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Ashlie McDiarmid is the creator and wolf-child of Tea and Tombstones, a platform and podcast dedicated to meeting to the haunted and the hallowed of all things in life through tarot and spiritual counsel. Through this spectrum and lens, the Tea and Tombstones Podcast explores themes that include, wellness as a feral reclamation and claiming, witchcraft as hinge of power and voice, nature medicine, spiritual sovereignty, glamour magick and self-love, and much more.
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Hello wilding, and welcome to 2022. We begin this new month and this new year with some fierce invitations to have our inner fires burn bright externally, and to let our passions and our purposes move us towards great changes and shifts. The monthly cards for this month are: 5 of Wands and the Cheetah. Themes for discussions include:letting your fire burn without dampening it for othersspiritual brightness is a right that we often seek permission for in order to burnmoving swiftly like the windholding your sovereign flamebeing unstoppable in your great shift of changeusing honesty and mindfulness as needed tempers for the inner fireLinks:I made the soundtrack from Epidemic SoundsPodcast art made through CanvaAmphisbaena research: link 1, link 2Work with meExclusive contentInstagramSupport the show (
This episode is our final monthly cards episode for 2021. For December, we are working with the Sun and Oroki (Boundaries). Some of the themes that we discuss are:seeing how the strength of your spirit got you to this momenthaving an appetite for the spectrum of light, including the haunted momentsusing that spectrum as a sacred reminder of what it is to be aliveprotecting, securing, and supporting the spectrum of spirit and humanbeing guided and guarded by spirit to create sovereign expressionThe affirmation, the title of this episode, speaks to using all these themes to encourage a fierce spirit to continue to take the oxygen, and burn brightly.Links:email: teaandtombstones@gmail.comStoreInstagramPatreonTheme music is by GravedancerSupport the show (
It's time for another monthly cards episode. This month we are working Temperance and Drystan (look beneath the surface).  Both have a significant weight to them, and give an invitation of spiritual connection. They ask for your spirit to move you into stillness in the shallow waters so you can explore, and then move you into the headwinds so you can expand into the coming light.Some of the themes in this episode:Letting spirit set the pace of momentumExploration and excavationInvestigating the narratives around you to find your deeper truthWhat Temperance really asks of youFull-spectrum glamorWorking with the affirmationLinks:store and servicesinstagramfacebooktwitterpatreonemail me at teaandtombstones@gmail.comTheme musicSupport the show (
In this episode, I wanted to discuss 5 easy ways to encourage, elevate, or begin your glamor magick. The best part is none of these ways include makeup, fashion, or any thing "traditional" modality. Some of these methods you may be implementing with noticing it. Some may be foreign. Either way, these 5 methods are sure to encourage your strongest and most radiant wilderness to come through and be seen and received by the Universe!Linksarticle 1article 2article 3For support in eating disorders and recovery click here, or check in your local area. Apple Spell came from the book The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman by Danielle DulskyIf you would like to listen to my glamor magick playlist on Spotify click here.My LinksWebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookemail is teaandtombstones@gmail.comBecome a RevenantTheme Music is by GravedancerThanks for listening! XOXO Stay Wild.Support the show (
Our monthly cards are the Magician, and the Dragonfae of Rebirth (Whole Again). The affirmation is the title of this episode. These energies call on us to honor the process of death and birth cycles, embracing the spectrum as we can.In this episode we discuss:Using the Magician as an invitation to bring forward your internal magick into external shape.Being in connection with self-magick and the magick of Life.Honoring the spectrum as well as limitiationsFinding wholeness in awarenessUsing presence as an initiation for growthKnowing the difference between underworld journeys, womb time for seeds, and the need for rest.And so much more!Theme music is by GravedancerLinksStore and servicesemail is teaandtombstones@gmail.comInstagramFacebookTwitterCheck out my new patreon tier full of branded merchandise!Support the show (
We return to the narrative of the monthly cards, this time for September. The monthly cards are: The Chariot and the Green Lady of Y Draig Goch.Here are just a few topics from this episode:Sacred connection to what is here with us from the Lovers, to the sacred devotion to the Universe's call with the Chariot. How to be called in and up through radical reclaimingSymbiosis between our sovereign spirit and the interconnective SpiritHow to build a bridge between divinity and EarthWith deep respect to Lindsay Mack's episode here Theme musicMy linksInstagramFacebookTwitterwebsiteemail me: teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode we discuss the monthly cards, and their beautiful energies. We are working throughout the month of August with the Page of Swords and Grandmother's Magick / I Comfort You. The tarot affirmation is I am open to the teacher in every situation.Some of the themes that come with these cards, and with this affirmation are:receiving knowledge and truthaccepting what they revealusing them as a form of gritand understanding that all knowledge is expansive; it is never wasted.**Please know that my Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary link and mention is NOT a sponsored / affiliate link. I just love this product, and wished to mention it. You can find it here. Myth and Monsters on NetflixTheme musicMy links:websiteInstagramFacebookTwitteremail me at teaandtombstones@gmail.comPatreonThank you so much dear one!Support the show (
In this episode, I want to share a tip that will help create trust within your readings. For yourself, or for others, the tarot is a beautiful and powerful, but subjective tool. It is important to approach each card with honesty, and to not hinder the invitations from a subconscious or personal bias.That is why the first tip is avoiding what I call the pull-reflex. This is the reflex that says you need another card to make the first card(s) clearer, but maybe you just need to sit with the unknowns to make the messages that much clearer, and full of purpose.In this episode, I break down how to engage with the tarot as a tool, and how to not get sucked into the pull-reflex, and the benefits that come when you allow the invitations to come forward organically. Links:articleInna Semetskyblog posttheme music is by GraveDancer Wanna howl with me? This is where you can find me:FacebookInstagramwebsiteTwitterSupport the show (
We return to the monthly cards for July (apologies that it is coming out a little later than anticipated). Our monthly cards are the 8 of Wands, and Hideki's Door / A Knock at the Door. These energies present a lot of palpable energy in relation to our spirit, unburdening it from what anything creating a stalemate, and moving with intention to release untruths, conditions, and perceptions that tell us we cannot free our spirit towards the wilderness that calls us home. We also discuss how to use and integrate the tarot affirmation so that we honor the times the way feels shut, and the brimming energy that can be hard to direct. Thank you for listening haunting!Hideki's name meaningsMy theme music is by Gravedancer. Check them out here!My links:websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramemail is: teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode, we honor the oracle card of the month: Nimue (Seek the Council of Crystals). We discuss how quartz crystal is formed, the energetic and spiritual properties with the different formations and shapes, discuss how Clear Quartz is the Master healer and energy transmitter, discuss ways to ethically buy crystals, and end with a guided visualization to charge your crystal for your higher thriving.Don't forget to download the handout and journal prompts following the visualization. (Linked below)crystal handoutjournal promptsResearch articles and books:article 1article 2Herbs and Crystals DIY by Ally SandsCrystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia van DorenTheme Music is by GraveDancerMy links:websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramemail me at teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
We return to the monthly cards, this time looking at the cards for June. In this episode, we discuss what the 3 of Pentacles means, the profound and ambiguous role of Nimue (the Lady of the Lake), and how we can use clarity to see how we carry ourselves in our thriving, and what we need to seek for our thriving to continue to flourish, which forms the core of the tarot affirmation. Links:article 1article 2article 3Theme music is by GravedancerYour Own Yogawebsiteinstagramtwitterfacebookemail: teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode, we discuss what it means to be a black sheep, and what trials, errors, and blessings come when we, as black sheep, seek to claim the spaces within and around us. I discuss situations I have had to go through as a black sheep, and what I have learned and gained from this space.  I also discuss other resources that have been helpful in my own black sheep journey, and in embodying my own black sheep archetype. Finally, we pull a card and discuss what it can be inviting for us in terms of walking and existing on the fringe.Here are the links and resources I mentioned:The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman by Danielle DulskyarticleLindsay Mack Tarot for the Inner ChildTheme Music is by GravedancerMy links:InstagramFacebookTwitterwebsitePatreonSupport the show (
In this episode we return to the discussion of the monthly cards, the 5 of Wands and Chenguang (Be Light of Heart). In this episode, we discusshow and why the 5 of Wands needs a rewrite and a new narrativewhat it means to honor your inner fireclaiming spaces of truth, and where mindfulness needs to be appliedand what it means to come into the ability to be with all your feral messiness and higher enlightenmentWe also discuss the tarot affirmation: I Honor My Inner Fire by Burning Away Doubt and Create Lightness Within Me, and how you can use this tarot affirmation for your own inner honoring and ownership.Connect me with across social media and let me know how these invitations come forward for you!Theme music is by Gravedancer. Click here to follow them and listen to their new album!My links:InstagramTwitterFacebookPatreonwebsiteemail: teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
Hello dear spirits, we are back with another monthly card episode. The cards for April are asking us to move slow and steady, yet still shaking loose old energy that does not serve us. The Knight of Pentacles invites us into the power of place, practicing mindfulness with honor for both the self, and the interconnective. The Knight of Pentacles asks us to use this mindfulness for our presence, alignment, and purpose. Gaia's Dragon ask us to find harmonious balance, to merge and highlight the best parts of ourselves.As always, we go deep into the cards, discussing the true nature of theme, and pulling out the haunted and hallowed themes contained within. There is also a lot happening with Tea and Tombstones with announcements at the end of the episode.My theme is by Gravedancer. Click here to be directed to their Instagram, and check out their new album.My Links:email is teaandtombstones@gmail.comwebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramPatreonSupport the show (
In this episode, we are discussing the role of Nature, looking at the effects of the Climate Crisis, particularly against women, the LBGTQIA+, the disabled, and all marginalized communities. We discuss working with the elements as they are, including all the filth and trash and unwanted, harmful material in our magickal practices so that we are not bypassing the truth of these staple materials for our spells and rituals. Finally, we discuss the four steps to showing up to be part of the change: awareness, interest, action, advocacy. You are not alone in this fight. To show up and fight Mother Earth is to show up and fight for yourself, and your continued survival and thrival. Thank you so much for listening.**At about minute 14:30 I say infecting, but I mean affecting**Links included from my research:*Climate Reality:InstagramYouTubeClimate Reality article* Other ResourcesBBC articleLGBTQIA+ articleDisabled articleApocalyptic Witchcraft by Peter Gray BBC article 2Witch and Climate Change article Witch and Climate Change article 2*Allies and InspirationRaven Instagram,  Raven website*Theme Music is by GraveDancer* Click on the link to the their Instagram and show them some love. Also check out their beautiful new album Cult of the Red Goddessnew albumInstagram*My linksInstagramTwitterFacebookwebsite Patreonemail is teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
Hello dear hauntings! It is time for the podcast episode exploring the deeper meanings and invitations with the monthly cards. This month our cards are the Hermit and the Pendragon (Pure, Male Energy). We explore the narratives of the cards to cultivate and call on a full-spectrum experience. We anchor into the invitations so that we can spiritual evolve and magickally thrive. There is also a discussion around the Hermit being one of the most challenging cards in the deck, and the keywords I associate with this card, which are: commit, collaborate, and confront. We also discuss how the nature of Male energy with the Pendragon stems from a deeper, precious space of love and vulnerability. Please let me know how these cards come through for you this month. There is a lot of energy here. Research links:link 1 link 2link 3 My theme music is by GraveDancer. Check them out on Instagram and listen to their newly dropped music. My Links:websitePatreonFacebookTwitterInstagramEmail me: teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode, we look at another poem and card combination. The poem is "Song" by Brenda Cardenas and the card is the Whale from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck.In this episode, we look at and discuss the imagery of the poem, and what symbolism is present. Then we look at the messages and meanings of the Whale. Finally, we combine the two for deeper insight and counsel. What I love about combining poetry and the cards (other than the fact that I love both) is that individually and combined, both provide clear insight and profound clarity. As we discuss and extrapolate metaphors and imagery into something tangible and usable, we can see how these messages can be used in real time, to help encourage our own songs.Here are the links that I used for research:resource 1resource 2 My theme music is "As Death Approaches"  by Gravedancer. Click here to check them out!Here are my links:TwitterFacebookInstagramwebsitePatreonHave a question or comment? Email me at teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
In this episode we discuss the monthly cards for February: the 6 of Pentacles and Wu-Wang (Wild, Pure Heart). These cards speak to fostering our internal wild goodness, and offering that out into the world to create prosperity, growth, generosity. They speak to how prosperity internally is prosperity externally, and visa versa. These themes are generative, evergreen, and nourishing to all.We also discuss how the pentacles are not a message of wealth, money, jobs or homes. Instead, the pentacles speak to translating the internal faculties of mind, heart, and spirit into the external world, how abundance is a form of expression and support, and how times of plenty with the 6 of Pentacles create sustenance in times of trial and hardship.I also have theme music now! The into and outro song are called "As Death Approaches" by GRAVEDANCER. Their platform links are listed below. If you love metal, send some their way!SoundCloudInstagramHere are the links for the research used in creating this podcast:Vaquita researchI-Ching and Wu-WangI- Ching research Here are the links for my platform:InstagramFacebookTwitterwebsitepatreonemail is teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
The monthly cards are here, pulled from the Dragon Tarot deck and the Oracle of the Dragonfae deck. Taking a closer look into these cards, the narrative opens on key themes, such as sacred reciprocity, divine calibration, wise counsel as a guiding instruction, magickal and natural law, karmic residue, underworld initiations, and more.These themes help reveal how everything impacts everything, and how the Lovers (not a card of romantic relationships) speaks to deepening us through wisdom and the responsibility of choice into aligning with our particular pursuits and higher alignment. Research and other links:RitualcravtNatural lawUnderworld InitiationMy links:FacebookInstagramTwitterwebsiteemail is teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
This episode is a little different. In my Introductory (first) episode, I mentioned that I really wanted to find a way to showcase poetry on the podcast. I have been sitting and sitting, thinking of a way to go about this with authenticity. It took pulling a card (as it usually does) for me to see where and how I could bring this idea forward. This episode is all about Panther energy. First, I will be sharing the poem "Pursuit" by Sylvia Plath and then share and showcase how this powerful, and challenging, energy of the Panther comes forward. **Trigger Warning** This poem does have elements of both a sexual and violent nature. If you do not wish to hear the poem, skip ahead to the 8:00 minute markThis energy can be useful and vital for entering a new year, and purging ourselves from such a challenging and emotionally-heightened year. Please leave a review and feedback if you like this type of podcast episode. I wish you all many blessings and abundance. See you in 2021.Research links: LinksFacebookInstagramTwitterWebsiteemail me at teaandtombstones@gmail.comSupport the show (
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