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The Changing Banking Landscape
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The Changing Banking Landscape

Author: Mambu

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Enabling change has reached a new level of importance around the world, across every industry and every business type. The banking industry, in particular, has experienced significant transformation and continues to evolve in delivering better business value and customer experiences. Join us as we delve deeper into the challenges, needs and opportunities that surround financial players today. Welcome to ‘The changing banking landscape’ podcast featuring interviews, thought leadership and insights with some of the top global minds in technology and financial services.
9 Episodes
The marketplace has morphed significantly around how consumers are engaging with their financial institutions today. Bank branches are no longer just banks; they’re cafes, grocery stores, clothing stores, car dealerships and so much more. So why do we need banks if we can do banking almost everywhere?Joined by experts Matt Williamson, VP of Global Financial Services, at Mobiquity and Elliott Limb, CCO at Mambu, we answer this big question and delve deeper into the realities of what it takes to be a bank in 2021.
A greenfield initiative is said to be an attempt to break free from legacy thinking and the complexities of traditional banking approaches. Could this be the fresh start banks need?We explore some of the details around a greenfield business build and unpack the many layers to this digital strategy. What is it really? Does it work? What are the things we need to know before we initiate a greenfield project? Join thought leaders Mike Robinson, Head of Digital Banking and CTO at Deloitte Digital and Johanna Pugh, MD for North America at Mambu, as we unravel the pros and complexities of greenfield banks.
Transformation is complex - McKinsey estimates that less than 30% of these banking transformations are successful. What is it that’s going wrong and how can you ensure the success of your own transformation project? To explore this critical challenge and identify best practices, Niels Mærkedahl, Associate Partner of McKinsey and Justus Roux, Solution Engineering Manager for Mambu, join us and share their experiences in banking transformation. We’ll discuss some of the key lessons learned from banking transformation projects around the world.
Organisations worldwide are investing trillions to become more data-driven, yet only 8% manage to successfully scale analytics to harness value from their data. Unfortunately banks are no exception - but it doesn’t have to be this way. With expert insights from Anil Saboo, Head of Financial Services Partnerships at Google and Eelco-Jan Boonstra, Managing Director EMEA at Mambu, we look beyond technology and examine the key drivers behind building a successful, data-powered financial institution.
The rise of open banking comes at a time when banking customers are relying more and more on digital channels to make critical financial decisions, banks are under increasing pressure to deliver banking services at the ‘speed of life’. Joined by Andrew Jamieson, Technology and Security Director for UL and Myles Bertrand, MD APAC at Mambu, we explore and demystify open banking from the perspective of both the consumers and the financial institutions that serve them.
Over a quarter of the U.S. population alone doesn’t own or use a bank account. Joined by financial inclusion experts Michael Coghlan, CEO at BrightFi and Tara Lacey, Customer Success Lead at Mambu, we take a global look at the needs of underserved segments and we explore the role that financial institutions and technology can play in helping level the playing field.
The credit landscape has significantly evolved over the last decade as fintechs continue to be a catalyst for a ‘new breed’ of lending player in the market. We are joined by Ian Johnson, Managing Director of Europe at Marqeta and Eelco-Jan Boonstra, Managing Director, EMEA at Mambu, as we explore what this new breed of lender means for traditional players and get a sense of what the future of lending has in store.
We dig deeper into the myths, truths and uncertainties that continue to swarm the topic of cloud adoption. With expert insights and perspectives from the Middle East (Yasar Yilmaz, Microsoft), DACH (Lars Meinecke, Microsoft) and the North American region (Johanna Pugh, Mambu), we explore the perceptions and unpack the myths that shape and influence financial business decisions around cloud adoption every day.  
Join the conversation as we explore the role of cloud technology, its benefits and the biggest barriers to full cloud adoption in the financial sector today. Expert insights, opinions and thoughts from Scott Mullins, AWS Global Lead, Financial Services and Elliott Limb, Chief Customer Officer at Mambu.
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