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The OM Podcast - Let's Talk

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Listen to Annie and Sue, qualified nurses and school nurses and cofounders of OM Health and Wellbeing chat about all things to do with health and wellbeing. Each episodes gives some practical and sensible 'Top Tips' to take away! Its light hearted and fun with a serious twist!
16 Episodes
Everyone feels a bit wobbly sometimes! Whether thats because you feel anxious or angry or just a bit all over the place - in this episode we talk about what to do when you feel wobbly and some ideas that might help!
In this episode we share our top tips to get a better nights sleep!
Let's Talk about Anger

Let's Talk about Anger


In this episode Annie and Sue get to grip with feeling angry; they discuss their anger rules and give their top tips about what you can do if you have a child or young person in your life who is angry!
In this episode we talk about good enough; and how good enough is actually good enough! Sue's isn't sure what perfectionism is, but Annie sets her straight!
In this episode we talk about our internal monologue and how we all need to try to be our own best friend! How kind is your voice?
In this episode we talk about women who have inspired us and what's makes someone inspirational!
In this episode we talk about the difference between low mood and depression, how do you know? What to do about it and share our thoughts about anti-depressants and how they work - using a bath tub analogy! Plus we share the number for the Samaritans 116 123.
In this episode we talk about the importance of moving and offer some practical suggestions about how we can all add a bit more movement into our lives!
In this episode we talk about the Department of Health's 5 Ways to Wellbeing (well 4 of them anyway!) and think about how to put it into practice in an easy, manageable and practical way!
Another brief instalment from OM - just trying to think about how to cope with New Year and keep going. There will be challenges but we can and will get through it together!
A briefer than usual Podcast - recorded before the latest Christmas announcements - but talking about coping with a 'different' Christmas this year!We wish all of our listeners a peaceful Christmas and we will be back in 2021!
In this episode of the OM Podcast we talk all about sleep; how much, why and how to try to get better quality and more sleep! There's also a lot of talk about 'nana naps'!
This episode looks at feeling a bit wobbly or anxious and discusses why it happens - how the Amygdala is in charge, the reactive most primitive part of your brain. There is a great example of just how powerful it can be because all it wants to do is keep you safe (probably best to listen to this part of the Podcast when you are not driving!). With some valuable advice about how to cope with feeling 'wobbly' and some fabulous Top Tips!
This 3rd episode of The OM Podcast is all about how to look after yourself. We talk about the what, how and why of self care? You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before even thinking about looking after anyone else. Annie and Sue chat about their Top Tips for self care and talk about the Action for Happiness 'Self Care September' calendar. To join their Action for Happiness, 10 Keys Group - head over to their website and knowledge hub to find more details:
Sue and Annie chat about how lockdown affected their business and how they coped and helped those around them cope with all of the feelings that Lockdown brought!Some fabulous Top Tips to try in this episode!
Annie and Sue offer a brief introduction to themselves and to how OM was born and how they swapped from being School Nurses to owning their own successful company. The leap of faith required to leave a steady income to start a business where you are passionate about what you do and hope that someone else will think it's worth it! 65% of women think about starting their own business but only 15% actually do it!A light hearted look at how it all started! 
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