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2 Long time fans discuss wrestling today and from the past.
71 Episodes
We talk about the WWE Money in the Bank 2021. Including odd placement of matches. We also discuss subsequent things that have happened since, including CM Punk and Daniel Bryan possibly going to AEW. Check it out
KM talks with Wrestling TikToker Zach Reuber, known as MacReuber. They talk about everything from music, training to wrestle, running his own show, bad tattoos (blow pop for MacReuber), working in radio and tv and much more. Check it out!
KM discusses the recent news in the wrestling world involving WWE, AEW, MLW, and Impact. Including the recent news of Jimmy Uso's DUI. How wrong it is to pin it on Naomi (be nice). As well as other news. Tune in!
KM discusses the events of wrestling with WWE, IMPACT, and AEW and recent WWE releases. Tune in!
KM and Tyler talk about the 2021 WWE Hell in a Cell monthly event. How some of the endings were ruined and overall feel of the ppv as a whole. This wasnt an episode of RAW right?
We talk about AEW's Double or Nothing from May 28th 2021 from Daily's Place in front of a live crowd! Deeb vs Riho, Cage vs Page, Casino Battle Royale, Bucks vs Kingston/Mox, Cody vs Ogogo, Cassidy vs Omega vs Pac, and Stadium Stampede of Inner Circle vs Pinnacle. Tune in!
KM Talks about where he sees recently released talent and talks about Lio Rush's retirement and a brief touch up on Against All Odds. Tune In. - Yes the title pays homage to Gun's N Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine"
KM brings on Justin Credible to Discuss AEW's Blood and Guts. Talking Jericho's fall, the blading, the dangers of Sammy landing on the turnbuckle. The conversation does branch to production overall, his experience in a War Games style match in MLW and more!!
KM has an interview with Marcus Mathers, the new intergender bonanza champion. We discuss his inspirations, his past with the business, including hanging out with AJ Styles as a kid and setting up TNA wrestling rings. Someone that has grown up in the business, with his dad as a wrestler, and experiences therein. Including a Thumb Tac kick pad match! Listen in!
KM discusses the week of 5/17 wrestling TV. Charlotte Flair and her cowprint gear, the disappointing RAW Tv Show. The Way spa days with Dexter Lumis. Bronson Reed becoming North American Champion. VBD becoming tag champs on Impact. The story between Cassidy and Omega and more.
KM is here and now with Tyler to talk about the monthly event/PPV, Wrestlemania Backlash. Discussing the terrible name and matches that happened on that fateful night where we lost the Miz to ZOMBIES!!!! Will he ever be found??? Also talking about the bloodline story and how FINALLY WWE is doing a service to Cesaro. So much more! Tune in!
KM discusses week 5-14 of Wrestling TV, Monday Night Raw, NXT, AEW Dynamite, and Smackdown. Alexa Bliss' Swingset not making sense. Build ups to Wrestlemania BackLash (terrible name - Just call it Backlash). Trouble possibly between Miz and Morrison. Flair, Asuka, and Ripley build. Gargano story with Austin Theory, Killer/Karrion Kross, 2 out 3 falls with Santos Escobar and Kushida. Gonzalez's match with Mercedes Martinez. Cody Rhodes facing a Duality dilemma, Orange Cassidy getting knocked out. Trouble on Uso Island with Reigns, and much more! Tune in!
KM Solo again - talking about the recent WWE, Impact, and AEW shows. Omega heeling it up, the crash pad for Jericho, Morrisey, Swinger Casino, RAW, Smackdown, and everything between
KM run's an episode solo talking about recent stories and news. He talked to himself, he is not crazy, we swear.
We speak with Louisville native Sean O'Brien/Referee Man Bun. We discuss him working as a referee and other brands wrestling, as well as his time being an R&B singer.
We discuss and rate the matches and PPV as a whole from Wrestlemania 17.
We discuss this weeks news, the releases, and the lack of entertainment from the RAW after Wrestlemania.
We speak with Independent Wrestler Brayden Lee. We discuss his regimen, his former matches, and looking up to TNA Impact wrestlers and now wrestling Impact Wrestlers.
We discuss Wrestlemania 37 results and our thoughts on the show that took place from Tampa FL at Raymond James Stadium
We discuss and rate Wrestlemania 3 which had Hogan slamming Andre, the Barber incarnation, and the infamous Macho Man vs Ricky Steamboat.
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