion accidently deposited into his PayPal account, 1,000 times the entire planet's GDP. It was gone before he could spend it.Grumpy is off on holiday for two weeks so we'll see you on the 22 July
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