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Rent control is being pushed by the Democrats "behind the scenes" and the media is glad to help.Also how to run for office - effectively - and drive Democrats totally crazy.SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on your favorite podcast platform
How the Clark County Republican "master plan" will lead to the radicalization of Las Vegas and removal of Republicans.Also the effect of the GOP's Virginia win on Nevada.SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on your favorite podcast platform
Ian talks about the media's plan to control elected officials here in Nevada and beyond. Also, the "Trump vs. Pence" media push.
Ian talks about the effective way to fight and ineffective way to lose in this episode. The difference between Republicans and Democrats is explained and why this is so important to understand when fighting the vaccine mandate.Also how the Clark County School District may be the most effective opposition to the vaccine mandate.
Democrat plan is to get rid of all unvaccinated workers and replace them with less qualified politically correct 'vaccinated' workers.Also: catfight at Las Vegas city hall between elected Republicans.
Recent poll suggests majority of Americans want to secede.Also, fake Facebook 'whistleblower' antics are explained. Why Facebook wanted her to do what she's doing.Nevada governor's race has first poll results and Lombardo is in 2nd place!
Ian warns that we are on a path to another defeat in 2022 if Republicans don't change what they're doing.Also, Nevada Democrats and Sisolak attempt to distract from terrible polling numbers with a campaign against racist hair.
Is government media trying to convince doctors to refuse unvaccinated people?Dean Heller running for governor and is the strongest candidate in the field.Clark County Republicans kick out former teacher's union sponsored officers.
Federal court strikes down vaccine mandate (but there's a catch), Joey Gilbert takes a lot of taxpayer money to think about law, Nevada GOP unites, and reaction to the California recall failure.
Government policy is going to destroy healthcare but the Democrats here don't seem concerned (neither do some Republicans).
What do we do now that Clark County has mandated vaccines for school employees - or have they?
Can Nevada's Republican candidates for governor really beat Sisolak? Ian issues a specific warning to all of them. What they are doing wrong and what they should be doing instead.Also: Nevada A.G. threatens fake vaccine passport holders.
Ian talks about the 4 things to remember when speaking out against government and relives some effective tactics from his past.
A leaked campaign ad from Governor Sisolak sets the tone on the entire Nevada Democrat plan on campaigning and winning in 2022.
Citizens show up at Clark County meetings to voice concern, here's what is happening to them. Washoe County Republican leader needs your support.Also, how we need to act like the majority and stop catering to those who cannot help us.
Everyone in Nevada wants to know what to do about the new mask mandate.Political action and extensive legal analysis is discussed.
The recent meeting of the Clark County Republican Party is explained, with audio, and how the establishment lost their own rigged election.SEE the video on Rumble at 'Ian is Right on Nevada Politics'
The Democrat party's 'door to door' campaign for Governor Sisolak starts Tuesday and we will discuss what it means to you. Also, establishment Republican State Senator/Professor Carrie Buck cracks and calls her Trump staffer opponent's 8-year-old daughter a 'slut' on social media.
Governor Sisolak is taking policy direction from the United Nations, through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. How is this happening and why? How Democrats are using taxpayer money to promote United Nations policy and get elected right here in Nevada.
Nevada Governor's Race

Nevada Governor's Race


The 2022 campaign for governor of Nevada is discussed, with Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Mayor John Lee explained. Also: Former White House staffer turned candidate for chairman of county Republican Party Jesse Law threatened with lawsuit by establishment for campaigning.
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