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The Turn Yourself On Podcast with Marina J

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Turn your power ON with the Turn Yourself ON podcast so you remember WHO you ARE. I’m Marina J and I’m a #1 best selling author, psychic life coach and speaker who has helped thousands of people for over 24 years, heal their life back to fabulous - because YOU ARE FABULOUS. Together we’re going talk shadow work, emotional and metaphysical healing and all things ascension! Talking of which, my daughter took this picture of me which I love, holding nature to my face. And that is all it is. I feel it's time to take nature back from all inversions and to play with it as it was intended! You can reach me at for my coaching, courses and my #1 best-selling book, Turn Yourself ON. Are you ready to turn yourself ON? Let’s begin!
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As a child I stepped into being the emotional supporter in life but not supported and my spine simply followed me, culminating in Scoliosis - a curvature of the spine. Today I share how I emotionally healed my scoliosis. Today's podcast is also a smattering of my thoughts including what brought me here. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful, and, if you can dodge some of my truly awful jokes then you really are living your best life! All my love xxFor love and support, visit
What is the Narc Template™ and how do we know if  we're running it in our business? If you've healed from Narcissistic abuse in your personal life, is it possible that it's leaked through in your business life, making it harder for you to receive money, love and support? I'm seeing lightworkers unconsciously run this template in their businesses, which means,  no matter how much you do, or how talented you are, your business isn't gaining the traction, success, growth and  visibility that you KNOW is meant to be yours! And that can be incredibly frustrating especially when you've tried practically everything. This podcast is for light leaders to RISE.  I also share how my own Narc Template has stopped (past tense!) my own business from growing!It's more crucial now than ever that we clear this. Listen in to be informed, maybe have a breakthrough and maybe just create a new light template for yourself - you're too talented and too brilliant not to!To find out more about how I can help you release the Narc Template from your business, career or offerings, you can email me here join the 'Release the Narc Template™ from your Business' Facebook Group click here
I know you have big plans this year - is your body ready? Can your body take the big expansion you’re planning on doing this year? Today I’m giving you 10 Nervous System Replenishments so your body catches up to who you are NOW so you CAN expand your business, ideas and prosperity without feeling like you’ll need to flop into a big star shape on the carpet! What are the signs that your nervous system is calling out to you? If you’re interested in receiving those 3 psychic sessions for me to read your own guidance system to guide you powerfully this year, you can contact me here to request a 15 min free chat to see if this is right for you. 
Had a big download recently which was about the approach we used as kids to keep safe (esp. if you had narcissistic parents/siblings or grew up not feeling emotionally safe or physically safe.) If you withdrew your energy to go invisible, to avoid attack when you were a kid... and that manifesting style worked, because it helped you survive childhood... Is it possible that when you're worrying/stressed/feeling emotionally unsafe now... that your manifesting style is STILL to withdraw and go invisible instead of manifesting LARGE and going BIG and getting BIG support?? Is this a key reason why children of narcissists often find it hard to manifest and create when they're worried and fearful? To bust yourself out of this old manifesting story, turn to Chapt. 7 in my book, Turn Yourself On. You can get it here
Do you feel like you often give 80% and get 20% back from people? And it's fucking exhausting?? Yeah I feel you. Over-giving and under-receiving is what I used to be a master at! Every single light worker / healer I have ever met or coached has experienced narcissistic abuse or a lot of one-sided relationships. Can you relate? If you've healed from narcissistic abuse in your personal life, you might still be carrying that Narc Template™ into your business, for example. So no matter how much you do, you're not gaining traction and rising. Because you can't receive. Because it's never been about you. It's always been about the other person. But. I want you receiving. I want you OUT there, being seen, heard, revered, cheered and being fully supported, loved and YES monied UP!! Because we need you - the light leader that YOU ARE at the TOP - LEADING! So I'm super excited to offer you my new 3-Session Acceleration Package designed to accelerate you and unhook the narc template from your business. Just email me here to organise a free 30-min breakthrough call to give you an early breakthrough - but - it's only if you're serious about the 3-Session Package. Because... I'm not running my narc template anymore so I'll know what you're up to! (Haha but also, I'm not kidding!)To join the 'Release the Narc Template™ from your Business' Facebook Group click here 
OO entitlement has become an ugly word! We usually associate it with narcissists and self-absorbed people who feel entitled to your time, attention and energy. But within a conscientious being (ie you!) who regularly over-gives and under-receives, it means you’ll receive what you are naturally entitled to; the money you deserve, the love you deserve and the support that you deserve. Ready to receive more? Come join me on today's podcast!Receive my free Emotional Health Masterclass to fall in love with your shadow. You can get it here
Lightworkers! Have you taken your last swig of water? Cause we're at the start line! We've completed 20 years of intense initiations - are you ready?We are at the beginning of 20 years of service without so many personal distractions. This podcast is to get you into the zone by putting a rocket in your knickers! I'm singing the Queen song right now - Don't Stop Me Nowwwww - are you ready? LET'S GO!!! This world needs YOU out there with the EXACT energy you HAVE. NOW!!For more support and sessions head to 
So many of us are needing to withdraw from the world in order to exchange our old engine for the new one that will take us neutrally and beautifully into 2021. It's exciting but tiring (are you getting enough rest?) Today we're talking the energy in March, equal energy exchanges and this being the actual last week of 2020 - after an incredible year - who are you now?For more support and sessions head to
Today we're talking narcissists, how to spot the red flags and how to vibrate them out of our lives. I’m also talking global narcissism - because the exhaustion is real! Are you feeling exhausted on and off?  It's no wonder; we've also been on the end of global narcissistic abuse for a year.  So, how do we get our energy back? If you've healed from narcissistic abuse in your personal life, you might still be carrying that Narc Template™ into your business, for example. So no matter how much you do, you're not gaining traction and rising. A clue is, where in your life are you giving but still not receiving? Listen in and see where you need freeing. For more support and sessions head to join the 'Release the Narc Template™ from your Business' Facebook Group click here
If you’re feeling anxious right now, it’s going to feel almost impossible to take action and to know that it IS the right action. Anxiousness, fear and worry can fill us up so much that our capacity for taking in joy, anything new and hearing our intuition is hard. Listen to this podcast to let your anxiety out and safety back in. You are not on your own. XxThe 6-week shadow intensive to heal your shadows like anxiety, your wounds, childhood trauma, triggers and to free yourself from painful dynamics in your life, starts soon. You can access it here: free emotional health masterclass to fall in love with your shadow is here 
When you know HOW to heal yourself? You cannot be broken by the outside world; or by him, or by her or by that situation. You don't get triggered by people projecting their own dark side onto you, because you've already owned your own dark side. This is shadow work and FREEDOM! Come dance in the shadow with me today - it's going to give you your light back no matter how exhausted you are (I'm really exhausted at the mo) and no matter how bad you're feeling (man I did not have the day I wanted today!) What is shadow work and how do you do it?  Listen to today's podcast and discover how to use your fabulous dark side to stay light and on purpose no matter how dark the outside world is. And it ain't through spiritual bypassing - even though I got accused of doing that last week on my private facebook page (not group - don't know why I said group twice on the podcast?!) - I'll explain more in today's podcast! xx**To learn more about my 6-week shadow intensive to heal your childhood trauma, wounds, triggers and painful situations back into happiness and peace, click here  We start March 11 2021 xx The first 5 people to join the intensive receive a free 1 hour private session with me to clear self-sabotage. Woohoo! I can't wait to meet you! 
If you're rolling your eyes as another light filled social media post mooches past you about gratitude/the Galactics/whatever... and you're feeling flat or depressed or just so blah and over it? Your body is asking you to stop trying to chase the light and instead, find the light in the dark. This isn't about you needing to meditate more, do more yoga or do anything light. This is your body telling you that you're strong enough to cry the un-cried tears from a time when you weren't strong enough or held enough to release them.  Are you willing to feel your dark emotions to let the light back in? It's been a particularly tough week for a lot of light workers. I’m not chasing the light. I’m finding my light in the dark. Here's how I'm doing it. **To learn more about my 6-week shadow intensive to heal your childhood trauma, wounds, triggers and painful situations back into happiness and peace, click here  We start March 11 2021 xx
You came to this planet to experience physical creation. That's why we are here. So anything that takes us away from that? Is to be dropped! If you’re finding yourself unable to create? This podcast is to help you undo that. Here are my 5 go-to's to rise above the matrix + create!Responding instead of reacting to the world means your creative energy does not leak out in the outside world and around certain people. How unhooking yourself from global narcissistic abuse is a must. We thrive by focussing on our growth, not fearing their growth.Win the internal war and we win the external war. Have you made friends with the shadow that's pulling you out of creation? (I'm running a course on this soon, stay tuned by adding yourself to my newsletters below and receive a free masterclass now.)Build yourself up buttercup! You need energy to create! Are you consuming or are you creating?What does humanity need? Questions to activate your creativity. Listen to this podcast anytime you need to unhook from the matrix - and share with anyone in your life who is getting sidetracked by the chaos. Receive my free Emotional Health Masterclass to fall in love with your shadow. You can get it here
If you’re in reaction? You’re lowering your vibration. As long as we’re reacting to people’s actions, moods and energy, we’re not in our pure energy. Becoming a walking reaction to people is not you. It’s your “fake you.” It’s your “reaction you.” Being a walking reaction means the world has power over you and is instructing you how to be. When you're reacting, what you're saying is, the world has power over me. Actually it does not. Nobody has the power to make you feel anything. Who would you be if you weren't a walking reaction to the outside world?To hear your higher self more easily, download my higher self meditation here
Rejection is protection from a timeline you are not meant to be on. And as a starseed or lightworker who carries the truth frequency?  You’re only ever rejected by people who don’t want to do the work. As an activator for the new earth, you carry a very real frequency that is confronting to those who don’t want to self-reflect. Your truth frequency illuminates their truth they are not willing to see. If you feel rejected, ignored and shunned by them? Actually it is their own growth they reject. And as an activator of that growth they will naturally shun you. When you understand why you as a starseed have been rejected up until now? You'll no longer take it personally.  Both in your business and personal life.Starseeds are in transition to serve on a grand scale. If you're not in creation? Accepting past rejection is key to freeing you up to birth this new earth. Understand why operating on service-to-self social media platforms has been hard for you. (Hint, it's because they operate at the service-to-self frequency and you do not.)No longer beat yourself up that some in your industry have 'made it' already whilst it's been much slower/elusive for you. Understand you didn't get rejected because you were unlikeable. You got rejected because of the dark shadows your light illuminates in the other.Understand why 99% of the population hasn't seen or understood you up until now and why, as their cognitive dissonance fades away, will recognise you for the incredibly beautiful being that you are... beginning this year. xxxTo learn more about freeing yourself from painful dynamics so you RISE, head to 
A lot of information is coming at us from the truther community and mainstream media right now - question is - how do you discern what is truth and what is untrue? Discernment is a skill we need this year more than ever before and I'm strengthening mine.Being taught to believe in authority is a program. Do you give your authority away so easily to someone who “knows?" Or do you discern what is right and what is wrong for you, each step of the way?On today's podcast we focus on strengthening your discernment and I also cover what I see unfolding over the next few years... but either way - your discernment will tell you whether that's true for you or not!So we're grooving with these subjects today:How to discern between real light and false light. Cognitive dissonance, gaslighting, global narcissism.Discernment will look different for those in 3D to those in 5D.Discernment isn't mind over matter, it's feelings over matter.Having your attention hijacked by the outside world cuts your creativity in half. How to strengthen your discernment muscle so you can navigate your highest timeline this year.To learn more about discernment, strengthening yourself and healing yourself, head to 
Podcast 16: Become HER

Podcast 16: Become HER


Happy 2021! No MATTER WHAT is going on right now? You have access to YOUR particular power - you can become HER. NOW. Click your heels together and decide that you are your FABULOUS YOU, NOW! I do this every day - I become my future ME NOW.  I embody her by walking as her, dressing as her and consciously being her for sections of my day. It doesn't matter how you're feeling - this power, this alchemy - this option is yours now if you want to take it. THIS is how we MOVE into 2021, THIS is how we transform this year to move to our highest timeline, quickly. Become HER and let's become her in 2021 - NOW. xxxFor more love and support, head to
This year I feel it’s particularly important to draw a line in the sand and mark the end of this year and give ourselves a magical ritual to bring in the new. This is my New Years' Eve ritual that can also be used during the winter solstice or at any time you come to the end of a cycle. You can do this meditation anywhere and you don’t need to have anything physical around you. Sit in a circle of real or imagined stones, semi precious stones, flowers, twigs, leaves, shells, beach glass, special things from nature and light a candle or candles (Have a notepad and pen) and let's CREATE 2021! Whoop Whoop!For more love and support, head to
Unwrapping your self-love is the BEST gift you're EVER going to get! Wherever you are, if you're where you want to be, or not where you thought you would be, this podcast + meditation is just for you to fill yourself up so that by end of it, you're softer and kinder to yourself. Together we un-wrap your 10 gifts of self-love so that whether you're on your own this Christmas or just to need a lift up? You guarantee your own good time! Listen to this meditation anytime throughout the year, whenever you want to let out heavy energy and receive beautiful love back into your body. My love to you and remember WHO you are. You are utterly fabulous! For more love and support, head to
What’s blame? It’s unprocessed emotions projected onto someone, by someone who doesn’t want to take responsibility/do the work. I always used to adjust myself to friends and family and partners who put their moods onto me and their work onto me (ie their half of the relationship) because I grew up with people who couldn’t or didn’t want to do the work, so if I didn’t? There was NO relationship. Simples. So I inherently knew that I had to take the blame for things that were not mine in order to maintain relationships. Interestingly now I don’t do that anymore I’ve lost people... or rather, they’ve lost me. For more love and support, head to
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