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No Mask Nevada Podcast

Author: Ian Bayne

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Weekly discussion of politics and freedom by the Nevada freedom group No Mask Nevada PAC
7 Episodes
How do we know when we are at war with government? When "science" comes out as a weapon. Also, "are Democrat voters just victims?"
Government wants us to 'break up' with Trump, makes us wear a mask in retaliation. Also, emails to us are read and answered.
Analyzing the election results, Nevada's future, and America's future. Why it happened. What to do next.
Mask politics discussed weekly + poll conducted by No Mask Nevada PAC shows Trump ahead by over 20% in the Las Vegas area. The 'recall' Sisolak movement is discussed as well as why Republicans lose in Nevada.
The mask is the physical representation of removing your constitutional rights and Sisolak and others use it to threaten us.
The Mask Mandate is the symbol of fear that the Left has been waiting for in order to attack the "silent" majority. Why it won't go away and what we can do about it.
Why the mask mandate is 100% science, political science, and how Las Vegas banned the American flag while you were sitting at home playing video games.The first podcast from No Mask Nevada PAC, a PAC dedicated to removing what Joe Biden calls an 'unconstitutional' mandate.
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