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Beatrice Farrelly is the president of 'Elvis rocking in the hills of Donegal fan club' - A club which commemorates the memory of one of music's biggest ever legends, the late Elvis Presley.  The club formed in 2014 and along with remembering 'The king of rock of roll,  it also has so far raised over €27,000 for various charities both locally and nationally. During my interview with Beatrice I talk to her about how the club came about, the Elvis tribute acts that perform at their fundraising events plus much more including remembering those that have helped the club who are sadly no longer with us. Also Beatrice reveals her top 5 favourite Elvis songs, she talks about her experiences from having visited Graceland plus much more!Support the show
Danny O'Donnell from Annagry, Co. Donegal is right now one of the most popular solo musical acts around; not just in his home county but beyond as well. At just 21 years of age, he has already gigged in USA, Spain, the UK,  and many more locations are set to follow. From singing his own covers of well known numbers across various genres to writing his own songs; the future looks very bright for Danny, who is also purusing a career as a music teacher to share his passion and knowledge of music with those wanting to learn. I chat to Danny in this interview about many things,  including how his older brother Conor helped inspire him to take up guitar at a young age.  Danny also gives advice for those perhaps thinking of getting into music and he mentions whose music he enjoys listening to himself.  I hope you enjoy the interviewSupport the show
Ronan O'Donnell from Glenties is qualified as a primary school teacher for nigh on 10 years. It's something he wanted to be from a very early age. During the initial stages of covid he developed another interest; in media which now has led him to pursuing a career in this field. He has a buisness called Dronan Media; where in the world of videography and photography he captures everything from sunrises on well known mountains to general everyday life in local towns or on city streets. He also works in the area of weddings, taking in precious moments in the aftermath of couples who've just tied the knot. Ronan who turns 30 later this year tells great stories in this episode regarding life experiences and also gives valuable advice on a number of topics including following your passion. I hope you enjoy the interview!Support the show
Helen McCready's story so far is inspiring and with many different angles to it.  Her work life has different facets. She is a Coru registered Phyiscal Therapist. In Study, she has a few different degrees and a lot of experience in the fields of autism and mental health. She's also into athletics in a big way and to date has ran so many different races varying from 5k's right up to marathons; she has completed an amazing  6 of the latter.  Including Berlin in 2021 and last year. I talked to her in her clinic about the work she does, how and why she came to get involved in it and athletics wise, we talk about the level of dedication she puts in to be the admired athlete she is today! Helen has also represented Ireland twice, the first time being 2019 at the British and Irish Masters XC at Aintree Race Course! Support the show
Fr Matt McInerney celebrated 60 years ordained as a priest in 2020. For 40 odd years he served as a priest in England before returning to his home county of Donegal in the early 2000's, where despite being retired he still helps out in the parish of Burtonport/Kincasslagh alongside Fr Pat Ward. I chat to Fr Matt about his early life before he went to England. We also talk about the various places he was placed there as a priest. Which include, Brighton, Worthing and Crawley. His love of fishing is talked about too. I hope you enjoy the interview!Support the show
I've had this in mind for a while.  For the last 20-25 or so podcasts I've been saving clips here and there that would come under the blooper umbrella, most of these bloopers made by me.  Some outtakes included also, and its mentioned how these didn't make the final edit.  The purpose of this Bloopers & Outtakes show is to mostly try and give people a laugh.  No episode number on this. EP 75 will hopefully come early in the New Year.  Thanks for listening to my podcast wherever you tune in from in the world. Merry Christmas!Support the show
Sligo man Patrick Feeney has been going strong in Irish country music for two decades. One of the very finest voices in Ireland. Since his debut album to current day he has recorded many popular songs ranging from country to gospel. He's also of course one third of the three amigos alongside Robert Mizzell and Jimmy Buckley. I caught up with Patrick last weekend ahead of his gig in the Highlands Hotel Glenties. Lots covered including where he went on honeymoon after marrying his wife Claire, his great connection with singer songwriter PJ Murrihy and much more! I hope you enjoy the interviewSupport the show
A few years back during lockdown, Glenties man Micheál Brennan starting posting entertaining, light hearted videos to Instagram of himself and his daughter Gracie. Little did Micheál think that a few years on, his pages across several social media platforms would now have the following they do.  I chat to Micheál about how the idea for Donegal Daddy came about and much more, including the influence his mum and late dad Francis had on him. We also talk about Naomh Conaill and Martin Regan, being an extra in Daniel O Donnell's 'Night of the Daniels' and Movember is talked about too. Micheál explains how he sought help as his mental health had deteriorated. I hope you enjoy the interview.Support the show
Anthony Molloy's contribution to Donegal GAA over the past 4 decades is nothing short of immense. He was part of the Donegal side that won our county our first ever All Ireland title. That came in 1982 at U21 level. Fast forward 10 years, he had won 3 Ulster titles and most memorable of all captained Donegal to our first ever Sam Maguire triumph. A midfielder who despite injury setbacks, led by great example. A natural born leader. My interview with him included chat about his new book 'Life, Glory And Demons', a memoir reliving the highs and lows over the last 50 years. Much more covered too. Hope you enjoy it.Support the show
An episode to mark 30 years to the day since Donegal won their first ever Sam Maguire by beating Dublin in the All Ireland final.  Guests include, former Donegal footballers, Tony Boyle, Declan Bonner and John Joe Doherty, former Dublin footballer Vinnie Murphy, and the referee in the 92 decider for Sam, Tommy Sugrue from Tralee in Co Kerry.  Lots of memories from the 92 All Ireland are dwelled on including reflections too by the former players on the lead up to the final and the years that followed. My longest podcast to date. I hope you enjoy it.Support the show
Before I interviewed Paul Murray, I didn't know anything about him but once I discovered his amazing journey in music, I was keen to have a chat with him.  He lives in Wembley, London but his parents are Irish. His Dad hails from Co Armagh and his late mum came from Co Monaghan. At just 6 years of age Paul remarkably sang at Roundwood Park in London in front of 60,000 alongside Big Tom. He'd then , still aged 6 go on to record a duet with the legendary Castleblaney singer, a song called 'Sunday's Child'; Written by the late great Irish songwriter Johnny McCauley.  A man Paul got to know very well over the years. Paul played in Johnny's band too which was called 'Green Country'. He talks in depth about his great friendship with Johnny and reflects on his memories of being around the great Tom McBride. Paul also talks about some of the songs he's written, including one which was inspired by his daughter in relation to dreaming. This song would go on to win Paul and Darren Nash a major award in the USA. I hope you enjoy the interview!To hear 5 songs of Paul's that were included along with the above interview you can hear them by visiting the below link. The interview is here on its own to abide by platform rules. the show
The JCB man Seamus Moore is on the country music road over 30 years and counting.  Seamus and Mick Flavin were the two country singers I loved listening to most growing up. Known most for his comical songs, he also can sing very well the songs that tell a story. Hailing from Callan Co Kilkenny.  Seamus has lived in London most of his life but has toured Ireland every year for 3 decades. it's easy to see why he's still in demand. His great character combined with his voice make for a good combo. He's currently on a 9 week tour of Ireland alongside singer/songwriter Paul Murray, I chat to him about this and much more including a chat about some of his biggest songs. I hope you enjoy the interview! To hear 5 songs of Seamus' that were included along with the above interview you can hear them by visiting the below link. The interview is here on its own to abide by platform rules. the show
The achievements of Shaun Sharkey and Helena Melly in the world of pool in recent years can only be admired. Brother and sister, they have won individual and team trophies both in Donegal and nationally in Ireland. Among their titles won, Shaun has won so far 6x Donegal championships, 2x Ulster champion, 2 x Ulster team champion, 1x All Ireland team champion, 1x All Ireland singles champion, 2 x home nations team champions. Shaun was also ranked Irish no 1 before as well.  Helena is a 3x Donegal ladies champion, multiple Irish ranking event winner. 1x All Ireland team champions, and 2x All Ireland singles champion. You'd feel that their honours won list will grow much more in the future. I went along to Owenies Bar in the heart of Dungloe last week and chatted to them both about the highly impressive pool journey they're on. I ask them about different aspects of pool and Shaun and Helena mention the ambitions they'd like to achieve this year and beyond. I hope you enjoy the interview. Support the show
When I think of the very finest Irish country singers over the past number of decades Mick Flavin is without doubt on that list. The Longford native is on the country music scene 35 years and still going strong. It's personally very special for me to feature Mick on my podcast as I grew up listening to his music and grew a love for his voice and many of the songs he recorded. I chat to him about his great career in country music and how he first fell in love with the genre. Mick talks about who inpsired him, he reflects on his early family life in Longford and we talk about some of his biggest songs. I hope you enjoy the interview!To listen to 5 songs of Mick's that were included on top of my interview with him, you can hear them by visiting the below link. The interview is here on its own to abide by platform rules. the show
Over the last decade plus Matt Britton is best known throughout Donegal for his journalism work. He was employed with the Donegal Democrat for many years before turning his attention to freelance journalism, something he has a great passion for. What a lot of people might not know about Matt is that he has past experience in many fields, including hotel management and being the director of Bord Failte. In hotel management, his work covered government catering and he was once responsible for feeding the late Pope John Paul II when he came to Ireland in 1979. Matt who hails from Donegal town has down through the years met some of the biggest names in acting, music etc. Recently he got to witness locally the great Liam Neeson filming scenes for his new upcoming movie  'In The Land Of Saints And Sinners'. I talk to him about his time working at the Gresham where he met the late Sean Connery, Ursula Andress,  Rod Stewart and more. His various work experiences made for a particularly interesting chat! I hope you enjoy the interview!To hear 3 songs Matt selected on top of my interview with him, you can hear them by visiting the below link.  The interview is here on its own to abide by platform rules. the show
When the discussion of the greatest GAA managers of all time is being had, there's no doubting Seán Boylan's name is never far away. What the Dunboyne native achieved with the Meath senior football team in particular was outstanding. Leading them to their first All Ireland title in 20 years in 1987, when they beat Cork. Retaining it the following year against the same opposition. Two more Sam Maguires followed in 96 and 99, v Mayo and Cork respectively. Under Boylan's 23 year spell in charge of the royals they also won 8 Leinster titles and 3 NFL titles. He has won a number of huge personal accolades too, including being made freeman of Meath in 2006, the first Meath person to receive such an honour. I was honoured to share an hour chat with Seán. We look back on his amazing spell in inter county management, how he adores the game of hurling and we look ahead to the provincial finals this weekend. Seán also gives his thoughts on the Tailteann Cup. I hope you enjoy the interview! Support the show
Co Antrim born Michael McMullan's voice is one many sporting fans across Ireland and the UK will recognise. He worked for Today FM for over a decade in presenting the popular 'Premier League Live' alongside Mark Lawrenson and co.  With Today FM he also got to experience in person great Irish sporting moments as a reporter. Including watching Ireland play at the Japan/Korea soccer World Cup in 2002 and Padraig Harrington's Open wins in 07/08. Michael now works within the sports of snooker, pool and golf and can be heard on Sky TV regularly. He also hosts the very popular World Snooker Tour podcast. I catch up with him to discuss the recent World Snooker Championship,  Irish major successes in golf and memories of Japan/Korea as its 20th anniversary nears. I hope you enjoy the interview! Support the show
Kelan Browne from Ballybofey is fastly making a huge impression on many throughout Ireland and beyond with his unique voice in singing country music songs. His wide vocal range gives him great ability to cover anything from classics to modern day. So far that is exactly what we've seen from Kelan. His first 2 singles were Conway Twitty's iconic 'Hello Darlin' and Luke Comb's smash hit 'Beautiful Crazy'. Kelan has done both songs great justice and is looking forward to the future, be it his own cover versions, songs written by himself or performing on stage. Whichever method it is, it's very clear Kelan's voices touches people. I chat to him about about his love of country music, the important people in music who've helped him along so far and he talks to me about his love of soccer and Liverpool FC.  I hope you enjoy the interview!To listen to 2 songs of Kelan's, you can hear them along with the above interview by visiting the below link. The interview is here on it's own to abide by platform rules. the show
Anthea Atkinson was born in Dublin and has lived in various parts of the world including the UK, the US and other locations but Donegal is her home now and has been for quite some time.  She has had many different job titles, from firefighter to paramedic, and working to help the homeless. One common theme is evident throughtout Anthea's working life; her desire to help people. Since moving to Donegal she has immersed herself in various local communities and in recent years worked voluntary as the chairperson of the Mary From Dungloe International Arts Festival. I spoke to Anthea regarding all the above and more including how she and her husband Ken met and how years later they arrived in Dungloe where they ran successfully 'The River House B&B' and current day they let a popular holiday cottage in Meenaleck. I hope you enjoy the interview!Support the show
'The Artist' Kevin Painter retired from the PDC darting scene in 2021 when he didn't make it through Q School. Like a lot of players his darting career began in the BDO but come the early noughties he made the switch to the PDC. It was there he began to flourish. In 2004, he narrowly lost out to Phil Taylor in the deciding sudden death leg of the world final. He made a couple of other semi final appearances at the worlds too, 2003 and 2008. The latter of those years Kevin had what he describes as his greatest win, when he knocked out the defending world champion at the time, Raymond Van Barneveld in the last 16. In 2011 Kevin finally got his hands on a major trophy; The 2011 Players Championship. A result which earned him a place in the 2012 Premier League. Kevin has also won numerous other trophies. amongst them, the 2000 Swedish Open and 2002 Bob Anderson Classic. My chat with him covers memories of his great career and we look ahead to the very first 'Seniors' World Darts Championship in a few weeks, an event which Kevin is competing in. I hope you enjoy the interview!I've included Kevin's walk on song, 'I predict a riot' in this podcast. You can hear the song along with this interview by visiting the below link. The interview  is here on its own to abide by platform rules. the show
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