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Do you want MORE out of your CAREER? Join Jane Jackson, Career Coach and LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 to create your dream job. YOUR CAREER Podcast has been awarded Top 20 Career Podcast by Feedspot, and voted top 50 Career Podcasts globally in 2017, 2018 and 2019 by Mac's List.Comprehensive careers guidance, new ideas on how to get a job, how to start a business, build your self confidence, job interview skills, and how to write a resume and LinkedIn profile that captures the attention of your desired audience. Jane Jackson is a Career Management Coach, Speaker and Author of Amazon Australia Careers Best Seller "Navigating Career Crossroads" and her mission is to make career guidance and advice accessible to all who want support. Enjoy valuable job search tips and listen to interviews with professionals and entrepreneurs who have made successful transitions into exciting new directions. Find out how to find harmony in your work and life, how to find and follow your true passion and career direction, and gain job satisfaction. Whether you're here for resume tips, LinkedIn profile development and strategies to get noticed by hiring managers, job interview advice, job search strategies, negotiation strategies or to overcome the challenges that come with career change, this podcast will inspire and empower you for success! Visit and discover how Jane transforms the careers of her clients and enjoy many free career resources!
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Hannah Morgan is the Founder of   A warm and wonderful human being and career coach, it is an honour to interview her on YOUR CAREER Podcast.  Hannah is a  job search strategist, one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Job Search and Careers and a nationally recognized author and speaker on job search strategies.   She founded to combine her career expertise with her love of writing, speaking and social media. Her mission is to educate professionals on how to manoeuvre through today’s job search process. 
How often do you listen when someone talks to you? I mean REALLY LISTEN to what is being said? Too often we listen to respond rather than listen to understand and that’s what this episode of YOUR CAREER Podcast is all about.  Oscar Trimboli is the author of Deep Listening and is on a mission to create 100 million Deep Listeners around the world.“We speak between 125 and 175 word per minute, yet we can listen to 400 words per minute.  That means that no matter how fast they speak, your mind can process three to four times more words.  It’s this gap that causes you to drift off and be distracted when listening.”Host of his award-winning podcast, “Deep Listening” and a popular keynote speaker, Oscar is passionate about using the gift of listening to create greater understanding, positive change and a stronger global community.What are the conversations you are not listening to?Oscar works with chairs, boards of directors and executive teams in local, regional and global organisations, and has experienced firsthand the transformational impact when leaders listen beyond the world they hear. Oscar has worked with organisations including Cisco, Google, HSBC, News Corp, PayPal, Qantas, TripAdvisor helping executives and their teams to not only listen to what’s said by their customers and employees but what is unsaid.Find out about Oscar’s career journey, how he handles change and how deep listening has helped his consulting business grow.
Eleni Endt is a talented Media Sales leader with 19 years of experience leading advertising sales teams in the Australian and UK media industry. With expertise in Sales Leadership & Training, Digital Strategy, Marketing Management, Publishing, TV, Content partnerships and Radio Advertising Eleni is well placed to help her clients grow their business. Eleni has recently taken the plunge into self-employment after Covid19 lead to am unexpected redundancy.  She explains the emotional roller coaster of change in her LinkedIn article which explains how redundancy was a blessing in disguise and ‘the best thing that ever happened to me’.  In her new life in self employment, she helps her clients get the best possible outcomes from their Search Marketing (SEO/SEM/Facebook/Google Shopping & more) because above all else, clients who work with her know that she is so dedicated she works her fingers to the bone to make sure she delivers the best campaigns.  Eleni is also a proud mum of two boys & lives by the work hard & play hard rule in all aspects of her life.   Find out how she overcame redundancy to triumph as a media sales leader, running her own book, all while being a devoted mother, wife and daughter too.  She explains the challenges and how she is able to overcome them to reinvent her career.Where to find Eleni:Search RescueLinkedIn
Episode 206 is the final episode of 2020.  This time last year I flew from London to Sydney after spending 5 weeks with my daughter and her husband who live in London. During that time I welcomed the birth of my beautiful grandson.Fast forward one year and what we took for granted – being with family whenever we wish, international and local travel, going to restaurants, group celebrations, being surrounded by people without feeling wary of every cough and sneeze, dancing, singing and simply ‘being’ – has completely changed.“The Only Constant is Change”There have been many very sad stories, and there have been incredible stories of courage, grit and love too. Let's focus on the positive, the hope, and the practical actions we can take to make 2021 a better year.Job seekers have a choice, even during Covid lockdown as to what they cand do. Take a break, clear your head, and focus on your physical and mental health and kickstart the job search campaign in the new year, or combine these essential self-care measures with a combination of job search preparation activities so you'll hit the ground running in 2021.Even though there are fewer open roles at this time of year, due to the season and also due to Covid-19, the hiring process has NOT completely ground to a halt.Currently there are 126,438 open jobs advertised on Seek in Australia.Maybe taking a well-deserved break will be just what’s required to put you in the right frame of mind to hit the job search process again in the New Year.If you prefer to keep the job search preparation momentum going, I make 5 suggestions on what you can do in this episode.Here are the links I mention in episode 206:Get Stuff Done Accountability Group 3 Tips for a Stand Out LinkedIn Profile for career success this Online Program (apply this code to get a very special price: MAKEMYDAY) Navigating Career Crossroads book you need more support please visit www.janejacksoncoach.comUntil next time, stay safe, stay well and my best wishes for the holiday season to you and your family.  Happy New Year! 
Natasha Hawker is the Managing Director of Employee Matters. With a fascinating background in finance with companies including Westpac, Fuji International Finance and BZW she transitioned into recruitment and then on to Human Resources roles within global management consulting firms before setting up her own HR business.
Throughout this Covid year, as millions of jobs have been lost and lives have been turned upside down, LinkedIn has  been busy rolling out multiple new features in 2020  to help job seekers to build their brand on this platform to make applying for jobs, getting noticed by hiring managers & recruiters, and preparing for job interviews easier.In this episode I share my favourite 4 features for job seekers that LinkedIn has added recently – some of them are VERY exciting, others are definitely worth experimenting with, and all are interesting additions to the functionality of LinkedIn.I talk about:The Voice Pronunciation FeatureThe Resume Builder FeatureThe Job Interview Prep FeatureThe #OpenToWork Feature (yes or no???)To download high value [and free!] career resources that will help you to manage your career and secure a job you'll love, visit
Ahmad Imam, my special guest on episode 203, is a LinkedIn Influencer with over 730,000 followers on LinkedIn.  In this episode Ahmad shares the secrets to his success.  Ahmad Imam is an edutainer, sales extraordinaire, LinkedIn personality and speaker. He empowers professionals to create a strong and intentional brand with knock-out content so they can reach more people and build stronger relationships which drive revenue and growth. Having been involved in over $1B worth of sales transactions over a 15-year career, Ahmad is a savvy negotiator. He grew his 730,000+ LinkedIn audience in under 2 years and regularly shares with them his secrets to gaining greater confidence, maintaining focus and getting what you want.  A video trailblazer, Ahmad’s charismatic personality has seen many of his posts go viral, and he averages 2 million views on his content per month. His ‘The Most Epic Music Video in LinkedIn History’ was featured in online articles from Forbes and Inc.  Ahmad is also a brand ambassador and partners with companies that align with his core values of kindness, integrity, optimism and growth. A proud father and husband, his family are his greatest inspiration. One he uses to help others achieve their maximum potential.  Find Ahmad on LinkedIn:
Janine Garner the best-selling author of It’s Who You Know, From Me To We and her latest book Be Brilliant – how to lead a life of influence .I was honoured to be invited on her popular podcast, Unleashing Brilliance, to talk about career change and how to reinvent your career.  And now, it is my absolute pleasure to share with you Janine's amazing career journey on YOUR CAREER Podcast.Over the past two decades, Janine has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders and helped countless of Australia’s top 50 ASX companies and multinationals - EY, CBRE, DXC Technology, Hewlett Packard, Microfocus, Optus and CBA to name a few. Janine is a global thought leader on powerful networking, collaboration and leadership. She is passionate about building high performing leaders and teams and bringing brilliant people together to achieve remarkable results. When she is not on stage, Janine is super proud to have completed two Tough Mudder and one Spartan race and enjoys the hardest challenge of all - raising 3 teenage children, 2 ragdoll cats and a French bulldog called Harvey. Website: Twitter: 
William Attoh is a talented Commercial, Employment, Insolvency & Tax Lawyer and is the principal of  Legal Made Easy.So how does a senior pilot flying charter flights from Ghana make a career change to become the principal of a successful law firm in Sydney?   Find out in this delightful conversation with William Attoh.William's law firm is Legal Made Easy, offering high-quality legal services, including court representation and advice, face to face, and online making premium legal services accessible to all who need it. He assists with commercial disputes, debt, insolvency, business law and contracts, employment law, tax law, strata and construction law.After graduating top of his class with Honours, despite working full time whilst studying full time, William worked under some of the most astute Judges in Australia, as Researcher to the NSW Court of Appeal. Before starting his own practice, Will also worked for the Australian Business Lawyers, Law Access NSW, Michael Vassili Barristers & Solicitors and Maddocks. Always looking to give back, Will supports various worthy charities, including the Anne Frank Exhibition Australia, which he helped to set up When not grounded in the aspirational pursuit of justice for clients, doing charitable deeds or lifesaving at the beach, Will may be seen flying the Victor 1 Coastal around greater Sydney, and beyond, as the “weekend warrior pilot”.Where to find William: 
Welcome of episode 200 of YOUR CAREER Podcast!What a milestone! When I started Your Career Podcast back in 2015 I never anticipated that in 2020 it would still be going strong! Thank you for being such loyal followers over the years, and today, this episode is dedicated to Mental Health as today is World Mental Health Day.Mental health is an essential part of our lives. And this year, the year of the Global Pandemic [2020], our lives have been rocked by the effects of something that is totally out of our control.  According to the World Health Organisation, mental health is a ‘state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.’Research shows that high levels of mental health are associated with increased learning, creativity, productivity, more pro-social behaviour and positive social relationships, and with improve physical health and also life expectancy.  In contrast, mental health conditions can cause distress, impact on day-to-day functioning and relationships. Mental health is about being cognitively, emotionally and socially healthy – the positive way we think, the positive way we feel and the positive way we develop relationshipsWhat affects our mental health? There are multiple stressors that can lead to exhaustion and burnout. I cover these in my How to Build Confidence online program and I discuss this with you today in SPECIAL EPISODE 200 of YOUR CAREER Podcast.If you’re feeling a bit of a wobble and anxious about your job search process due to redundancy, Covid-19 or anything else, my online program will support you step-by-step to gain the confidence to take control of your current situation.To find out more, visit And, to receive a 90% discount off the RRP of this course (from US$299 down to only US$29 for listeners of YOUR CAREER Podcast because the release date of this episode is on #worldmentalhealthday and your mental health MATTERS) please APPLY this coupon code: CONFIDENCE
Joseph Akoni is a talented Product Manager at LinkedIn where he works on the Identity (Profile) team. He creates​ products to help members showcase their best personal and professional selves in order to connect them to the best economic opportunity available. Joseph is passionate about the intersection of product and culture and takes pride in creating global products that resonate with local cultures and communities. One of his focuses at LinkedIn has been on developing solutions to improve the profile experience for LinkedIn’s non-United States based users who represent over 450+ million members. Joseph is the creative behind the LinkedIn Voice Pronunciation feature helping networkers to pronounce names correctly.  This is an excellent feature that helps to break down the barriers across cultures and facilitate clear communication.  I was so impressed with this feature that I had to interview him on YOUR CAREER Podcast and find out his career journey. And what an amazing journey it has been!Joseph has extensive experience in the technology sector having worked as a Product Manager at Lyft and NVIDIA, and across various business development and marketing roles at Intel. ​He has both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida and the Georgia Institute of Technology, respectively, and has recently received his MBA from the University of California-Berkeley Haas School of Business. Most recently, Joseph has founded, the premiere website for tips and tools to ensure a successful start to anyone’s product management career. 
Karen Tisdell's career journey spans copy writing in the UK, corporate training in Perth, recruitment in Perth and Sydney and on to entrepreneurship as a LinkedIn Trainer. Karen has a wealth of experience  and a wonderful story of career change to share.Our paths crossed in Sydney a couple of years ago and I was impressed by Karen’s enthusiasm in all she does.  We share a passion for LinkedIn, helping people and businesses to brand themselves effectively so I thought Karen would be a perfect guest for YOUR CAREER Podcast!Now ranked as one of the top LinkedIn trainers in Australia, Karen began her LinkedIn journey in 2005 as a headhunter. Recognising that how we are perceived online would become increasingly important to our career success, Karen launched her business that is now focused solely on LinkedIn. As she says, having a standout LinkedIn profile is far more than a ‘resume on steroids’, it is your professional reputation. You will enjoy this episode with this lovely lady as we share stories and compassion for those going through challenging times during the Covid-19 pandemic, as this is when this episode was recorded.If you need help in your career, you will find a wealth of information in The Careers Academy – there are many free career support resources for you to download plus, if you become a member, instant access to my How to Write a Resume program and LinkedIn for Career Success program. Group Coaching Calls and a one-on-one coaching call with me is included! Visit The Careers Academy 
Paula Dunn is an accidental Entrepreneur, International Award-Winning Speaker, Organisational and Leadership Expert.  Paula and I met at a networking event in Sydney a number of years ago and we found that we share common values, a strong desire to help others in their careers, building confidence and developing resilience in others.With extensive experience in the Medical and Scientific industries, Paula has worked with leaders for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Eli Lilly, Cochlear and Johnson & Johnson. Paula’s best known for helping young women and girls create confidence to conquer life. Thus helping them thrive while making the right decisions for their future success.  She is a sought-after media commentator on Leadership, Mindset and Bullying and has been featured in: ABC Illawarra Radio, Hawkesbury Radio, Illawarra Mercury, Inner West Courier, and more. Awards include: 2018 Regional Finalist category "Superstar Start Up Awards" NSW Business Chamber; 2019 Inner West Regional Finalist for Local Business Awards and was awarded the Prestigious "Women of Excellence" for her Leadership Program for year 10 girls at the Women Economic Forum in India 2019. After her time in the corporate environment, Paula recognised the problems of bullying and corruption in the workplace as a consequence of Globalisation, AI and the Gig Economy.  These technological advances created a scarcity mindset among workers which resulted in feelings of fear expressed as personal insecurity, fear of failure and uncertainty about the future of work.  Paula has Undergraduate Degrees in Biomedical Sciences specializing in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry graduating with Honours, a Masters in Science graduating with Honours, a Master Practitioner in Business Coaching and Executive Leadership, a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching and is Certified as a Behavioural Profiler.  For career support visit The Careers Academy 
Women in STEM:  Hannah Stevens and Taylor Perko are two impressive ladies who co-host The Blonde Blueprint to Engineering, a podcast focused on increasing diversity in engineering through fun, informal conversations. These two, young female engineers are figuring out the industry as they go and I was lucky enough to be invited on their podcast.  While speaking with them I realised what inspiring guests they would be on YOUR CAREER podcast as these Aerodynamics and Astronautics Engineers graduates will surely inspire all women in STEM around the world.Growing up, Hannah Stevens was always fascinated by planes, rockets, and space.  Hanna is an Aerodynamics Engineer at Boeing.Her passion, mixed with a strong desire to succeed in things that are deemed difficult or impossible, brought her to aerospace engineering - where she can not only blaze new trails for women and other underrepresented groups in the industry, but also build rockets that take us to new worlds or design planes that seem to defy physics! Her leadership style is focused around change - how can processes be improved or how can we create better solutions for ourselves or our customers? This mentality helps her thrive in her role as an aerodynamics engineer in flight sciences and product development. Taylor Perko is an Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering major at the University of Washington. She’s passionate about space and space technology.Currently Taylor is at the NASA Johnson Space Center co-op program, working in various divisions within mission control including the Environmental and Thermal Operations Pathways Intern in the Space Flight Systems Division; Trajectory Operations Pathways Intern in the Flight Dynamics Division and Robotic Operations Pathways Intern in the EVA, Robotics, and Crew Systems Division.We have a lively discussion about how these two inspiring women got into engineering, the challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges to excel in their respective fields. There are few young professionals who are brave enough to tackle diversity topics and yet their podcast, The Blond Blueprint of Engineering, peels back the curtain on what it takes to get ahead in a competitive field.WHERE TO FIND HANNAH AND TAYLOR:Website: blondeblueprint.comThe Careers Academy:
Pippa Hallas is the CEO of the iconic skincare empire Ella Baché.At the time of recording, we are in the middle of the global Coronavirus pandemic and these are challenging times when we need strong leadership and inspiration.  This episode is dedicated to this amazing woman who is successfully leading through change and it's an honour to hear her career journey on YOUR CAREER Podcast.Pippa Hallas is the embodiment of female empowerment - she’s a mentor, wellness authority, a mother to two young sons, a wife, and author of BOLD MOVES – How to Stand Out, Step Out and  Make Your Next Bold Move.  This book pays tribute to remarkable Australian women including Lorna Jane Clarkson, Tracey Spicer, Layne Beachley, Kym Ellery and, of course, Pippa’s great aunt, Madame Baché.Ella Baché is a family run business which was launched by her great aunt Madame Baché in Paris in the 1936 and brought to Australia by her grandmother Edith Hallas in the ‘50s and developed under the leadership of her father John in the eras that followed. Now, in her capable hands, Pippa is driving the brand into a new era of beauty. Over the past 10 years as CEO, she has focused on the same principles the business was founded on, but adds to its repertoire as a trusted go-to brand in the skincare and cosmetic world. Prior to joining the company, Hallas worked at the esteemed advertising agency, McCann Erickson in London. Her love for brand building and marketing [she studied business/marketing at university and did her post-grad in the same field] saw her join the family business in a marketing role, later as GM and then as CEO to take Ella Baché to the next generation. Pippa has grown the franchise business to over 155 salons and launched the e-commerce site which has evolved over the last seven years. She says she’d like to continue to support the franchise model and continue to prove that it is a viable business option for young women wanting to become business role models. “The fundamentals of what made Ella Baché a success was the person behind the name – she was a scientist/chemist and it was her approach to innovation and doing things differently that saw her become a world leader in beauty,” Pippa says. Pippa's prerogative is to educate young women about skin health and not erase the skin that makes them who they are. The key at Ella Baché is about making sure women feel confident in their own skin. It’s reflective of Pippa’s role as a working mother and CEO of a company – proving you can manage both aspects in your life and do so confidently. What’s more, she wants women to understand that quick beauty fixes aren’t the answer to skin longevity or loving yourself. “My philosophy is to make sure women feel confident in their own skin and that they don’t want to erase it to look like someone else. Beautiful differences about yourself is something we want women to embrace. Our skincare is about enhancing the look of your skin, making it the best it can be,” she says. “I feel very lucky to have grown up with such a great brand and to be part of its future,” she says. Pippa is empowering women, running a successful business and navigating uncertain times with compassion, empathy and exceptional leadership skills.  Follow her business, Ella Baché, on Instagram.Where to find Pippa Hallas:ELLA BACHÉINSTAGRAM 
In this lively podcast episode, I have a fascinating discussion with Mia Van Tubbergh who is a DISC accredited Sales Optimisation Leader, Sales Coach, and Business Growth Strategist with Healthy Business Builder Group Pty. She is also host of ‘Grow the Business’ on ALIVE 90.5fm With over 20 years in B2B and B2C Sales, Mia loves training staff to become great and passionate salespeople.   “To build an effective sales team we need to create a solid foundation”, says Mia. “We start by defining the sales process and ensuring that every member of the organisation understands and agrees on this process. Such a simple statement - Defining the Sales Process - yet one that is so often overlooked.”   Mia explains that once she covers the basics for her clients, she guides them to build a team that is:✨ Highly motivated ✨ Highly passionate ✨ Geared for success ✨ Highly productive ✨ Highly profitable  Mia is passionate about building high-performance teams.   In defining high performance, Mia discusses:✅  The culture you want✅  Connect the dots back to the big picture ✅  Develop an ownership mentality✅  Improve performance through transparency✅  Improving performance through employee engagement✅  Identify what winning will look like  Choosing a High-Performance Culture takes🔥 Ambition🔥 Vision 🔥 Courage  When every member buys into the right culture, they take on big hairy audacious goals aggressively, accepting the likelihood of achieving these goals is small, but knowing that miracles will happen in their pursuit of high performance.  It is with this attitude that exceptional companies are born and, outstanding individuals created. Where to find Mia:HEALTHY BUSINESS BUILDER GROUP PTYLinkedIn
Ben Carroll and Hamish Watts explain their leadership strategies during the Coronavirus Pandemic. As Phase 1 restrictions are lifted today in New South Wales, this is a timely interview on the future of the Hospitality Industry in Australia.Applejack is a boutique Sydney based hospitality group founded in 2011 this passionate duo who are determined to challenge the status quo and lead the industry by delivering unique venues to bring people together, creating epic concepts and magic experiences.The winner of the ALIA Group Bar Operator of the Year Award in 2019, Applejack employs almost 200 talented professionals across 8 brands that they own and operate including The Butler Potts Point, Bopp & Tone, The Botanist Kirribilli, SoCal Sydney, Endeavour Tap Rooms, June’s Shoppe, and Table Sixty.With a keen financial acumen, a passion for marketing, and a leadership style that empowers and motivates his high performing team, Carroll is successfully leaving his mark on the Sydney hospitality scene alongside business partner Watts, who thrives in operational innovations, food and beverage concepts and is driven by creativity, which is what continually motivates him to build and operate boutique restaurants and bars. Ben and Hamish answer these questions:1.     Tell me a little about the Applejack culture and what drives you both. 2.     What have you experienced within your business as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic?OPTIONS DURING COVID-193.     A number of businesses in hospitality have turned to ‘take-away & delivery’ to generate revenue during self-isolation – what is your take on this?4.     Thoughts on stage 1 eased restrictions, and is it financially viable to only serve 10 people at a time?MAINTAINING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT5.     What have you been doing to keep your existing customers engaged with your brands during self-isolation and what feedback have you received so far?6.     Recent reports are that less than 50% of the population in Australia feel comfortable to go to a bar or restaurant if restrictions are lifted now.  What do you believe needs to happen for customers to feel ready to return to your venues?FINANCIAL SITUATION7.     If there were to be a second wave of the virus, do you think businesses will survive shutting down for a second time? And how can they safeguard this?LEADERSHIP STRATEGY10.  This has been extremely challenging for the hospitality industry and hundreds of thousands of professionals in this industry have been stood down. What has been your employment and leadership strategy?11.  What has Applejack been doing to keep staff engaged and supported, especially regarding mental health during these challenging times?THE FUTURE OF HOSPITALITY12.  What do you believe will change in hospitality as a result of Covid-19? 13.  How can help the hospitality industry survive this global pandemic?WHAT NEXT FOR APPLEJACK?14.  What strategies are you planning on implementing now and into the future to grow your business? Visit Applejack Hospitality: help in your careeer, visit: https://www.janejacksoncoach.comFor on-going support to manage your career and create the career of your dreams visit: https://www.thecareersacademy.onlineJoin my Facebook Accountability Group: 
Hunter Leonard – author, entrepreneur and ageism activist.  I had the pleasure of interviewing author and ageism activist, Hunter Leonard, at the end of 2019 [pre-Covid19 days] to discuss opportunities for mature age workers who are considering setting up and marketing their own business. The release of this episode is very timely as, due to the challenges within many industries due to the Coronavirus, there has never been a better time to control your own career by exploring self-employment.Hunter Leonard is a business owner, marketer and speaker who has developed a significant reputation for outstanding marketing and strategic growth through his first business - Blue Frog Marketing. He founded a second business in 2016 - Silver & Wise - which is changing the world one mature age Australian at a time.He has written six books; won six major awards for marketing excellence; surveyed more than 10,000 business owners; delivered over 600 presentations; and contributed to over $2 billion in sales growth for his clients since 2001.  He is highly regarded for his innovative thinking and perspectives, and his ability to engage his audience and contribute positive energy to anything he is involved with.His latest book – Generation Experience is a best seller and it details 8 steps to mature age business success. He is currently writing three more books on various topics.He has developed partnerships with some of Australia’s largest corporations and is on track to create billions of dollars of economic benefit for the Australian economy through these partnerships.When not running his business, Hunter is a keen musician, photographer and cook. WHERE TO FIND HUNTER:Blue Frog Marketing and Wise you are considering setting up your own business, take my free Build Your Business Masterclass – the link to the Masterclass is on my home page at   
PERSONAL BRANDING ESSENTIALS ON LINKEDIN.This is a special Personal Branding BONUS EPISODE of YOUR CAREER podcast. On YOUR CAREER Podcast, I interview professionals who have made amazing career changes, and a little while ago, in episode 125, I interviewed a very special lady, who has since become one of my dear friends and co-host of the popular LinkedIn Local Sydney networking events in Sydney.  Jillian Bullock is the LinkedIn Ninja Down Under who specialises in helping Businesses to grow by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.  As I specialise in helping professionals to build their brand on LinkedIn to progress in their careers, this was a partnership that was destined to happen!Not only do we co-host the popular #linkedinlocal Sydney events at The Executive Centre at Barangaroo in Sydney (during non-Covid-19 days), we decided to partner together to create and launch another podcast: LINKEDIN TO JACK AND JILL!  I’m often called Jane ‘Jacko’ Jackson and Jillian is known as Jillian ‘don’t call me Jill’ Bullock, so the name of our LinkedIn podcast came quite naturally – "LinkedIn to Jack and Jill".  This podcast has become hugely popular and you can subscribe on iTunes or follow us on Spotify too as we provide top LinkedIn tips in every episode PLUS expose the good, the bad and the downright funny side of LinkedIn too.   As the Coronavirus has hit us globally and most of us are working from home, practicing self-isolation as I record this episode, there has never been a better time to ensure your FUURE SUCCESS by building and leveraging your PERSONAL BRAND on LinkedIn. Today I’m sharing episode 9 of LinkedIn to Jack and Jill focusing on Personal Branding for career success and Business Branding for business growth. Before you can project an authentic personal brand, you MUST understand who you are, what your business represents, and before you can build that brand, you must also identify: Your Hidden ImageYour Assumed ImageYour Visual ImageYour Experienced ImageYour Proven Image over time.I discuss this in detail in this episode, so you will gain personal clarity and lay a solid foundation for successful career development. With this understanding you can pull it all together to build your brand. Using the same principles, Jillian  leverages her marketing background to focus on how businesses can successfully build their brand on LinkedIn. We provide so many take-aways that are pure gold! Here’s the full episode so you get a taste of what it’s like to be LINKEDIN TO JACK AND JILL!SPECIAL OFFER: To successfully build your PERSONAL BRAND, join my FREE Masterclass, the 3 Secrets to Personal Branding for Career Success – register now at And LET'S MEET! Meet me and Jillian ‘live’ – on 29th April 2020 at our LinkedInLocalSydney networking event! Due to Covid-19, we are hosting a VIRTUAL LINKEDIN LOCAL SYDNEY networking event via Zoom!  You can sign up via Eventbrite Wherever you are in the world, now is your chance to join us for FREE! If you enjoyed this podcast, subscribe to YOUR CAREER Podcast on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode.
How to Develop  Resilience During Covid-19.  What a time the world has had over the past few months. It's been confusing, concerning and downright scary too. In this podcast episode you will learn what will help you to manage these challenging times.What we need is to develop resilience to get through this coronavirus pandemic so that, once restrictions are lifted, we can rebuilt our careers, our businesses and our lives.I hosted a panel discussion on Developing Resilience with 3 talented experts on a #LinkedInLive stream last week, and was honoured to have HR leader, Geoff Martin, Ageing Fearlessly author, Karen Sander, and Mental Toughness coach, Lia Zalums join me to discuss how to handle challenge, change and uncertainty.I’m based in Sydney and in Australia, people began living under strict new lockdown rules on Monday 23rd March as coronavirus cases, at that point topped 1,600.  As of today, 19th April, there are now over 6,500 cases in Australia and globally Covid-19 has infected 2.3 million people.  As new restrictions closed non-essential services, there are clear signs of economic and social stress with long queues forming outside Centrelink and the Australian government pledging a $130 billion JobKeeper Payment to help keep Australians in jobs.Due to Coronavirus, a record high 3.92 million (27.4%) of Australians were either unemployed or under-employed and looking for more work in the second half of March 2020.  This is far more Australians looking for work than was the case during the last recession in 1990/91.The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world of work functions, the saying “this too will pass”, has been used many times by so many people recently that I can’t wait until this does pass.I believe that when we are over this, it will be a changed world and what I hope is that we will all become more mindful of our actions and be kinder to each other and to the planet.In this episode, I provide advice on how to manage stress and anxiety during Coronavirus and self-isolation, and build self-belief in order to be positioned well to re-enter the workforce if your job has been affected by this pandemic; Geoff Martin, top Australian HR leader, talks about overcoming brain surgery which threatened his life and the lessons he has learned by facing mortality; Karen Sander, who wrote Ageing Fearlessly, discusses how we can connect to each other through the art of Story Telling, and Lia Zalums discussed Mental Toughness and how to be more resilient despite the multiple challenges that most people are facing today.For support to reduce anxiety and be guided through an empowering meditation and visualisation for success, visit support to get back on your feet in your career, there are many free resources and additional support at www.thecareersacademy.onlineFor all Career Management and Career Transition resources:  www.janejacksoncoach.comTo find my guests:Geoff MartinKaren SanderLia Zalums
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