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Highlights From Today’s Episode:There is no instant gratification when it comes to investingHot tips regarding volatility and the current marketInterest rates - what to be cautious of regarding serviceability + buying your own homeRentvestingGenerational mindset shifts (now vs our grandparents)What is the right amount to borrow?The critical need to make educated decisions when buying property  Lloyd’s key learnings from his property journey  Having a fulltime job or owning one business is not job security - why investing is the key to true freedom  Comparable sales for renovated properties and non-renovated propertiesThe power of researchThe power of mentorship  How to build a portfolio without overextending yourselfGrowth mindset vs fixed mindsetImportance of not stopping when you get it wrongGood debt vs bad debt    
Highlights From Today’s Episode:The process of growth - admitting mistakesEvolving your product - what you start with is likely not what you will be successful withThe ‘incubator entrepreneur’ - is this really what you want?The need of iterating quickly Changing minds - ask yourself  “how can we do it like this?”How to rebuild your business and give the customer what they wantStepping into the disruptor mindset - achieve what you set out to doThe importance of finding someone to rely on, and the role of a business partner in your successUnderstanding your industry better than anyone Approaching business with a success mentalityDealing with backlash - the brutal truth about becoming a trailblazer Refining your product - how to identity what your customer needsTenacity and persistence - the power of pushing through
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How to embrace challenges and find opportunities in struggleThe need to pursue your passion and stick to what it is you love, regardless of what disbelievers sayManagement skills for any situationBuilding resilience and strength in the hardest of timesInspiring insight into Deb’s personal journey and how she overcame family adversityThe key role of grit, self-leadership and self-belief in entrepreneurshipHow to create and multiply incredible successInsights into the aesthetics industry and spotting trendsBecoming a trailblazer in your field Approaching business by doing whatever it takes Growing and sustaining a cosmetic injectable business
Highlights From Today’s Episode:Mental health vs mental illness Powerful tools to change the way you talk to yourselfThe key role of Nutrition in mental health The critical need for sleep for brain function and good mental healthOvercoming the stigmatisation around mental healthPride, shame and mental health  Men and mental health - empowering men to speak upThe Bionic Man mindset Perspective - the key to resilience Encouraging connection - why men need to speak about their emotionsNothing left unsaid - the power of speaking to a professional Resources for those looking for support 
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How to reinforce positive habits and let negative habits fade awayWillpower - why it doesn't work when you’re tired and stressed  and how to overcome thisMaking lasting change from a place of acceptance and gratitude Anxiety in teens - how to support your teen who is going through a hard timeFinding out the triggers for your own anxiety and then turning these into cues to get curious, understand yourself more and establish the root cause of what you really need and wantAnxiety as a state vs a trait - learning the difference between “I have anxiety” vs “I am anxious” Recovering deliberately - how to really restCatch, WAIT and Reset - Catch the feeling, WAIT (What. Am. I. Thinking) & ResetCreating an alter ego - stepping into the best characteristics of you Attaching positive emotions to healthier habits    
Highlights From Today’s Episode:Overcoming the fear of asking for help and what waits on the other side How to make the right decisions under pressureHow Lachie was able to raise 500k of funding for his solo flight and the rejection he faced in the processLife lessons that aviation teachesSetbacks: the foundation to successWhat is your ‘aviate, navigate and communicate?’ The practice of motivationHow to inspire people to get them onboard with your vision including helpful keys for introverts. The power of authenticity and being true to yourself.https://www.lachiesmart.com 
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How do you build the resilience muscle?Understanding your own version of success and happiness.True happiness is found in overcoming something, embracing the suck and dealing with the struggle.The cure for cognitive overload - key meditation and mindfulness practices to help you overcome anything. The paradox of needing to be vulnerable to be resilient - the need to let your guard down and connect with others.Are we fleeing to victimhood too quickly?Radical truth - the ability to deconstruct a situation and ask “what did I learn in that?” The detrimental impacts of a victim|
Highlights From Today’s Episode:Discover what it takes to thrive and perform under intense pressure.How to build a culture of success in a team or community lacking recent results.Balancing the line between who you are at the core and the responsibilities required from the high-level positions you hold.How to "reverse intimidation" so no one can "bully" you into compromising values or boundaries.A formula to choose how you show up in a results-oriented environment. Roffey - Keynote and Guest Speaker - ICMI 
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How to make brave choices and take action when you would have procrastinated or retreated.Identifying your self-imposed limitations and unblocking them from stopping your progress in 2022.Maximising your strengths and talents to accelerate results in the next 30-90 days.How to clearly define who you aspire to be and create a roadmap to bring this identity to life.
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How “small” changes create a ripple effect that compounds into a much brighter future for the world.Connecting with the cultural aspect of food to enrich the experience of nourishing yourself.The psychology of waste and how to adopt a new approach mindset to the materials in your environment.Top 3 branding mistakes that cost organisations impact, trust and growth (and how to do the opposite).Unlocking the secrets of elite-level mental and physical biohacking to take your performance into the top 1% of 1%. McGrath - Guest Keynote & Event Speaker | ICMI -- the next quantum leap | Dianne McGrath | TEDxMelbourne - YouTube 
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How to set meaningful goals that inspire massive action and rapid momentum.How to take more dynamic action, condensing time and bringing forward outcomes.A secret blueprint to developing a leadership culture that breeds autonomy and ownership among team members.Finding the balance between ambition and ability to set reasonable timelines to achieve your goals.The power of a winning mentality to get through the inevitable pits of leadership and business.John Buchanan - Keynote and Guest Speaker - ICMI 
Highlights From Today’s Episode:The secret formula to reframing your perception during negative experiences.The impact of finding your purpose and using this driver to overcome hard times.How to extract the positive message from seemingly "harsh" feedback.Recognising the empowering role gratitude plays on the journey to your goals.How to create lucrative opportunities from your biggest challenges. 
Highlights From Today's Episode:The correlation between psychological development in business and leadership (and how it translates into results).How to set targeted priorities to accelerate the growth of your brand in rapid bursts.Emotion vs Logic decision-making and how people in your organisation get influenced by both modes of thought.How to ask the right questions to develop elite self-leadership skills that can drive your team forward in reciprocity.Understanding the value of cultivating an "open mindset" when expanding a business.www.leanneelichconsulting.com
Highlights From Today’s Episode:Unlocking the secret formula to harnessing a positive mindset in the toughest of times.The power of sparking unity to help overcome challenges faster.A blueprint to choosing relationships that contribute to your success rather than detract from it.Understanding reconciliation and how to approach this sensitive area moving forward.The action steps for a successful reconciliation plan.
Highlights From Today’s Episode:The art of identifying what defines you as a human being.Strategies to maximise the ROI on your strengths and minimise the downside from any weaknesses.The transformational process for transitioning from pain to positive thinking and then massive action.Unlocking the power of "actionable perfection" – and how to use this as your secret weapon.How to use mentors as a shortcut to success in pursuit of your goals.
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How to re-define "what's possible" when unexpected events derail your business plans.When "wartime" arrives - what are the leadership skills that will lead your team to victory against the odds.How to develop "situational awareness" and make rapid changes to minimise the damage of chaotic events.The mindset required to take massive action and move forward in the face of uncertainty.How to identify what you can leverage to get "out of a storm" fast.
Highlights From Today’s Episode:Understanding the concept of stress and how to applies to human performance.Discover the “positive” side of stress and how to harness it to achieve bigger results faster.Knowing when to shut everything down and restart so the negative effects of stress don't take over the body.The secret to escaping the perpetual loop of self-created stress that many humans are addicted to.How to identify the elements causing negative stress in advance so you can be proactive in managing the experience.
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How the current business legislation in Australia should influence your decision-making process.What are the "do's and don'ts" when engaging a professional advisor to ensure you're not short-changed on a transaction.How to get real value for your business and cash in on all the hard work, sweat equity and long days.A hotlist of action items to expertly prepare for a merger or exit.How to mentally adjust for the next stage of your life, few people are aware of the hole this process can create (on the other side).
Highlights From Today’s Episode:How to reframe hardship as a reference point to learn, grow and never give up.Understanding what it takes to develop critical problem-solving skills in a fast-paced business world.How to prepare yourself for the SLJs (Sh**ty Little Jobs) that everyone must learn to embrace on their path to success.Extract the art of building organisational skills to get more done in less time.Three entrepreneurial qualities to scale a global business without burning out in the process! 
Highlights From Today's EpisodeUnderstanding how laws work in 2021 (with new national conditions in place) and their relationship to you.How to handle conflict with ease to take the stress and prolonged pain out of challenging legal events.The power of empathy in today's world and how its application can contribute to your growth.Knowing when to reconcile or bare your teeth in the legal process to achieve the best possible outcome.How to stay prepared so you can expertly handle any legal challenges that arise.Visit Jahan's Website: Jahan's TEDx Talk: Jahan on Social Media: 
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