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Thanks for rocking with us for a season and a half! We are following our hearts and moving into new lanes, but appreciate this for the journey it’s been. We are still working! You can keep up with us and our new ventures at:Cori - @chillcounselor on Instagram and Chill Counselor on FacebookSerena- @serenakumara or @milkandhoneyprjct on Instagram and Milk and Honey Project on Facebook For more info on how we made this decision, listen to episodes 103, 104, and 108!
As people prepare to return to travel, we’re helping you get ahead of having to post those “Never Again!” statuses by exploring  some important boundaries around girls trips. After a heavy week of news, pop culture focuses on the achievements of some magical Black girls. This week’s segment, “That’s Not Boundaries” is all about Cori going all #wastehistime on a scam caller who hopefully  will “never again” call her. 
In the face of a lot of convos about pedestals, we’re here this week to chat about the importance of accountability. We acknowledge the heaviness of much of last week’s national news as well as call out people generally acting a whole fool in celebrity news. Inspired by Black Twitter, this weeks’s special segment is about the “toxic” relationships that many seem to have had with their hairdressers.
This week's main topic explores the importance of mentorship in our lives (and yours?) and how to best navigate both sides of that relationship. Pop culture covers the celebrations and controversies around the Grammy's. This week's special segment is all about the pitfalls of placing people on pedestals...looking at all of y'all Derrick Jaxn fans...Brunch and Boundaries supports and stands with the AAPI community. #EndAsianHateRate/review us and share with a friend! Don't forget to email your listener questions at and follow us at IG: FB:
This episode, we are joined by the phenomenal Jaimmy Koroma, body positive content creator and full-time art director. She shares her personal journey to loving her body, particularly as a Black woman and gives us the tea on the Body Positivity Movement. This episode also celebrates a lot of Black excellence, addresses the ugly racism and gaslighting that followed the Megan Markle interview, and gives some great tips for setting a more intentional morning routine.You can follow Jaimmy at us and share with a friend! Don't forget to email your listener questions at and follow us at IG: FB:
Welcome back for season 2! "IKYFL" is our response to all the things we've been out here believing that were absolute cap (as the kids say). This episode, we're also catching you up on what we've been doing, giving our unfiltered thoughts on what is actually going on in the world, and visiting "cliche self-care" (to throw it back: nails done, hair done, everything did).
111: 2020 Was Boundaries

111: 2020 Was Boundaries


In the season 1 finale, we reflect on 10 lessons we learned in 2020. Serena makes an exciting announcement, and in the final "Try It, You'll Like It!" of the season, we discuss the different ways of releasing.
For our tenth episode, we are switching it up and talking about what happens when we don't maintain solid boundaries for ourselves by ignoring our limits and pushing through. In this week's Self-Care Spotlight, we give you the real tea (and research) about bubble baths. We also make it clear that we, too, are fans of Dionne Warwick on Twitter.
109: Freedom is Boundaries

109: Freedom is Boundaries


We get real as we discuss personal freedom and how to break through boundaries (the kind we don't like) to get to it. We also talk about the viral True Kitchen & Koctkails controversy. The special segment this week is "Try It, You'll Like It" and it gives you the tea on vision boards.
The holiday season is full of opportunities to gather (or to not gather) with family. On this episode, we explore common experiences that occur when getting together with family and discuss the reasons behind them based on counseling theories. This week, we also answer an question from a listener about quitting a job.
As we prepare for (virtual?) friendsgivings, we discuss the challenges of maintaining adult friendships. This week's Everybody Needs Therapy also focuses on friendship as we discuss some serious boundary issues between Toni and Joan on Girlfriends.  Cori also makes an exciting announcement that was teased in the last episode.
This week, we discuss what racism is (and isn't) and the various ways we respond to racial trauma. Also on this episode: black girl magic and a self-care spotlight on community care.
105: Hope is Boundaries

105: Hope is Boundaries


In the aftermath of the election, we talk about the importance of hope when you don't know what outcome to expect. We also discuss how to incorporate celebration into your self-care. And yes, those things are all related.
We often hear about competition versus collaboration, but even if you don't want to compete, do you really have to collaborate? This episode we discuss how to determine whether to work with someone, how to manage the working relationship, and what to do when it's time to end the partnership.  In light of the heaviness of the election, this week's pop culture and news focuses on Black Girl Magic and we answer questions from listeners in the new Help Me/Hype Me segment.
103: Shifting is Boundaries

103: Shifting is Boundaries


We're talking about that "in-between" space when you are no longer where you were but not quite where you are going to be. This episode features a new special segment that explores the power of and research behind automatic writing. Riddle: what do black hair, Lovecraft Country, and airplanes have in common?
We discuss the meaning of authenticity and what happens when you aren't living true to yourself. We also see what this looks like for a certain TV character in a special Everybody Needs Therapy segment. This week, we also raise awareness to the escalating violence and #endSARS protests in Nigeria.
In our first episode, we discuss boundaries and signs yours might need some adjusting. This week's episode also spotlights the concept of radical self-care. Oh, and we sort of drag Tory Lanez, too. By the way, we talk about healing, but this isn't therapy or a replacement for it.
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