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Welcome to nuWriters, a twice weekly podcast devoted to connecting avid readers with new authors - Tune in to hear our book discussions, interviews with new authors, and tips of the trade for writers ready to publish!​​
32 Episodes
Sit down with Asha Lemmie, author of Fifty Words for Rain, to hear about her sources of inspiration for this riveting tale of life as an outcast in a high society Japanese family in post WWII Japan. Lemmie also talks about her love for creative writing and the journey that resulted in being published by Penguin Random House in 2020.
Join Annie & Stacy as they describe this epic coming of age story set in post WWII Japan told through the eyes of a little biracial Japanese girl. This beautifully written historical fiction - already a New York Times Bestseller - pulls at the reader’s heartstrings and questions family traditions and the ties that bind.
Listen in as Connie Jo Holmes, author of Be YOU to be Full, discusses how her work as a hypnotherapist and life coach led her to write her first book. Learn what she believes are the most impactful steps anyone can take toward leading a confident, fulfilling life.
Join Annie & Stacy as they describe Be YOU to be Full and chat about the various self-reflection and empowerment exercises included in this book. This is a guide that shows readers how to be positive, self-accepting, and confident in order to live a fulfilled life. 
Meet Irv Weinberg, author of First Dog On Earth, and learn how he created this legend-like tale to transport the reader to the dawn of civilization when humans and canines first became friends. We pay tribute to Irv as this was his last interview, given the day prior to his sudden passing, and we are truly honored to have had the privilege of meeting this inspiring author. This is for you, Irv!
Join Annie & Stacy as they describe First Dog on Earth, a poetic story that ponders the question: what if the first dog domesticated itself? Published in a coffee table book format complete with beautiful graphics, this novel guarantees to entertain teens and adults alike.
Get to know Jessica Gordon, author of Becoming Mrs. Walsh, and learn how she transformed her personal experiences of living in Washington D.C. and marrying into a large fun-loving  family into this entertaining, romantic escape.
Grab your coffee and sit down with Annie & Stacy as they remember life in their twenties - career decisions, marriage, and falling in love - all in time for Valentines Day! Becoming Mrs. Walsh is a story of a young D.C. journalist - engaged to the “perfect” man - who questions her place in his high society family and faces difficult decisions that will alter her future forever. 
Get to know Shannon Patch, author of Blood Bound, and experience her contagious enthusiasm for politics and for making a difference in the world today. Learn about her desire to empower other women as evident in Blood Bound’s strong, central characters. Patch also talks openly about what it takes to become a successful self-published author. 
Join Annie & Stacy as they marvel at this fast-paced political drama complete with government corruption and a mysterious illness in a futuristic society. Blood Bound is a tale that will leave you questioning your own moral compass: how would you decide who gets to receive a miracle medical treatment that promises wellness and longevity? No, it’s not about COVID and its vaccine, but the timeliness is just amazing!
Meet Stephanie Harper, author of Wesley Yorstead Goes Outside, and learn what it took to create an engaging character suffering from mental illness and how she successfully brought the reader into his anxious but brilliant mind. 
Join Annie & Stacy for a lively discussion as they compare current day pandemic living to the main character’s daily struggle with agoraphobia - the fear of leaving home. They explore this timely, engaging tale of what it takes to overcome acute anxiety for the one you love.
Book awards bring prestige, publicity and shelf life to authors. Representatives of Rubery Book Award join us from across the Atlantic to share details about this prestigious award, honoring books published by independent presses and self-published authors.
A company that helps authors get published and read, Books Forward is a full-service literary publicity and marketing firm with four locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Join Annie & Stacy as they interview Marissa DeCuir, President, and Brittany Kennell, Digital Strategist, to learn how they help authors navigate the competitive world of book publishing and promotion.
Listen in as author Margaret Lang shares what it took to transform her daily journaling through colon cancer into Moving Forward With, Through and Past Cancer - an impactful book of honesty, inspiration and hope.
Join Annie & Stacy as they discuss this inspirational story of one woman’s journey with, through, and past cancer. Determination and faith turn her suffering into opportunities to connect with family and friends while spreading her message of hope. 
Get to know Mike Clark, author of Devil in the Wire, and learn how he paired his talent in cyber security and writing with his curiosity about people’s stories in order to create this unique, captivating thriller. 
Join Annie & Stacy as they decipher the minds of this novel’s handful of complicated characters: a young computer hacker, a foster home survivor, and two retired P.I.s. They reveal that behind the action-packed chapters are lessons about stereotypes, self-acceptance, and ultimately love. 
Grab your champagne and join Annie & Stacy as they say GOODBYE to 2020 and share resolutions for 2021, including a big nuWriters podcast announcement!
Listen as Maisy Card explains how her love for creative writing, research, and Jamaican family lore all drove her to create the multilayered story These Ghosts are Family. 
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