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Join Justin and his guests as they talk hoops across all levels! Hear their opinions and debates on the hottest topics around the world of basketball!
16 Episodes
This episode of the podcast Justin touches on the massive James Harden trade and if he can peacefully co-exist with the walking enigma that is Kyrie Irving. He also talks about what it means for Houston and what position the team is in going forward. To round the podcast he talks NBA rookies, and a little college basketball
Join Justin as he dives into the NBA as the season is just underway! Jacob Mummert, a podcaster on the SIA Network, joins Justin to talk about the drama in Houston, players and teams to watch, and early award races. Then the two talk a walk around the NBA and give a little preview on each team. Then the guys end by discussing the Christmas Day matchups.
In this episode, Jacob and Joel dive into the NBA as teams progress through the shortened offseason. They start by highlighting the news including Toronto's move to Tampa and the recent 5-year extensions given out to players. Then the guys jump into their offseason update highlighting 4 teams specifically. They end the episode with a question about a big move yet to be made. Listen at the end for Joel's connection between planes and offseason splashes!
In this episode, Jacob welcomes special guest Justin Couceyro on the show to fill in for Joel this week. The guys kick off the episode recapping the recent coaching changes and discuss why the Rockets are suddenly imploding. They also chat about the potential Christmas start and the impact on the Summer League. Then the guys dive into the first round of the draft hitting all 30 picks and pointing out what teams should do. Listen to hear our picks for the upcoming NBA Draft!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel discuss the latest news from the world of basketball. This week's episode included the Nets coaching staff additions and Kyrie's comments about being a coach. They also discuss the Warriors throwback jerseys to honor Oakland. Then the guys breakdown each team in the Southeast division and what their offseason looks like. Listen to hear our offseason advice for these teams!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel dive into the week in basketball. They start in the NBA where new coaches and executives were hired. They also talk about teams being sold and free agency rumors. Then the guys dive deep into the central division teams and the upcoming offseason. They preview each team and outline what they think they should do this offseason. Listen to hear their thoughts on the central division's impending offseason!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel dive into the NBA post Finals. This included news about recent coach hirings including Stan Van Gundy and the Pacers new coach. They also discussed Toronto’s potential move to Louisville for next season to combat COVID restrictions. Then the guys dive into the Atlantic Division previewing the offseason. They go team-by-team giving their takes on how each team should approach the offseason. Listen to hear our thoughts on big moves these teams can make in free agency and the draft!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel give an update on the coaching situation in the NBA with the big names being floated around with three big teams. Then the guys transition to the Finals recap where they give their overall impressions of the series before diving into what's next for the Lakers and the Heat. Finally, the guys wrap up the episode with the GOAT conversation between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Listen to hear out thoughts on the Finals and the GOAT of the NBA!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel discuss the latest news out of the world of basketball. LeBron James getting the Wheaties cover nod, Westbrook leaving a BIG tip, and the WNBA champions were all discussed. Then the guys talked about the finals thus far having seen four games. Jacob and Joel give their thoughts on the series and project to game 5 and the final showdown. Listen to hear our thoughts on the series and what are expectations are!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel discuss the latest news out of the NBA including coaching updates and Mark Cubans kind act. Then the guys spend the rest of the episode discussing game one of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. Listen to hear our reactions to game one and thoughts on the rest of the series!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel discuss the latest news out of the NBA. This week included the details for the 2020 Draft Combine, potential 2021 season start, Michael Jordan's new purchase, and rookie cards selling at auction. Joel spotlights Gordon Hayward and the Celtics game three win. Then the guys transition to the eastern conference finals as a whole and discuss how the two teams look four games in. They also talk about the western conference finals and the Nugget's first win of the series. Listen to hear their takes on the conference finals thus far!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel discuss the latest news out of the NBA. This included the All-NBA teams, the coaching vacancies and candidates as well as some potential landing spots for Giannis if he leaves the Bucks. Then the guys took some time to discuss the game 7 between the Nuggets and Clippers from both sides. The conference finals are here! The guys dove into these matchups and laid out their expectations for each series. Listen to hear how we think each series will shake out!
In this episode, Jacob is joined by Richie Chicago and Furious George from Shoot your Shot Sports. The guys dive into the latest news out of the NBA including the motion to push back the draft date, Billy Donovan and the coaching carousel, and the All-Defensive teams. Next, the guys break down the second round of the playoffs so far and what they hope to see in the next round. After that, the guys do another panic buzzer segment about Giannis and the Bucks plus the Lakers and Rockets. Listen to hear what our guests thought about the NBA playoffs!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel discuss the latest news out of the NBA. Families are welcome in the bubble and play heats up as the NBA issues a series of fines. Next, the guys talk about the second round of the playoffs as the first round comes to a close and preview the matchups. Then the guys finish things off by announcing award races winners and making their picks for the remaining awards. Listen to see if we picked your favorite player to win an award!
In this episode, the guys discuss the NBA boycott and what it means for the players, teams, and NBA. Then the guys transition into other news this week surrounding the firing of two head coaches. Then Jacob and Joel discuss the playoff series thus far and what they expect in the second round. Listen to hear if your favorite team is moving on in our version of the playoffs!
In this episode, Jacob and Joel debut the podcast and give the listeners an idea of what they pod will be about. Then the guys jump into the NBA and talk about the latest news there. The conversation grows to include a discussion about the playoffs thus far and what their thoughts are. The guys finish out the episode with a panic buzzer segment! Listen to hear if we hit the panic buzzer on your favorite team or player!
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