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Why or Why Not with the Watsons

Author: Benjamin & Kirsten Watson

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Why or Why Not with the Watsons features first-round draft pick and Super Bowl Champion Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten Watson. Benjamin and Kirsten have decided to give you a behind the scenes look at their marriage and parenting journey.
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Traveling is something every family has to learn to navigate. Whether it’s for work or play, travel brings its own difficulties when you're married and have kids. One spouse is usually left to manage everything at home. In this episode, the Watson’s share how they navigate traveling while married with kids, and how to stay connected through it all.
The kids are home, but without school to keep them busy and learning. What are you going to do?! From video games, TVs, and devices, it’s difficult for parents to know how much screen time is too much. Our screens can control us—or we can control our screens. While every family is different, in this episode, the Watson’s share three ways they navigate screen time by having a plan, creating rules, and using it to their advantage.
How’s that yearly Bible reading plan going so far?! Between the busyness of work, kids, school, and life...have you stayed on track? As married couples and parents, do you feel like you have answers for what life throws at you? From what happens when someone treats you wrong to when you’re overlooked for that job promotion, where do you turn and where do you point others? In this episode, the Watson’s share their struggles and stories of trying to engage with Scripture. Listen as they reveal what makes them worship in weariness, pray in persecution, and keep pointing to God through it all.
Work, marriage, life...all of it seems exhausting. Then, kids come along. How do you get through your day when your day doesn’t seem to end? In the midst of being overwhelmed, what keeps you going? In this episode, the Watson’s share their experiences of having five kids—and then having a set of twins. Twins! Listen as the Watson's reflect on all the exhausting challenges that come their way each day. And, hear how they remain hopeful and motivated to never give up.
Cue the music: School's out for Summer! School's out FOREVER! Well, not forever, just a few months. But, even in the next few months, what’s your plan for keeping the kids busy? In this episode, the Watson’s share three ways they plan on maximizing the Summer. Hint: their plan centers on the three f’s of faith, family, and fun! Listen as the Watson's reflect on what made their Summers great growing up and how they plan on intentionally enjoying this quickly-passing season while making it memorable as a family.
In the age of gift bags for attendees, Instagrammable decorations, and out-of-this-world celebrations—and this is just for kids’ parties—recent birthdays have made the Watson’s look deeper into what’s behind birthday celebrations for their family. In this episode, the Watson’s look at what to do when there are multiple young kids in the house, how to deal with jealousy from siblings, and much more. Listen as the Watson's reflect on what they’ve learned from recent birthdays and find out how to be more thoughtful during what can be memorable milestones.
We won’t say who’s turning 40. You’ll have to listen to find out! But, one of the Watson’s is about to celebrate a major milestone. In this episode, the Watson’s look back over the years at how they’ve celebrated birthdays and all of the ups, downs, and in-betweens of having babies and playing professional football. Listen as the Watson's reflect on what they’ve learned over the years and find out three things they would tell their younger selves.
What are your kids afraid of? If you ask them, who knows what you might find out! Fear grips everyone at some point and can often be crippling. Our fears are often rooted in control or lack of control. In this episode, The Watson’s share how we can remember what’s happened in the past and recognize when our kids have been able to overcome fear. Through everything, you will find that it’s our job as parents to point our kids to the Ultimate Comforter no matter what fears may come.
What are you afraid of? Whether it’s in marriage or parenting, fear gets everyone. Fear magnifies issues and is often far from reality. In this episode, The Watson’s share some of their strongest fears. Through those fears, they discuss why it’s vital to look at what fear is telling us about ourselves and what it’s telling us about our view of God. Our fears will come out in our marriages and in our parenting. It’s time to overcome our fears so we live free to point our families to God.
Moving is never easy. Once the excitement wears off, the packing and unpacking starts. How do we “stay home” spiritually in the midst of not feeling like we have a true home yet. In this episode, The Watson’s discuss how they are handling relocating to another state—with all of the busyness and emotions of moving an entire family. You’ll see how they’re navigating it all while trying to trust God through the unknown.
What’s the best school for your kids? The Watson’s have experienced lots of types of schools over the last 12 years. In this episode, they share how they have handled their kids’ education. They discuss what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how to navigate education so you’re confident to address the school, address your kids’ needs, and address your worldview as a parent who’s called to point your kids to Christ.
Copy-cat siblings, being annoying, tattle-telling, when it comes to being a parent, you have so many battles to fight every single day! The Watsons swap stories about what happens at their home, how they overcome the daily battles, what works and what doesn’t, and how you can help build better kids through it all.
Where there are two or more children in a home, there will be sibling rivalry. In moments when children might not like their brothers or sisters, does that sibling know he or she is loved? In this episode, the Watsons share what sibling rivalry, and love, looks like in their family.
In this episode, the Watson’s share what they’re doing as a busy family when it comes to reading the Bible, talking about it, and actually living it out in their marriage.
Anger does not produce God's righteousness. This little organ on the body called “the tongue” causes problems. When it comes to marriage, couples can go for the jugular or Jesus. Can couples tame the tongue? Yes, coulpes can learn to tame their tongues by remembering the word TAME.T: Think before you speakA: Apologize quicklyM: Make a decision to do things differentlyE: Engage - engage with others in community The Watson's discuss these four ideas to TAME anger on this episdoe. Listen to the full podcast and become the spouse who begins to tame the tongue.
Some conversations with your kids might seem too prickly or awkward. Some conversations are more appropriate for the other parent to take the lead. More often than we'd like to admit, in today's world, the mom is having to have ALL of those conversations. Dad, whether you're guilty of this or not, don't miss this conversation Benjamin and Kirsten have on the importance of the dad getting involved in the conversation. This could change your relationship with your kids and spouse forever!
This is the last week of Black History Month, but the conversations don't need to end! There is so much to talk about and the dialogue needs to stay open! That is why, this week, Benjamin and Kirsten finish out this series by continuing to answer some of the most asked questions—and these are BIG ones.
Happy Black History Month! This week, as Benjamin and Kirsten continue their conversation on Black History, they dive into the most common and frequent questions they receive—the good AND the bad. 
This week, Benjamin and Kirsten continue their conversation about Black History and how to talk to your kids. Remember to subscribe so you can be notified on your favorite podcast app and you'll never miss an episode.
Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast so you don't miss a single episode this month because it's Black History Month! WOOOOO!!! Benjamin and Kirsten kick off this month by starting a normal, open, and honest conversation about growing up Black in America. They talk about the ups and the downs and what it means for their family as well as for ALL people.
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Michael Atkinson

Thank you Ben for your football play. It was a privilege to watch. More importantly, thank you for being courageous, capable, and patriotic. Your example has helped me in my life. To have an opportunity to come hang out with Kirsten and you in a podcast is a true blessing. I couldn’t hold back my appreciation.

Nov 19th

Christi Kmecik

Thank you, Watsons! I'm looking forward to dive into this podcast. First to subscribe!!

Oct 19th
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