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Insurrection. Looming War. Catastrophic Lies and Sabotage. Trump advisor says,“…Safe States our last hope in defending life and liberty from all.”Part 2: Brace. Brace. Brace. Conservative States—Defend Now.In Part 2: Dr. Pry explains the treachery in detail, and he exposes the only remaining solution that can free us from the deadly trap—set by the SWAMP. Whether Trump ultimately wins the 2020 election, or whether he is forced out by a sinister coup, the war is on, and kryptonite must be used. If half the states defend, freedom is secured, and the other states will eventually follow. Brace. Brace. Brace. From MAD to SANE. Safe States Now.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
Insurrection. Looming War. Catastrophic Lies and Sabotage. Trump advisor says,“…Safe States our last hope in defending life and liberty from all.”Part 1: Emergency Crossroads.As an advisor to President Trump on catastrophic war threats to the Homeland, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reveals the biggest secret ever kept from the American people. China, N. Korea, Iran, and Russia can now instantly defeat America with a surprise EMP attack and avoid Mutually Assured Destruction. To secure its eternal rule, and to avoid justice for all, the SWAMP has suppressed the only defense—because the only defense requires the states to have a backup supply chain, an emergency militia, and an emergency civil defense. In stunning clarity, and in the midst of a stolen election, Dr. Pry reveals the modern-day kryptonite that crushes socialism, blocks the SWAMP, and defends life and liberty from the impending war with foreign aggressors—and the enemy from within. Without Safe States—freedom can’t win.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
“Kill Shot”. Liberty or Death. Mary vs the Marauders.In this episode: Host, Don Trumbull discusses the irreversible attack on the American elections. The Kill Shot cannot be undone, and the observable coup is now sending America over the cliff. With Big Tech, Mainstream Media, and the Deep State working in unison, Don reveals the urgent need for Safe States as the only constitutionally prescribed method to combat tyranny from within and abroad. Liberty or Death means our hopes and prayers are not enough. Surely, God wants us to act. To prepare. To organize. To defend. Not a militia, but a passive, well-armed modern-day defense that is immune from modern-day tactics that will remove our ability to unite. Conservative states are our last chance, it is the essential ingredient for defending freedom, and with enough Safe States, half the people can save “We the People”. Scenario 05. Day 25: Mary vs the MaraudersOn Day 1 of the attack, Mary in Seattle was separated from her family. She lived in an undefended state. She and her family ignored the catastrophic risk that half the country was preparing for, and after the attack, everybody in the city hoped and prayed for rescue. But it never came. Instead, the mobs were seizing territory. Demanding all remaining food and pets be turned over for the greater good. Join forces or die. On Day 25, Mary said no.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
Scenario 04. Day10: Leaving CA; The I-15 DeathtrapOn Day 3, after the attack; Jeff, Debbie, and Alex executed their prearranged escape plan that included 30 other families with preserved vehicles. Having an older Chevy Bronco protected from EMP, they left their home in Riverside, CA., and per the plan, they formed a well-armed convoy with the others. I-15 was the only highway out, and they all headed east towards the Safe States. Filled with stalled cars and starving crowds, they soon discovered they were the prey. No mercy. No empathy. A terrible new world.This is Day 10. Undefended State. Considerations follow.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
Scenario 03. Day 3: The Long Walk—I-90 MontanaLiving in a Safe State, Steve, and a small group of other stranded motorists have been walking together for 3 days now. They’re tired, they’re scared, and they’re all shocked. America is down, but something is different here. This is Day 3. Safe State. Considerations follow.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
Scenario 02. Day 3: The Escape—Riverside, CA 3 days ago, a suspected EMP weapon was detonated at a very high-altitude over the continental United States. From coast to coast … No food. No water. No phones. No cars. The worst-case scenario happened.Living in an undefended state, Jeff, Debbie, and Alex are getting ready to execute their prearranged escape plan. They have one hope. Leave their home in Riverside, Ca. Make it to a Safe State. Survive or die.This is Day 3. Undefended state. Considerations follow.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
Scenario 01. EMP Attack: Day 1—Seattle WAWith the conditions set, America is dangerously divided. Half the states protect their populace with a prearranged supply chain and emergency defense. Half the states refuse. They call it a lie.Like any other day, Mary is getting ready to leave the house and she’s got a thousand things to do. She lives in Seattle, WA, and it’s Monday morning. Her kids are at school, her husband is at work, and she’s ready to go. It’s a beautiful day, but then something happens.This is Day 1. Undefended state. Considerations follow.Learn more about the Safe State Project at
This Unknown Story is RealEver wonder how our divided government would react to an impending catastrophic threat that required each state to enact a catastrophic civil defense? What if the threat was suppressed?For the first time, the American people can now experience the unknown story of a catastrophic threat, a hidden defense, and an ongoing secret that many of our experts and politicians are in a race to reveal.From the depths of a political standoff, a ruthless stalemate, and a diverging nation; War on America: Defense X (Episode 01) lights the essential fuse of an approaching national discussion.In the very first episode, host, Don Trumbull reveals the premise and purpose of Defense X. Given his expertise as a former air carrier owner, backup supply chain specialist, and founder of the Safe States Project, he explains why the catastrophic threat and defense has been suppressed, why it needs to go public, and why Defense X may be America’s only hope at surviving modern-day war, foreign and domestic. Get your bearings in Episode 01. After that, hold on. Experience the 12 scenarios that reveal our life, our death, and our biggest questions. Is Defense X right or wrong? Will it divide us further? Does our freedom require it?Learn more about the Safe State Project at 
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