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Podcast Update!

Podcast Update!


We're offcially in the summer season. We're grateful for the Black and Blurred Podcast and how God has sustained us for 2 years. It is time for a little rest! We will rejoin you in August with New Episodes! We also have some cool updates or you!
Matt Walsh's 'What is a Woman' is still trending for its brilliance in highlighting the psychological failings of a lot of what is being propagated as hope for many people. How does this new wave postmodern thought line up with conversations on race and critical theory? We throw around some thoughts with The Center for Biblical Unity's Monique Duson to see if we can make it make sense. Check out
There seemed to be many men who were apart of the weeping and gnashing of teeth following the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Why has healthy manhood been decimated so? Is the condition of the west a result of a lack of biblical manhood? In this first installment on our manhood series, we look at the issues of manhood from plan view through the lens of scripture.
Do you remember our friend and brother David who was patient with us as we hammered the Joe Biden "Come on" button?? Well, he is back to bless us with his presence and today, he comes as a pastor of a predominantly black church in Seattle. What he has learned so far is worth sharing!
We are joined by Christian Instagram influencer, wife and mother, Natalie of @StopandConsider and we talk biblical womanhood. The world is unraveling (at least in the US, it is) and we're hitting the pause button to discuss the joys of living under the rulership of the good shepherd as a woman!
Obviously, when it comes to content for a podcast or blog, Pride month is low hanging fruit. In this episode, we lift the conversation to that of sexuality and its boundaries. Why is homosexuality deemed immoral by the God of the Bible? Is it because people don't love each other in same sex relationships? Is it because it breaks tradition? The answer isn't as shocking as you may think...but it is rarely taught in our modern churches today. *opening clip* Meeke Addison - Be Grieved!
Today, Brandon sits with writer and blogger Hilda Bih - a sister and beloved friend who joins us to give clarity to the blurred lens of Africans in today's growing narratives. Confined to a wheelchair for the majority of her life, she offers an insightful perspective on suffering and gratitude.
Brandon found himself in the comment section of a post that was sent to him regarding sexual abuse in the catholic church. He responded to a comment from a former chirstian who ridiculed the church for being pro-life yet silent on the topic of sexual abuse. More comments insued and we had to bring the conversation to the podcast. We talk leaving the church, issues with scripture and morality in a godless world.
Ep. 76: Truth and Fire

Ep. 76: Truth and Fire


We sit with Constance Troutman, writer at Truth and Fire Blog who also appeared in the American Gospel series. We discuss coming out of cultural Christianity and the toxic teachings that have plagued majority black churches and still plague them today.
Ep. 75: Gaslight - COVID

Ep. 75: Gaslight - COVID


We finally round out our gaslight series with COVID. There is so much to say about the last 3 years. I think the one word that sums up our experience is gaslighting: "Wear masks!"..."don't wear masks"..."don't take the vaccine"...."take the vaccine." "We care about safety"...."don't listen to doctors who can help". When does the gaslighting end?? The worst part: the church fought itself rather than be a lighthouse for the world. This is only the beginning. Leave us a comment - what was your most frustrating moment during this COVID era?
We're back with another episode with some great new friends and sisters of the faith, Kat and Novella to talk America's narratives for minorities. How should minorities in the country feel when they seem to disagree with every talking point place in behalf of minorities??
We bring back the head Professional Party Pooper to talk about some very popular ideologies shared by Christians today that find their origin in New Thought Ideology. How should we feel about affirmations, vison boards and the like? Well....Marica shares some truth bombs with us. Bring an umbrella. Parades will be rained on (to the praise of His glory!)
Church Hurt is real. It needs to be addressed. It also needs to be properly distinguised from church bitterness, church disagreement and church rebellion. Brandon sits with Christian Instagram influencer and friend, Izzy of SaintsandSociety to talk about what church hurt is and what it isn't.
This is an episode we did reluctantly. In case you haven't heard, Show Time Cable network has a new docuseries called "Everything is Gonna be All White". In short, it is disgusting. It is 3, terribly written and prduced episodes of hateful rhetoric against those with white skin. Is this docuseries evidence of racism being accepted again in the US?
Brandon shares his and his wife's journey through infertility. He shares how God brought conviction when they sought Him with the desire to conceive a child. How tightly do you hold onto your plans? We pray this episode brings an encouraging reminder of the God we serve!
(Late Episode) Since political correctness has evolved to cancel culture, there have been many who stood on the side of dissent; only to be met with gaslighting and slander. Now, the tables have turned. Cancel Culture's progenitors are experiencing the indiscriminate tyranny of the monster they have created.
Book referenced: The Best of Thomas Sowell by Dean Kalahar
In the words of Booker T. Washington, racism is kept on life support by those who benefit from it most. Racism is so special today it isn't special at all. Slavery is racist, Jim crow laws are racist, voter iDs are racist, chess is racist...even math is racist! So, why is everything seemingly being painted with a racist paintbrush? We'll analyze a video by Ami Horowitz to see what is hidden underneath this layer of trying to save black Americans. What we see in reality and what we're being told to believe don't seem to add up! (that was racist...)
Gaslighting is almost a fabric of society today. From covid to racism to biology all the way to freedom; we are told what is happening and how to feel about what is happening regarding things that do not conform to reality. We have to trust what we see. In this episode, we will address a few of the things we are told to believe about guns and the subtle lies that come packaged along with the magic wands of gaslighting within the narrative.
We sit with Instagram content creator and college political ambassador for a subset of Prager U, Joel (@Tokenblackguyusa) to discuss conservatism in the US as black and African Americans. We also discuss the language behind the memorialized January 6th attack on the US Capitol. Is the reporting truthful and concise? Or is there another motive behind the lust for January 6th commemoration?
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it was an Ami Horowitz video where he went to Harlem

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