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We created The Leadership Detectives to have a conversation about leadership to help anyone in a business management / leadership role or indeed in any walk of life and to inspire and inform aspiring leaders. We hope that you enjoy and get something out of it that will help you going forward.
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Welcome to Episode 12 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, Neil highlights certain aspects which can help to shape a great leader in today's world.Whilst many core principles remain the same, there are still multiple factors and it's important to move with the times on the ever-shifting sands of leadership.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Episode 11 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we celebrate our 1st anniversary of The Leadership Detectives with a look back on some of our favourite moments of the last year.We also managed to record together, in person, for the very first time!Thank you to everyone who has been a guest, contributed towards our journey in any way and, most importantly, to the listeners.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Episode 10 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we share a wonderful interview with another incredible guest, Sophie Stanton. Sophie is the Chief Marketing Officer at IBM (Middle East and Africa)."VUCA" stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.Sophie guides us through some of the core foundations of "VUCA" and why it can be so effective in the modern world of business.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at: Sophie Stanton on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Episode 9 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we take a deep dive into the concept of "failure"."Failure" has become a dirty word in the world of leadership, and it has been subjected to a reframing of context.Is it better to fail often? To aim high, even if you don't reach? And just because you fail, does that make you a failure?Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at:
In this episode, we’re joined by Chris Hunter QGM, author, bomb disposal expert, and former British Army officer.And when it comes to topics like fear of failure there are few better placed than Chris who has had to view failure as meaning someone losing their life.We start by talking about why Chris joined the Military and the words that his father gave him on his death bed that shaped his life. Looking at leadership, we break down lessons he learned in the Military such as knowing what your boss is trying to achieve and having the ability to influence the greater good. Chris gives us invaluable insight on a great example of leadership that he’s had when advising on the 7/7 London bombings and on dealing with the fear of failure.Connect with Chris Hunter on LinkedIn: Neil online at: Albert on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Episode 7 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we look back on some of our recent interviews in order to double down on some of the most salient points our guests have made.We highlight the importance of authenticity and why it is becoming even more vital in the modern leadership world.We also discuss why humility is crucial for a leader to inspire those around them, delving into why "being soft" is often much braver than the "old school" management styles we may have grown up with.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at:
In this episode, we’re joined by Jay Trestain, Global Offerings & Big Deal Leader at IBM iX.She’s been with IBM for 15 years, however, this episode takes a look at how leaders can lead when they themselves are going through personal adversity.Jay’s story is both humbling and an incredible story of success in the face of huge adversity as we get into how she’s battled the loss of her mother and her husband’s terminal diagnosis, while simultaneously leading teams.Jay tells us about her experiences with vulnerability as a leader and how’s she’s faced it in the workplace herself, earning the right to be ‘emotionally open’, how she handled the job at hand when going through tough personal situations and how ‘life’ and little things that you don’t necessarily ask about or know about but impact how you turn up to work.Connect with Jay on LinkedIn: Neil online at: Albert on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Season 2, Episode 5 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we highlight the importance of inspirational communication.We look back on various speeches that have inspired us over the years, and analyse why they seem to connect on such a deep level.We also discuss why communication is crucial for a leader to inspire those around them - whether it is on stage, in the realms of business, or day to day within their family life.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Episode 4 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we share a wonderful interview with an incredible guest, Clyde Fernandez. Clyde is the Regional Vice President at Salesforce and is based in Melbourne, Australia.Clyde talks openly about his own brand of leadership - one based on humanity and creating a safe space for true creativity to flourish.He guides us through some of his own leadership inspirations and how they've influenced his own style; the importance of having to 'Learn, Unlearn and Relearn'; and why the autocratic style we grew up with must be adapted in order to survive.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comFind Albert on LinkedIn at: Clyde Fernandez on LinkedIn at:
Welcome to Episode 3 of The Leadership Detectives.In this episode, we discuss the importance of creating a compelling vision. It frequently acts as an effective platform for moving forward in multiple areas of life.There needs to be a direction for everyone to be able to easily identify with, and the key question is this: would you set off for a journey without knowing what direction you're going in?We look at examples from successful companies and how they've managed to distill their vision into something digestible. We also talk about various ways one can create and adapt their vision, from conception to execution.Find Neil online at: https://neilthubron.comAnd Albert on LinkedIn at:
Inviting conflict. Almost seems like the opposite of what makes sense when you think of leadership, but today we’re joined by Jana Bruechmann who brings a fresh new take on conflict in the workplace.Jana takes us through how her work as a Systemic Leadership Coach on ‘Future work’ or the new way of working takes her away from traditional leadership methods. We talk about how the word conflict itself has negative connotations, the difference between what it and what could potentially be and why tension is good in the work place.But we do look at the dangers of inviting conflict when you, as a leader, are not truly prepared. Jana leaves us with some great tips on managing conflict in an inclusive way and some of the things that leaders need to think about to avoid misapplying.To find out more about Jana you can visit: or e-mail mail@JanaBruechmann.deFind Neil online at: Albert on LinkedIn at: 
What is a Leader?

What is a Leader?


Welcome to Season 2 of The Leadership Detectives. We’re launching this season by answering the key question; What is a leader?We discuss what a leader really is. From the behaviours that leaders exhibit, the differences between competencies and attributes that make a leader and share our opinions on an age-old question ‘are leaders born or created?’Touching on some points that you won’t want to miss, such as setting values as a leader and ‘leading from the back’ this episode deep dives into organisational culture and how, as leaders, you need to navigate this space with a clear set of standards and values.Find Neil online at: Albert on LinkedIn at:
Our first live webinar! This episode on the topic of how not to be a bad leader.We've all either been victim or witness to bad leadership. Either way, it has negative impacts on individuals or the team as a whole and ultimately limits happiness, contribution and well-being. Neil and I discuss examples of those we have seen and highlight the behaviours and traits you should really avoid as a leader.We hope you enjoy the recording of this inaugural live webinar. Special thanks to those who joined us live and for the questions they kindly submitted at the time.  
Episode 37 - Mentoring and CoachingTwo extremely valuable processes / techniques for your employees and for you! In the spirit of Leadership Detectives, we talk about it here for current leaders to add value for their own employees but also for you as a key asset in your company to potentially mentor and coach any other employees who may benefit.Please do also consider whether you might benefit from a coaching session with Neil (he's good!) or me. If so, please visit our website and leave us a message.
Episode 36 - Managing UpwardsWe all have bosses and/or key stakeholders. Do they only manage us or should we also be managing them? If you can make it work well, there are benefits for them, you, your business and the company as a whole.Listen in as Neil and I discuss some examples, with tips and techniques on how to get the best from this vital aspect.
Episode 35 - Meetings Bloody Meetings!The majority of people tell us they spend way too much time in meetings and/or attend too many meetings. Very few have told us the opposite. So there is definitely room for leaders to help change this and only call meetings when really needed, for the amount of time really needed with the attendees really needed.Neil and I hope the tips we cover in this episode help you change that dynamic if it exists in your business to make you and your team more effective and efficient.
Episode 33 - An Interview with Adrian Thornton, RYA Yatchmaster Instructor & ExaminerIn this episode we take a look at leadership within a leisure pursuit and industry away from our more usual corporate and commercial worlds. A slightly different angle from Adrian, on the leadership skills required to be the skipper of a yacht, on and off the water.Some good examples that share his insight and messages. We hope you enjoy.
Episode 34 - Great Leaders Avoid A Blame CultureHave you ever experienced working in a blame culture? I would be really surprised if you could honestly say "no, never". Sadly, it can be the natural human response when things go wrong. Great leaders spot this behaviour and work hard to prevent this infectious 'disease' from taking hold. Neil and I discuss how to spot it and how to try and prevent it from manifesting and damaging your business' quest to grow and develop; something most leaders strive for.
Episode 32 - An Interview with Ourania OdermattNeil and I were really privileged to have a discussion with Ourania Odermatt, MD of Avaya Switzerland & Austria who we both individually had the pleasure of working with at IBM Technology Support Services.A fantastic story of how she built her career from Executive Assistant in European Headquarters to a senior Executive position. What are the secrets of her success and what is important to her as a leader? Listen in and find out.
Episode 31 - An Interview with James HunnybourneA really fun, open and insightful interview with an old (time not age!) friend of Neil's (@neil) and mine. Genuine, honest and warm, yet extremely successful. Who says those dimensions cannot co-exist!? Thanks @James!
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