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Do you know the myths about career management? There are many myths about how to manage your career, and in episode 232 of Your Career Podcast I cover seven of the biggest myths about career management.There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to career progression.  There are different ways to approach your career development and advancement – some may surprise you!Firstly, to find out if you are READY FOR CAREER SUCCESS, take the CAREER SUCCESS QUIZ at  Within 2 minutes you will get your score, analysis and personalised recommendations on your specific areas for improvement.Once you know your career success readiness, then understanding the career myths to your progression will help you to manage your career more effectively.Are you ready to find out these myths that may be holding you back? And if you enjoy YOUR CAREER Podcast, subscribe and leave an iTunes review!  That helps me to know if these episodes are helpful to you and keeps me coming up with more content that will enable you to create the career you'll love!Here's how to leave an iTunes review:In the iTunes store type in Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson or click this link.On my iTunes page, choose "Ratings and Reviews" from the top navigation.Click the button, "Write a Review."Write your review.Hit "Submit."Thank you and I'm looking forward to supporting you in my next episode!
LinkedIn Audio Events have arrived in Australia!Yes, it’s time to get excited about LINKEDIN AUDIO EVENTS. Yes, they are finally here in Australia after over 6 months of beta-testing in the US.Why should we be excited? LinkedIn Audio is like podcasting meets TALK-BACK RADIO.  You can join in the conversation LIVE, ask any questions or raise a topic you’d like to discuss.  ON THE SPOT.  Yes, I know there’s already Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, but LinkedIn Audio Events are a little different.** Set this reminder: I will be broadcasting my LinkedIn Audio Event Q&A ‘ASK ME ANYTHING’ about your career series regularly on the LAST FRIDAY of each month!  Make a note to join my first one on 29th July from 12-12.30pm SYDNEY/MELBOURNE time (that’s the evening on Thursday those of you in the US).  Details here - click ATTEND and you're in!On the 29th July I will be joined by Human Resources specialist, Trevor Weeding who will moderate the event and also provide an HR perspective to also answer any career related questions you may have.At this point in time LinkedIn does not allow recording of the live audio sessions so there will be no replay so be sure to go to my LinkedIn profile (just look for Jane Jackson Career Coach) or click the LinkedIn link in my show notes for episode 231, and click ATTEND.  When you register to attend you can add the event to your calendar. When you click ATTEND that will also ensure you get the notification on LinkedIn when I go live.   I hope you’ll join me!Last week I was joined by Twitter Spaces Guru, Keith Keller, and LinkedIn Audio Beta tester, Kevin D Turner to discuss LinkedIn Audio vs Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces for your career. LinkedIn Audio is a new feature that LinkedIn has been rolling out country by country and at last it’s in Australia!  Many people have been asking me how to find out if they have this new feature so let’s find out if you do before I explain the key benefits of the LinkedIn Audio platform.  
Few things are as nerve-racking as asking for a pay rise. Asking for more money can be complex, but doing the right research and preparation can make you feel more confident and better set for success.How you prepare for a salary discussion can include getting a sense of salaries in your industry, finding ways to demonstrate your performance, and checking in with the bigger picture – including what economic conditions are like.In episode 230 of Your Career Podcast I go over what you need to do to prepare well for that Salary Raise discussion and also provide a SCRIPT of what you can say during that discussion!If you need help to take control of your career, or want a mentor to guide you to grow in your career (or make a successful career change) then the CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAM is the perfect blend of online on-demand career programs, webinars, self-assessments, career templates and Group Coaching Calls so you'll never feel alone when making important career decisions.Check out the benefits of the Career Success Program here
CAREER TIP OF THE DAY – Positive Affirmations.If you’re going through a redundancy or are in between jobs, you’ll find that change can be pretty scary and can be an emotional roller coaster that erodes your self-confidence. My quick Career Tip of the Day series will help you to NAVIGATE YOUR CAREER CROSSROADS. There are 5 things you can do to manage stress.  Today’s tip (Tip #2) is to create a positive mindset with positive affirmations.  Studies have shown that by repeating daily affirmations you can change your mindset and learn to focus on what is most important in your life.  Self belief is essential when looking for a new job.Download my Morning Affirmations today and repeat them several times over EVERY MORNING for 21 days and feel the difference it makes to the way you approach your day.  Send me a message via LinkedIn and let me know how you go!To land the job you’ll love and grow your career, join my CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAM where you'll find all the resources, online programs, career exercises and templates you need to make a successful career change PLUS monthly 'live' group coaching calls with me! And reach out for more career change and career management support at www.janejacksoncoach.comUntil next time …
Welcome to Your Career Podcast. On LinkedIn I broadcast ‘live’ a Career Tip of the Day twice a week and I’ve had many requests to share them on YOUR CAREER Podcast too. So here’s your chance to catch up my Career Tips if you missed them during my LinkedIn Live broadcasts each week. Each tip is only 2-4 minutes long and a wonderful shot of inspiration to start your day.When it comes to career management, “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf”. Are you ready? This quick tip focuses on how to Navigate Change and manage stress as you go through a career transition.  There are 5 steps to take to manage stress, the first one is to TALK it out.To land the job you’ll LOVE and GROW your career join me in my CAREER SUCCESS Program at  Join my  CAREER SUCCESS Program ‘live’ Zoom Group Coaching Calls every month, build your professional network, and have access to ALL of my online career management programs, exercises and templates for your career success. And subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more career advice.  Your Career Success is my business. 
In today’s changing employment landscape it's a challenge to navigate your career effectively to ensure career growth and job satisfaction.  In this episode of Your Career Podcast, you will find the essential elements to get clear on what you really want in your career and then how to develop a strong personal brand within your workplace and attract the opportunities you desire.What we'll cover:How to gain career clarity so you know what really makes you tick at workHow to identify the value you bring and the solutions you provide in the workplaceHow to build a strong network and brand onlineListen to this inspiring episode and then, download my [FREE] PDF template I've created as a special gift to you for listening today.  It includes 2 important exercises to complete to help  project you towards your desired job.My Navigating Your Career Accomplishment Identification and Profile Summary templates will guide you to identify the RESULTS you've achieved, the SOLUTIONS you provide at work and guide you to create a powerful POSITIONING STATEMENT for your LinkedIn Profile and Resumé.  The link to download this gift is below. CORPORATE TRAINING: Would your colleagues in your organisation benefit from career development training face-to-face or via webinar?  Let’s have an exploratory chat about your needs.  Go to  and book in for a chat. I’d love to speak with you! CAREER SUPPORT: Do you want to make a career change or land that promotion you know you deserve?   For ON DEMAND  career support when you need it, my CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAM will ensure you successfully manage and grow your career.  Take control of your career and make things happen your way.  Find out more at  Until next time stay well and be happy!-------------------------------------------------------Link to FREE download: Accomplishment Identification Exercise and Profile Summary Template  
Dr John Demartini is an internationally published author, a global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology.  It is a huge pleasure to welcome Dr Demartini to YOUR CAREER Podcast and in this very special episode he shares valuable insights into how we can live our best life and what it truly means to be a citizen of the world.  "The Universe is my playground. The World is my Home. Every Country is a room in the house, and every City is a platform on which I get to share my heart and soul" - Dr John DemartiniDr Demartini was selected as Top Human Behaviour Specialist of the Year by the IAOTP for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession. As an educator he travels full time around the world addressing both public and professional audiences in media, talks, seminars and consultations where he teaches people self- governance and how to develop their leadership and empowerment in all areas of their lives. His education curriculum ranges from personal growth seminars to corporate empowerment programs. Dr Demartini shares life, business, financial, relationship and leadership empowerment strategies and empowerment tools that have stood the test of time.He is the author of over 40 self-development books including the best-seller "The Breakthrough Experience" and his new global release, the "Values Factor." 
It is my pleasure to introduce Australian SEO Expert, Nici Bickley who is dedicated to helping small businesses to grow through effective SEO and digital/social media strategies.Before we dive into our interview, here is some important information for you. If you are reassessing your career or thinking about looking for a new job, check out my career support resources and download my SMART Goals and Weekly Tasks action plan Here is the link to The Careers Academy which is your one-stop career management and outplacement solution to help you create a meaningful and rewarding career, and learn HOW TO GET to where you want to be.  Now let’s be inspired by our latest guest Nici Bickley, her career journey and how she makes SEO simple for businesses that are poised for exponential growth.Nici Bickley is a self-proclaimed software nerd with an addiction to learning.With over 20 years in the corporate arena working for a software company, she climbed to the top levels of management experiencing company growth from 4 staff to over 500, company takeovers, venture capital investment and finally the company sale before becoming an entrepreneur.
How to Get Clear on What You REALLY Want in Your Career.  Here we are – coming to the end of 2021.  Some may be thinking ‘thank goodness!’, others may be in a more reflective mood.  It’s been a really interesting year for us all hasn’t it – I wonder if you have made some big life or career changes?  Or has it been more of the same?  The lockdowns would have thrown many off and it really would have been a tough time.One of my clients told me that she just wants to go ‘home’.  She’s in Melbourne and her family are in the UK.  She hasn’t seen them for almost 2 years.  That’s a really long time to be away from your loved ones.  I haven’t seen my brother, sister in law and niece and nephew for about the same amount of time and I’m aching to see them again.  It’s experiences like this that really make you miss the very special people in your life.  We tend to take things for granted and tell ourselves, “When I have time … when I’ve finished this … When I’ve done that … THEN I’ll do ….whatever it is that, actually, is really important if you gave yourself the time to really THINK.”Remember there was a popular book that came out in 1997 called Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff?  Well, you know what?  I reckon it’s the small stuff that’s really the BIG stuff!  Things like my top TEN:1.     Family time2.     Time with friends who really matter to us3.     Time for our Selves4.     Being nice to others5.     Caring about others6.     Doing meaningful work7.     Doing meaningful activities outside of work8.     Taking a walk in the park9.     Taking time to breathe10.  Being mindful and grateful that we are living and who we are matters … I’d really love to know how things are going where you are and how YOU are doing.  Send me a message on LinkedIn – you’ll find me if you just pop my name and career coach in the search field.  Let’s connect there too.To get the 50% discount on my CAREER CLARITY PACK, click here: and APPLY this coupon code:  VIP45Follow me here: https://www.janejacksoncoach.com
When it comes to reinventing your career, the only way to do so successfully is to start from a solid foundation of self-awareness and clarity of purpose.With The Great Resignation a hot topic of discussion this year due to the effects of Covid, before making a major change it is essential to take the time to pause, reflect and consider what is really important in your life and career.  For help visit Thank you for joining me to listen to my latest episode of Your Career Podcast, and I hope that each episode brings you an additional spark of inspiration.My special guest today is Helen Mac who has successfully reinvented her career and now runs her own consulting business helping businesses to optimise their outcomes. With clarity of purpose, she has reinvented her lifestyle, her relationship and her business.If YOU want clarity of purpose, visit The Careers Academy where you can download a number of valuable and free career support resources to set you well on your way!I can recommend my Career Clarity Pack which helps you to identify your values, your motivators and de-motivators, skills, knowledge and transferrable skills as well as the legacy that you would like to leave as a result of your beautiful time on this earth.Now, let’s find out about this lovely and talented lady:Helen Mac brings decades of experience to her work with business owners and organisations. She’s passionate about showing her customers how to get the “best possible” results from their businesses and their teams.  An expert in optimising outcomes, Helen combines practical Psychology with business acumen, creating a nimble and flexible approach to increase business success.   Her journey has been a varied one, from Recruitment both in-house and as a consultant, through Human Resources to roles in Customer Service. She has run a National Training Business for the last 20+ years, as well as her own business development consultancy.   Along the way, she became a Certified Speaking Professional and is a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Australia, As a business coach & professional speaker, Helen has worked with micro to corporate businesses around the Asia Pacific region including General Motors, ANZ Bank, Microsoft, Ericsson, GE Capital, Hewlett Packard and Tupperware.   In the past decade, she has reinvented her lifestyle, her relationship, her business… and The Great Trentham Spudfest to name a few of her successes! 
The Great Resignation and #ThisLittleGirlIsMe  Wow – 222 episodes already!  For those of you who know me, I’m half Cantonese and half English (born in Malaysia) and so the number 2 sounds like the word ‘easy’ in Cantonese.  I have to say, getting to 222 episodes hasn’t been EASY, but it has been a lot of fun and fuelled by my passion for providing inspiration to you for your career success.I’ve two things I’d like to chat about with you today – The Great Resignation which is sweeping the world of employment, and a wonderful movement with the hashtag #THISLITTLEGIRLISME.Below are the links I promised you in this episode so you can register for my next webinar and also the link to my full story. ** Update - the 11 October event is now over but you can download many [free] career support resources at and 1.     Register for my 11 Oct 12pm [AEST] Zoom webinar on The Great Resignation and Career Clarity     Link to my article about #ThisLittleGirlIsMe  
Have you ever wondered why people change careers? Did you have a dream career when you were young? If you did, what happened to that dream?I always ask my podcast guests what their early career aspirations were when they were a little boy or girl?  We’ve had some really interesting answers and for a few of my guests, they actually realised those childhood career dreams.Interestingly, according to a recent Flex Jobs Survey, only 10% of adults work in their childhood dream career.How have your dreams and career aspirations changed over the years and where are you now?Are you satisfied?Do you wake up each morning with a spring in your step, looking forward to all you will accomplish professionally?Are you eager to work with your team, in person or remotely?Do you admire and/or respect your manager?Does your physical work environment make you feel energised and inspired?Over the past 20 years as a career coach, almost all the clients I’ve worked with have come to me because they have said, ‘No’ to most of those questions above.And most of them have come to me not because they decided to do something about that situation of their own volition, but because they went through redundancy or had lost their job and had to get professional support.When I ask how they felt about the redundancy, many have said they’d been unhappy for years however didn’t do anything about it as they were afraid to make a change. Or they didn’t know where to go to get support.Don’t you think life is too short to be unhappy? Or to feel unfulfilled?
Jeff Young is #TheLinkedInGuru.  For the past 13 years Jeff has been helping the global community to understand how to use LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool – by developing genuine relationships.  I met Jeff on LinkedIn (of course!) as I was drawn to his warm and engaging style of posts.  When I discovered what a fascinating life he's led having made some amazing career changes and career reinventions, I knew I had to interview him for Your Career Podcast.Before I share this wonderful interview with Jeff, if you are finding things a challenge in your own career and want professional career transition and career development support to create the career you know you deserve, find all you need in the CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAM at let’s introduce my very special guest, Jeff Young!Prior to becoming The LinkedIn Guru, Jeff’s career took an interesting journey from project management to IT consulting and then human resources.  He discovered that his unique technical and people skills were highly valued as the Director and Account Manager with Intellinex, an eLearning venture of Ernst & Young, where he lead and mentored thousands of professionals across numerous organisations.  Upon retirement, Jeff knew that he was not ready for ‘retirement’ as most people know it. He began a new chapter of his life providing valuable volunteering work as teacher on all things LinkedIn for relationship development.  He has been called #TheLinkedInGuru and he now regularly trains professionals on how to harness LinkedIn to network effectively.Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Jeff travelled the world in his corporate career, working 70-80 hours per week.  Now, in his chosen field as a teacher of LinkedIn, he has created the ideal ‘second career’ with the wonderful balance of ‘work’ (he doesn’t think of it as work as he has found his ‘why’), relationship development, friends and family. Jeff is part of Shelly Elsliger’s #decidetobekind club (of which I am also a member) and together they encourage all to share kindness and support across the LinkedIn platform.Listen to this fascinating story from a warm and wonderful gentleman who loves to connect over a coffee, a conversation or chocolate!  
Mental health has been of huge concern during Covid-19 due to the challenges this has posed globally since the virus began to spread from China at the end of 2019. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing, statistics have shown that in April 2021:Almost 82,000 calls were made to Lifeline, an 18.4% increase from the same period in 2019. Kids Helpline received almost 26,000 answerable contact attempts, a 10.5% increase from 2019. Over 22,000 contacts were made to Beyond Blue, a 30.7% increase from that period in 2019.In this episode of Your Career Podcast, I interview Anne Riches who, after a lifetime of dealing with mental ill health while forging her successful career, is hugely passionate about mental health at work. In this episode of Your Career Podcast, I interview Anne Riches who, after a lifetime of dealing with mental ill health while forging her successful career, is hugely passionate about mental health at work. Anne  is deeply aware of the powerful impact that talking openly about mental health has for those coping with these issues and for anyone who supports someone with a mental health challenge. A lawyer by background, Anne is an award-winning international speaker and educator on change leadership and workplace mental health. Anne says that the curious thing now is that she used to guide organisations in change like a mergers or restructure. Now the major organisational change focus is: how can we be an open, safe and supportive mentally healthy workplace? While she thrives on her work, Anne says that the best part of her life is scuba diving and hiking in remote places. Great for the body and better still for the mind! Anne’s presentations are described as: relatable, honest, purposeful, kind and funny. If you need support and help to manage stress and build resilience during Covid, start my ‘How to Manage Stress’ online program [for free] today.
Gunnar Habitz is a Social Selling Advocate dedicated to advancing digital and social media as the highest performing customer engagement channel. Gunnar shares his story with Jane Jackson, Australia based Career Coach and LinkedIn Top Voice 2020, in episode 218 of Your Career Podcast.From Daimler in Germany and HP in Switzerland to Hootsuite in Australia, Gunnar is now the  Senior Partner & Alliance Manager APAC for Hootsuite.He is passionate about the transformation of modern workplaces to embrace new ways of collaboration. Cloud based tools, mobility and Artificial Intelligence enable these trends. Gunnar consults with, and guides, his audience as a trusted advisor along the change journey, to prepare for a connected tomorrow.  Gunnar Habitz says the Australian ICT industry is unique: it is an ideal test market for new technologies and services. He moved to Sydney in 2016 to apply his 20 years of European ICT industry experience to the Aussie cloud and software business combining sales and marketing activities.  And what fascinating career and personal transitions they have been!So how does one make these country, job function and industry changes? Gunnar has an innovative and exceptionally pro-active approach to making a career change, expanding his network effectively, leveraging social to build his personal brand and much more... Listen to this fascinating episode that takes you from Europe to Asia Pacific and multiple career reinventions. Gunnar will inspire you with his story!For more inspiring stories of success career changes, subscribe to Your Career Podcast on iTunes
Hello and welcome back on this Sunny Sydney Saturday.  It’s time for me to share with you some of the exciting new 2021 LinkedIn features that have rolled out for job seekers and all who wish to build their personal brand on LinkedIn.  As my past 4 podcast episodes have featured interviews with some really interesting professionals and now it’s time to get back to providing advice to help you boost your career! The last 4 episodes have featured the amazing Cayla Dengate in ep 213, LinkedIn News Editor in Australia, Kevin D Turner in ep 214, the US based brand strategist extraordinaire, Ram Castillo in ep 215, host of the Giant Thinkers podcast and talented design director, and the wonderful Phil Strasser in ep 216, author of Your Meat Mate cook book, talented chef and entrepreneur. I discussed some of the new LinkedIn features for Job Seekers in 2020 (ep 204) which included:1.     The Voice Pronunciation feature2.     The Resume Builder feature3.     The Job Interview Preparation feature and4.     The “Open to Work” banner featureDid you try any of them out? I’d love to know what you think, so share your comments below. Since June 2020, the LinkedIn product managers have been super busy creating even more amazing features for 2021, and updating existing features for the better. Today I cover: 1.     The extended number of characters in posts you share2.     LinkedIn Live streaming to your profile banner3.     The Cover Story video intro feature4.     And Creator Mode and what that means for YOU Here is the LINK to my LinkedIn article on the 2021 new LinkedIn features with videos and images to explain in even greater detail. Are you a Job Seeker? If yes, join me in my group coaching call on Monday 14th June at 8pm (Sydney time).  I’ll be covering How to Work with Recruiters, what recruiters are REALLY looking for and also how to ensure your resume gets past the Applicant Tracking System.  Here's the link to register on Eventbrite – it’s an online event on the 14th June. If you miss this one, you’ll find me EVERY 2nd Monday evening of each month delivering group coaching calls to help you in your job search and also to advance in your career.  Visit The Careers Academy at to download all of my career support resources.Stay safe and stay well, and I’ll be with you again soon!
Phil Strasser has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of cooking meat.  He is known as The Meat Guy and is the author of Your Meat Mate.  Featured on The Morning Show on Channel 7 [twice] with his demonstration on how to cook sirloin steak and skirt steak, Phil certainly knows a thing or two about meat! To watch and also hear the sizzle of the steaks, click the links at the end of this bio.   There is nothing Phil Strasser does not know about meat; from identifying the different cuts of meat, to choosing the best cut for different occasions and cooking each cut to perfection.  Phil also creates mouth-watering marinades, sauces and dressings to complement his meals.  As Phil says, “Sauces make the meals, dressings make the salads.”This is the first time I have the honour of having a Chef on Your Career Podcast and I’m delighted to share with you Phil Strasser’s interview about his culinary career journey and what fuels his passion for cooking.In this interview enjoy listening to the joys [and challenges] of working in a commercial kitchen, being a home chef and running your own food business.  We also chat about different recipes and our conversation will get your mouth watering.I first met Phil 10 years ago when he came to me as a client to grow his food business.  10 years on, when Covid hit the industry hard, we reconnected as it was time for him to leverage his reputation as “the meat guy” into a new role.  Having made a successful career transition, Phil now is the creator of the delicious pies at Craig Cook – The Natural Butcher and continues to creatively tantalise our tastebuds with his culinary talents.Get the book:  Your Meat Mate Follow Phil on Facebook  Watch The Morning Show on 7: How to cook skirt steak with Phil Strasser Watch The Morning Show on 7: How to cook sirloin steak with Phil StrasserTo make a successful career change like Phil,  join The Careers Academy   
Ram Castillo is a Design Director, two-time Author, Speaker, CreativeLive Instructor, Decision-making Coach and Approved Advisor based in Sydney.  It's an honour to have Ram share his career journey on Your Career Podcast.Ram's current focus is to help business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations get unstuck, lightning fast through coaching, consulting and advisory. He specialises in digital spaces, human centred design, branding and creative strategy.For 16 years Ram has been working for global agencies including Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, JWT, McCann and Saatchi & Saatchi on clients such as Audi, McDonald’s, Qantas, Telstra, Google, AMEX, CBA, Toyota and The Louis Vuitton Group.He's been featured in Apple,, GE, Communication Arts, HOW magazine, CreativeLive, Herman Miller, VIVID festival and The American Institute of Design.Some may know Ram from his Podcast; Giant Thinkers – which has hit #3 on iTunes in over 5 countries and currently has 250,000 active listeners.Previous interviews include Kelly Slater, Naomi Simson, Janine Allis, Reynold Poernomo, Stephanie Rice, Jules Lund, Chase Jarvis, Kevin O’Leary, Prince Ea, Lewis Howes and Debbie Millman.His podcast is part of an initiative to provide advice for designers and creatives to navigate towards their desired outcomes via If you want to create a career that will be satisfying and rewarding too, visit
Kevin D Turner is the Managing Partner of TNT Brand Strategist.  He is a technology and business focused organisational and personal brand builder with deep expertise in visioning, communications, culture building and creating disruptive advantages.  Kevin has a fascinating career journey that he generously shares with Jane Jackson on Your Career Podcast.With a proven proficiency in analysing, planning and executing strategic and tactical successes, Kevin is recognised for insightful talent development and cultivating high-performance teams globally.  He profitably manages, brands and grows organisations and does this within a broad range of business and nonprofit environments. Some of Kevin’s impressive accomplishments include: 🔘 Developing and leading remote teams of 65+ Sales & Marketing professionals 🔘 Marketing and selling US$550M+ domestically and into 140 Countries 🔘 Created, hired and managed 4 domestic and foreign offices  🔘 Crowd sourced and fund raised US$25.3M 🔘 Managed a full P&L of $352M  With a philosophy forged in triple bottom line (3PL) "People, Planet & Profit" coupled with keen business acumen and a personal resolve to change the world, Kevin has held leadership roles with SONY, Stone VC, Thomas Nelson, TurneRRounD, American Teachers, American Heart Association, & TNT Brand Strategist. Click here for links to Kevin's website, social media and additional information about The Careers Academy online with Jane Jackson
LinkedIn News Editor, Cayla Dengate joins Jane Jackson on Your Career Podcast to discuss her fascinating career journey and all things LinkedIn. Based in Australia, Cayla is a journalist with a passport full of stamps, passionate about looking beyond the breaking news cycle.  She has lived and worked in the Philippines & an Aboriginal community, and loves using new tools to share stories - especially when it relates to travel, science, health and the environment.Cayla's career highlights include interviewing people of influence from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd right through to Snoop Dog, travelling on assignment to Fiji after Cyclone Winston and producing travel journalism about active volcanoes, camelback treks and shark dives. Of course you can find Cayla on LinkedIn!
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