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Modern Divorce - The Do-Over For A Better You
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Modern Divorce - The Do-Over For A Better You

Author: Attorney Billie Tarascio

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Surviving the Modern Divorce means taking on equal parts warrior and saint. You need all the support you can get. If you're going to remake your life, you're in the right place to learn how to create the new and better you, both legally and psychologically. Brought to you by Arizona Divorce Attorney Billie Tarascio of Modern Law and where you can tap into low cost divorce help, learning and therapy to help you redraw that new you.
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TedX Speaker Shawn Bradford (Thank You Divorce) talks with Modern Divorce podcast host Billie Tarascio in this insightful episode about minding your most important relationships and how to avoid forcing intimacy in a new relationship, or out of habit.Surprise, it could be you who's pushing things, says Bradford, who gives a roadmap for figuring out the issues - something she's done for herself. A yoga teacher who found release through meditation and yogic practices, Bradford shares her methods for solving a common problem whether divorced, married or single and searching. You can find Shawn's fascinating TedX talk here and see more about her on her website at
Going through a divorce is one of the most gut-wrenching, horrible things one can experience. It often leaves people bitter, unhappy, and awash in toxic emotions. Wouldn't it be great if there was something we could do to fix that?There is. In this episode, you'll find welcome relief when Modern Law's host Billie Tarascio talks with Dr. Happiness, Elia Gourgouris, who has a no-fail seven step plan for finding and keeping long-lasting happiness. You'll learn the exact process he teaches to cut out toxic relationships - whether from your ex or others - and what to do to position yourself to live the life you've always wanted.You can find Dr. Happiness on his website at to learn more about his amazing and simple process.
What is a behaviorist and how can it help you survive as a single parent? In this episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast, host Billie Tarascio introduces us to Kimball Lewis, whose website is filled with tips and tools for helping parents deal with the challenges of raising a child. You need a plan to help survive the trials you'll experience as a single parent.When a child has two different households, it's even more difficult to make rules and stick with them. But in this special episode - longer than our usual podcasts - you'll get a ton of good ideas and methods you can use to  be an effective parent raising a successful child. Here's a hint: Don't blame your spouse or your ex for your child's behavior. Once you have that down, then you're free to set up your own rules, your own way.
Would it be possible to lower the cost of divorce and keep the divorcing parties from attacking each other? Turns out, yes, it's possible, with collaborative law. In this episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast, family law attorney Billie Tarascio talks with her Modern Law colleague, Christopher Torrenzano, who explains how the collaborative process works in divorce, when you can use it, and when you can't.This is the perfect listen for anyone anticipating divorce and the expenses and anguish that can so often be a part of the process. 
Do you have the right to an attorney? Do you really need one, and can you speak for yourself in court? These and other questions about when and how to deploy an attorney - and when you absolutely MUST have an attorney are the topics of this episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast. Modern Law family law attorneys Billie Tarascio and Ryan Claridge go into depth with suggestions about when you can and should "do it yourself," when to work with a mediator, and what to do if you're dealing with criminal accusations in a family court situation.For anyone who has wondered how to survive a family court issue without breaking the bank, this episode has key details for saving money, saving your reputation, and keeping yourself out of trouble when it really counts.
Getting divorced at any time is personal challenge, but after many years with a spouse, it's about finding out who you really are, and how you approach the world as a solo person. This episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast is a good-for-the-soul exploration of the things that happen when two people divorce following a longterm marriage and how to rebuild one's personal life. Modern Divorce host Billie Tarascio, family law attorney, talks with divorce coach Raven of who herself suffered a divorce as a 60-something woman. Raven shares her personal stories and tips, with a frank discussion about how to put yourself back together again after a big breakup.
Maybe it was your teenager getting out of line, and an unfortunate shoving match ensued. Maybe it was you leaving the kids home alone when your ex thought it was too dangerous. Or maybe it was a parent possibly using drugs and another relative calls to make a report. All of these scenarios may prompt the state Department of Child Services to get involved, which may throw you or someone you know into a whole lotta trouble.In this episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast, family law attorney Billie Tarascio talks with former Arizona DCS case worker and Modern Law staffer Vanessa Adams. As someone who visited homes and tried to put families back together again, she gives her important perspective of the process, and what you should know about what happens when someone reports a presumptive child abuse.If you are not familiar with the process of investigating child abuse through a state agency, this episode is a must listen for anyone who has kids, or who has ever considered reporting child abuse.
Moving in together seems simple, right? Until someone moves out,  that someone claims the rights that belong to "cohabitating partners" in that state. In this episode, Modern Divorce's Billie Tarascio and Washington Family Law Attorney Michelle Dellino compare the high impact differences between splitting up in one state versus another.Prepare to hear some critical traps and "gotchas" in this episode that make this a must-listen to anyone who is living with their partner without a marriage license.  In fact, the idea that "we don't need a piece of paper" to make a relationship is exactly right - because the state you live in will make the rules for you, and it may not be pretty. And it's probably going to cost one of you waaaaay more than the other, unless you both decide for yourselves what the rules should be beforehand.If you're in Washington, check out Michelle Dellino at Dellino Law in the Seattle metro area, and you can find Billie Tarascio at
For anyone who has a child who is in danger - either emotionally or physically - when they are with a co-parent, this podcast episode of Modern Divorce, will give you the roadmap for when to file with the court for help. Modern Law Family law attorneys Billie Tarascio and Ryan Claridge talk about the different ways such requests with the court can play out, and whether to file in family court or not. If you share custody with a parent who you suspect is putting your child at risk - for whatever reason - this is a must-listen episode packed with strategies and information about how you might approach this very sensitive situation and how to avoid the pitfalls that can make your legal position worse.
What happens when a couple splits up and there's important - and valuable - personal property to divide? Can he keep the beat up, albeit classic car in the garage? Can she keep those paintings her great grandma collected? Well, that all depends on the value of those things.Getting a good valuation and a catalog of all the personal belongings of a couple can put an end to quibbling and outright war between exes. In this podcast, family law attorney Billie Tarascio of Modern Law talks with Frederick A. Schertenlieb, of Estate Management Services on how the process works and why divorcing spouses may want to use it to value - and fairly divide - belongings that the spouses have accumulated during a marriage.
Let's say you split up from your spouse and move to another state. When it comes time to divorce, do you know where to file? It can make a huge difference in the outcome, says  Arizona family law attorney Billie Tarascio of Modern Law, and Texas family law attorney Brian Walters of Walters Gilbreath PLLC.In this episode, you'll learn the sort of differences that can change the way the court will split up assets and whether you'll be eligible to receive spousal support (alimony). For instance, Texas says NO to spousal support, but may split up property differently than a community property state like Arizona, or California. It's also possible to take child custody issues to court in one state, while dealing with divorce and property issues in another. How do you know which is best for you? Listen in for an illuminating conversation, and something that may change how and where you choose to divorce.
In this Modern Divorce podcast, host Billie Tarascio talks with Shanna Tingom, a Certified Divorce Financial Planner, who specializes in helping plan the financial aspects of a divorce by developing a plan. While an attorney can navigate the legal aspects of divorce, the CDFA can create the financial plan to get through the divorce so that you are best positioned to survive and thrive after the judge signs the divorce orders.Taking a second home while letting your ex keep the first? Not so fast. A CDFA can show you how you might get slammed with capital gains taxes and come out with far less in the end, without taking the right steps. Trading IRA funds to buy out an ex's stake in the family home? A CDFA can help you decide if that's the best move for your bottom line and how to make that move.This discussion is perfect for anyone who is concerned about their finances and making a budget work in divorce. To connect with Shanna, go to
In this Modern Divorce podcast, Arizona family law attorney  Billie Tarascio and Virginia family law attorney Devon Slovensky break down the elements that you need to take into account when deciding whether to sell the family house and start new elsewhere - or if you can keep the house during and after the divorce process.Each state has its different rules, but the same emotional elements will be at play in any state you divorce in. Some people trade a stake in the house for part of a 401(k) when splitting assets, but there will be differences in the way each asset grows over the years, and the tax implications.This episode is specifically for anyone contemplating divorce and whether to stay or go: it's the all-important question and one that can have years of after effects on your life and finances.Connect with Devon at and Billie at
Pop artist Britney Spears, at 39,  is still not in charge of her own life. The #FreeBritney movement, spurred further by a New York Times documentary airing on Hulu, looks at why she is still enduring a court-sanctioned conservatorship managed by her father, and whether her adult rights are being unfairly or criminally curtailed.In this fascinating episode of the Modern Divorce podcast, family law attorneys Billie Tarascio and Darin Colburn of Modern Law break down the areas that make them suspicious of - even angry at - these arrangements, and how they'd approach the situation as attorneys. In fact, the conservatorship, and her father's behavior, has been used against her, to limit her time with her own children.For anyone who is following the #FreeBritney movement, or is interested in the effects of conservatorships in family law, this is a must-listen.
In this fascinating episode of the Modern Divorce Podcast, host Billie Tarascio talks with Dana Lam, founder of the Surprise Date Challenge on how to save a marriage from divorce with some simple steps that anyone can do. The conversation also covers when you'll know if it's "over," and Dana's own rocky path to understanding these steps after suffering a divorce to her children's father.Keeping a marriage and a relationship together is said to take "work," but in this episode, Dana explains how her Surprise Date Challenge came to be. She's also written a book on the subject by the same name.
When a professional person who runs a business, like a dentist, doctor, lawyer, or accountant, is in a divorce, the "goodwill" value of that business and professional value can be a key sticking point. Professional business valuations can be thousands of dollars different depending on how, and who, does the valuations.In this episode, Modern Law Attorney Billie Tarascio talks with Chris David, of Health Value Group ( about the process for setting a valuation and what factors are taken into account.This episode is a must-listen for anyone divorcing who operates a business based on their professional training and education. It's a technical area of law that affects average people divorcing in community property states where assets are customarily split in half. How do you place a value on an accountant's book of business? What happens when one spouse has student loan debt accumulated during the marriage? You may have to listen to this one twice, and take notes.
When it comes to splitting up property and money with your ex, are you leaving too much money on the table? Can you get a better deal with your spouse if you negotiate harder, or in a better way?In this Modern Divorce podcast episode, your host, Billie Tarascio talks with her Modern Law colleague Darin Colburn about the asset and money split between Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, and his ex wife MacKenzie Scott. The discussion has some critical negotiating points for anyone splitting up assets in a divorce, including things you are absolutely entitled to, and assessing your real value and contributions during a marriage. Some people may be interested in striking a quick deal and getting OUT of the marriage, but in other cases, people may be more interested in doing a deep dive into hidden assets or mis-valued assets. This is a fascinating breakdown of things you need to know during a divorce.For more information, contact the Modern Law team at, or stop by our website at
After representing children in court, family law attorney Tami Haley, found out that the children in your life are listening to everything you say. Let's just say it's like having a camera recording everything you are doing."You have to see the custody issues from the eyes of the child," Tami says. "They know everything." In this episode, Tami talks about how to step mom the right way and how to insulate children from all the drama of divorce and post-divorce.One of the only ways to lose custody is by failing to recognize your children's needs. Tami talks with host Billie Tarascio about step parenting and how to manage the dicey issues surrounding children who have to live through the dramas and stress of a divorce. To find Tami, check her out at And find more about Billie Tarascio and Modern Law at 
Where you divorce can make a big difference. In this podcast, family law attorneys Billie Tarascio and Russell Knight break down the concerns for divorcing in different jurisdictions and why that's important. For instance, certain states may split property differently or have more beneficial child custody laws for your particular situation. There are also rules for when and where you can take your child out of state - or out of the country - in the process of a divorce.This is a must-listen episode for anyone starting a divorce who has connections in more than one state or area!You can find Russell on his website at and Billie at
So now it's legal in Arizona to smoke Marijuana as of 2021. But just hold on a minute - what does that mean for you? Can you grow it? Sell it? Smoke in the car? Smoke on your walk in the park?Now that Proposition 207 decriminalized the use of marijuana, DUI and Criminal Law Attorney Shawn B. Hamp breaks down the details. In this episode, you'll hear about the grey areas of the law, and the details about when, where, and how smoking marijuana can still get you into trouble.Podcast Host and Family Law Attorney Billie Tarascio also asks the key questions for parents that partake in marijuana, and what that might mean for a family law case in the process. 
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