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Income protection planning is often overlooked or presented as an additional solution to life insurance needs. However, the need to protect income goes beyond the financial aspect to the mental well being of the person who provides for his or her family. In this powerful episode, Crump's Kenny Russell invites Principal's Tyler Huff to share his own, personal disability battle and how having income protection in place saved him and his family's finances.
Your client may be the picture of health, successful in business, and ready to buy a life insurance policy to protect their family's wealth. But did you know that they smoke marijuana and enjoy skydiving? Not unless you ask them! Field underwriting at the outset of a potential transaction is the most critical stage in the process and determines success, failure, and pricing for your client. In this episode, Adrienne Wilson, Senior Underwriting Consultant at Crump, shares valuable insight on how to approach what can be sensitive topics for you and your clients upfront.
It has been widely publicized that there has been a considerable shift in wealth in the U.S. to women.  What's not often discussed is how underserved women are when it comes to financial planning. That's why we call on Crump's Eileen Shovlin for perspective, statistics, and advice on how as an industry we can better serve women.
It's appropriate that February is "Insure Your Love" month. Valentine's Day offers the opportunity for us to start conversations with our clients, and they in turn, with their loved ones, about the important role of life insurance. In this episode, vice president of sales, Hengameh Sedghi, joins us to share a very personal story that drives home why opening this dialogue and implementing coverage is so critical.
We've all become accustomed to having the world at our fingertips—one-click shopping, next-day delivery, and customer service at the touch of a button. How can we, as financial professionals, innovate and deliver our traditional solutions and practices in a world where our clients expect instant delivery? Crump's vice president of Digital Solutions, Travis Phillips, offers advice and tools you can use.
November is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month, and in this episode we want to provide insight on the need for a wide range of clients. The assumption is that LTC is for aging clients who require assisted living. While it certainly addresses that need, LTC is also there for younger adults with families when they need it most. In this episode, Crump's Susan Carlson offers clarity and advice on how to better serve all clients with this important insurance planning option
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This also opens the opportunity to talk about all types of cancer and what we should be doing to help ourselves and our clients. Crump's Lisa Arcuria, Director, High Net Worth Client Support, has intimate, personal experience to share with us in this special edition of Crump Insights. Lisa also offers firsthand experience from the business side on how to secure life insurance for your clients who've defeated cancer.
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, but as Crump's Carma McCallie points out, life insurance should be in the spotlight year-round. Unfortunately, what is the cornerstone of any solid financial plan is often overlooked, or ignored. In this episode, McCallie points out key client objections, and how financial advisors can help their clients better understand the benefits of life insurance.
Once frowned upon or outright shunned by many financial advisors, life insurance settlements are now the norm, regulated in all 50 states. With an aging population outliving their assets, life insurance settlements are now a viable option for many seniors and their families seeking cash benefits during their lifetime. In fact, financial advisors now have a fiduciary responsibility to at least review whether a life insurance settlement might benefit their client. In this episode, life insurance settlement expert, Ashar Group Co-Founder & CEO Jon Mendelsohn joins us with an insightful industry update.Access to life settlements through Crump may not be available to all financial professionals; please check with your Crump representative.
There are many unknowns in today's environment, and even industry veterans admit they've never seen anything like this. However, one thing is certain: Life insurance underwriting can be challenging if you aren't proactive with your clients. In this episode, Crump Senior Vice-President and Head of Underwriting Chris Cook joins us. Chris offers valuable insight on the impact of Long COVID,  an update on APS requirements, and a cautionary story about the underwriting risks if clients wait.
With inflation raging, the equity markets in retreat, and fuel prices surging, there's no shortage of distractions for today's consumer.  Factor in strict underwriting conditions as COVID continues to strike, and it's arguably the most challenging environment in decades. In this episode, Crump Life Insurance President Mike Martini offers an industry update, and tips on how financial advisors and insurance producers can stay focused on serving clients.
May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, and with the significant increase in income for many professionals, it's an ideal time to revisit income protection. In this episode, Chris Peterson, President of Hanleigh Insurance, shares why DI is so important- no only for professional athletes and entertainers, but for high level executives, professional service firms, and other specialized fields.
Obtaining client health records is one of the biggest obstacles to securing the insurance they need. There's good news: e-HR, or Electronic Health Records, has experienced significant advances and is making the process much easier. In this episode, Crump Senior Vice-President and Head of Underwriting Chris Cook welcomes Carolyn McAvinn, Director, Underwriting Innovations for MIB. Carolyn offers an overview and explains the difference between EMR versus EHR, hit rate, release rate and the expected ROI (return of information) with e-HR technology.
One of the main client concerns with estate planning is giving up control of assets. That's where life insurance comes in. There are several, flexible estate planning strategies that offer options for clients seeking control with future options that won't complicate their planning. In this episode, Crump's Director, Advanced Sales Jon Whitacre joins us to highlight these planning strategies.
It's appropriate that we release this episode around Valentines Day, in partnership with Life Happens, a nonprofit offering consumers unbiased information to make smart insurance choices. In this episode, we welcome Life Happens President & CEO Faisa Stafford to share the "Insure Your Love Campaign", and how it provides insurance & financial professionals with an opportunity to connect with clients.
There are many uncertainties as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. But one thing is certain: Advances and implementation of technology necessitated  by the pandemic are here to stay. This is no longer just a "Millennial Thing"- clients of all ages now expect an easy, informative user experience when transacting with insurance professionals. In this episode, InsurTech Express CEO Ken Leibow joins us to provide insight and offer advice.
The pandemic raised awareness about insurance, while advances in technology have dramatically improved the application, underwriting and delivery of policies. In spite of that progress, a majority of Americans are still without life or long term care insurance altogether, or have a significant coverage gap. In this episode, LIMRA President & CEO David Levenson joins us to discuss this important issue, and share what LIMRA is doing to assist carriers and financial advisors in marketing life insurance products.
With dramatic, potential changes on the table for the tax treatment of grantor trusts, high net worth clients and estate planning professionals are scrambling to get planning completed prior to an as yet to be determined "date of enactment". Why is this so important? Many irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) are considered grantor trusts and could fall within the scope of this proposed rule. This could cause problems for clients who currently make premium gifts each year to their insurance trusts. In this episode, Crump's Ryan Mattern discusses split dollar sales ideas, and explains why this option may become a key strategy moving forward.
As we conclude Life Insurance Awareness Month and look ahead to the closing stretch of 2021, we bring together some of the top minds in underwriting to set the record straight on the pandemic, and highlight opportunities thanks to accelerated underwriting. Joining us in this episode:Chris Cook- Senior Vice President & Head of Underwriting, CrumpGene Zimmerlink- Head of Life Underwriting & New Business, Allianz Life Insurance CompanyMike Link- Chief Underwriter, Global Atlantic Financial GroupChris Weber- Deputy Chief Underwriter, National Life Group
It's a cliche because it's true: The only thing constant is change, and nowhere is that more appropriate than estate planning. With a new administration and enormous deficit spending throughout the pandemic, President Biden and Congress are already looking for ways to pay for it. They'll likely start with corporations, and then the attention will turn to taxing "the rich", which may include your clients. In this episode, Crump Senior Vice President, Advanced Sales, Michael Amoia delivers an update and advice on what you should be doing now to position your clients for changes ahead.
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